Mark Booth | The Esoteric Worldview, Spiritual Entities, & The Influence Of Both

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Author of The Secret History of the World, The Sacred History of the World, and soon to be The Heretic’s Handbook – Mark Booth joins the THC podcast for a conversation about his deep look into the esoteric traditions of secret societies, how they view the world, the presence and hierarchy of spirits, how their influence comes out through art, how the material atheist viewpoint works to distance us from these beings, and much more.

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  1. I really, really liked this show.
    Nothing like two intelligent beings shooting the shit about a topic that is rarely discussed sanely.

    Portals, communication devices, entities, hidden knowledge, and all without the usual “They’re out to get ‘us’/coming for ‘us’!”

  2. Mark Booth made me tear up when he mentioned a down syndrome child brought to term out of love, rather than atheistic utilitarianism which would prescribe preterm death…I have a beautiful autistic son. You should hear the frightful, hateful, and evil comments of individuals who laugh at “retards” or rant online about why disabled people should have been terminated in the womb.

    “Where is the love in that?”

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your son’s experience. Please check out Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride’s work with Autism. She helped cure thousands of autistic children and other mental issues. Kerri Riviera and Robin Goffe another ladies who successfully treated autism. Look around Youtube for their interviews. I hope you and your son well.

  3. This show was brilliant. I really liked Mark Booth’s understated delivery and presence. This was one of your best yet Greg and it’s always nice to hear the odd Brit voice now and again for us lot caught up in David Camerons madness. Nice one!

  4. Boom! Outstanding interview greg! Loved the part about “what do the gaurdian angels get out of it. It was a much needed and long overdue revelation for me for sure. Keep on pullin’ those bricks out from the foundation of that power pryamid! Thank you

    1. For sure, I’m never too keen on Christian-y stuff like the Gaurdian Angel, but I thought he made some good points and answered that question pretty well.

  5. Also, alchemical and hermetic basis to language and mantra/prayer!! Yeeha! About time someone tapped this again.
    Peps so ready to talk of life changing experiences with Vedic/Tibetan mantra, but mention toning the Runes, or biblical prayer and they look at you cross eyed…… you want power, try some runework, seriously. They are the basis of much of our alchemical languages.

    Check these guys;

    There is a bit of reverence of ‘The Master’ above all else,( Mantak Chia, for example) to get around, but they dig deep into the layers.
    Not the first time I have heard of using prayer/mantra/toning as protection in the astral realms/shamanic journeying.

  6. My wife suggested this author to you in the comments a while back. Maybe thats one of those coincidences? Haha loved the show. When i was young i was sure that i saw my guardian angel when i woke up from a nightmare. I believe!

  7. Fantastic show! So much to consider, just like The Secret History of the World – please have Mark back on for a second helping, I got the feeling you guys had only scratched the surface here, two hours went by so quickly…

  8. I was just re-reading The Secret History of the World the other day! Loved this show. SO glad you asked the question “what do the guardian angels get out of it?” I’ve wondered about that because I really thought that these higher beings don’t really give a crap about us as individuals so why would they hang out right next to us all the time…? When I was 15, I was traveling with my parents thru Arizona, we stopped at a gas station in the desert. This complete stranger (old man with long hair and a scraggly beard) randomly walked up to me and told me that he had just seen my guardian angel behind me- he said he was 7 feet tall, broad-shouldered, chin-length red hair, bright blue eyes and had a huge grin on his face. Its really weird because that describes, to a T, the type of man I would be really attracted to. So Weird. I’m loving all the weirdness. Can’t get enough.
    (I’d like to hear an interview with Peter Kling. Alfred Lambremont Webre has him on quite a bit.)

  9. Added to my reading list.

    Carlwood, the Mona Lisa’s power in my opinion is from hundreds of years of projection from viewers.

    My understanding is it’s not the original that’s on display and hasn’t been for decades. There’s great debate as to whether the original is even in the Louvre, but such things aren’t made public.

    Is my understanding.

    Which only adds to the obvious mind control element of art.

  10. I’ll give this a re-listen as i do most shows. But it was spirally down with the spiritual/ religious talk. I agree there is a huge middle ground between atheism and “man in the clouds overseer”. However i switched it off when breaking down the Our Father prayer

    1. I have been thinking on this, as I too have suffered from it. Catholic boarding school and all that.
      I am starting to think that all the ‘opening up’ Vatican 2 stuff was a case of, ” Ok, they want to understand what’s going on, we will give it to them, and make it so fucking mind numbing and ‘going through the paces’ at parish level, that no one will ever dig any deeper”

      Switching off because it is Christian, instead of say Pagan, Vedic, Zen or whatever, is a mistake I have made for over a decade, but no more…….

      1. I agree hammer1. It took me a long time to realize that there is a HUGE difference between the mainstream Christianity of my childhood and the message of the Christian mystics. It’s very hard to explain to people so I’ve given up trying. A friend got me interested in St John of the Cross and Theresa of Avila several years ago and that gave me a very different perspective and appreciation of the esoteric aspect of that path. The same can be said about Sufism and the Kabbala…very different than mainstream Islam and Judaism.

        1. Yeah, right on. My favourite is saying Jehovah and thinking you are referencing some old bearded dude in the sky.
          Jehovah comes from the Tetragramaton, which is Greek for ‘The four-lettered name of God’,.( the Kabbala says there are 72 names. There’s that number again….)
          Now it just so happens that when you check out the four Hebrew letters/runes that make this name, they represent not “The Bearded One” but the four directions and their corresponding elements!!
          Or the fact that Elohim means not God but Gods/Goddess’.

          So how Pagan/pantheistic is that?! I was never taught that in 5 years of “religious education”! (oxymoron… 😉 )

  11. Excellent interview, thanks again!
    I was especially interested in the talk on art and the artist. Something I’ve thought about a lot over the years, and I’ve long suspected that an artist is a kind of vehicle or something that and idea rides and comes through… maybe not always, but often. Kind of hard to explain. Almost like they are is external and communicated to the artist somehow.
    I’ve just purchased “Secret History” and “Sacred History”, and plan on reading them very soon. Looking forward to it!

  12. Just downloaded this interview and I am so excited to hear it! I got The Secret History of the World on audio around 5 years ago, and have re-listened to it about once a year since then. Thanks again Greg for bringing on guests who are at the top of the game in all of the fields THC is exploring!

    1. Alright, just listened to it.

      I thought it was interesting that he wouldn’t comment on crazy Miley because he didn’t want to sound like a right wing alarmist, but he was willing to go into how he thought Satanic forces may be using the new-atheism movement to, “try to squeeze out all the life and spirit from matter so that the universe in the end just becomes a place of the shifting to and fro of dead sound.” Dude has definitely never listened to Miley Cyrus!

      I liked how Greg didn’t interrupt his comments on the Sir. Paul’s spiritual journey to fill him in on the fact that there have been three Pauls and two different John Lennons. Jan Irving would have definitely screamed at him. Same goes for the part at the end where he goes into the spiritual mechanics of the moon, I liked how he was given a chance to speak his piece.

      Another great interview.

      1. Mmm. I have a slight knee-jerk reaction when people talk about ‘Satanic forces’. I mean, it’s not like I don’t think they exist, they do. But they are not really something to worry about. They are part of life here; positive/negative; duality.
        It’s our job to be the neutral, and if we are not their yet, that’s our bad.
        I mean, God says, “Ok. Go and test him. Just don’t harm his body.” So your higher self is in on it. At worst Satan is Loki, the trickster, an emanation of Odin, and I might add the one who get’s all the Gods powers for them and doesn’t indulge in their bullshit.
        At best, it’s an emanation of the divine mother in sexual power, hardening you up a bit, like ” If you can’t see through this little ploy, you are not quite ready yet.”

        I think the one to worry about is the alien one; The Whisperer/Aewas/The Child. ” I come to turn mother against daughter and father against son.”
        Now that is something to be concerned about

        1. My guess is that his take on ‘Satanic forces’ is probably in line with what Rudolf Steiner taught in Anthroposophy. All mentions of the devil in the bible are seen to refer to the spirit Lucifer and all mentions of Satan are seen to refer to the old persian spirit Ahriman. Lucifer’s influences on mankind are self-gratification, inebriation, blinding idealism, ego driven hubris (at worst), and Ahriman’s influences are everything you would be worried about in an archon like “The Whisperer/Aewas/The Child” – soullesss reductionist materialism with no regard for the human life, the sucking away of all vital life forces to be replaced with synthetic proxies.

          In Steiner’s teachings, its the solar Christ force that balances these two influences out in the soul of mankind and puts what positives they have to offer to work in the human soul. Neutral, like you said above, firmly in our own human power (which is nothing to sniff at when it’s switched on).

          The Advent of Arhiman:


          1. That’s my knowledge thus far; demons are tough, but they are in duality so, as Solomon showed us, every demon has an opposed angel(angle of light) to balance them. And like you say, a Golden Man, or Solar Man,( Sol-o-Mon) can control them and even put them to work “building the temple”.

            The other, well, I’ll get back to you…….. 😉

            1. Every mention of Satan in the Bible, and there are three, shows Satan working in concert with YHWH. A Satan stops Ba’alam’s donkey in the Exodus account, a Satan acts as the prosecutor of Yehoshua in the heavenly high court in Zechariah, and a Satan is running around with the sons of the gods in Job.

              Nowhere in the Bible is Satan a demon.

  13. Good one! Always keen to listen to views on inner beings/spirits. Not sure about his take on the guardian angel, I go along with William Gray’s point of view where its more like an interface between us and Divinity – this POV is likely to change, naturally. The inner worlds are fluid and complex and very hard for this human to get a grip on.
    For a less Christian/Abrahamic view on spirits I strongly suggest you try and get Josephine McCarthy on. She’s an adept who’s currently writing the coursework for a new magical school called Quareia (it’s free and available online). I’m a student and it is the real deal. Josephine has a ton of experience, she was an exorcist for years and she is very down to earth. I think she’d be a great interviewee.
    Here’s a link to her blog

      1. It’s well worth having a look at too. Funnily enough, I’ve just started the Apprentice module which deals with the different types of beings that magicians work with or have to deal with. It starts off with deities and we work with their root power, which is the elements. I think hammer1 said something about the Tetragrammaton and how each of those 4 letters relates to one of the elements which was interesting.

        Oh yeah, they’ve just released an oracle deck as well and it is contacted. You know what Mark Booth was saying about art and statues that mediate beings and energies? This is what the deck does.

  14. Thanks for the show Greg, I enjoyed much of it and always appreciate the many outlooks. I was stopped short before the finish though when the Paris attacks came into play. The rabbit hole deep. Seems always so much info that resonates then, BAM, the host will switch to a path that seems to discredit the whole interview . Keep doing what you do, I am always listening, just wanted to share my point of view with this part of the interview. Thanks

  15. Great interview. However, enough information has now been shown involving synchronicity to expose the considerable dangers of assuming that these events are the “cosmos” guiding you to some experience of benefit or necessity to your spiritual development.
    Suggest looking into increasing research around this topic before buying into this naive and assumption based belief.
    What if it is true that timelines can be viewed by our interdimensional manipulators, and then manipulated events can be inserted which play on our need for connection to the “cosmos”. Not just a theory. Many abductees speak a great deal on this topic. Additionally, consider the “digital universe theory” which based on some pretty powerful and compelling scientific evidence and just common sense as well (how far are we from the ability to create a virtual universe to plug ourselves into such as in the movie Total Recall, and how long from that point until we are utilizing that tech in a transhumanistic sort if application?) .
    Gnostic literature speaks pretty clearly towards the idea that this is exactly what type of reality we are trapped in for the purpose of feeding on our soul essence as a species by “Archons” or parasitic beings.
    Opens a whole new perspective on manipulated reality or “cosmos”.
    Additionally, what makes one assume that “angels” and “demons” are anything more than good cop vs bad cop in a larger system of control by matrix? Of course, all of this is pretty scary so it’s best to escape the thought of it and hope it isn’t true. Or….one could accept that fear as a part of one’s self, and find that truth truly does liberate upon contact with it, as opposed to “angels”. Truth being what you find as you realize the illusion that fear really is…

  16. Awesome! I’ve been a fan of Mark’s for a long time. I didn’t see anyone else mention it, so I figured I’d throw it out there:

    The audio book for Secret History of the World is amazing. There’s just something about it… Calming yet invigorating.

    I first heard it through a haze of chemicals at a Dinosaur factory, of which I was once employed. Which was pretty surreal hearing about vegetable bodies while patching up rubber dinosaur skins. Good times…

  17. 70/30 would be generous, lol. That pause and awkward laugh re Miley..priceless. And in view of the Fall McCartney fiasco, Ozzie Osborne doing it for a laugh and the sanctimonious lords prayer being uplifting on some deeper level he’s havin a bleedin giraffe. The only thing that topped that was his apparent rejection of initiation into freemasonry coz he was scared and that the secret society clubs are here for our benefit, always have been, always will be, lmao.
    Well interviewed again however. I don’t believe it’s your place to call em out, whether you believe them or not, that’s down to the discernment of the listener. For most of us this isn’t a game. It’s the future of our children and humanity itself at stake here.
    If you can’t remember the name of your own website………gimme a break!!!!!

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