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Guests' Sound Quality

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Is it just me or has a majority of recent guest's sound quality been poor?  I'm using Overcast player for reference.  Greg sounds fine but Sean Peter, Gabriel Custodiet, Dr Miller, Ole Dammegard, all have had poor sound quality on their end.

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Yes, I agree with you 100% and it is my biggest beef with the channel.  Sometimes I deep 6 an interview which I would otherwise find interesting because I don't want to deal with missing so many of the words.  Admittedly, I am somewhat hearing impaired, but like you I understand pretty much every word from Greg and he sounds like he is in the same room.  Many laptops come with total shit mics, but if these interviewees want to sell their books, they could drop 40 bucks for an excellent USB headset.  Sometimes, though, they also just overdrive their mics because they are clueless in regards to its proper settings.  Greg should take a few minutes to resolve it before he starts the interview.