Eric Dubay | The Flat Earth Theory & The Masonic Matrix Manipulators

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The man behind, Eric Dubay, joins THC after the release of his new book and documentary pair, both titled The Flat Earth Conspiracy, to tell us why the Earth is actually flat and how the Mason’s fooled us all.

Check out Eric’s book and doc here:

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  1. Another excellent show, I have been hoping you would get a flat earther on since you had Crrow777 on. Eric is so knowledgeable and I have seen all his videos. He is constantly pushing the limits of what I think I know, which I love doing, and keeps my mind open. Plus, with so much actual evidence, it is hard to ignore the fact that all we know about our planet and universe is only what we have been told. I’m so glad you are doing so many unique shows and pushing the limits, keep it up!

  2. Over the last month this has been my topic of choice to research so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m familiar with Eric’s work and have visited his site fairly regularly for a few years now. After some serious consideration it’s becoming harder and harder for me to believe in the spherical model, so much doesn’t add up. Thanks for taking the time to explore this on the show, would love to hear more guests talk about it.

  3. Hey Gregg love the show, I’ve been researching this flat earth conspiracy obsessively for this past week since first actually looking at it, and its absolutely blowing my mind. Along the lines of you saying why would they keep making things up about discoveries of outer space, galaxies and such, I rationalized this by thinking that most of the people that work for NASA are not brought into the fold about the flat earth and are just feed B.S. data from the likes of hubble and other instruments just to give them something to do and let them come up with these extrapolations of size and types of galaxies and whatever else they say is going on in outer space. So the people discovering new stuff in space might actually think they are doing legitimate scientific work. I feel not everyone at NASA can know whats really going on so they actually believe what they are presenting Not having a clue its all b.s..

  4. I can’t commit to listening. At the start he throws in the math. Which is exactly what is seen on the sea when a ship sinks into the horizon. We may live in a simulation but it’s rule set defines a sphere. Look at Scott Onstotts work. It’s a sphere and it’s been known , described and measured for over 20k years.

    1. Known, described and measured by a select group who could be planting easter eggs of very ‘cosmic’ numbers and synchronizes. How old is this game? If we are smart enough to start smelling around at the edges now and call bullshit, the level of consciousness necessary to set something like this up and promote their most brilliant through publication and propaganda (NASA) wouldn’t be much further ahead than what you would find in one of today’s corporate boardrooms. My suggestion for a relevant guest would be Sevan Bomar.

      I’m a fan of Scott Onstott. Not a flat earth true believer, just sayin.

  5. DUDE!!! This was an incredible guest. U asked all the right questions of him. Even tho I’m not convinced yet, I’m WIDE OPEN to the idea for one simple reason. Back in the day if u believed the earth was flat they killed UR ass for it. That alone is more than enuff for me to take a much closer look at it. Why would our glorious leaders wanna kill some1 for a theory? Great job man! Loved the show. Something to think about for sure.

  6. One more thing…………….u put out more info (truth) in a month than Alex Jones puts out all year. Hosts like u make guys like him look like the schills they really are. If your still listening to AJ, u will never be able to see the lies behind the veil. He makes sure even the critical thinkers stop right at HIS GATE! As he IS the gate keeper for the ones who try to break out of this matrix. Great job Carl!!!

  7. Great interview. You conduct yourself well and I like that you don’t inject your own beliefs into the show. You truly let each guest completely express their ideas. Very refreshing change from some other interviewers who plainly have their own agendas.
    I really like the variety of topics you cover too. The common thread I see in all of them is that we are all struggling to make sense of a reality that doesn’t make sense.

    As someone told me years ago, this is all a manifestation of man’s separation from his true nature. We just need to break out of our self-made prisons. So thanks for doing the heavy work and keep swinging that sledgehammer Greg. The facade is starting to chip away and we all may be freed someday.

  8. Loved the show man. After listening to this episode twice I have not been able to shake it. I’m into day 3 and this whole “flat earth”
    subject will not leave my brain. I want to disprove it…so far I can’t. I did find this which sorta relates to the the topic. I found it really interesting. Not just the question which is proposed, but the way in which these “experts” answered the question. Seemed very convoluted.

    1. Junior High history class was the only other time I had ever heard about a flat earth. That model was very basic and filled with lore and ships sailing off the edge. It taught/persuaded me to believe that our ancestors & ancient people were dumb. Now I’m not so sure…& that is crazy to me! How is it in this day & age, I am questioning so much around me? Pretty sure I’m getting close to that scene in the Matrix when Neo get’s unplugged & flushed out of the system. Haha

      1. That’s funny Jay… I think we might be flushed out about the same time. Maybe we should get a game plan together now so we have a better shot at making it.

  9. I always go into these thinking “Theres no way they can convince me of this” and I always come out with a seed of doubt that what I “know” might not be real.

    Crazy, amazing, joy, of a show. Again…ROCK ON!

  10. Wow, glad I listened to this. Mind-blowing stuff, but such a breath of fresh air! It sort of fits into stuff I’m following on ThyAlwaysSeek (Dee Smith youtube channel) — very different stuff, it sounds new age but it isn’t, takes some digging into to really get the depth. Dee Smith’s work explains on many levels events in my life as it has unfolded. If you get a chance, you might want to delve into her work, but it may take some time to understand what she’s getting at, at least it did for me because I had to unlearn a bunch of wrong ideas and start from scratch before I understood her material. If you’re interested, start with her video series, “Mystery Teachings of Ancient Egypt,” then go on from there. I especially like her recent video on Kronos / Saturn:

    1. Thsnks spiralmind, that sounds like it might be interesting and right up my alley. Thanks for the tip on where to start also to get the best grasp of the information.

  11. yo greg i love your podcast so much ! it’s the only podcast i’ve ever paid for/subscribed to/donated to. you’re like the new art bell to me. in other words you stir up that same curiosity and sense of wonder that anything could happen. could we get a plus members’ forum??

    1. Great idea, superhitops.
      I think a members forum would be great… if a bunch of members would actually contribute to and carry on conversations.

      A very active forum would be just what we need to hold us over between shows.

      I think we have a great group of intelligent, open-minded, creative and interesting people with the critical thinking skills and manners needed to have a great forum.

      Anyone else think a forum would be a great idea and feel they would be pretty active in it?

          1. good to know ! however, a forum and a reddit page each behave much differently and each inspires a different type of communication/interaction. i love forums/message boards but i am so weary and sick of the “main” conspiracy websites and their obsessively anti-liberal, and racist leanings, not to mention the sock puppet accounts and anonymous posters run amok.

          2. I completely agree, superhitops… but its a start and already inplace. I not sure how much of a PITA it would be to expand this site to include a full forum, not to mention any addiadditional cost and time that it might add.

            I would guess the cost/reward table would have to be tipped greatly to make it worth the effort.

            I would contend that the comments section might need to show more peple replying and carring on conversations in order to consider the effort, time and possible additionalcost to be worth it. That not even considering finding consistent, fair, well behaved moderators to help keep things kosher.

            Maybe if we can do our part and step up the involvement and conversations in the comments section and reddit page we could get our own forum on here.

            If Greg likes the idea maybe he could mention leaving a comment and join in the conversations in the comments section. A really active forum is VERY beneficial in so many ways and is a selling point to draw in new subscribers.

            I think THCPlus would be perfect for a forum and, given OUR support (its on us listeners/subscribers), It has the ppotentialto be very bbeneficial for everyone… and just plain bad-ass!

            But it truly does all depend on our activity and effort… so lets start really getting involved and keep the conversations going. Check back often to see f any new comments have been posted since we don’t get notifications.

  12. New subscriber to THC. Listened to the show today, and was once again blown away! Great mind stretching material! Plan to start pealing the layers of the onion back a little more on this topic.

  13. There’s a prevalent theme in the conspiracy literature–there’s a trickster god that’s keeping you in the cave. Skepticism is healthy, but I think there’s a point where skepticism crosses over into either performance art or hyper solipsism.

    The earth’s an oblate spheroid. It’s been mapped by spacecraft with radar down to minute detail. There are dozens of spacecraft orbiting the earth right now in geosynchronous orbit, low earth orbit, GPS works, etc…

    I think you can make an argument about science being just another form of metaphor–just a specific type of poetic understanding. I also think we’re more than simple meat puppets and there’s more to the universe than materialism, BUT I think the scientists, especially folks like Newton or Galileo were fellow seekers after the truth.

    People interested in these topics from the conspiracy point of view might really be pleasantly surprised by the scientific explanations and how those explanations were arrived at. It was real people sitting around thinking about things and testing them out that created this knowledge, not a trickster god. Post an ad on Craigslist personals to meet up with a grad student scientist and talk to them about what they actually do in the lab.

    1. Real people sitting around and thinking…..trickster god……Post a craigslist ad to meet up with grad students…… If you disagree with the “flat earth theory” that is completely fine but to sit there and talk down to people who think outside the completely delusional agenda laced idealism of “scientists” makes you a smug pretentious prick. Maybe you’d be pleasantly surprised by not being a closed minded Parrot.

      1. Can we PLEASE avoid devolving into name-calling? This is a really cool space with lots of smart and open-minded people with a wide range of opinions. One of the things I love about Greg’s podcast is that he consistently takes the high road and shows respect for others even when he disagrees with them. You don’t have to agree with Kevin44024 said, it doesn’t mean he’s a SPP.

  14. Great show. Very interesting. I do have a few questions though. For example with how Eric was talking about if an airplane is flying around a sphere it would have to “nose down” as to not fly out into the atmosphere, wouldn’t it have to always be turning either right or left if its flying in a circle? Also, i thought i heard him say something about the sun revolving around us and always the same distance away, where do seasons come from? Aren’t seasons supposedly from our planet being on a tilted axis and moving on an elliptical orbit around the sun so as it gets closer (spring) it gets warmer and same vise versa (fall)? I plan on looking into it a lot more. Flat earth is fairly new to me but very very interesting! Keep up the great work greg!

    1. I was wondering the same thing about having to course correct left or right and was going to ask a pilot about it. I guess when you are flying you can just make a straight line and you wouldn’t know any differently unless you could recognize the terrain and distance was off… but if that’s all you ever knew you probably would never catch on. Still makes me curious though.

  15. Greg come on man I love your show and your an awesome host, but you’re going to claim the ISS is bullshit because of the position of a guys shirt and a woman’s hair?? Come on dude, you’re better than that.

    1. I didn’t take it as Greg saying he was totally convinced that the whole ISS was a sham, he just gave credit to Eric’s observation of the one shot where the guy was bending over (like he was tying his shoes) the bottom of his shirt was in an awkward position on both sides is curious and could be compelling evidence that he was suspended by wires in that instance. If they are saying that he was on the ISS but was really just hanging on wires then you have to wonder about the validity of the ISS being in space at all if your using your critical thinking skills. I applaud Greg for having the testical fortitude to admit its curious and pretty compelling and shows he is open-minded and willing to listen to and look at out-of-the-box theories that challenges the reality we are told we should believe.
      Good job, Greg.

      1. I agree with you. I watched the video as well and it does look odd, but he shouldn’t call bullshit on the whole ISS just over a shirt and a bad hair do lol. But I think Greg is awesome and does great work!

  16. i think we are all a bunch of over intellectualized knobs-
    what do you need a forum for?
    this is good enough for basic communication.
    oh god one question i have:
    why is it cold in the north pole?

  17. This show has had me thinking for 2 days. I see all his points – and the YouTube Videos are well documented. I dont know which way to go….

    The one thing I cant get behind is all the people that it would take to pull a hoax off like this…. There should be Tons of people whistle blowing this… Not just a few…

    Let me hear what you guys thing?????

    1. “The one thing I cant get behind is all the people that it would take to pull a hoax off like this..” <~~this is the same argument used by those who believe the official 9/11 story, the moon landings, etc. Compartmentalization combined with a complicit media help to support these imaginary stories.

      Thanks for a great episode

  18. Great! For the longest time I thought I lived on solid…more or less, ball. Then I was told I lived on a HOLLOW ball. Now I’m told that I live on flat surface surrounded by a never ending snow storm. Next can we get someone that we are supported by a elephant standing on a turtle?

  19. I’d love to hear a hollow earth guy slug it out with a flat earth guy with Neil Degrasse Tyson as the referee with no draw as an outcome. That would be awesome!

  20. Been listening to your shows for a while and this show blew my mind, Yo! couldn’t stop thinking about this flat earth theory. Went and looked at his site and watched his videos and he asks a lot of pretty good questions. I don’t know if I completely agree with the earth is flat idea but I’m definitely keeping my mind open to all possibilities. I love your shows, they make my long hours at work so much more tolerable. Keep up the good work!

  21. i think the most interesting question is which would you prefer?
    nearly 99% of people would have to say a globe, but that makes me think we’ve been lied to-
    whichever way it is one thing is for sure;
    we have been lied to about antarctica-
    even the names arctic , antarctic, they are trying to sell us arc,
    those damn globalists!

  22. If you accept the fact that the moon landings were faked, it isn’t a huge leap to make that NASA is a total fraud from beginning to end. Why? A money pit, and convincing people the earth is a ball randomly thrown through space, all alone and meaningless. People who are outraged by the notion of a flat earth ought to really take a good look at the evidence and attempt to debunk that instead of knee-jerk reaction. Do your own experiments and go from there.

  23. I like to entertain most theories to at least to try them on for size, but for some reason this one left me feeling a bit nauseated. Could have been something I ate, but I think the reason was partly cognitive dissonance and partly because it was just freaking insane – because it takes something fundamental and swaps it out, leaving you feeling disoriented. It takes 3 dimensions and somehow tries to force it into 2. What are we standing on if the earth is flat? Does it just go down forever? Do these rings continue ad infinitum? And whats the deal with bubbles and all of the other things that self-organise spherically? Flat compared to what?
    I think this is another theory that seeks to reverse engineer a subjective experience into the objective. Up and down is the illusion. Only the centre allows for the infinite. The only way the Earth could be perceived as flat is if we are stuck in a simulation – a hellish sandbox game Matrix style where we bang our noses against the icy edge of the coding. Even then, if the programming is this good why not make a sphere?

  24. Greg – This interview completely blew my mind out (6th time in 6 years)… and it’s very hard for me to even entertain other people talking about “conspiracy theories” when talking about space or the earth as I used to know it. I think you need to get him on again or someone else with similar theories to piggy back off of it.

    I was also thinking that this joins together well with another guest you had a while back who talked about the holographic/digital universe. If reincarnation is real and those who have died and came back to life always say “this is not our home, when we die we go back home”… then the earth COULD be flat and it could just be a map inside a video game and we are actually just consciousness walking around inside these vessel meatsacks (bodies, ha!) inside a friggen video game!!! The “game” is so real that we forget who we are or where we came from almost like in a dream. *mind blown*

  25. I have listened to this interview several times. I am completely amazed how simple it is to explain. The arguments for the spinning globe has you stretching the imagination. I was on a flight from SanFransisco to Japan a couple of years ago. The airline had projected the location of the plane on the map so we could see the location in real time. I was amazed to see that the airplane followed the land in a huge arch north then east then south. No one could tell me why we didn’t just fly across the pacific, being the supposed straight line. On the flat earth map it is a straight line from SanFran to Japan following the land. Another anomoly explained.

  26. kudos Gregg! dont stop doing the “outer fringe” stuff. you’re doing what no other talk shows are doing right now. even if you catch some shit from some weak minds out there, they are just afraid of what they do not understand. keep it up man, best 5 bux i EVER spent !!!!!!! i LUV your show! best on the www dude!!!!!!!

  27. How many people will ever go to the ant arctic very few in the history of man kind. How long did it take that admiral to navigate around the ant arctic and his compass never quite true very interesting. Pilots and nasa workers and such probably sign non disclosure agreements.

  28. I loved this one! What a great show. I also feel like it takes a lot to challenge & surprise me these days and this one definitely did.

    One thing I’m wondering though, and it may be completely stupid; but why does outer space and the flat earth theory need to be mutually exclusive? Why can’t we have both? Couldn’t the flat earth be some sort of fake earth – like the movie Dark City, The Dome, or Trueman Show style world, and the stars and planets be what’s outside of that? We keep hearing that the Earth is a prison planet… I’m not sure where I stand yet on this flat earth idea; its definitely got me questioning the official story of the globe. I’m just not sure if we need to completely dismiss the idea of space, stars and planets- perhaps they exist outside our flat prison earth and we’re just not allowed to go there….

  29. Eric Dubay should be brought back on he has allot more to talk about other than the flat earth. Which is cool but the dude is knowledgeable on WW2 the holocaust and so on

  30. This guy has to be a disinfo agent spreading BS about a flat earth.

    Now anyone who listens to alternative media can be labelled as idiots who think the world is flat.

  31. This was my favorite Higherside Chat episode by far. Captivating and full of FACTS not just theories. I’m not sure if i’m not a ball earth, a flat earth, a disk earth, or a cubed earth, and i’m not sure it really matters if i just dropped dead tomorrow. The main points though are to live by your OWN experiences and not that of others. Why do we even care what NASA says even if they are right? I’ll never get to the moon. And for those that doubt the ‘Flat Earth’ theory because; where is the edge? what’s underneath? what’s above us? what’s below us? how can there be no space? Those questions apply to any earth theory: where is the edge of the ball earth? what’s below us? what’s above us? Just more ‘space?’ The has no end? where is the edge of space? Just something to chew on as you go back to work tomorrow to make more of their monopoly money.-Kipp

  32. I just relistened to this interview because it was the very 1st interview that launched what I call the most mind bending 8months of my life and I tried a lot of drugs during college. I love this interview because it was before Eric decided that he would make things like a “Shill list” and take at least 1/4th of every single interview he does nowadays talking about how Mark Sargent is controlled opposition or how Crrow777 is a shill…. I will always credit Eric for turning me into a “Globe Skeptic” but I really, really wish he would go back to doing interviews like this one and stop acting like a 7th grade girl who likes to make “Who I like today” lists….

  33. Wow is right Greg. This brother is assuredly on the yellow brick road. First things first, even I, as a a citizen, a civilian, acceZpt the “dogma” of a nice round, fat bottomed earth. So I know there are great secrets and vast conspiracies that should, hell, even must be brought into the light. I’m trying to look within to examine my motives for this harsh a disagreement with Eric’s ideas. I have none. This is simply my b.s. detector going off. I just don’t buy it. I commend your efforts Greg. It was entertaining. But as I learned growing up in an accountants house, even if your products bullshit, you can always make the math work.

  34. Ugh… I love your show Greg and now that I got the plus I’m binging on your old episodes, but this one I couldn’t take. The flat earth phenomenon is either an over reaction to the powers that shouldn’t be lying to us on so many things, or is itself a conspiracy to discredit the alternative Truther community.

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