Crrow & James Alfred | Dissecting Hadibov, The Role Of UFOs, & The Full Spectrum Control Grid

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Crrow returns yet again, this time joined by blogger and Hadibov analyst, James Alfred. We largely discuss the latest understanding of several major aspects of the Hadibov material. Most of this understanding comes from James’ recent work in clarifying many of the murky details and his success in breaking down this dense material.

Dig into James Alfred’s detailed breakdowns on his blog:

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  1. Oh that’s crazy.

    I was just saying last night for all we know Hawkings just wants donuts and some Oz character is speaking science through him.

    Another great show.

    Nice to hear more about “Hatty Bow”.

    And yeah, I noticed NASA stepped up the Pluto pics in response to Crrow, too.

    Keep on dancing.

  2. Fantastic! I guess we can never really know for sure what the truth is, but at least you are allowing us to join your musings. This is missing from the mainstream – your questions, your open minds, your ability to hypothesize without needing to choose a belief.
    Greg, your prep for your interviews is astounding – wonderful.
    Crrow and James – thank you for your hard work.

  3. This is what I have been looking to hear in reguards to the Hatybov research! Great job to all of you, great discussion and thank you James for delving into the writing and bringing it out to the public without dancing around the weird stuff.

    Bravo good sirs.

    1. hey mate it is by Lauren Silva.

      Click on the ‘THC Music’ link at the top of the page to see the other music Greg uses on the show.

      I do really like Lauren’s tracks 😛

  4. Why do they have to be spider-like beings… SIGH. I’d take creepy reptoids over arachnid like entities!!!

    *looks skeptically at big Huntsman spider on the wall*

      1. Catching up on this topic, I need more info on Flesh jackets… My 9 year old daughter was born on HRC’s birthday, same time, typo 0 neg blood… Does this mean anything

  5. I love the Hadibov information, but I am not buying the storyline.

    Saying it reads/sounds like channelled info, and that it is really like Phillip K. Dick,( which means pretty much the same thing!) really set something off in my head.
    It just sounds to me like an entity fucking with us; put in 85% out there stuff, that is true, but put a mind numbing paradigm at the centre of every info bomb, and watch the meatsuits go bananas……… 🙂
    Go back and listen to Tracy Twyman and tell me this is not how these things operate. “Sure, I can give you the key to unlock all the power in the information you have managed to dig up, you clever little thing. You will just have to ritually abuse these children in front of your peers first, and then sacrifice them, to me……..” ( you fucking pathetic little worm!)

    Now, I have made a living from, and a life with livestock, (sheep cattle and goats mainly) for pretty much my whole life ( but not for much longer. I know too much now…) and I am 5th generation doing livestock grazing.
    Handling livestock is 95% bluff, 5% brutality. (and don’t let anyone tell you different. The only way the 5% goes from there is up!)
    I mention this because the best way to control mammals is to dumb them down,( this happens with selective breeding for quiet temperament. Think about it; if an animal you are going to eat sees you and doesn’t run, it’s been made more stupid.) and making them think they can’t get away.

    The reality is, the only livestock proof fence is a brick wall twice as high as they can jump. Waaay over capitalised, but anything else they can get through if they try hard enough. So you make it visually impressive, but as cheap as you can, and they mostly don’t try.

    So, I say again, the successful farmer makes his stock docile and stupid, (but not so stupid that they just lie down and die. Mortality rates are higher on easier to manage breeds; this is no bullshit!) lying to them about his/her superiority and convincing them that escape is futile; There is nowhere to go.( I have said this to animals many times, in frustration that they won’t just do what I want quietly… I said, I’m getting out!)

    Does this sound familiar to anybody??
    Dumbing down/domesticating humans to the point of social self regulation : check
    We are you superiors in every way, with control of the whole system : check
    The system is closed and you can’t exist outside it anyhow( but we can, and do) so don’t bother trying the door, it’s locked : check

    Like I said, just not buying it.
    But the sales pitch info they have wrapped it in I really dig. 😉

    I also dig that Crrow is using the info to break/evolve his own ideas, but is not exactly buying the whole package either. Wise man.
    Why swap one dis-info control fantasy for another, just because “they” told you a few secrets? Take the secrets, and run like hell. 🙂

    1. “Sure, I can give you the key to unlock all the power in the information you have managed to dig up, you clever little thing. You will just have to ritually abuse these children in front of your peers first, and then sacrifice them, to me……..”

      Just finished reading a biography of John Dee and I think this sums up his experience with the “angels” pretty well. Not the sacrificing kids part…but the angel-mandated wife-swapping didn’t seem to work out too well for him.

  6. I would love to hear Simon Parkes take on this as he has previously mentioned control satellites partially out of phase with our dimension and the archons as an AI controlling the reptillians, the earths artificial energy control grid (as shown on blacks programme patches) as well as the moon as being brought into our solar system and other planets moons a control bases. I suspect he knows more and perhaps this material would bring it out of him.

  7. Crazy how a lot of the ideas that were being bounced around, sounded a lot like Men In Black haha. The importance of orion’s belt, little aliens controlling bigger life forms, thousands of different alien species living around us…

  8. Great show Greg. Don’t feel so obligated to defend this show from the haters IMO.

    Was kinda shocked to hear you mention my name (Houston Skywatch.) I did make the translation suggestion early on because I knew of a legitimate Fiver source and I was willing to pay for the translation – but you’re absolutely right – it would add up quickly not to mention, as anyone who has ever tried translating the scientific parts of another language – it can all quickly get lost in translation. That was still sort of early-on in this entire on-going drama.

  9. The science fiction author Vernor Vinge consistently wins Hugo awards. He paints the most accurate description of life in the Universe I’ve ever come across. He’s got spiders too. But in his books it’s super intelligent humans who control the world of the spiders. It’s like Hadibov meets Corey Goode. The human’s tech will delight on every page. “A Fire Upon The Deep” is the first one.

  10. Notice the spiders have little street lights. They’re at the level of technology of humans in the 1940’s. So classic for “fiction” to have the roles reversed.

      1. The one thing that allows me to keep looking at the idea of spiders is the constant undertone and subtext of multi (often 8 legged) beings in movies in the modern era. Something is being echoed to be sure.

        1. This is true – many a mention of eight legged creatures in pop culture. You must then ask – is there merit to that or is it simply a lie or fantasy that is repeated – or agreed upon… (or simply mimicked.)

          I’m not a superstitious person at all but I have always hated spiders even as a child and to this day. Very interesting. No particular reason that I know of other than the shape and often times deadly nature of spiders just creeps me out.

          The so-called “daddy long legs” spider possesses one of the most deadly toxins known to man. The only reason they are harmless is because they possess so little of it that it does not typically affect humans. To me, that is like a living example of power – just not enough of it to make a difference.

  11. Great show!

    re: Intergalactic Spider Overlords

    Makes me think… there’s always a patsy. Interesting that bad things usually get blamed on the snake, serpent or lizard. Whether it be the garden of Eden or the royal lizard people theory.

    And also, makes you wonder about the superstition that it’s bad luck to kill a spider.

  12. Fascinating subject!
    Whoever these absent landlords may be, it seems their lessons on micromanaging life have filtered down to humans. Just take a look at the European Union’s regulations on every aspect of life in the E.U. What better way to run a prison than to let the inmates think they write the rules?

  13. Sorry I’m a little late to the game here ran into some $ snags lost a couple weeks before renew one aspect about the language thing and ours being very primitive strikes me how does Marty Leeds geometra fit into that ?

  14. Best show yet! That I have watched anyway. But I’d like to mention some things. First, H.G. Wells in the time machine mentions the underground dwellers as being spider and nonhuman humanoids in his futuristic version of earth, complete with global warming. Also sun gazers say that the side effect of sun gazing is like being granted wishes, you can more easily manifest if you focus on something when you sun gaze, and also there are upgrades, both spiritual and physical, with increased physical abilities like being able to see auras or perform telepathy. This sun gazing information is supposedly from sanskrit texts.
    I was also fascinated with the idea of a closed system the elite were wanting to escape from, while seeming to continually poison this one. Is tracking about destroying the spider colonies underground? For example?

  15. Fantastic, I listened to it 3 times now.
    I relate to what Crrow said near the end when talking about trying to explain what you know to others who are so far removed from the grand conspiracy, “It’s like asking someone who doesn’t know how to add, if he knows algebra” (sic)
    Been there so many times…

  16. Just wanted to throw in my support to James of Sagesigma and of course The Carlwood and Crrow777.

    This sort of information couldn’t even be taken seriously outside of a format such as THC but this certainly legitimizes part of what we do know. It is said that “in or near the end” all knowledge will be known, or at minimum, knowledge will be increased. I believe we’re there now. Great show, very professionally done, and well done on the part of all three of you guys.

    It is difficult even for a critically thinking man with a very open mind in search of the “real” truth to take all of this seriously, but, I do feel as though there is quite a bit of truth in it. You have to set the ego of Hatbov aside (if you buy into the ego hypothesis at all) as well as realize there is almost certainly scrubbed information, and take it for what it is. The whole “Israeli / oil company involvement” line is believable but at the same time seems to support a narrative that no living man that we know of will be able to verify. With that said – I personally believe we’re staring down truth here – but will anyone else believe it? To take it a step further – for our own personal pursuit of the truth – does it even matter?

    I find the psychology of knowing and caring what others “believe” to be a fascinating subject in itself. This entire subject is pushing the boundaries of what we know to be reality and the psychology behind that is intriguing. People still watch corporate mainstream news and believe it – so to think anyone will really take a look at any of this with an open mind – who is in a position of power to change our illusion that is reality – is an impossible expectation. Or – they already know and just came to the same conclusion – no one would believe it anyway and if they did they would be labeled insane. Politically – that is a death sentence.

  17. Thank you guys for another great noggin churner! This is the stuff that keeps me going…puzzle piece after puzzle piece. The mention of spider-like beings got me thinking….I have spent years unravelling the minds of cluster b personalities (npd, bpd, psychopathy/sociopathy). As someone who was caught up in a system filled with them I have often likened their modus operandi to that of spiders and/or ticks. Hence I really perked up when these spiders were mentioned. Their disturbing behaviors have these very qualities, but unlike weaving physical nets, they weave mental ones inside your mind through gaslighting, lying, projection and various forms of manipulation. By weaving a new reality for their prey and by their absolute refusal to acknowledge anything but their version of reality, they force submission and/or abdication of your power as a sovereign being. The parasitic feeding of your life force, your happiness, your goodness, is what sustains them. They don’t let up until or unless you become like them and join this house of mirrors. Thankfully it has come more and more to the forefront in recent years and people are starting to wake up to the fact that there are intra-species predators (Robert Hare, Ph.D. coined that term) and parasites among us. To me, this ilk (you can also call them archontic or infected with wetiko) is a big piece of the puzzle. They are the enforcers of the control system as they specialize in engendering fear and confusion in those around them. As above, so below; as within, so without…as long as we let them feed on us, the world will continue to run on their terms in eternal misery.

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