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Harry Hubbard | Ancient Map Mysteries, Phantom Islands, & The Hollow Earth

Topics Covered: High Strangeness, Hollow / Inner Earth, Mysterious Places

Show Notes

As with most of our guests, Harry Hubbard, asserts that today’s history books leave out large swaths of information. Since childhood, Harry has been interested in acutely observing historical documents, artifacts and books, and he has a few theories based on the information he has gleaned.

Today’s podcast is teeming with anecdotes and facts that Harry has acquired over the years and some that he experienced firsthand. From the theory of a hollow earth, to evidence of giants, to what really happened to Alexander the Great, Harry brings us through his fascinating freight trains of thought as he tells us the deep stuff about various parts of history that you were never taught in school.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about include:

4:30: How Admiral Bird confirmed the hollow earth theory, and why Harry believes that some explorers who claimed to go to the North Pole really didn’t.

13:20: Harry disputes the myth that Columbus thought the earth was flat. He also says that the “flat earth theory” is a belief that has come up much more recently.

17:50: Harry’s thoughts on the Bargos Islands based on maps and literature he has seen.

38:50: Information about Atlantis, including where it was.

51:00: Some of the biggest changes between pre-World War II historical materials and those being produced and distributed today. Examples include the suppression of evidence of giants and the elimination of information that would disprove the theory of evolution.

59:25: Harry’s thoughts on ancient buried cities, and why today’s feelings toward racism will make it very hard for books on these cities to be published.

1:03:00: Information on the Illinois caves and how they tie into Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Alexander the Great.

1:17:30: Some of Harry’s thoughts on reptilians and other humanoid extraterrestrials.

1:22:40: What the history books have removed in terms of information on the Grand Canyon.

1:34:25: Where in North America Harry would love to explore if there were no time or financial constraints.

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