This week on THC, Greg chats with the esteemed F. William Engdahl . A Princeton graduate, geopolitical analyst, professor and lecturer. F. William Engdahl is the author of The Lost Hegemon : whom the Gods would destroy as well as other brilliant titles such as Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic Manipulation, and A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order.

Join them as they wade through murky waters clouded by the pollution of thinks tanks for the military industrial complex, Donald Trump, The Clintons, the shadow governments enlisting armed forces to install puppet regimes, the pillaging of natural resources and the destruction of anyone standing between the Elite and supreme power.

On today’s episode they begin by tracing the history of the The Lost Hegemon and it’s downfall:

2:30 Dating back to the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and the Battle of Waterloo until the World War I, the British Empire was the hegemon. In 1941, an article was written by Henry Luce, editor, and publisher of Time and Life magazines declared the dawn of the American Century. Prior to the start of World War II, through the grants from the Rockefeller Foundation to Council on Foreign Relations, theWar and Peace Studies was created to gather the top geopolitical minds and strategists to begin crafting the plan towards American and western dominance through total control of resources. Armed with the blueprint by geopolitician Karl Haushofer and his imperialistic plan for Nazi domination, Lebensraum, a plan was set in motion to become the new reigning hegemon
4:30 The Lost Hegemon details the downward spiral of the US and its oligarchs such as David Rockefeller and George Soros. It documents the history since the 1950’s of the perverse marriage between CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood as it transforms through the introduction into Saudi Arabia by CIA operative Miles Copeland, to the alliance with Osama bin Laden and Zbigniew Brzezinski, leading up toHillary Clinton and the elite’s failed attempts to install CIA puppet regimes throughout the Middle East under the guise of the Arabic Spring. As these regions become destabilized, and control of oil pipelines becomes increasingly uncertain the geopolitical powers are shifting

They continue their conversation by discussing the western opposition of Shanghai Corporation Organization:

17:50 The Shanghai Corporation Organization was an alliance created in 2001 by China and Russia with the function to build a structure of protection for the former Soviet. This protection would extend to the heavily Islamic areas of central Asia, and areas most vulnerable to the extremist template used by the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood.

They examine Trump, the failing Bush and Clinton agendas and their desperate attempts to stop the decline of the US sphere of influence and hegemony of the US dollar:

20:30 The Clinton’s have long been connected to a litany of crimes including drug smuggling and murder. Recruited to CIA through the networks of George H.W. Bush they have helped stay the course through military interventions and failed coups. While we enter a new paradigm of a more enlightened public, the theme of The Lost Hegemon becomes ever more apparent, while the attempts of global manipulation are showing signs of cracking. A recent example of oligarchs grasping at straws is most evident when examining US intervention under the Obama administration in Syria and Libya and its unbridled actions in preventing the creation of a unified currency region.

Follow them through the newest shift of alliances in the blossoming bromance between Israel and Russia:

36:30 As the Obama administration works toward establishing a nuclear deal with Iran, which will effectively destabilize the region, Israel is left evaluating their options and addressing their lack of strategy. Enter Russia, with their proposition of protection, partnership and plans to assist in the development of Israel’s offshore oil reserve, Leviathan.

As alliances are changing and the landscape becomes harder to manipulate, oligarchs are taking drastic measures to save the failing agenda:

40:00 In response to the drastically different geopolitical terrain, oligarchs have concocted an ambitious global strategy to defeat any resistance to their new mutation of fascism and total control over the world as well as the reduction of the population through eugenics, wars, and terrorism. Since the 1920’s with the help of the Rockefellers through the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Nazi’s such as Josef Mengele were able to study eugenics and genetic manipulation.  Another arm of the Rockefeller octopus, Monsanto has polluted the food supply through GMO’s and poisonous pesticides.

With the obvious manipulation of oil prices, and the search for the next big boogeyman, William and Greg discuss what’s next for the US economy:

48:00 With a heightened public apprehension to enter the conflict, the stage has been set to demonize Russia. Neocon military war-hawks looking to keep the economy afloat, are working to create conflict with Russia and China. While the economy is in shambles and the US faces a major infrastructure deficit, the decline of the Western hegemon has begun. China’s geopolitical landscape has also changed drastically as it weaves a web of peaceful cooperation with Russia.

Taking a total left turn the conversation shifts to the Jesuits and their influential order:

102:40 The Jesuit Order has long been called the intelligence agents and military branch of the Vatican. Lead by Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope they continue their campaign as Vatican assassins cornering education in the church. Listen as they take a deeper look into the current refugee crisis which Pope Francis refers to as the “Great Migration”. Peeling back the curtain, it becomes clear this is not a migration but instead a war aimed at displacing millions of people, destabilizing the region through the breakdown of borders, thrusting Europe back into the dark ages and driving people into the asylum of a false, synthetic one world religion.

Switching continents, Greg and William discuss Africa’s role in the changing geopolitical climate:

109:30 Africa has become a battleground in the fight for supremacy and resources with increased operations and the plundering of  its resources. In 2006, China made a huge diplomatic intervention into Africa, offering soft loans for development in exchange for access to their natural resources. This is in stark contrast to the British Empire and their decade-long campaign to pillage resources and destabilize the region. Contributing to the agenda Bill Gates has entered the current landscape with a eugenics movement, hidden under the guise of vaccinating the African youth. As a major stockholder in Monsanto, Gates with the help of friend Kulfi Anam, have made progress in pushing a “Green Revolution” that would bring GMO’s to the unadulterated soil of Africa.

Greg and William dive deeper into the role of GMOs in global agriculture and examine the expanding sphere of influence materializing from the alliance of China and Russia and what that looks like going forward:

120:30 The state-owned China Chemical made a takeover bid for Switzerland’s Syngenta. Syngenta is the world’s largest producer of agro-chemicals and GMO patented seeds are considered to be one of the leading forces in the destruction and pollution of healthy agriculture. William’s book Seeds of Destruction details the attempt through agriculture at population reduction. As China is poised to become a world leader in biotechnology, Russia, in contrast, has banned all GMO use on the land area of Russia. As the American machine marches forward, the combined force of a Russian-Chinese alliance will be a critical pawn in the global geopolitical game of chess.

Wrapping up the conversation they take a closer look at central banking consolidation of banking power

128:00 Engdahl’s book Gods of Money details the shrinking number of sovereign countries left without a Rothschild central bank. Putting this piece of the puzzle into the perspective of the larger picture and using them in the context of the momentous Brexit vote, they discuss the future of the Euro and what remains of the EU. With the Brits upending the agenda for a merged world currency, similar referendums are gaining support in member countries such as Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, and France. Will this lead to the dissolution of the EU?

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