Laurel Airica | Word Magic, Upgrading English & Nursery Rhymes For Troubled Times

Show Notes

Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats as he talks Word Magic, Upgrading English & Nursery Rhymes For Troubled Times with guest, Laurel Airica of
With the elite’s matrix of control seeping into every aspect of life, from our entertainment and education to our food and health, the idea that language is another form of control doesn’t sound too far fetched.
Today’s guest, Laurel Airica has dedicated herself and her work to unraveling the coded messages behind our language, and she joins The Higherside to help us expand our understanding of the magical meanings embedded in our vocabulary.
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Laurel Airica’s
      ‘Secret Spells of the English Language’:
      ‘Taking Command of the English Language’:
      ‘Some Telling Words’:
Laurel Airica’s TEDx Talk ‘Epiphanies: Nine Obscure Words That Reveal the Whole Purpose of Life’:
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50 Responses

  1. Crazy! When I 1st clicked on the show a couple hours back it was taking me to a Jen Brinley (congressional dish) episode! Anyway, I just saw Annihilation with Natalie Portman!! Whoa!! That shit BLEW MY MIND!!! Can’t wait to have it blown again!!

  2. Respekt! You should check out the Rasta Lifestyle and see that they already do this with word, power and sound in music and life.
    Like instead of using appreciate ( appreci “ate“ = hate ) We use Apprecilove!

    Much Love and Respekt brother

    Greetings from Germany

  3. This was cool! She would make a dope rapper. LOL. Seriously though, you 2 clicked so well. I bet this lady is a delight to be around. I wish I could see things as she does.
    Everyone should look up youtube videos of people expressing love and hate into a jar of rice and the effects that it has. I’ve been meaning to try it for myself.
    This interview brought some light to my rainy day. Thanks to both of you. Fuck YouTube!

  4. Thank you Greg! I love these positive episodes that challenge us to rise above the doom. This was lovely and a wonderful connection occurred between the two of you. Inspiring!

  5. Excellent show, it is heartining to hear a alchemical linguist poet whose soul shows affinity to the tradition of the hermetic bard. I really needed this right now. Partway into listening to the show I sought out and watched this documentary featuring the late Terrence McKenna in his last appearance in a documentary before his death: The Alchemical Dream which discusses the foundations of alchemical thought in Europe thorugh the court of Queen Elizabeth. While watching it the name of Michael Maier seemed to stick in my mind. If Greg is reading I would ask him to contact Laurel to see what effect that name has on her.

    I would also like to say that everything that Laurel has said is in alignment with my theory of the mind (including her verse) which I will be presenting in the next show and which I feel is truly my main independent contribution to the alchemical philosophy.

    The Alchemical Dream – Rebirth of the Great Work (55:25):

    On the subject of Terrence McKenna I would tend to agree with Greg’s assesment that McKenna is a bit of a whimsical entity and his comment was misinterpreted by Jan Irving.

    Were Terence and Dennis McKenna CIA Agents?

    Laurel is an inspiration, wish her all the best.

    1. Hi Shamangineer, Dude- I’d encourage you to contact her DIRECTLY with your observations-bcuz- she WILL take the time to respond. It might take a day or two,though.
      Like yourself & many others, This episode was just what we needed,so I contacted Ms.Airica & a REAL,awesome conversation ensued.
      I’m sure she’d love to hear from you:)

  6. Thank you for this episode ! As I was listening, I felt transcended into a fairy-like world full of gentle colors, beauty and softness. Greg, I thought you were adorable with Laurel and I loved how much she appreciated you, your questions and insights. Her observation of you as a tree entity of some kind was fascinating and so accurate in its feeling.

    On the topic of foreign words, you may find this interesting: the Spanish word for handcuff is “esposa” which is also the same word for “wife”!

    Thank you again for a great show!

  7. Greg, you keep on amazing all of us.
    I ‘ve been a long time subscriber and you ‘ve created a lot of funky or meaningfull interviews, but this one wiht Laurel really creates a dimension apart. You can feel the connection over the air waves. It is touching and heartwarming.
    So thank you Greg and thank you Laurel for changing our world for the better.
    And indeed, pubic hair in Flemish, Dutch and German is known as “schaamhaar” (shame – hair).
    For an encore, allow me to share with you that in Flanders we speak of ‘trouwen’ when referring to ‘mariage’, wich should be interpreted in English as ‘fidelity’…

  8. Incredible interview. I wear headphones to listen to THC as I’m doing house work, and I listen at 1.5x speed, which forces me to focus on the syllables as they flow swiftly by. The lyrics of these two hours rippled through my consciousness like the tickles of an omnificent toddler. Wonderful, uplifting, empowering. Thank you.

  9. Great show, wonderful guest. It’s great to hear a guest so unpretentious and knows the territory first hand. Greg, it’s great when your kindness and honor toward the guest comes through so clearly. Episodes like these are what keep me listening. You’re clearly driven by a need to understand and really pursue solutions to the trouble in contrast to most similar shows hysteria and fear. Thank you for being so real so publicly and helping us all find new answers and perspectives.

  10. Brava! Encore!!
    Thank you both for such a wonderfull conversation. I discovered Laurel’s work a couple of years ago and fell in love instantly. I’ve been on the language trail for a few years and continue to machete through the jungle of linguistics.

    Being mostly monolingual myself, I’ve become aware of some of the voodoo associated with babel.
    Greeks have a word pronounced ‘office’ but it’s defined as a ‘snake’ or ‘serpent’. What better word to describe the atmosphere of reptilian mindset that we’re subjected to as we commit to others undertakings? has extensive examples of how dramatically our language has changed in a short time…
    Books as recent as 100 years old depict the suffix “ING” as “WYNGE”
    Could it be that the flight has been stripped and truncated from our venacular?

    Some others have contributed to my language studies; Pierre Sabak, Frank O’Collins and “Richard X – Chiron Last” , among others.

    Please invite Laurel back for a return visit if possible. I cherish her Be You Too Full spirit and lovely attitude.


  11. The study on Entomology is a road map back to our beginnings. It clears up a lot of misconception of the meaning of words and their intended and perverted uses. I am always surprised at the number of words that have “EL” as in Elohim in them. Words such as “world” and “gold” would be “word” and “god” if you subtracted the “EL”, all of which are connected in one way. Even the placement of the letters in the alpha-bet had purpose and meaning. I’m rambling now, but I think Laurel had an intuitiveness about this. Good show. One question related to this, do you think your name had an impact on your development? I do. Your thoughts? Cheers……

  12. This is my favorite show of all time!
    My soul, thoroughly filled by her magical rhymes
    On so many levels
    I can truly relate,
    For, I too, have always
    felt a tad out of date

    And this is an answer
    to a prayer I conceived,
    just yesterday…
    asking for some much needed relief…

    For my soul grows often weary,
    In my awaken state of alone,
    And I sit here, always longing
    For my tribe and my real home

    But for a brief moment,
    home was found in her…
    And in such a cozy place,
    I was able to re-member
    The truth, that’s been hidden
    From us all along…
    That love and kindheartedness,
    is the ultimate STRONG!

  13. This episode came as a surprise.. a wonderful surprise! When I log in, I expect to take a trip down the old rabbit hole, which I love. This is a nice change of pace and I’m extremely happy everyone here embraced and enjoyed this episode. Laurel struck a cord in me I haven’t felt in quite some time.. she reminded me of my own grandmother, full of wisdom and patience and love. I would just love to spend an afternoon conversing with Laurel. I’m sure it would be enlightening and therapeutic all at once.
    Thanks Greg, your shows are just great. Please keep it up!!

  14. Great show Greg, once again. This has rippled out to a few people I know in entirely different fields and inspired them greatly! Me, I tend to try and apply everything back to David Paulides and his books on all the missing people in National Parks. So talk of fairies and other dimensions and magic all feeds into that for me. With Laurel’s perspective on language, I had the bright idea to look up the meaning of Yosemite (one of the largest clusters of missing people). Well, sure enough it means “those who kill” according to the Miwok tribe…

  15. Thank you Greg and Laurel! I enjoyed this interview very much! Laurel is magical!
    YouTube is a memory for me! I’ll support you here Greg, thank you for all you do!

  16. Greg! What a guest! Laurel filled the two hours with immense joy and I feel we can never be reminded of our supressed divinity and the importance of language too many times.
    I love your conspiracy podcasts so much Greg, and gods bless you for doing what you do, but listening to Laurel filled me with joy and hope in these troubled times (thanks for introducing this phrase to our household) – please please ask her on again.

    Can I echo Laurels statement that your questions were well thought out, that you did your usual great job of research and that you were thoroughly engaged with the conversation – you were born to do this Greg! We are so grateful to you for doing what you do – you handle difficult subjects with courage, interest and treat everyone you interview with respect. All power to your elbow and long may you continue to flick the V’s at the man!

  17. Excellent show! As a student of syncronicity this show gave me yet another hit of “acausal parallelism” since I had just signed up for an event at CoSM prior to listening to this show. CoSM is a visionary art sanctuary in Wappingers Falls NY founded by Alex and Allyson Grey. Allyson is the artist Laurel mentioned whose work combines Chaos,Order and Secret Writing. In a perfectly sycronistic world I will eventually see Laurel at Cosm and hear Alex and Allyson here! Glad to be a prime member!

  18. Beautiful joy from you both! Feels like you met your lyrical match in Laurel, great to hear you both tussle and play. Words certainly have power, Grateful that you’re inspiring us all to weild it with love.

  19. Holy Moley, Mr. Carlwood-oley , T-H-I-S episode spoke 2me like Noother. NEVER heard of this lovely woman b4 this THC epi-sode! ANOTHER WordMage I thought we were simply solitary, only now, seeing 2the contrary. Words are the only toys that are free,when you grow up on the side of the tracks as me. My authentic appreciation is $hown in my +sub. <3, J.E.

  20. I’ve observed many inversions in English that are blatant perversions;
    speed bump = slow bump
    credit card = debt card
    health care = sick care
    war on terror = war of terror

    While visiting Mexico recently and being introduced to Spanish it hit me like a ton of bricks…
    Many of the gender based languages name a thing for what it is.
    English is Anguish.

    All the world’s a stage…
    Tog-ether we will trance-form a new worLd and inspire be-you-too-full nature.

  21. Episode had a strong beginning, but halfway through I started to feel like I was trapped in a trendy coffee house during amateur poetry night. I believe in a lot of strange things, but I draw the line on fairies and elves. Greg did a great job as always and is a superb host. Really nice lady, just not my thing.

  22. I loved this episode. I’ve long lived with the mantra that every word is a wish and that most people are not actually paying attention to what they are actually saying.

  23. Thank you Greg!!

    I Just loved this episode and have listened to it twice now xox

    Laurel is delightful and intelligent and just so easy on the ears!!
    I’m feeling really dumbed down after listening to that.. oh boy!

    Seriously… nothing is what we know or think it is on face value is it??!

    I am a really concerned about the OMG epidemic, because to which God are people saying this to? I’t just weird!!
    But I catch myself saying it and it just has to be mind control some kind.

    The rhythm of Laurel’s speech bought back memories of school when we were reenacting Shakespeare’s Witches song, in grade 6 at a private Catholic school no less!! what the heck were we doing that for anyway??? hmm

    Thank you very much Greg, I hope that you have her on again.


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