Harry Hubbard | Ancient Map Mysteries, Phantom Islands, & The Hollow Earth

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As with most of our guests, Harry Hubbard, asserts that today’s history books leave out large swaths of information. Since childhood, Harry has been interested in acutely observing historical documents, artifacts and books, and he has a few theories based on the information he has gleaned.

Today’s podcast is teeming with anecdotes and facts that Harry has acquired over the years and some that he experienced firsthand. From the theory of a hollow earth, to evidence of giants, to what really happened to Alexander the Great, Harry brings us through his fascinating freight trains of thought as he tells us the deep stuff about various parts of history that you were never taught in school.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about include:

4:30: How Admiral Bird confirmed the hollow earth theory, and why Harry believes that some explorers who claimed to go to the North Pole really didn’t.

13:20: Harry disputes the myth that Columbus thought the earth was flat. He also says that the “flat earth theory” is a belief that has come up much more recently.

17:50: Harry’s thoughts on the Bargos Islands based on maps and literature he has seen.

38:50: Information about Atlantis, including where it was.

51:00: Some of the biggest changes between pre-World War II historical materials and those being produced and distributed today. Examples include the suppression of evidence of giants and the elimination of information that would disprove the theory of evolution.

59:25: Harry’s thoughts on ancient buried cities, and why today’s feelings toward racism will make it very hard for books on these cities to be published.

1:03:00: Information on the Illinois caves and how they tie into Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Alexander the Great.

1:17:30: Some of Harry’s thoughts on reptilians and other humanoid extraterrestrials.

1:22:40: What the history books have removed in terms of information on the Grand Canyon.

1:34:25: Where in North America Harry would love to explore if there were no time or financial constraints.

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41 Responses

  1. If people tuned into this for hollow earth information I imagine they left disappointed. You did a great job Greg trying to press for answers but I felt he avoided giving you anything solid. One question I am sure you asked three times about evidence of a hollow earth.

    1. That’s true but anything about the Bargos islands is basically Hollow Earth. We also talked about a map of the interior with an island marked “weather control system” so I thought there were some outside elements we never really hear about. That’s kinda cool right?

      1. Just started watching it. Not much time for tv but I’m trying to work my way through it. I told my wife about mkultra and she is more curious now thst another “sorce” on the boobtube is vetting it for her. A nice way to get others interested in conspiracy theories and our mindset of reality by watching a good show. 🙂

  2. That was a really fun show. Mr. Hubbard is a very, very self-confident young man. God bless him, he seems to be Fully prepared to take on the “scientists” WrestleMania style! Great enthusiasim.;}

  3. I like the high strangeness aspect of this show, and I liked listening to this guest. It’s awesome that he conducts such detailed research into obscure records — and I appreciated his disgust with what constitutes not only research, but the very basis of facts this digital age. I think he also lets his imagination run wild and can’t help himself from embellishing on his findings. My BS meter was registering off the charts, but I still enjoyed going down this rabbit hole and look forward to more of his kooky strangeness in future episodes. I did check out the ‘artifacts’ on his website. You guys, he is an eccentric man — I have no doubt that if you were to go caving there, you would indeed find an endless supply of artifacts. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not understanding your comment and don’t know why I don’t understand it. Lack of sleep? Do you mean right after this particular interview was posted you have 1167 people signed up to listen? Again, I’m not sure why I’m confused or why I care but I do. Someone explain please?

    1. You need to pack a few weeks worth of food and head out on your normal two week fishing trip towards the north first. They didn’t just wake up and head out on a whim for a quick fishing trip. The father was a long seas fisherman and was regularly gone fishing for extended periods of time and long distances from home to begin with. They decided to head further north once they had been way north already.

  4. He’s not a flat-earther! 🙂 credibility up x4
    Sub’d his YouTube channel.
    Interesting stuff.
    Toots his own horn quite a bit, but when you’re an intellectual country boy who can read 1000 wpm, and you get to be an old fart, I can understand the frustration with the common millennial.

  5. Interesting show. Harry Hubbard definitely has the christian bias against evolution and science but I appreciate
    the fact that he’s looking at real documents, sites and physical evidence. The physical anthropological and astro biological segments were
    weak (Harry needs to look up the definition of species) but Hubbard really shined talking about the maps and pre-Columbian European
    contact. While NASA doctors space footage the Smithsonian is actively suppressing and destroying archeological evidence that does
    fit the script. Whether it’s elongated skulls on display in South America, colossal man made stone structures off the sea of Japan, or photos and remains of giants and little people in North America there is so much undeniable physical evidence out there that the main stream denial is starting to become a little ridiculous. Would love to hear more guests discussing these topics with a bit more of a scientific background.

  6. Thc explorers club? Count me in but I think a different name is needed lol. I posted in the forums under Harry Hubbard. I’m very interested and curious as to what he had to say, I don’t take it all wholesale but there’s not one guest I have yet. But let’s go take a look. Get 3-4 of us and go poking around. Grand Canyon seems almost too big for a 3-7 day trip so I’d suggest the mountain in north Arizona or the cave in Illinois. I’m interested and this is something that some of us could verify. It would be near impossible to disprove anything due to the nature of our visit, but potentially simpler to prove. I’m not talking about a full blown archeologist dig, because I don’t know too much about that, but slip in, walk softly and see what we see.

  7. Sorry for last comment, I should have expected something of this coming up almost right after. Just been getting kind of mind broke to a lot of topic these days haha

    Great show, lots to go through. His youtube channel is great!

    Which already doubled in subscribers as of making this comment.

  8. If all we had was the gps lat long for it. But i listened to the show again, and it sounds findable, using those snippets of info and Google earth. Then just find those treasure hunter magazine clues as well and I don’t think it should be that terrible. I’ll look into it this weekend

  9. Listening to old shows today, but the food and drink offering show with Joshua cutchin, about 50:40 he mentions freezeland. Funny how synchronicity works. The 3 shows I listened to today, was all referencing Nordic style entities and locations.

    1. That’s super weird, because a day or two before listening to this episode i also stumbled upon Friesland by accident – on YouTube, i think.
      What’s with all the blue skinned humanoids in our collective consciousness, anyway? Oops, getting off track.
      I am getting spellbound by Friesland – or however it’s spelt.

  10. 1:19:55 – 1:20:15, I think he referes to Klaus Dona… Klaus Dona was one of my guest suggestions from 4 months ago… and I still think that he would be an interesting guest, especially if Greg would drill him on topics that I’ve never heard Klaus speak publicly about – he’s got loads nad loads of knowledge about The House of Hubsburgs… and that is a millennium of influence on our world. An interview done in TheCarlwood style, is something that all of us, plus members would enjoy and appreciate. Like I said in the “guest suggestion” – the ancient artifacts and skulls are not the only interesting stuff Greg could get out from Klaus Dona.

  11. Good show… but.

    In the case of Lake Titicaca the Spainish destroyed the ruins there, so it’s not accurate to attribute that to the Lake “shooting up” in seconds.

    Also catastrophes tend to preserve stuff, so of course remains are found from catastrophes. This doesn’t mean every catastrophe is anomalous.

    It’s like a archeologist in a thousand years finding evidence of the Fukushima earthquake and then assuming that all of Japan was whipped out.

    He is a little to eager to plug every gap with a dramatic assumption.

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