Jeff Berwick | Hacking A Broken System, The Shemitah Cycle & The Jubilee Year

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This week on THC, Greg chats with The Dollar Vigilante himself, and host of the Anarchast,  Jeff Berwick. Jeff was fortunate enough to capitalize at the peak of the tech bubble freeing him up to travel to over 100 countries in 5 years. He is the embodiment of a true world citizen, and as a result has become one of the biggest proponents of the Permanent Traveler/Prior Tax Payer Theory. After a 3 year hiatus from THC, the anarcho-capitalist and staunch opponent to the soul sucking institutions of the established states and central banks, returns to discuss mankind’s best options for a revolution and what lays ahead on the horizon. Join them as they explore bold and creative solutions to keep us afloat in our uncertain future.

On today’s episode they begin by recapping the most recent madness:
2:00 Many of us see the signs that we are on the verge of chaos in more ways than one, with tensions that are high in America, a polarizing upcoming election cycle and a war with police becoming the new normal, the house of cards that is the globalist economy seems to be on shakier ground than ever. Listen as Greg and Jeff examine how things are speeding up even more now than ever, and maybe it’s because we are inching closer and closer to the collapse.
6:40 With the proverbial gun loaded with bullets such as lower wages, crippling healthcare debt, a broken college loan system and out of control income taxes, they take a closer look at how to re-position yourself out of the cross hairs and into the international stage. They discuss creative options for escaping government control and regaining sovereignty through employing techniques such as the permanent traveler (PT) theory created by Harry Schultz or even simply using tactics that can help everyday Americans un-shoulder the outrageous, ever increasing extortion of tax burdens.
24:00 Jeff gives Greg groundbreaking news about recent court rulings on the Chilean development Galt’s Gulch and cliff notes on it’s recent uncertainty.
26:20 Having just sustained a huge bubble crash, Jeff was acutely aware of what was looming above in the financial stratosphere. On the will of central banks and led by Alan Greenspan wielding the fear of Y2K, the Federal Reserve ballooned the money supply and proceeded to set the stage for a dangerous financial future. This scam, which was orchestrated to impoverish everyone except those who control the central banks, allowed for the birth of The Dollar Vigilante.
31:00 As his research continued to expand, Jeff stumbled upon The Harbinger by Johnathan Cahn. In his book, Cahn describes a seven year cycle dating back to both the Torah and Bible, known as theShemitah cycle. Jeff has applied his knowledge of the Shemitah to the chaotic financial cycles and found that these cycles correlate with the most recent market collapses. In light of this information and given recent market volatility, Jeff has predictions about upcoming major market changes.
37:00 Every seven Shemitah cycles is  a “super” Shemitah, otherwise known as a Jubilee year. Listen as Greg and Jeff explore what the Jubilee cycle this year may have in store. Using dates contrived using the Hebrew calendar, the Jubilee was determined to have started in September of last year and concludes early October this year. Follow along as they reflect on the impact of the Jubilee with movements such as the recent Brexit referendum, to the first of the year market crash, the Pope’s premature declaration of a Jubilee year and the IMF’s introduction of China’s currency into the SDR currency basket.
50:00 Greg and Jeff debate the integrity of the Brexit vote, and the affects that escaping from the clutches of EU control will have going forward. Listen as they analyze the possible focus of the most recent Bilderberg conference in Europe, which could have included various topics such as the epic market meltdowns following the vote and the ushering in of a New World Order.
57:30 Fresh off the heels of the recent police slayings in Dallas, Jeff and Greg discuss how we’ve wound up in such a clusterfuck. The centrally planned, communist based organization of the police are failing to uphold their duty to protect and serve, while becoming a military replacement roaming the streets outfitted with tanks, riot gear, tear gas, and bullets.
101:00 Using the Black Lives Matter movement to create enough chaos for a civil war and the US in an already quasi-martial law state, Greg and Jeff reflect on the elite’s plan for a “Summer of Chaos” that culminates with the cancellation of November’s elections. Disguising a police brutality problem under the curtain of a racial divide, with the cherry on top being gun control, George Soros and company are pushing their agenda and everyone towards the brink of collapse.
106:00 Trump and the wall. What now?
110:00 Jeff gives Greg some insights on how to stay ahead of the game using what we know now. Being aware of whats going on is a solid foundation, but exiting the unstable system and converting your assets to precious metals and crypto-currencies is the best ways to ensure your success. With the blossoming of new technologies and opportunities such as BitCoin and Arcade City that are giving way to sweeping changes, now is the best time to capitalize.
133:00 Greg has Jeff shed some light on the inadequacies with the Canadian healthcare system and what he’s witnessed first hand.
140:00 For the grand finale, Greg holds Jeff to the fire about the flat earth. Listen as they discuss the works of Eric Dubay, and how Greg has become earth-shaped agnostic in light of recent information.
Want more from Jeff Berwick? Check out his work at The Dollar Vigilante or listen to his previous appearance on THC! You can also find more of Jeff on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you’re interested in learning more about to survive the Shemitah check it out here.
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  1. Another great show Greg! Thank you for working for us and giving us good information to ponder instead of the same old propaganda we hear everyday. Can’t wait to hear what comes next!

  2. I was going to say something pithy about Mr. Berwick, his experiences and ideas. Again, trying to maintain an open mind I heard, well not hate persay, just another “vigilante” loner(w/ family) waiting for the enevitable whatever…civil war, govt collapse, financial ruin? Greg, I know the govt’s fucked. I’ve known for 35 years. and hell, I was a hand over my heart, pledge of alligence quotin’, star-spangled banner singin’ s.o.b. from way back. I’m not so much any more. Having said that, allow me to say Mr. Berwicks ideas smack of a new, 21st century double-doozle, reverse eliteisim based on all of the cool new toys i.e.,bitcoin, uber, arcade city…all for the their own enrichment, Am I wrong, possibly. all I’ve read and experienced tell me that the world in chaos and it’s “string-pullers” are just new-style ways of saying our own and other govts worldwide are, well, fucked. Entitlement by money, power and birthright are old, old ideas. Through all of that, you just don’t run away, I know that might be a harse term, but you just don’t run. you find your personal field of battle, join with your comrades, and fight. Occasionally it works, more often it doesn’t, you just don’t cut-n-run though. I’m aware these simplistic, even old-fashioned ideas arem’t popular. It’s where I make my stand though. I hope I haven’t confused you. Just some rambling thoughts. Love the Higherside, thc+, thr whole pgk. Today though, Mr. Berwick didn’t make a new fan. Peace.

    1. I agree papa dave. I felt he showed a lack of critical thinking. He probably has outstanding instincts for money, but a-lot of what he had to say sounded like a pompous, unprepared salesman getting by on his confident pitch. More than that. if I created a company with an estimated worth of 240 million, I’d probably doubt the efforts of other people around me. I say that last statement when he referenced how people with EBT cards would riot if they did not get their money. In any case, disappointed with this guy.

  3. Interesting interview here about the ALL CAPITOL LETTERS NAME / Birth Certificate Bond ….Mr/Mrs/Miss….don’t know how it works in the U.S. or another Country but here in the U.K. ….and if you live in a Country with a Central Bank (almost everywhere) the system is the same however it is shown….the Bond that is in our NAMES and is traded as value on the stock market is shown in ALL CAPITOL LETTERS…..…..all utility bills are always addressed in ALL CAPITOLS and should be paid from this bond….Benefits such as income support and sickness as well as the National Insurance Number (ANOTHER BOND)all come from this bond and not from the tax payer….we are already ALL Multi Millionaires…

    The “basic Income” as mentioned in a previous show should come from these BONDS….there should be no Tax just bring Money into creation to pay for everything.

  4. Hi Greg,

    Can’t say I loved the show. We’ve heard quite a bit of this stuff before. I did like the segment where you talked about
    with Jeff about Expat harassment and the difficulty of setting up a foreign bank account.

    This flat Earth stuff just won’t die and I’m so tired about hearing about the forth coming global financial collapse and buying gold and
    silver. I could get most of this stuff from Alex Jones. I really the guests from your earliest shows, that stuff was way out there and
    really lived up to the name “Higher Side Chats”. Hopefully you can get some of those people back on again.

    1. I get that, and I guess I would consider the last 4 guests or so to be a re-calibration after some shows I thought were pretty weak. (Melinda Leslie, Eve Lorgen, Paul Davids)

      I wanted to make sure we’re at least saying something of value, but I definitely want to get back into the weird. I realize a lot of listeners want that and I ended the show before this one by saying we were getting back there. We are. I just happened to record this one and had to leap frog it forward because some of the content was timely.

      The next 6 or so, which are all recorded already, (I’m getting ahead of once!) are all different, and I think- right in that THC sweet spot. Stay tuned!

      1. Hi Greg, Even though I agree with your assessment of who the weaker guests are, I still enjoyed those shows because you are the ONLY host who challenges them. I loved that! So I think there’s still a place for those types of guests here, because how many of us have wished “someone” would just ask this or that question? As the host, you are what make these shows different from others, and quite often have gotten me to shed a long-held belief of something that I never thought I’d budge on. Thanks again – as always – for creating this podcast! I always look forward to when the next one will come out. xoxo – Storme

      2. Just wanted to let you know that although these type of podcasts may have been heard before they are all relevant as you may have new members who are awakening plus your articulate non complicated way of questioning and as importantly reflecting back means that we can play these interviews to the younger generation who are readying to embark into the final years of school and employment. This is liquid gold for them and we need to educate the younguns in a non patronising way.
        Jeff may not be my (political) cup of tea par se, but receiving good information is where we’re at whoever is talking. it’s down to the individual to learn discernment through experience, coupled with a balanced mind, body and soul.
        His (and yours) take on Brexit being fixed is something i’m still not sold on but using it to blame the people for a financial meltdown is right up their street. incidentley you may want to see this short clip re the occult aspect to brexit
        ps nice to hear you’ve got mark d back on 🙂

        1. I’m not so sure. How much credibility do you give to someone
          like Jeff who has had direct investment into one of his businesses
          form one of the Illuminate\ elite.

          I also don’t buy the Alex Jones snake oil and would hope the younguns as you say would steer clear.

      3. I will for sure. What makes THC so great is the discussion of esoteric and off beat
        topics on conspiracy and paranormal. The main stream conspiracy stuff,
        of government corruption with bombasts that scream at us that we need to buy lots of gold, guns and MRE’s because of an imminent global financial collapse you can find so many other places. I love the guests that get into Crowley, Parsons and the left hand paths intersection with intelligence. Also Graham Hancock’s work on ancient civilizations is fascinating.

        Our history is denied from us – It could be that Aleister Crowley was one of the most influential people of the 20th century (which I believe he was). Greg, I also like the fact that you don’t pass moral judgements on these people and topics. You treat your listeners and your guests like adults who can make up their own minds about the information revealed. Keep at it and don’t be afraid to go a little deeper into the rabbit hole….

  5. He sounds like a decent and well-meaning person, but I personally don’t find him very credible because of his delivery style and his frequent use of ‘-or whatever’ when he can’t remember something, usually a reference source. His rapid-fire cadence during the bit on avoiding paying taxes on self-employment is full of partial truths, over-simplifications, and completely lacking any practical info. It reminded me of those building wealth seminars or timeshare condo salespitches. He even has the same hairstyle and dresses like on of them. I’m not saying he’s crooked, but he doesn’t have much substance. I give a lot more credence to the guests who are prepped with sources at the ready and can drill down into the general statements so common in the alternative media. That said, I did notice that there wasn’t much of Greg steering this interview, so it’s quite possible that he is the magic ingredient to help some THC guests shine. I would have enjoyed this episode a lot more if Greg challenge or engage the guy, like he does with his other guests. That way, even if I don’t agree with the guest’s perspective, the show is still a treat!

  6. I keep expecting one of you to mention this, but I am surprised it wasn’t brought up (or did I miss it?)-
    Either way, this video of Christine Lagarde of IMF giving a speech a couple of years ago about the numerological significance of the #7 and its relevance to coming events is very relevant to the discussion.

    “Occult Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF”

  7. Greg, I have failed you by not listening to THC in over a month. However I have some respect for Jeff Berwick, and will give this show a listen tonight, attempting to return back into the fold. In particular, I have enjoyed Jeffs repeated infiltration of Bilderberg with Luke Rudkowski, and his Anarchast podcast — along with the whole escape to Acapulco meme, and Anarchapulco conferences. Also I am seriously considering your oft-repeated advice to quit my straight job and become an independent maverick. Wish me luck!

  8. I think you guys should try listening to Agenda 31 a little more. Tell them Carlwood. Just because you listen to thc+ doesn’t mean you don’t need to WAKE UP! Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just because you don’t like his style. This material is what breaks the chains of our leeching system.

  9. Another great podcast Greg but I gotta ask –

    around the 1hr 30 – 33 mark, the story that Jeff was retelling about countries changing the laws for Americans to become a citizen there – did you think it was bullshit?

    It sounded so.

    IMO I thought so myself.

    And to be clear – that doesn’t take away from the rest of the information Jeff provides.

  10. I use toll roads sometimes for work, only costs $1.27 everytime I drive on them and I don’t have to stop, they send me a bill. Why couldn’t a solar road work like that?

  11. They way I look at it, I’d rather only pay for the roads I use, and not the proverbial “bridge to nowhere” projects that politicians dish out to their golf buddies.

  12. Awesome show as always.

    Not sure i trust this guy, hes rubbing abit close with the big dogs, but interesting nontheless, and there was some nuggets in there.
    (liked the part about the bildeberger guy being to old to understand computers)

    About your 3d printing thing though, as a 3d modeller since forever, i can tell you that pipedream is not going anywhere fast.
    Had free acess to a good one in university years back (better than the consumer ones now) and it was still pretty crappy.
    In the end you pay for the materials and unless you want everything out of flimsy plastic, this is not for the average person.

    Metals for instance would need theire own printer, and this is where major money will always be needed, and then there is the issue of size
    aswell as time to print (time is money remember).


  13. Great show. I’ve never heard of Jeff Berwick, but I am definitely going to listen to him on his youtube channel. I’ve been looking for an exit plan from the US for quite some time and Mexico has been in the cards, so this was a nice interview to hear.

  14. I listened to this and really got the impression that Jeff Berwick was in sales pitch mode = heavy on the fear porn, light on actual substance… Would have really loved to hear more on the details regarding his direct experience with the Permanent Traveler/Prior Tax Payer Theory, rather than glossed over anecdotes. The term “world citizen” makes me roll my eyes these days just as much as hearing someone utter “sovereign citizen” = both contain the word citizen, which is just another word for subject.

  15. He advocated for skipping college – even high school – yet, then goes on to confuse Isaac Newton with Benjamin Franklin. Yikes. And, following his formula for setting up an offshore company and avoiding taxes would be completely insane. He advised Greg that he “may have to deal with the IRS” as if it’s no biggie. That’s like saying “you may have to deal with the mafia”.

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