Crrow777 & James Alfred 2 | Hadibov’s Pre-history, Humanity’s Genotypes, & The Flesh Jacket

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Our good friend Crrow777 and the great breaker-downer, James Alfred of the Sage Sigma blog both join THC today, as we examine James’ latest understandings of the dense Hadibov material. We get into the latest details about the man’s life, some cross references with other alternative information, the four epochs of the Ebrov spider beings, the genotypes of humanity, how this relates to secret societies, and many more aspects of this full spectrum control paradigm  presented by the now deceased Russian scientist known as Hadibov.

Check out all Crrow’s footage at:

Read the in depth analysis of the Hadibov work James does on his blog:

Crow and James’ first appearance:

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  1. So Excited For This One! Was About To Ask About The Next Episode With Crrow And James! Great Work Guys! Keep It Up! Love Listening To Your Shows Greg! I Always Look Forward To The Next Episodes! Thank You For Being You! 🙂

      1. Just strikes me that maybe they are dropping some hints on Doctor Who? Wonder if Time Lords is some kind of reference to the Illuminati or Saturn? Anyway, will download interview when I get to the library!

      2. hey crow have you seen a channel on youtube called The HAARP Report. He is looking in to chem trails/weather modz and has noted that after heavy sprays the spiders around his house seem to be effected/dead or gone. check him out and see what you thing.

          1. *A spider I should have said. Ungoliant, progenitor of them all!!! It’s in the Silmarillion. Basically, in ancient Valinor (the western continent) the only sources of light were the stars and two luminescent trees: a gold one and a silver one. Luciferian Melkor was jealous of the ‘divines’ work. He enlisted the all-devouring Ungoliant (mother of Shelob) to poison the trees. The divines could only save one flower from the silver tree, and one fruit from the golden one, which were given to spirits of the sky to become the moon and sun.

  2. I really enjoy catching up with James. He has done such great job dealing with this very dense and technical research – and in Russian! I am finally moved now and hope to be back online soon.

  3. Completely OFF TOPIC…

    THC Prof Doom… why would the giants go underground to escape the sun, when they can simply wear some clothes to protect their skin? Got to be a better reason to go underground… I would say catastrophism and major lightning bolts from other planets!?

    THC Xavier…. seems to me Elvis was murdered. Col Parker had enormous gambling debts and ties with the mafia. Col Parker threatened to murder Elvis before. Parker forced Elvis to do movies he didn’t want to do and shows he didn’t want to do. Elvis had a health check up before he died and was actually quite healthy. Crime scene was cleaned up before the police arrived. Elvis was an informant for the FBI but he was outed / betrayed. Elvis’s tongue was half bitten off. The vomit was too far away from the body. Elvis was planted on the toilet after he was dead…. standard humiliation…. like when they strangle you, pull your pants down and stick a lemon in your mouth! (auto erotic asphyxiation – I don’t think so!)

    THC Wayne Bush…. Everyone’s gone to the moon (and everyone went to the sun) song by British pervert Jonathon King

    err that’s it!

  4. What a great surprise to wake up to this morning! I havent listened to the interview yet but Im sure its great and for some reason I am really hoping you and Crrow777 joined together to make a podcast network…..Either way Ill gladly pay for both of you separately as well.

    1. Nice to hear. I know Greg works his butt off and I am getting ready to launch which is a bit trying to say the least. I may hold off until after he holidays though.

  5. Crrow, i was looking forward to filming venus possibly oculted by the moon. But now that ive herd its in the daytime. I was just wondering how does one film or even find a planet or star in the day with only basic equiptment (8″ dob and a gopro)? Thx for your work and contribution to humanity’s real development.

    1. I made it to my new place a week ago and tracked the moon and Venus in clear skies. This morning I was up at 5 am as I readied to film the event. At dawn a fleet of chemplanes hit. I counted over 30 as I realized I was out of luck. The sky was close in under and hour and I never saw any of the vent I have waited a year for. The same thing happened in San Diego and many other places. I have footage of ten lines in the sky at once.

  6. One theory is that these near death experiences involving “the light” is basically a sales and marketing exercise. The NDE people are returned to earth to help “sell” the light!

    1. Right?

      And Athena was the one who turned Arachne into a spider, so the root was in the vocabulary as a name.

      And Athens is possibly a corruption of “Ha Zion”.

  7. To be honest, I had a hard time figuring out WTF these two were talking about, probably because they were discussing Hadibov, and it’s also hard to figure out WTF Hadibov was trying to talk about. Okay so the Moon is a facade, but now can we pull the window shade and see what’s behind it? Do that, and suddenly nothing will be believable anymore, everything will be questioned. Everything.

    1. If that’s what you’re taking away from this you’ve got company.

      Have you listened to the buildup to this show, seen Crrow’s YouTube stuff, read his blogs here?

      I have to relisten, especially to anything archon related, and then listen again.

      The guys did a good job putting this together. The information is so very very huge in newness to us, in quantity, and in importance.

  8. About to sit down to listen. Definitely have thought crow is on to som thing. I’m in the hospital so I couldn’t go out a couple of nights ago… What happened with the moon and Venus?

    1. Venus went behind the moon. Nothing unusual, but people filmed and photographed it to see if Venus is completely occulted by the moon or if perhaps parts of the moon are transparent enough for Venus to be seen through it at any stage.

      1. We need to get a shot during the night without light when the moon is “new”. Words have meaning and I have a theory regarding he importance of the “new” cycle of the moon though I need to do some more filming to talk about it with some back up in hand. I have not seen anything interesting from this occultation but I have high hopes for one during the correct cycle time in the dark of night.

  9. And since no one else has mentioned it,
    Ebrov and Hebrew are cognates.

    Iow, they’re the same word.

    Eber is the ancestor of Abraham from whom the name is said to have come.

    1. If Eber is connected to Abraham, that is interesting.

      Abraham and Sarah

      Brahma and Sarasvati

      The reason we are all decendants of Abraham is because our bodies are made from duality. They have two sides.
      I don’t mean to sound arrogant. I am not saying this is THE reason, merely this is the argument.
      So if we work out what Hebrew is a label for, like A Brahmin and Sarasvati are labels for electro-magnetic creative duality, then we may begin to get somewhere.

      I do remember an old interview where it was said the Hebrew was the name of one of the African/Egypt tribes, so we may have to dig back further than the vetted Abrahamic/Dualistc religious texts of the Mid East and India to find what Hebrew is referencing.

  10. Haha unbelievable! I never thought I’d see the lyrics of the late great Michael Hutchence quoted on THC. INXS was the band you were looking for Crrow. Hutchence died of asphyxiation during a sex act in 97. He was 37. Or maybe he didn’t really die and just discovered how to use those wings???!

  11. Great show guys! Thanks!
    I’m right there with you James, I’m unaware of any English translations of Morozov’s “Christ” but if I find any I’ll certainly send it your way.
    A note of clarification, Greg. “Christ” isn’t a work of Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology, but it was the inspiration for it. Funnily enough, the moon is central to that fact as well! In the 70’s Fomenko became interested in an American study based on eclipses in historical records, which found mysterious shifts in lunar motion over time, baffling all the physicists. Morozov’s work involved re-dating ancient documents using the specific sequences of different types of eclipses in the chronicles themselves. Fomenko wondered if it was the dating itself that was flawed and found that when he used Morozov’s dates in the model instead of the “official” ones, the anomalies in lunar motion disappeared.
    After listening to the bizarre depths in this episode, however, it makes me wonder if massive perturbations of that kind can/have occurred and maybe the dating is correct after all! …maybe.

    1. thanks! I got Morozov’s first name wrong on the interview, but his work is referenced in the Hatybov material. If you do happen across an English version, i’d love to read it too – I believe it is like 7 volumes in depth. Fomenko’s work is something I’m trying to digest too, but haven’t been able to get to yet. There is so much out there to read…thanks again for the feedback !

  12. Regarding these plasma ships that are able to change form…have you guys ever come across a guy named John Lenard Walson (amateur astrophotographer) and Jose Escamilla, who made a documentary featuring this guys’ footage of interstellar spaceships that can and do shapeshift? Here’s a link: I found the footage breathtaking. Forward to 4:45 to see one change form. What do you think? Does that fit the profile of the spider ships? I’m sure it got poo-poo’ed already, but just watch and form your own opinion …back to listening to the rest of the show…. 🙂

  13. Hello beautiful THC community,
    I was curious if anyone can direct me to information on the “black goo”. I’m new at this so I have very little info on it, but what caught my attention was the way James described it and how it can consolidate or fuse. That specifically caught my attention because it reminded me of venom (black goo from outer space) from spider man, again spiders. It’s also interesting because even in spider man you have two goos, the red (carnage) and the black (venom) goo. I thought that maybe there’s a thread that may connect the black goo described by James and the symbiote described in spider man. Thanks!

  14. Best show ever! I hope you have both these researchers on againSo when the moon is doing its lunar wave, that is when downloads are happening? Otherwise it is a large vessel? I think its interesting how this might tie into the yogi tradition of sun gazing. What if the pineal was a spider insertion to receive downloads from the sun. Why else is the vatican using that image everywhere. There are sun gazers who say you can do this to inherit an ability to not need food and manifest whatever one wants. And of course I loved the show with David Warner Matisen that all these things are based on astrology. Jesus, the son of god says that you get to the father through him-through the sun? In Disney’s movie Home, the alien race tracked the other race through a pineal shaped object that the alien put on a stick that looks very much like what the Pope carries around. He’d whack people on the head and tell them how dumb they were. And the alien that was tracking them was a world destroyer(wormwood?), which ties into another investigator I’m enjoying right now-Dr. Scott McQuate. Maybe the pineal is the real mark of the beast?

  15. lordstevenchrist on youtube has some good concave earth theories. Opened my mind to the whole idea. He has some good visuals to help you picture the idea. Most I think is speculation but some is undeniable basic common sense facts

  16. Great show guys, this is territory where the brave souls search. We may not be able to prove anything just yet but we know we are on to something no matter how outlandish (no pun intended) it may seem. The evidence will fall into place with our intentions never wavering for the truth. Interesting comments about the pineal gland and then I remembered the sculpture in front of the massive pine cone at the vatican (concave earth?)

  17. Great show, Greg … really intriguing stuff. I’m always blown away by how much detail is in the Hadibov material. Like you said, it just seems more authentic because nobody is talking about it … and yet, as Crr0w said, small pieces are always there in front of our eyes, in the subtext of so many Hollywood movies, tv shows and video games. I noticed when I listened to the first James Alfred show about Hadibov I began to feel really uncomfortable about 1/2 the way through the show. Same thing with this second interview. I think the subject matter is just so dense and dark, and it seems to paint a really bleak picture for mankind. So the follow up questions I have for these guys include 1) What is the hope for humanity? Seems like I heard something in previous episodes about this system being abandoned by this dying race of spider people … so the maintenance is on autopilot? And 2) Is anyone out there trying to help us ascend to the next level of consciousness because we got mind-raped by alien spider people? Thanks for doing what you do, Greg. Keep up the Gonzo Journalism.

  18. Gawd – talk about putting us REALLY at the bottom of the pile! we are a programme written by spiders who can do what they want – we don’t even reincarnate – just used by something other – not very positive Greg!

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