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As many of you know, last year I went on a tour of ancient sites and intriguing monasteries in Armenia lead by local researchers and hosted by Graham Hancock. I’ve been trying to find the best way to present my random, shaky footage – and I think breaking it into chapters by location makes the most sense. This first part is almost 40 mins and I only go through the first 5 cool places we went to, so I see at least 3 parts happening. Now that I have a bit of a flow, it shouldn’t take me as long to get these out. Hope you get something out of it.

Thanks for supporting the show and allowing this sort of pipe dream to actual become a manifested reality.

UPDATE: Because of the issues with the on-site player, I switched to a YouTube embed. Also, below it is a 2nd version with the YouTube stabilizer added. It throws off the framing and titles a bit, but it might be a good second option for anyone who’s getting dizzy watching it. (Sorry!) It’s an “unlisted” video, which means it’s only found here, but it’s not entirely private. Please help keep this on the Plus side, and don’t share it publicly, thanks!

Part 1: The First 5 Sites

00:01:41 Karmir Blur
00:12:42 Zvartnots Temple
00:24:07 The Agarak Region
00:29:14 Garni Temple
00:34:41 Geghard Monastery


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    1. I could see that, but no, nothing was said about the pillars. I included pretty much all meaningful commentary. Some deeper concepts and symbolism get lost in translation though, I’m sure.

    2. I remember the guide saying that the two rolls on the top stand for the way the energy of all that is flows~ to the right and to the left. Centripical and the other way ( sorry, brain fart ) keep matter in its adhered state. I’ve also heard of this from my studies of Theosophy and science. Very cool.

  1. How many times can a person say WOW! In 38 minutes?

    The giantness of the sites along with the intricacies & preciseness of the construction really shoves it in your mug that we have totally lost the skill & talents of the ancients.

    Looking at the people standing alongside the pillars of the Pagan Temple, I imagine how spectacular it must have been to witness those tremendous stones being floated into place.

    Thank you for showing sites I’d never heard of before. So very interesting intriguing & informative, can’t wait for the next part!

  2. Brilliant! Geghard monastery looked superb. That was a very enjoyable video and cant wait for the next one.
    Next time (!) you come to England, I would love to see you doing an “Armenia” on Avebury and other such places 🙂

  3. Loved every bit of it Greg. A totally off the wall question but how is the grub over there in general? Besides being poor, believe it or not part of the reason I hesitate to travel is because I’m picky as hell when it comes to my food. I realize how ridiculous that statement is on so many levels, but it’s true. Just curious what you thought about that aspect of your journey.

    1. I’m a picky eater too and it was difficult for me.

      Lots of Peta bread and raw vegetables. We didn’t get much meat and when we did it was well done and dry (seems to be how they like it?) or fishhead soup.

      Luckily the fruit was amazing. Some of the best fruit I ever had. So a lot of meals for me were two pieces of bread and 2 or 3 plums/peaches.

      I think they were trying to keep the tour cheap, but my girl and I broke off one night and went to a nice resturant in Yerevan and it was great. Pork stuffed with cherries. So they can do it right, but went you’re out of the city, you’re way out.

  4. Yea, probably no need to do a stabilized version for the next one. The iconography in the temples is amazing and opens up alot of questions.
    I know that Graham Hancock is probably a tough one to book on the show but maybe you get him to collaborate
    on some of the video you shot and provide some additional commentary. It could be a boon for him as well.
    Looking forward to part II!

  5. I loved this. Thank s Greg for sharing your explorations and also your very very pretty special lady and your dad too but I only saw him for a coupla seconds. I’m sure he’s very pretty too. ?

  6. Yes! This is what I have been waiting for. Feed me more. Dig deeper and release what is hidden from us,( by them).
    Can I get an Amen…
    Keep glistening you diamond geeza….

  7. hi, are you still on vacation? seems the shows are up for a long time without a new one appearing. I loved the salla interview. And hated the mark passio interview, He has become long winded over the years and extremely pushy. Hammering on his desk so to speak. Ive listened to him over the years, but I can’t listed any more, unless he gets to the point directly and stops re-iterating on the same point.

  8. I listened to a show on Midnight In The Desert on June 13, with Dr Bill Gray – Homeopathy and the Future of Medicine.
    The doctor is using sound to heal people, using 13 second audio files. Carlwood, you should have him on to talk about this, I think it aligns with this video when they are talking about the frequency for healing. I also couldn’t help notice on the tops of the pillars it looks like owls.

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