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Join The Higherside Chats podcast, as host Greg Carlwood talks Caesar’s Messiah, Altered History, & Exposing the Oligarchs with guest, Joe Atwill.

While we are all familiar with the wide range of elite groups said to be in control of the masses, their origins and connections to one another are less discussed. From Freemasons and Occultists, to elite Jewish networks and Constantine’s co opting of Christianity, unraveling the threads of this conspiracy cardigan can prove to be a challenge.

Fortunately, today’s guest, Joe Atwill, has dedicated his life to dusting for the fingerprints left behind by these influential dictators of history. Scouring religious texts and historical documents, he has jumped straight into the deep end, taking an in-depth look into decades of state sponsored propaganda and today he joins The Higherside to peel back the curtains and expose the nefarious group behind psyops such as Nazism, Occultism and Christianity.

3:00 Kicking things off, Greg and Joe start by discussing Atwill’s work, ‘Caesar’s Messiah’. In a nutshell, the Caesar’s Messiah hypothesis claims that imperial Roman family, the Flavians, constructed the New Testament and created Christianity as a way to deflate Jewish sects fighting against the Roman Empire. Atwill elaborates on this new view of Christianity by explaining the implausibility of Christianity in it’s given historical context. He details the century long messianic rebellions waged against Rome, the improbability of Jesus’ life and religious mission, the writings of historian Flavius Joesphus, and the typographic style of The Bible.
15:00 Touching upon elements of false chronology in his book, ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ and familiar with the work of Anatoly Fomenko, Atwill breaks down his thoughts on possible timeline manipulation and the degree to which we may need to re-examine our understanding of history. With so much of recorded history during the first century being ‘created’ for political and religious purposes, our understanding of the traditional timeline must be reconfigured. He also discusses his take on Fomenko’s conclusions and criticisms of Scaliger, Constantine’s many edicts outside of religion, and the evolution of his views on how government operates.
21:00 Parlaying off the idea that military might is a more expensive way to exercise control over a population, Greg and Joe pivot to the Irish Potato Famine. Rather than a fungal contamination of crops, Atwill contends, the decimation of an Irish staple was actually a Freemasonic attempt at Irish extermination. As Joe points out, up to and during the famine, records indicate an enormous amount of the Irish food supply being exported off the island by the British. Fed up and feeling robbed, the Irish rebelled, leading to the Irish Holocaust. Greg and Joe discuss the intricately woven web entangling people such as Lord Shaftesbury, his son-in-law, one of Ireland’s largest land owners and Head Freemason of the Orient, British Prime Minister PalmerstonTheodor Herzl, the rise of Zionism and the creation of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge.
31:00 After covering Blavatsky’s influence in Nazism, Aryan occultism, and the rise of national socialism, Joe details her association to the Quatuor Coronati and member, John Yarker. Atwill walks through the transformation of Occultism, Yarker’s relationship with Aleister Crowley and their formation of the O.T.O. Joe builds a convincing case connecting this nefarious group to the Irish Potato Famine, the Chinese’s crippling addiction to opioids, the creation of Israel, and World War II- none of which he believes were actual natural catastrophes, but instead carefully orchestrated geopolitical campaigns. He also touches on lifetime actor Winston Churchill, his elite pedigree and affiliation to Jewish bankers.
42:00 With Occultism impacting so much of society and serving as a connective tissue among elite groups, the Nazi apparatus going underground with Project Paperclip, the British Royal Family’s German genealogy, and several influential corporations with German origins, all in juxtaposition to Israel and Mossad, the Jewish network of banking families and the Jewish influence in Hollywood, sorting out who is behind some of humanity’s greatest atrocities can prove confusing even to the best historical scholars. Atwill attempts to pull back to curtain, and shine a light on the false dichotomy we have been feed for over a century. Atwill contends Masons at the highest level are in fact crypto-Jews, people who do in fact have a biological connection to the Jewish heritage, but for matters of political effectiveness, represents themselves as Gentiles.
A few valuable resources from the interview:
The Pre-Ministry of Jesus:
      King James Version ‘Matthew Chapter 2’:
      King James Version ‘Matthew Chapter 4’:
The Higherside Chats “Sylvie’ Ivanowa | New Chronology, Ayahuasca Insights, Atlantian Survivors, & The Reformation Conspiracy”:
Chris Fogarty’s ‘ Irish Holocaust’:
Chris Fogarty, Irish scholar, on ‘Alchemy Radio’:
Photo of H. P. Blavatsky’s Masonic Diploma issued by John Yarker:
Famous Aldous Huxley Interview (1958):
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  1. Interesting interview as always. A lot of this reminds me of some the Hidden Hand stuff, mainly the fake dialectics. I’ve never read Caeser’s Messiah but will definitely put that on the list, but the New Testament being a Flavian propaganda doesn’t surprise me at all, especially since this is the same Bible that was used to keep minorities in line since the inception of the USA and still continues to this day. Thanks again for the interview!!

  2. We all need to do something anything and everything we can to uncover the puppet masters and expose them to as many people as we can it’s the only way out as far as I can see.

  3. As a free thinker and Christian podcaster I am very interested in this episode, but in his opening remarks the guest is in effor to say Christianity makes no sense. IMO, to say that the guest would have to be completely ignorant of typology.

    1. He goes on to explain the typology aspect in detail.. I wouldn’t fixate on one detail to dismiss someone 5 minutes in.. unless you can’t handle what they have to say

  4. Great guest and great conversation. There’s a real scarcity of researchers who are intellectually honest and willing to go beyond the boundaries of political correctness in their research. If the evidence is leading you to a place you don’t like, then you should be brave enough to make the step into the abyss, and Joe is one of those brave and intellectually honest kind of person that we need so much these days. Thank you Greg.

  5. A. Granted we don’t know who created Bitcoin, but that’s a feature, not a bug. The govt can’t download child porn onto someones computer and frame them if you don’t know who they are. That said, the code is Open Source and we know how it works.

    B. Fiat means that there is a governmental mandate to use a currency. Obviously there is no such mandate with bitcoin

  6. This episode was epic! So interesting and compelling. This is some of the purest conspiracism I’ve ever heard, free of partisan nonsense. I’ve allays felt “non-violence”, “turn the other cheek”, “the bad guys will be punished in the afterlife”, etc. is such a forced meme intended to distract ppl from actual effective direct action. It’s nice to hear someone else say it.

  7. Now this is the THC that I signed up for! Awesome show Greg!
    I’d like to suggest that you check out Black Stone Intelligence on YouTube. It would be great if you could get Jake Morphonios on the show. I really think he would do it. Can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Blackstone Intelligence is great. Jake does some very interesting research. He even found that the Vegas (Mandalay Bay) shooter has a family house on Bohemian Grove land!

  8. Incredible episode I thought. Please do get Joe back on again if you can, and maybe delve a bit more into the lifetime actors topic, which does start getting incredibly woaaah!!!

    Good work sir

  9. The Bible has more varied proofs than any other historical book, making it the most verified book and most read book in our modern history. Prophecies in the O.T. foretelling exactly Jesus Christ’s coming the first time nail down it’s accuracy….This was long before Rome. Bottom line men, mice and the devil love to put down and scoff at God these days….this guy is one of them. Be careful, very careful when you start to play god….we are not god’s no matter what Jason Silva says….

  10. Great job, Greg with the interview and thanks for having Joe on. There is plenty of reason to suspect the Bible’s authenticity as far as history is concerned, especially considering how many times it was changed throughout history, so I can understand the doubt of Jesus’s existence by many, when *only* looking at these texts. Unfortunately, a lot of researchers don’t go past this point. In fact, I haven’t heard of any Western researcher who has. However, Jesus is also discussed in Islamic and even Buddhist writings as a historical figure as well. There is a long tradition about Jesus with the Sufis, for instance. See the books “Islam’s Jesus”, “The Muslim Jesus”, and “Jesus in India” for more info. Jesus is also discussed as a historical figure, from a totally different perspective, in the Talmud.

  11. Hi Greg, a great show! It’s been a while since I shouted at my phone while listening to a pod cast.
    But isn’t that what makes a great show? There are some points where I felt that Joe was spot on in his hypothesis and other time I could not believe his lack of understanding. I have great issue over the Freemason bashing that goes on and the blanket blame. I know a good number of Freemasons through friends and family, there is not one whine I have any doubt concerning their integrity and honour. When I question them, in depth concerning the things I have learned over the years, I regularly one of two answers. Firstly, not all Masonic lodges are the same or even belong to the same collective (For example; the Italian mafia lodge called P2). There are various non standard and illicit groups out there that use the term Freemason but are far from the genuin orders. The other answer I get regularly is that the promised infiltration of the illuminati into Freemasonry at the time of George Washington has created many difficulties for them. Identifying someone who wishes to join is as difficult as discovering a paedophile in a football stadium. Impossible. I have been told that the structure of the so called “side degrees” (4-33 degrees) is by invitation only. So if a bunch of ‘infiltrators’ wanted to set up their own secret club inside masonry, it is possible. I have spent many years inverstigating and researching Freemasonry and I believe now that the majority are fairly decent old men, like your friendly old grandpa, but inside this organisation are a few evil minded individuals that use it as a cover and have their own idea of ritual and nefarious ends.
    I will probably get a lot of flack from some people here over those comment, I can only say do your own real research. Listen to David Ike’s opinions and research, it’s an eye opener. Also, for those of us who have been truly Red Pilled, the Deep State, illuminati or what ever you want to call them, take great delight in throwing the masses off the sent and invite open criticism and even emulate ritual in order to draw attention away from the real culprits and draw attention to those who cannot fight back. This is fact.
    Talking of facts, I felt Joe was pretty short on a few of those with some of his comment. Madam Blavatsky for instance did not, in any way, start the Nazi party. I have read all her books and even knew one of her grandsons pretty well for nearly 5 years. I was privy to a fair amount of family history and family ‘going on’ that has never been made public. Non of which points to her alleged sympathy for the Nazi’s. She was used by them and even abused by them but their main use for her was entirely based upon her occult knowledge and profound psychic abilities. Her family roots were embedded in the original gypsy tradition, and this heritage very much continues to this day; as does the family’s abilitys.
    The other issue I have is regarding the ‘New Testament’ origins. I was raised to be a Catholic by a very strict Catholic Parent. Fortunately for me, I began asking some very difficult question and never, ever received a satisfactory answer. I even attended seminary for a year and discovered much on the inside as it were. The end result for me was the ending of Catholicism and me.y drive for real spirituality began then. Without going into boring detail here, I noticed many discrepancies that I believe that the real Jesus (Yeshua) would not have said, because they were the polar opposite of his message. One of these discrepancies is a well know and often quoted verse; Suffer little children, come into me……
    I could never relate to this verse for obvious reasons. Another often quoted statement is; Give unto Caesar what belongs unto Caesar. Another very obvious statement added later by Constantine. What I getting at it the ruling elites propensity to take something that is true and then add to it, twist its meanings to suit another agenda in order to control a population. In this instance, through religion; a proven means of control well established through out history. My point is, the evedence that exists which confirms the existence of a ‘suffering Messiah’ truly does exist, much of it has been withheld from mainstream as are many truths. Amongst other records and archeological evidence discovered over the centuries, a deliberate attempt is kept to keep such discoveries very low key and even suppressed by other religions, countries and scholars. To say that Jesus never existed just proves to me that Joe has not delved into this subject deeply enough, or perhaps with some bias or through a predetermined opinion clouding his mind. I am not really concerned with the Catholic faith anymore but I do question the reason the media, and hence the Global so called elite, are determined to remove the question of God’s existence through every means open to them. Even a cursory look at the subject of the removal of God from society will reveal some startling insights. From Flat earth arguments to mainstream science, movies, TV, education etc becomes so obvious; even some religious leaders call doubt to the existence of God. And it’s working. The only way the name of God comes up in a conversation now is usually as a curse or as OMG.
    The reason I liked listening to Joe is that I feel that he is at where I was about 7 years ago. He is beginning to grasp much of the means by which many have been controlled and even kept asleep, I genuinely applaud him for getting this far. I am sure there will be some here that may well agree with me, he has a bit further to go yet and I genuinely wish him well upon his journey. In paraphrasing a well know movie line; What will really get your noodle later will be when you ask yourself why!
    (PS sorry about grammar and spelling mistake, it’s nearly 3 in the morning and I’m tired ???? ????????Namiste

    1. Excellent response to the show. My feelings are the same when it comes to the blanket blaming of Freemasonry, every Mason I’ve met has been a genuine good person. I believe the Masons have been used as scapegoats for a long time. They’re the so called entry level into conspiracy theory. Their are good and bad people in any sector of life or organization. I also would have liked to hear more evidence and facts from Joe. He has interesting alternative ideas and theories and overall I appreciate his time spent covering these subjects and still enjoyed the podcast. His work on religion should force one to rethink what they’ve been taught. I’ll end with this, if we do live in the matrix and reality is a reflection of a holographic simulation then God truly is a computer programmer.

    2. Yeah I agree with the blanket free Mason blame. Uncles brothers and grandparents, there’s 6 in my family. They are the most selfless and giving people I know. Whoever blanket blames I suggest you ignore them, because they just proved their ignorance. The people who run the show, we don’t know their names.

  12. Greg, loved the show. Please DO consider having Chris Fogarty on the show as your guest!! Wonderful man! Author of “The Irish Holocaust”. See his website, And I think his email is fogartyc@att,net. When he first tried to come out with this info, “they”, (Irish mafia, Chicago) tried to accuse him and his wife of a triple homicide in a Winnetka (suburb just north of Chicago)!!! He had never even visited this suburb! He and his wife were imprisoned in Chicago and eventually were let go, ONLY because the killer came forward and admitted his crime. OMG what he has been thru! Thank you, and love the show. I seriously hope you will have him on. The last time I heard him was on Red Ice Radio years ago. Thanks again! Oh! Also, please see this video called 1/3rd the holocaust on youtube. (the one in Germany)…..omg, and Atwill is right on this one.

  13. “Typology theory” is not a ‘genre of literature.’ It is a particular school of thought WITHIN the catholic pedagogical orthodoxy, as a way to address the narrative coherence between the Torah and the new testament stories, which – if you expect either to present information as the New York Times would – baffles the faithful as over-synchronistic and historically unlikely. They’re so alienated from their hero-god, Christ, that the poetic conceits of their own bible completely elude them.

    But Typology Theory fails, and so does Atwell’s analysis, because it assumes the Catholic fallacy that the sacred poetic form – whether from the Vedas to biblical writing or Peruvian shamanic icarus to Wiccan mantras – could possibly be meaningful as journalism or historical truth. This is an absurd belief, which American “Revenge Jesus” Evangelicals are able to swallow whole, those self-denying lemmings. Any religious poetry takes its form and value from its ritualistic, psychologically symbolic, and personally reflective capacities. These are its only virtues. The rest is Imperial control-mechanism dreck, ESPECIALLY when it’s viewed as objective history. Or as Atwell assures us, an objective a-historical psyOp. Either position is bogus.

    It’s probably even true that the Roman house of Flavius DID weaponize, historicize and subvert the image of the gnostic christ (born of the mingling of Greek and Hebrew Mystery Schools) who was never thought of as a profane man, but simply as a poetic role model through which acolytes could discover the divinity within themselves. The Romans said, “tsk, tsk, no, no – you are not the Christ, the Christ is out here, look, up on the cross, and only WE understand him correctly, so get in line, you sniveling worms.” And then they went about dismantling the mystery schools, which said otherwise. The modern Charismatic Evangelical frauds say the same thing, but they go one bold step further, by ignoring the actual textual history of their own sacred writings altogether, and bop along happy as Forest Gump, translating and mis-translating willy nilly as if God’s Will and their will might have anything in common.

    Atwell comes off a little better than a Vatican mouthpiece could, even if he happens to see himself as a boat-shaking iconoclast birthed from within their ranks. Their pedagogy has successfully indoctrinated him. It seems clear that he doesn’t think for himself so well. He doesn’t even know what the “occult” is, outside of a pejorative slur against freaks and Nazis. His heritage report of Blavatsky, Crowley, and Churchill made me cringe for its lumpy laziness. And Madonna “has no talent,” eh? She may be an utter cunt, but she’s brimming with talent. And I loath her music.

    This ‘Life-time Actor Theory’ is interesting for the questions it attempts to answer, but it’s dangerous in its extension for its divisiveness, and I think it is absolutely incorrect. All you have to do is visit a white, well-to-do Texas high-school to watch how children become carbon-copies of their parents and follow the same agendas throughout their lives.

    Atwell is either an over-compartmentalized scholar or something worse. Consider, simply, that he’s pushing for mandatory DNA surveys. Trust his word at your own risk.

    That’s my take away,
    Thanks Greg,

    1. Someone that knows what they are talking about 🙂 good stuff here. I have a playlist called Cracking The Matrix religions you will enjoy sir here is a link

      There are also one about engineered history, Atlantis etc that are semi-relevant to this. This is also a great interview with Frank O’Collins of Acadia if you like this specific topic. Greg should have him on he blows this Atwell guy away on this topic

  14. Keep in mind with gnosticism, it’s all after the facts. Gnosticism has no originality, it takes something that was already there, and trys to explain it another way. It’s a spin or a tweak, a way to try and make sense out of an original.

    1. That is the corrupted version of Gnosticism you are referring too, the original Gnostics were helio Gnostics neo-Platonists and were around long before Christianity in fact they were a sect of Hinduism, all Pagan religions were as this “religion” was passed down from Atlantis. It was also the Gnostics and Hemeticists Rome persecuted not their good goy Christians most of what you wrote here is wrong because you are using (((their))) sources to base your conclusions on.

  15. So the Romans made up the story of Jesus. They did this to try as peacefully as possible to bring Israel under heel. The Jesus story backfired and didn’t work. That’s his claim. Then why would they have Jesus give these prophecys about 68-70 AD, the destruction of jerusalem, 40 years beforehand. Wasn’t the goal, as he just stated, to resolve it without conflict? That makes no sense.
    The second point, what was the first reference to Jesus, saying he never lived, he was made up? 1,500 years after the fact? Why wasn’t the Jews running around saying, who the fuck is this guy? Jesus who? Nobody in Galilee by that name…. but that’s not what you hear. You hear he was a cult leader, snake oil salesman, false. There were no claims in antiquity denying his person. After Rome spent all this time and effort, setting up a religion, they decide to spend the next several decades killing them. And the Christians were too stupid and we’re duped into letting themselves die. the show was interesting, but that’s all. It fails every logic test.

  16. So, perhaps all of you Freemason apologists should really start thinking about where your heart lies. If the point of joining Freemasonry is to change the organization from the ground up, okay, but why not join the Nazi party? They have killed far less people over the decades. Or how about becoming a member of Goldman Sachs or the CIA or CFR or AIPAC? Do you think you can change those groups? Do you understand that even though you do “good things for the community” that you are really just the PR front for a genocidal organization?

    I really don’t understand why people defend Freemasons. I mean even John Michael Greer, who would be a sobering guest (and pretty anti Conspiracy but still existing on the fringe), is a proud member of the Freemasons and talks about how there is no hanky panky going on (as a base low level member). I mean, restart the Odd Fellows if you really want to feel history and a sense of belonging. Do you join the Freemasons because you are old and white and male and feel like you have no culture and that this is your answer to finding one? Is it the sense of secrecy and ego you are drawn to?

    As Groucho Marx once said “I Don’t Want to Belong to Any Club That Will Accept Me as a Member.” Maybe you freemasons and freemason defenders should take that quote into your inner psyche.

    1. What exactly was wrong with the Nazi party and what do you know about it other than memes?

      >Do you join the Freemasons because you are old and white and male and feel like you have no culture and that this is your answer to finding one?

      Ahh we have a brainless, racist SJW here folks incapable of original thought only able to spew memes. The ancient Aryans brought the world “culture” after the destruction of Atlantis there Che Guevara, every culture recorded this fact. Everything you covet in your mindless little existence is due to the culture of “white” men including the internet, this website, this show and the phone or computer you are using to post this mindless drivel of drone memes you mistakenly consider thoughtful commentary. You also have the right to do it because of the Constitution which white men wrote. Why don’t you move to Nigeria or Ethiopia I hear they have great culture there and no white men, in fact move to south Africa and take up farming it will be good for you

  17. Jesus this guy is clueless about the Reich and the occult and I am only 30 minutes in fuck. The swastika is an ancient Aryan symbol, the most occult symbol in extensive that had nothing to do with Blavatsky what so ever and what exactly was strange about Blavatsky? Her work is genius. If you want to know what the swastika really means I wrote this article.

    When will you ever have someone on the show that actually knows something about the Third Reich Greg? FFS get Kalki Weisthor

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