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Trans Matrix... why must they ruin everything?

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Wachowski Sisters  It's a life-changing moment when one family member transitions, so imagine two! That's what happened when the Wachowski brothers became the Wachowski sisters. And if you think you're not familiar with them, think again. These were the brains behind the massively successful film " The Matrix" and TV series  "Sense8."

The sisters both won the Saturn Award for Best Director. Following the huge success of the film, the Wachowski sisters got the green light to write and direct two more sequels, "The Matrix Reloaded"  and  "The Matrix  Revolutions." The sisters have also been vocal about trans rights and issues, most notably Lana Wachowski at a recent LGBTQ event.

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I heard they did not want to do it but really did not want someone else to do it. So they made a tongue in cheek cash grab taking the piss out of the people who wanted it made. 

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"why must they ruin everything?"  on an exoteric level, hollywood thinks they create culture and set the standards for what is acceptable behavior and belief.  consider how they collaborate with the CIA in revising/writing scripts.  or how they bend to the whims of other governments such as the CCP.  on a esoteric level, films reveal all kinds of information about topics regularly discussed on THC, especially things related to MKUltra, natural law, magick, and masonry.  so they ruin everything because of their arrogance and their hubris that they can control and influence a person's exterior world and interior life.  

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