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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks consciousness, altered states, and the Pleroma with returning guest, Anthony Peake.

While we love talking about the various brands of high strangeness out there, a major unifying component to these mysterious encounters with aspects of the other side is: us. This is because all of these experiences come through the lens of the human perception. And of course, the mainstream often uses that fact as an excuse to dismiss these strange occurrences entirely, which is wrong, but it’s still a fact that shouldn’t be ignored. What role does human consciousness play in these situations, or any situation for that matter?
Back in the THC saddle after four long years, today’s guest Anthony Peake is one of the kings of consciousness research. He’s written several books along the way, but most recently his decade plus study of reality, the mind, and altered states have all come together in his latest masterpiece, “Opening the Doors of Perception: The Key to Cosmic Awareness”.
2:11 With his latest work being a play on Aldous Huxley’s famous “Doors of Perception” written back in the 1950’s, Peake choose the title “Opening the Doors of Perception”. He “believed the time has come to re-evaluate the model of perception suggested by Huxley and to view it through the lens of our modern science”. Greg and Anthony discuss where they see the greatest need for updating and what some of the biggest insights have been since Huxley’s time.
10:42 While a lot of people in the alternative realm approach consciousness studies through the examination of out-of-body and near death experiences or psychedelic and entheogen use, very few researchers have examined the connection with conditions such as migraines, epilepsy, and schizophrenia. With a cross-pollination between several areas of study, Peake’s latest book addresses these neglected conditions and how they relate to our understanding of consciousness, from an all encompassing perspective using his vast scope of knowledge and research to connect to dots. Listen as he and Greg discuss the uphill battle academia faces to expand it’s worldview beyond materialism to include other possible paradigms in the study of consciousness.
18:10 Greg and Anthony discuss modern encounters with the Greys and how they appear to share similarities to old stories of fairy folk and little people. Oddly enough, these reports seem also to coincide with people suffering from Charles Bonnet Syndrome, begging the question is there something more to this? With personal anecdotes in hand, Anthony walks listeners through the importance of understanding CBS and it’s perspective role in consciousness and death.

36:13 Although the idea of “hallucinations” can be a loaded term, there is a possibility that these observed entities and beings are real but unseen to brains in neurotypical states. Greg and Anthony address the anomaly of UFOs leaving physical traces or people found with implants and rectify what the monoculture marginalizes as hallucinations.

43:27 No conversation involving consciousness is complete without adding Dimethltryptamine into the mix. With other researchers citing a connection between multi-generational alien abductions and experiences being linked to a possible heredity condition involving DMT dumps, Greg and Anthony discuss these theories and how DMT fits into the big picture.
54:55 During his research, Peake found that schizophrenia is a decidedly common illness, affecting almost 1% of the global population, that sweeps through every continent and all cultures. Greg and Anthony discuss the implications of this in regard to the causes and functions of schizophrenia.
1:03:18 Because Peake has been able to integrate research from a variety of fields into his studies, he and Greg discuss the role of magic practitioners and esoteric traditions by giving context to their claims of communicating with entities and beings in the spirit world.
1:11:15 Peake continues by elaborating on the consequences of Nick Bostrom’s 2003 paper addressing the science behind the theory that we are living in a simulation. He also describes a new technology being used in southern Germany that has suggested merit to the Simulation Argument, and sparked the interest of Craig Hogan.
1:36:15 From the Matrix to HBO’s new show Westworld, the possibility of living in a simulated world has proven to be an intriguing narrative captivating audience attention and forcing philosophical debate. Greg and Anthony examine Hollywood’s role in dissecting reality and consciousness and whether the creators of these enlightening shows may suffer from conditions causing the widening of their perception. Perhaps this is what allows their art to be more creative, inspiring and out-of-the-box?
1:48:20 Studies of the structure of the brain suffer because many researchers find themselves of the mindset that the brain is the receiver of consciousness rather than the source itself. With the old adage “we only use 15% of our brains” referring to usage of neurons, Greg and Anthony discuss the importance of glial cells, the most abundant cell in the brain and their affect on the nervous system and perception of reality.

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  1. It’s always good to hear someone else who shares your ideas that go against mainstream academia. I like the analogy “you can’t convince a rock it’s an elephant”. Lol. But yes, science ignores the idea that consciousness pervades everything. Therefore any area that does not consider this, is missing a piece. However big or small a role it may play. I’ll keep it short. Thanks for this one, and thank you for your work Anthony.

    1. I believe the show you are talking about where everyone blacks out and wakes up for a minute in the future, then go back to where they were: is called “fast-forward”. I have season 1 part 1. I have not been able to find the second part. It was on Netflix a while back. May still be there. (I don’t have it because I try not to watch t.v. only things I can divulge information from, and to avoid subliminal messages through advertisement. I will buy dvds of things I want to watch)

      1. Very interesting.
        There’s The Event
        and FlashForward
        where similar things happen
        and I was thinking of both this morning
        and now
        Gotta listen tomorrow during work.

        1. Yes the show I was thinking of was flash forward, not fast forward. Lol. I just got home and looked. They”flashed forward” to April 30th. The “blackout” lasted for 2 min 17 seconds. The hippocampus was “activated” and they “remembered” the future.

          I’m looking on the case to see who made it but all I see is “ABC studios”.

  2. Fantastic as always. Maybe consider making an individual show on each and one of his books….. coming from the country where fairy lore is quite vivid (Iceland). I can point out an interesting guest for you. A historian who has gathered stories and personal interwiews on encounters with faires, gnomes and other creatures in Iceland. His name is: Magnus Skarpheðinsson. high five to The higherside from the other side of the atlantic

  3. I am so glad to hear you say a lot of this stuff Anthony. Absolutely the internal and external world’s are connected. Everything external being Essentially energy/light/consciousness, which travels in waves. The frequency of the wavelengths determines how we perceive it. Being “trapped” in our bodies, our senses are our tools for “mapping” the outside world. Our senses can only perceive wavelengths between around 400 and 700, in our “normal” state. (I forget the term you used, Anthony, but I’ll have to borrow that one).

    Occasionally an individual can perceive beyond this “normal” state. (Generally higher wavelengths). We term this psychic. Sometimes average people (like me) experience periods where these higher wavelengths can be detected. Sometimes the wavelengths slow down, and sometimes a mix of both.

    It is in our minds that we put all this together. I use the term “coded waveform information” to describe the external energy that comprises the outside world. Certain wavelengths are detected by each of our senses. So for instance our eyes can detect a wide range, then decodes the information and projects an image in the mind based on its past associations and experiences with that particular wavelength and how we personally understand it. (Including beliefs and preconceptions. This I term “filters”)

    Dmt and the like, allow us to shed the shackles of normal human perception. Our senses no longer limited by the body/mind combo. But in these states, our mind can still influence our perception. When experimenting, it’s important to still the mind because it will try to make sense of things that make no sense, and taint the experience.

    Remember, we are not our bodies or our minds. They are tools.
    I’ve still got so much to say, but I’ll leave it here or I’ll go forever. Gregg, Anthony, thanks. Great show.

    1. Also I have come to the same conclusion, that consciousness exists outside the brain. I liken it to the way computers operate, when trying to explain it. Our bodies are the hardware, our mind is the software. Consciousness is Wi-Fi. All things on the internet exist everywhere at once. It is your ability to access them that limits your perception. Belief systems and filters are the software that determines how you will perceive, and your physical senses determine the ability to perceive. Attune them both and you will have greater access to perceive the field of consciousness. I have been able to heal myself of many ailments this way, including epilepsy.

    2. Could we think of consciousness as waveless, and as something which has zero need for “travel?” Of course, the very idea of thinking of consciousness has to be comical, if one thinks about it, eh what? Waves denote time. What perceives time is outside/beyond time, is timeless.

      At some point in the exercise, an abandonment, or surrender of any notion of identity, as a body/mind, must become the bridge to being. And then, there will be no coming back into our dream state with any report that will suffice. You’ll just have to sit there and grin. : )

      1. Satyagraha, yes absolutely we can. And yes waves imply time. We can think of it as waveless. These are not descriptions of, but ways to wrap our minds around. Since we cannot see this stuff directly, and inspect it, we have to think in metaphors and analogies. It’s why ancient texts use stories to imply meaning. As stories from many religions explain the same thing, but on the face seem at odds. The way I have learned to understand it is the only way I can communicate it. That’s why I like listening in to others, such as Anthony, and their understanding. It broadens my own vocabulary to describe it, and gives me different perspectives in which to view it. (This ultimately makes me mix metaphors and get tongue-tied or lost in my own sxplainations when trying to talk. Lol)

        1. What I am trying to suggest is that consciousness, being prior to whatever arises, and anything which can arise in consciousness (and quite apparently, all things do), is that It is the one stable, omniscient, precondition.

          I guess it’s the wrapping around in itself which will stretch any mind beyond its limits. The mind will never be able to step over its source.

          I must be out of my mind. : )

          1. There have been experiments done germinating seeds and eggs in a “waveless field”. Can’t remember for the life of me what it is called, and I am going to be lazy about it. 🙂

            The chatter was that when GMO wheat was germinated, it reverted back to it’s ‘aboriginal’ form, pre GMO and pre hybridisation…. When they germinated ferns, no one could identify what the grew; it was unknown, and the salmon had big ‘fuck off’ teeth!! 🙂 I have not found time to verify this info as yet.

            So, what exists in the waveless state? Perhaps the original physical blueprint…..

            1. This was from the seeds being put into a pyramid in Russia. The Russians did lots of wonderful experiments with these prymids th he y built. They stored water in it for a while-bout a week and gave t to premi bababies who normally would hve dies. They thrived. And then they stored some building stones for whileand used them to build a jail or a prisonn. There was almost no violence, and most ppl there got their headsand hearts on straight and after release they stayed out of trouble. David Wilcock presented these and many more pramid facts in his Wisdom Teachings series on Gaia also in one of his books. Very cool. I read of a dude in the west coast who made a pryamid that he rode around with strapped to his bike. He swore it would clear the skies where chem trails where. Amazing stuff. I want one.

          2. Satyagraha, I understand. And I agree. Most of my life is spent wrapping my mind around this specific topic. (As a result, my mind is an endless “flex point”, or infinite-way intersection, which tends to be somewhat useless in the material world, or for communication) I do believe the field of consciousness in which ALL things originate, to be the “womb” from which all things are born. Any discussion outside of directly acknowledging this field is a discussion on mechanics of the behavior from our perspectives/perception. Whatever we wish to call this field, zero point, consciousness, the ALL, the original thought, the universe, Prana, God, creator. (Though these terms can be used as other things, they are often attributed to this field)

            The way I see it at this moment, is the field of consciousness is the womb, (feminine energy) receptive, maliable, infinite potential: and intent/will or focused thought, (masculine energy).

            These ideas need not be assigned to “entities”, or even made separate and distinct. (Though I just made them separate.)

            The “causal” plane is where these 2 “fertilize”. We , in the material world, experience their effects. (Or what we can perceive of it).

            But behind it all, there is nothing but consciousness. Infinite, limitless potential outside of space/time. We being inside space/time, and inside this consciousness, (like a fish trying to see the water it’s in) use the concepts we have in our arsenal to explain what we believe is beyond our realm. This is why we have all the stories and thus, the religions formed from them.

            This may be dis-jointed as I keep leaving and coming back. But I am always open to talking about this stuff and kicking ideas around. I am not attached to any believe. I know that I know nothing ultimately, and I can only speak to the level of my own awareness and understanding. I search for truth, but do not claim to posses it.

            1. Truth searching for truth. Is it not so?

              Yes, every piece of knowledge, held as such; is it not merely wisps, passing through consciousness in the illusion of time? Does not the true knowledge flow in this present? Never going to pin it down. While some concepts endure over ages, didn’t their beginnings guarantee their endings?

              I love the Tao Te Ching as it says, “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.” All our stories are well and good, kept in perspective. I find I must dwell on that sentence. I love to dwell on that sentence. It tells so much in solid wisdom. So, we will say it, this way or that. It’s what we do. When we think it’s what we are, we sell ourselves short.

              We , in the material world, experience…

              My master, following this, might ask, “‘We,’ as what?” Is it what has a mind, has sense?

              Even ourselves, as ‘the experiencer,’ seeing ourselves as such, what sees even this? Who/what would that seeing be?

              To know nothing is to hold all the questions. Answers are overrated. Give me the questions.

              Namasté, and thank you.

    3. Unknown you are most impressive.
      Greg you really draw some potent talent.
      Sat… oi I’m not going to try, that user is also well-informed,
      or very thoughtful, to say the least.
      If us THC+ers and GDSers and TARLers all got together
      we’d be the secret society that defined excellence itself.

  4. There is a mother lode to be had in, “I don’t know.” Without consciousness there would be none of this, but we want to use this to apprehend consciousness.

    The discovery of truth is in the discernment of the false.
    You can know what is not. What is – you can only be.
    ~Nisargadatta Maharaj


    Note: It has been determined the appendix, a small sack connected to the intestines, is where is harbored starter cultures for the intestinal flora and fauna used for digestion.

  5. I am going to keep this short because its late and I am tired. Very cool show. I have tourettes. I have had the typical synchronized encounters with people of similar isolation and experience, people with epilepsy in particular. Just curious if he has done anything on tourette because that tends to be one that gets left out of these types of talks and its frustrating to feel left out of an already isolated situation of not knowing what the hell is going on, if you know what I mean. Take it with a light heart and a grain of salt I suppose. If I could get pointed to some of his work that has touched on tourettes or possibly his email to see what he has to say. Thanks Greg! I dont speak up a ton on the comments, but I love your show and your attitude.

  6. Great interview yet again Greg. I do have one comment. Anthony Peake experienced a LUCIA LIGHT. Having used a Lucia Light many times, I can tell you that there is NO DIAL on a Lucia Light! You probably tried one of the devices that imitates the Lucia Light. I tried other light machines I can tell you nothing comes even close to the Lucia experience. That being said there is no guarantee of the light causing an out of body trip or any similar experience. Your mind will create an awesome show for you I promise, but it’s different for each person. Check out Allison Pelissier’s site, She travels all over the US and offers Lucia Light sessions. Do yourself a favor and try the real thing before passing judgement…
    By the way there’s nothing in this for me, I have no financial link with the above party. I just happen to love the Lucia Light.

  7. Good gracious; i’m going to be in a minority of one here but this fellow countryman has got to be one of the most patronising and arrogant blokes youve had on in a long while (no reflection at all on Greg). The bicameral stuff is tosh. As for older people reverting to childlike states-utter nonsense. If anything, they develop a more reflective, calm and wise mode of being unless they are suffering from a dysfunction such as dementia (3 of my family have had it) and then it doesnt always imply a childlike state. I completely disagree with his notion of rebirth in linear time as I believe he implies. That is a misconception of how time operates outside of this dimension (perhaps). And, “meat robots”, oh please. I thought we had got over that dualistic mindset culled from certain strands of Vedanta of which Buddhism is an offshoot of. I am sorry to rant as i’m only 45 minutes in but he is winding me up so much that…well, this post!
    In an animistic mode of thinking there isnt a distinction between our bodies and consciousness until one is no longer embodied. In a book by James Shreeve, “The Neandertal Enigma” he muses that to these people the body didnt have a spirit (read consciousness) but was the spirit. Parallel to that I believe Gordon said that the spirit of Ayahuasca IS the vine not distinct from it. Like an iceberg, 2% visible, the other 98% “unseen”.
    I will carry on listening and refrain from further comment unto completion!

    1. C’m’on Red, he said people who know him know he’s not like that.

      I am comfortable with those whom are comfortable with the mystery. That isn’t to say folks who are incurious. I want to know about everything, but want never to believe I know anything. Being a geezer with a bad short term memory, it’s still fun to be in the playing nonetheless.


    2. I respect your viewpoint Red. Why is the bicameral info incorrect? Not a rhetorical question either. Just trying to learn.

      My take on Mr. Peake is that he is relating to the skeptical/scientism minded person, and feels an extra need to declare his credentials as a defense. I was slightly bothered by it as well, but I’ve been there. So I can understand feeling overly focused on credibility.

      As far as his arguments go, much of what he said seemed plausible to me. I kind of liked his view on reincarnation and the reversion to childlike behavior . . . even if it’s not valid.

      1. Hey, it’s ok, you dont have to respect my view if you dont want to, there’s plenty of views that I dont respect, but cheers anyway!
        Re: Julian Jaynes unproven/unprovable theory in the book :”The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”. It posits that humans only developed consciousness about 3000BC. Prior to that, his fantasy suggests that humans were beholden to instinct and I might suggest “childlike” behaviour. My take in the light of evidence is that it is complete bullshit. My take as an animist is that it is complete and utter bullshit. It is a pseudo materialist viewpoint and is indicative of its era imo. All the best!

        1. “My take in the light of evidence is that it is complete bullshit. My take as an animist is that it is complete and utter bullshit. It is a pseudo materialist viewpoint and is indicative of its era imo.”
          I will second that.

          “Parallel to that I believe Gordon said that the spirit of Ayahuasca IS the vine not distinct from it.”
          And that!!

          That is the view I hold for pretty much everything; It can only be distinct from it if you can separate it, and then show me. Otherwise, bullshit!
          And for the record not even Solomon, for all his dividing of the Angels from the Demons, could manage that.

        2. Ahhh I wasn’t sure if you were referring to that text or not. I didn’t hear Peake mention Jaynes directly but I might’ve missed it.

          You and I and many others, I suppose, are more inclined to the animistic perspective.

          Thank you for responding.

  8. I feel I must bail out at the 1:11:15 point, as here is where my own irresistible subsidence into heresy can no longer permit me to sit at the feet of this teacher. If I blurt out what I’m thinking I will be sent, post haste, to the vice principle’s office, or worse. What is big-banging around in my head will not let me stay quiet, though I know the speaking of it will bring a shunning in the ivy covered halls. Perhaps there is one place these utterances can be made: hopefully, that’s right here on the Higherside.

    Extra dimensions of space, big bangs, black holes, all arise in mathematics radiating from one point, that being the Universal Law of Gravitation. Setting what consciousness is, or is not, aside for the moment, and just sort of playing here in the maya, our shared illusions of the physical, as they are discussed, this material realm which we sometimes call, “reality,” is one slippery fish. Ultimately what we say about it will be at the mercy of the language, but…

    Could science be wrong at a very basic level? Could it have accepted one core assumption, unquestioned, and is now forced to work around its unseen error, and in doing so, has generated nothing but flawed mathematics for four hundred years, and is basing its beliefs on the nature of Nature upon errant bases?

    Even those scientists who struggle to break out, while seeing something is wrong, do so, trying to make any new vision fit into the same old unquestioned base. Is it any wonder new dimensions without seeming end erupt from the mathematics? The theories continue to get more and more wild-ass, and our worship of the numbers with which we do the tricks of refitting, keep us ever in awe of our brilliance. There are some truly great masters of the numbers, but…?

    What if we could come back down all those incremental notches gained in four hundred years and start over? But here, the psychological mind cannot, dare not go. There is just too much professional crow on the menu for anyone of letters to desire the feast.

    But smokin’ a little smoke, drinkin’ a little drink, and perhaps, say, for the fuck of it, could a few of us be free enough to entertain an idea that one so great in the physics programming as Sir Issac Newton have put us all on the wrong path?

    So, where does the heretic find his alleged flaw? I give you the progenitor of big bangs and black holes:

    F = G X m1 X m2 / r^2

    I invite you to see, and join in if you will, the ongoing conversation in the forums at:

  9. Ok, I couldnt make it to the end;85 minutes in and I was about to put a hammer into the laptop. At least we now know that Mr Peake has got THE truth because so many f***ing professors, buddhist monks, quantum physicists et al (not forgetting Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki) have told him so. Talk about lack of discernment. Its a shame you didnt ask him about NDEers who without any brain function are able to perceive THIS material reality whilst being in the OTHER reality thus falsifying any claims to this reality being a simulation based on The Matrix (yawn). He is so full of himself that he is impossible to take seriously. Sorry!
    Greg, for a sane and nuanced view on post mortem survival you could do a lot worse than trying to get Julia Assante on.

    1. You are giving me quite a chuckle, Red.

      I had to wonder if to a hammer, everything looks like a laptop?

      You should stick it out to the end, maybe. Try not to take it personally… or maybe Englishmen are just like that? Kidding, dude, just kidding.

      1. Ha ha! My hammer is conscious but as yet I havent decided to imbue my laptop with any, no matter how rudimentary. Of course, that is all academic as neither of them exists, but, sshh, dont tell the hammer that because he tends to vent his anger on my sexually confused bicameral camera.
        I will take your advice and listen to the remaining minutes tomorrow sans hammer. And of course, ALL English are like that, how can we not be…it’s so embarrassing in our “culture” to witness a fellow self aggrandising himself (is that a double positive? I’ll take (2) pictures of it with my bicameral camera to check).

        1. Red, may I employ you and your hammer at my storage building? I can’t seem to part with perfectly good things. I will fly in Anthony to speak as motivation. Or maybe for his safety, just play some lectures and interviews.

          I agree that there are things I disagree with. Specifically, the points you mentioned. I don’t believe we revert back to children as we get old just because comparisons can be made. I do believe in reincarnation of sorts, but not as explained in the episode.

          I started my path from quantum physics and by actively seeking out and trying to understand opinions I didn’t agree with. So it is natural for me to allow for differences and take what’s useful. I hear so much on a daily basis that I disagree with, that I had to sever emotional attachment long ago. But your passion is commendable.

          This is a serious question I promise. I have tried to think of ways to phrase it, but through text it can come across wrong. But it is sincere. What is it that causes you to be angry listening? Is it because you believe he is misinforming people? Or just his attitude? There has been a couple episodes that I just didn’t agree with and had to cut short. (I will not say who in the interest of sel-preservation. I’m in the minority on it I believe.) I honestly do care, because I can’t quite pin-point what it is that I have a problem with. I like the person, and most of the info. I listen to things I disagree with daily, so it shouldn’t be an issue. But there’s something about the one guest that doesn’t sit right.

          1. I got to the end; i’m glad I did because of Gregs finale made it worthwhile (creep creep!).
            To try to answer your question. I was talking about this to a mate of mine who hasnt listened to it yet and of all the THC’s i’ve listened to I think there are maybe only 4 or 5 that have irked me nearly as much as this. I think it is because to me he just doesnt come across as very discerning and quite superficial ( which sounds a bit ridiculous when you consider the amount he has said he has researched/thought about). The name dropping certainly irritates me as a premise should stand on it’s own rather than seeking support from irrelevant sources. I dont like that he cloaks opinion in “fact” and “truth”. Regarding what you said about reincarnation. This is the biggie for me. His concept of a type of groundhog day rebirth is preposterous to me and parapsychological research, as far as I know makes no mention of it. In fact, I call into question not only his theory but also the linear rebirth theory. For what it is worth, I feel that we only incarnate once as this present personality but that this personality survives which imo goes along way to explaining after death communication. That said I think that “we” have multiple simultaneous incarnations going on in either the same time segment and/or so called past and future ones. I cant explain it fully but it resonates with me. Probably something to do with time running different in the 4D/Otherworld or maybe not existing (plenty of evidence on folklore and faerylore of this).
            I’ll front up here and say that my benchmark for thinkers coming out of Britain is Neil Kramer (though I definately dont agree with him on a number of things-Earth being a “learning/school” experience for example). But, he doesnt claim absolute truth, doesnt seek endorsement and makes clear that some of his ideas come from the mystery schools. Himself and Mr Peake are opposites in the way that they portray themselves in my humble opinion.
            My laptop has survived and hammer time is over but you are more than welcome to borrow it anytime you need it. To fire old hammer boy up just play him an appropriate segment of well, you know;0)

            1. I heard an Indian guru over forty years ago in a question and answer session get asked, “What happens after we die?”

              The answer was, “Die, and find out.”

              Are we here to get all of our flighty minds’ questions answered? Or, is it to learn that we are not our minds, but more, that which gets to have one for a time?


              Speaking of “hammer time,” go Lewis! Pull a rabbit out of your helmet.

              1. I’m wondering what you think of the idea that it isnt necessary to die to find out? What about asking the dead themselves? A number of people have done so even if you believe only just one of them.

                1. Put that way, would the dead in question be some bloke who is stuck wondering the astral, still trapped amongst his old body/mind thought forms? His answers might carry biases of belief and identity for which he could not shake his attachment. But say I’m getting the straight skinny from an NDEer, or a small child remembering, still unconditioned to its new incarnation; descriptions would still lack the indescribable, you-had-to-be-thereness of immersion in that mystery.

                  So yes, I would say (though I’m in no rush), I will take that plunge for a genuine knowing, but only when that is what is happening.

                  I always remember that guru and appreciate how his answer was a call to stay present. He never wavered from such a focus while I was listening to him.

                  1. I dont quite get what you mean, the “dead in question”. The dead are the dead, or are you implying that only “confused” and “attached” dead can make themselves known? The vast majority of human culture and present research suggests that the dead are the dead not a specific type of dead. Personally I question the idea that mind/personality either is or needs to be dissolved.
                    As to an NDE, it isnt being dead; there is a vast difference between near dead and dead-a very big subject-the biggest! 🙂

                    1. There are some dead floating around that don’t know they are as yet.

                      Much like your hammer, they tend to take it poorly at first, but until you fill them in, their opinions are….interesting.
                      But you really don’t need to ask them, you can go to the same place without dying. That’s why all those spirits want a loan of your vehicle; It is really two vehicles.

                    2. Yep, I agree with you there. It seems, according to some mediums, that some dead either wont accept that they are or are “confused” about being dead and act as if they are alive. Contra to that, apparently the vast majority (who decide to initiate contact) are aware and retain personality.

                      PS-bad choice re: Hammer! Next time i’ll say axe!

    2. When I said, “bail out,” in my post above, It was just to take time to write this morning’s post (my standard knee-jerk to conventional physics). This pause was during my second listening. I felt much as you did at many points in Peake’s presentation. I could not force myself to do a second time through it last night, and felt I wouldn’t do it in any event. But today I decided I would.

      It’s hard to say it, but his delivery showed me something of myself which I had to face. I cannot say I am sorry for anything which forces such introspections. Seeing my reactions weighed on me last night, making me listen again. Listening for what was there in it, aside from those things that chafed. For me, the chafing was part intellectual, and part personal. Beyond points of disagreement and not liking the presentation, there were some things worth consideration. I’m not sorry I decided to give a second listen, of which I have a bit yet to finish.

      Now I return to that.

      1. How perfect, your first 2 sentences of the last paragraph. On my search inward, I use others to reflect back to me things I cannot see directly. Your words reflect to me a lot of what I learned through my studies of the eastern religions. (Which I am partial toward)

  10. Haha yes! This is what I live for (literally I guess? Since it is our perceived reality).

    I’ll start by putting forth my experiences with my best friend and how spot on Anthony was with the almost telepathy between individuals. About 6 years ago me and my friend were close but not how we are now. I won’t say it all started with this but something I will never forget is when I was giving him a ride home one day and we spotted a pair of small and gray (coincidence?) dogs that were by the side of the road. They were identical to a tee and sat stock still, simply watching us drive by. I don’t think I’ve experienced anything more uncanny, they just felt out of place. At first this sort of was just a thing that happened, stand alone. However I bring into the mix our third friend who, albeit was close to us but we had a falling out with. Later that same year all three of us were at the beach and when the third friend decided to go off on a walk seemingly at random, me and my friend who saw the dogs both saw two black shapes darker than the night sky cross back and forth and slowly and zig zag down the horizon out of sight.
    Two incidents with a sense of duality, they also very much explain our relationship with one another. We have a plethora of instances when we felt things about the other and just a lot of synchronicity in general to the point where one time we were high and my friend just said “you know” and I said the first thing that came to mind and it was the very incident he was thinking. This segways into me mentioning an LSD experience.
    The third friend had some LSD and only he and I took it on the same beach coincidentally that me and my best saw whatever we saw. I’ll just say that what my friend did during the trip was bad enough to get the cops called on him (as Anthony said he overloaded) it was definitely due to his personal home life and goings on I didn’t know were going on at the time, but he ran off halfway through the day and I had no idea how to contact him (in the end he was OK though and we’re good now). But as far as the actual trip I experienced that day felt very natural and I had that sense that I was “there where I was supposed to be”; however, I never once felt perturbed by this. To me I understood that I was on LSD, but I didn’t understand that I was understanding that I was on LSD. That trip was all before I had any dive into the rabbit hole. Reflecting back, I can understand how I felt because of how I see my consciousness in general.
    I have a sort of disconnect where at times I feel trapped in my body, or I’m along for the ride. I also only dream in third person and feel like I’m watching my bodies dream if that makes sense;however, the dreams are still mine and related to me. After having having taken the dive into the rabbit hole I’d like to try psychedelics again but in the meditative state to see how deep I can go inside myself and what I can find.

    I’ve also had some interesting experiences with projecting more recently, so I know I can at least get to some interesting places without drugs. Now I must say and I don’t know if it is like this for others but going back to that split I feel in consciousness, when I do attempt to project it feels almost like my dream where I am aware my body is experiencing something but my mind is still in my physical body. Also I have a very hard time “picturing” things in my head so during these sessions it’s a lot like the LSD trip where it “feels right and I’m supposed to be here” at least in whatever is projecting out of me. It is hard to tell though if I am just tricking myself as Anthony says, and maybe my mind is what has left my body, but I’m more interested in the process over the answer. I digress.. A lot of the time I would just “float around” outside my apartment and even though it felt like I was making up what I saw, when I was done and went out to look outside at the parked cars they would most of the time be what I “saw” when I was ethereally projecting. I also once moved a container off the microwave for whatever reason and into the pantry space we had and lo and behold it was in the pantry when I went outside my room. Now I feel as if my roommate did it before he left as I heard the door close but perhaps my ethereal projection in that space interacted with his consciousness. I’ve only done astral projecting twice but the first time I went through a crazy forest and ended up at a lake, which had a lady sitting on the rock in the middle of it. I saw a cave and stopped right in front of it thinking “these magic guys are always saying don’t get involved with what you don’t know” so I turned around to leave and the lady was right in front of me. I said “I didn’t go inside, see?” and she just nodded and let me go. Was surreal as all hell. The other time was a guided meditation to see your spirit animal and what I saw was a big black cat that didn’t make any noise. To me that feels perfectly like how I am if I was an animal and it being silent made me feel like it was my bodies “spirit animal” but it couldn’t communicate to me because of that split I feel.
    One last thought, I believe it was Kate of Gaia that said some stuff on here about ignoring your legal name and I notice I almost never use names for people. I also tend to not really associate myself with my name, maybe it makes bridging around easier for me since I know who I am over who I am supposed to be in the material world?

    Great show and sorry for the long rant!

    1. An on from this Bill Murray reference, another of his movies I see at least once a year is The Razor’s Edge. In it, the protagonist, Larry Darrel, is told of the wonders of India and The Upanishads (from where W. Somerset Maugham took his title) by a fellow coal miner, who is reluctantly forced into conceding to lend him his copy of the book, but says to him, “but you’ll have to go there; you won’t find it in any book.” (A message which might serve Mr. Peake.)

      Love that movie.

  11. Another great interview Greg, this one with Joseph’s were my favourite In a while. Maybe because they are relevant to our day-to-day lives.
    I sure as heck love to ponder about those metaphysical questions on a daily basis, even if I seem to make a fool of myself in front of others.
    Since watching Wisdom Teachings on GAIA TV (David Wilcock) I’ve had many of those pieces of the puzzle come together (Source Field, Fractal Universe, Non-locality and Consciousness-ESP) and watching movies like Dr Strange it’s like a blatant representations of all these concepts with a dumbed-down narration to keep it fiction-y but it’s really incredible to see all the symbolisms and this exo-ET Science being more prevalent these days.
    Another one that blew my mind by surprise was the LED flash you experienced giving not-quite-but-close experience of DMT. THAT was used in the latest season of Black Mirror S03E05 (Man against fire) if you haven’t watched it already, please do so asap.

    Anyhow, Thanks Greg, I really like these episodes. We don’t have to dig too deep to find crazy stuff nowadays. For instance, I just read an article from the NYT this morning thanks to a tweet by Graham Hancock, which mentions an alleged simulation/military-exercise-drill with FEMA in El Segundo, California about an asteroid collision on course to Earth. In case people aren’t familiar with Dr Steven Greer and his work, he has been talking about Werner Von Braun’s last words on his deathbed (and you can google this) about the Elite’s plan to change the world by creating fake enemies and false flag attacks. They are the following: 1) Communism (State-State) 2) Terrorism (Militant-State) 3) Asteroid (Nature-World) and 4) Fake Alien Invasion (ET-World/Star Wars). So It’s about time we wake up to these false threats and to disclose the Secret Space Program works which have been going on for decades and could easily save us the trouble to go through FEMA Camps and all the crap.
    That was my 2 cents.
    Thanks Greg!

  12. Greg, another *****(5 star) show. I must confess that as I get older, its becoming easier to wrap my mind and spirit around, shall we say, broader spiritual ideas. And as little as I grasped of Mr. Peakes ideas, as I was shown a long time ago, just because I don’t get it, it doesn’t I won’t. And God bless a brash assh#@e. Love hearing a guy with confidence. So once again, THC+ proves itself to be Esotericas Premier Value. Amen

  13. Was a little jolted and weirded out when I had a major deja vu (sitting here listening at my debt slave job) while he was talking about blind people having auditory deja vu. This means I’ve listened to this episode before…?

  14. I am a fan of Anthony’s work, I have read life of Philip K Dick and Daemon, and will probably read more. BUT, he irritated me in this episode with his self congratulating attitude! I sucked it up, got passed it and ploughed on and I’m glad I did as he does have a unique way of looking at how our reality may work.
    The DMT, astral travel, nature of reality is right in my sweet spot.
    My Grandmother in law started to lose her sight a few years ago and had visions of little people that were quite real to her. I wondered at the time if it was a type of hypnagogic vision she was experiencing as she showed no sign of dementia. Fascinating that it’s always little people!

  15. As if reincarnation isn’t bad enough, I have to experience human life again – as me? What kind of bullshit is that! If I’m coming back I want to be a marine biologist – or Ted Danson – or something else awesome…not ME! ?

      1. Meaning it’s not a “re-do” of this life experience? To clarify, it’s not the “me” I hate so much, it’s all the stupid decisions I’ve made! I’m kind of confused as to AP’s theory, because he focuses on deja-vu as a real phenomena, but also seems to support the idea of past-lives (when discussing past-life regression).

        1. …it’s all the stupid decisions I’ve made!

          At any time in the life, one can come to be present. When we are present, we are in the True. What lives as memory lives a virtual life, not true anymore. The past no longer has an existence beyond belief, and belief can, and will, always change. This is something one can observe for themselves. All it takes is a honest assessment. One can ask, “is my memory the absolute truth?” What can one say and know that is true beyond, “I exist?” When and where does one truly exist beyond here and now?

          And so, I can see I am not my past decisions which I have now made into memories. Even if there seems to be some set of consequences manifesting here and now, that past is still gone, and the memories are an incomplete picture of something that seemingly happened. Certainly I am free to value the memories more than this present moment, but would that be a wise choice? There is plenty going on in the truth of being, here and now. Could be there are even more blown opportunities in the future, but could they be the true, having not happened yet?

          Our current being is where the action always is. This is the place of indisputable truth. The past and future are recorded images and guesses. Even if it’s Memorex, it’s just tape.

          I will forget about re-do. Just being supplies all that is true. We are not what we think. We are that which is.

  16. Vedic theology
    A Course in Miracles

    Are all essentially very similar in describing the nature of reality.
    This guest with his comprehensive knowledge of the ancient history and the modern science and art really expands the value and makes people understand it in a much better way.
    Loved the show.

  17. Probably my fav interpretation of the opening of the Upanishads; ” If you are reading this, the you have already been invaded.”

    Hell of an opening…… 😀

    Vedic theology at it’s finest.

  18. Another great show; a prepared host and well-spoken guest. However I felt like red flags were flying all over the place. The topic is stellar, but the content seemed to follow scientism frequently. Geez, is everyone CIA?
    Side note: the Carlwood smoking w his cats and dog sounds like a PERFECT way to be. Xoxox KP

  19. Made it to 1hr 8 mins and I’ve got to take a break – I know he said he’s not vain but he sure sounds it to me… Btw I’ve been in Servants of the Light and it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be; it doesn’t have the greatest reputation among the small part of the magical community that I’m in touch with.
    That constant death/rebirth thing? The Pyramid Texts and recitations from Tibetan Book of the Dead show there is a way to the stars, a way off the wheel of birth and death; many of the old myths tell us that.
    I’d started switching off by the time he got on to shamans so I’m hoping I got the wrong end of the stick with this bit…
    Damn, I’ll have to listen again.

  20. I can’t stop listening to this episode!
    I’m on my 5th time and everytime I listen I take something different away from it. It’s been a long time since something has gripped me so physically and emotionally.
    It’s got my spider senses working overtime:)
    Thanks Greg A+
    And it ends with my favourite THC track at the end too.

  21. A very interesting interview. I am hearing so may similar ideas about us, the humans, being trapped here – wherever this place is, whatever this place is – as material beings; also our spiritual light is trapped here in a rinse and repeat cycle. Others have alluded to the fact that we have been trapped into the recycle process forever which fits with Mr Peake’s discussion around Ouspensky and what he did in the last 2 years of his life. I must say I know about Gurdjieff but the written material is way above my ability to understand. I wondered about his various `dances’ examples of which are on YouTube where the participants make sort of union of robotic movements with their bodies to music. I was stumped to understand what that is about. I watched it for a long time both sound on and muted but failed to get it. I wish someone could give me the heads up – but clearly something very practical is going on.
    There is much talk about `going home’ and that an event is upon us (unfortunately that idea brings up the 2012 meme in me) where we, if we are conscious and aware, will be able to `escape’ back to where our light originates.
    I have no idea whether or not this is so. I struggle with the idea that I am living in a hologram that I am able to change through my intent. I have never taken substances that invoke altered states and yet I have my own testimony and witnesses to the fact that things are not as they seem here – wherever we are, whatever this place is. But the evidence is that those who try to control the forces around us definitely want to sever our individual link to one another and…the pleroma? Not sure exactly what that term means although Mr Peake did explain it adequately.
    I notice some Ad Hominem towards Mr Peake on this comments board and I don’t agree. Mr Peake has the enthusiasm of a child and the knowledge and wisdom of a sage – like the best sort of teachers I had at school and college – which energises all subject matter. Many guests leave their enthusiastic child at home when presenting their work which can make it kind of dull for the listener. Mr Peake is far from dull and I can only guess his `drive’ has been honed to protect himself and his arguments. As the listeners of THC should know, when anyone provides evidence contrary to the mainstream they are always attacked, ridiculed and slammed. The academic protection racket makes sure it cites the work of its buddies – those who keep within its circle of influence – and attack everyone else. I always assumed I had missed out on a degree education, but it seems as if I am one of the luckier ones who, yes, still has a lot to learn, but whose intellect has not been tampered with.
    A great interview – thank you to both parties.

    1. Perhaps I was luckier than most, having flunked just about everything for learning disorders and being functionally illiterate until about the age of 20, when, as a sailor in a diesel submarine, I found I had much time on my hands between my regular watches. I finally made it through my first few complete books. I had read a few whole books when much younger, but each occupied me for one whole summer break in order to finish them. Throughout the rest of my school daze, it was pure torture for this ADHD dyslexic misfit, failing year after year. There were not even those diagnoses at that time, and the classification for the likes of me was, “problem child.”

      Looking back, it was quite a blessing. I have seen what you say about “the academic protection racket.” They make for a slim chance for any breakout realizations succeeding. What school never did to me was quell or quench my thirst for learning, however weirdly I might come to get it. I just couldn’t much get it from those whose nominal job it was to give it.

      I don’t think the criticisms were all that ad hominem, but of lost style points for reasons of personal preferences for how information is presented and delivered. Some were rubbed the wrong way, and many were not. I heard Anthony Peake again on the radio a few nights later and he did a little bit better where he had chafed my sensibilities. It was not where I might have disagreed, but how it was laid down, and as what. I’m sure I do the same, and that was probably why it got to me.

      All and all, I find these discussions a cut above so many forums I have joined and left behind in just over thirty years of online presence. The Highersiders seem a respectful enough lot, with only a few months here under my belt. I think we have Greg to thank for this in how he’s come on setting this all up. That, and just how he presents himself as well. He seems a good spirit, attracting like spirits. And I am pleased to make your acquaintance, karen2.



        1. Thank you, K-jo. I assume by that ‘roo as your avatar here, that your body must reside down under. One of my most fervent interests is in how folks down there, though upside down, are still stuck to the planet. I have come to believe that Sir Issac Newton’s surmise concerning mass ain’t it. And it’s in having missed getting that notion inserted into my conditioning which adds much fun to just thinking about what’s known, and what isn’t. I am a great advocate of knowing nothing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

      1. Hi there
        Thank you for a lovely reply. And I accept your comments on presentation – perhaps I was over sensitive. However, it is easy to make judgements on a person who goes public with their research and ideas. I have not put myself into the fire in the same way Mr Peake or Greg C has done so I only feel the right to give feedback and some is more positive than others.
        Be well Satyagraha

  22. Great guest. Fascinating conversation. Thank you Greg once again.
    Could not follow with rationalizing away of reincarnation. I’m sure that along with infinite alternate timelines ( or groundhogs ) there is room for reincarnation in the crazy mix. And who’s to say that one soul cannot learn from one life to another with a completely differing persona.
    Seth material comes to mind. It all goes beyond any normal comprehension.

  23. Wow what a show my man he was very interesting I like his take on the school shystem not all i agree with him we are definitely a system of trying to make young boys adhere to the do not be rambunctious or will pump you full of grugs I hate that why I have seen it spill over into the poot and the parent wants the child drugged up two who fights for that poor victim another eye opener

  24. Some great concepts and ideas, it’s all stuff to make me think, which is why THC is my favourite Alternative podcast. You take my mind on a trip that no amount of weed can duplicate, my mind thanks you!

  25. Hands down my absolute favorite show ever. I did not want it to end and am going to listen again (& no doubt again & again) and hope I pick up something more I may have missed while I was too busy screaming yes! yes! yes! Anthony put into words everything I “just know”. Incredible show! High freakin Five Greg!!

  26. Wow. Speaking of Deja Vu’. I think i’ve heard every single bit of this info from other people before.

    Many of whom are not nearly as blowhardy or self congratulatory. Hard to listen to.

  27. Loved it. I’m going to have to listen again. I’ve taken a real interest in the prison planet view of life on earth, which pretty much precludes the idea of earth being a real sentient being, but I’m going to check out Anthony Peake’s books, now that I’ve finished reading the Bengston stuff. Hopefully interesting enough to drown out the overly leftist liberal rhetoric I’ll be subjected to by my in-laws during our family vacation. Hope the judgement doesn’t make me repeat.

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