Cory Daniel Deocculting Isaac Kappy Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Cory Daniel | Skinwalkers, De-Occulting Ritual Events & Isaac Kappy

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You might remember Cory Daniel’s first appearance on THC, but if you missed it, Cory was raised with an occult context that would be foreign to many of us. Thus, the de-occulting of ritual events and elite shenanigans he routinely provides on his website, The Phoenix Enigma, and his YouTube channel of the same name, are exceptionally on point. Enjoy.

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PLUS Content

-Further details from Cory’s investigation into Issac Kappy’s death, including several strange treads and synchronicities. -Some esoteric history and a breakdown of Route 66.

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    1. The Delaware Skinwalker info from a prior episode was confirmed by someone I know who lives there…just off DuPont Hwy.
      Rumors of vampires there as well.
      I have a personal “werewolf” story that is pretty out there, and another witness who was with me.
      Several other werewolf reports have surfaced in this area as well, going back many years.
      Not to mention the UFOs, Gnomes, plasma beings, owl-men, witches, rock creatures, sky serpents, Rosicrucians, and busloads of LSD MKUltra patients set free in my own back yard. You kind of get used to it after a while, but still never gets old…only weirder.

      1. Dream Time Oh Bee Wan! ‘At’s whut I’M talkin’ ’bout! Anudder “Werewoof o’ Dublin”! Aa, aaah, ah WOOOOOooo, oo, oo oooo!
        Any buddy seen me dish!?! Ah hadda big ol’ heapin’ dish o’ beef chowmein here jes’ a minute ago…..! Ah muster swallored it ah-ready, I reckon!
        Rick Bonner, Pennsyltucky

  1. “The NXVIM court case revealed the Mexican government, including their
    President, were involved in the operation, vindicating my five-month 2018 online campaign
    to expose the Arizona/Mexican border as the main human trafficking land route involving
    Tuscon Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, his senior police staff who were previously implicated in
    child trafficking in California, and a minion of NSA / FBI informants with Luciferian cult
    connections. Isaac Kappy who helped me expose this operation subsequently died under
    suspicious circumstances in Arizona near an NSA base immediately after he reached out for
    help to the Clinton/DynCorp/CIA-linked trained assassin who hid the discovery of child
    trafficking camps in the Tuscon desert.”

    -Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett

        1. By which I mean that I personally know a law enforcement official who was involved with children there, and he was essentially protected by his superiors and allowed to leave the state, where he continued to work in security and corrections and continued to have a reputation for keeping the company of the very young.
          His current whereabouts are unknown.

    1. i was thinking Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, who was accused of being an agent posing as a saviour who denied the camps they found in the desert there. Maybe Kappy didn’t know who he was really working for.

  2. Great show and I’m only 10 minutes in haha. In my opinion the magnetism of the bedrock has a huge impact on the human psyche. Don’t ask me how but I am sure this affects us in some profound way akin to crystal healing. Keep it up Greg!

      1. It’s the stately English/FrenchColonial/Art Deco fusion cottages that are a fractal factor removed from the primary leys where things get really murky…err…echoey I suppose may better fit. But this seems where the torsion fields can be modulated intensively by building ressonant structures and introducing focused system stresses on the inhabitants of the premises.
        I would rather not speculate further about why this was/is done.
        Thanks…I think…2Cory4 taking the time and effort to research the geographical survey history. I hope he understands the touchy nature of asking questions about this “new frontier”.

          1. It is linear in the sense maybe like a surfer has when he sees a line of force that can felt by experience on a particular board in a very familiar surf. Language fails but the void pulls in the artistic imaginitive element, where the “genies” hang 10.
            Like linear in a tubular way dude74. (Some dude once told me 74 was the # of all evil, and he seemed a rather cagey dude…just sayin..;)´

        1. Igor’s Butler! An interesting observation you make. Here’s another ‘fractal’ of that concept: In radio transmission and receiving, there are “resonant harmonic freqencies” at equidistant points on the radio freq spectrum, ‘above’ and ‘below’ the stronger, intended broadcast frequency. And…, realizing that the radio transmission ‘wave’ isn’t a line – like a kite string – but more like a stretched out, spiraling rhombus lookin’ thing, I’m supposin’ that ‘power-points’ around Earth’s ley lines are not only at (equi?) distant points along either ‘side’ of a ley line – like those dachaus and cottages you mention – but perhaps…, underground and, in the sky along the ley line, too.
          Whether this ‘ripples in the pool’ phenom is a piece o’ The Creator’s blueprint for The “Wheel-works” o’ the omniverses that applies to ley lines or not, it’s wise to real-eyes that, as always, ‘the physics’ can be used for both Great Light Work, and, profoundly deep, abysmally dark-black lucy-fairy-an scum-baggery.
          As the Carlwood is fond o’ sayin’, “Makes sense ta me.”
          Rick Bonner, Pennsyltucky

  3. What’s also interesting to note is Tracy Twyman covered material about the musician called Ninja who is in Die Antwoord, who have been exposed as connected with human trafficking as well as a satanic cult called The Process church. Ninja starred in the Chappie, which may be reaching, but you know how magic plays with spelling etc. Chappie and Kappy. Dude was connected with human trafficking. Just too weird to me to ignore.

  4. Greg you do tremendous work and I really respect your interviewing skills. With that being said I know Tracy Twyman said some pretty implicating things in that supposed kill switch.I only bring her up because I remember she was the one of the only ones who really gave Isaac kappa story any real concern.I was just wondering if possibly you could do show surrounding her death and all the weird high strangeness involved ~ Thanks again

  5. Greg! Another great broadcast! Cory’s Pheonix Enigma approach is an excellent illustration of just how firmly an’ directly the silver strings of Creation’s Tapestry are connected – even while they’re seemingly Light years waaay over there and…., way out there, in the lunatic fringe. Thank you both!
    Post Script: I’m onna present meself whit another year o’ Higher Side Plusk. I’m the rascal ‘at don’ do these new-fangled, worse than fiat, plastic digitalized ‘one-eye’ horseshit pretend money when I purchase things I want or need. (The thieves that ‘conveniently’ make those ways to pay, steal a lil’ wee piece at least, and I’d rather put all o’ your money into your hand.) First time I signed up, I sent you a Credit Union one-eye order. Is the postal mailin’ address with post office box —223 still a good one?
    PPS: Synchronicity, baby! You gave me the handle Quiet Man when I jumped on the wagon a year ago. I wanna keep ‘at one, and the “Conspira—” passk-woid youse gimme. (Onlies’ kinder strohng-whiss-kee this Irishman drinks is Appalachian mountain shine, or, ‘Quiet Man’ – in Gaelic, “An fear ciuin” – outta Dublin, on accounta it matches me Guinness Extree Stout. I’m gonna have ta crank up the still and fire up the brewery; seein’ as how they poison Dublin’s goods whit fluorine. Kinda like dousing good home-grown whit paraquat.
    Take Care, ‘Pard’!
    Rick Bonner, Pennsyltucky

  6. Great episode, but the numerology just goes over my head like word problems in math class–If a train leaves Chicago at 2 p.m. traveling 50 MPH, etc..

    I was glad to get some closure on Tracy Twyman–I’ve been thinking about her a great deal. Cory made some excellent points, even without the numbers. I loved the things said about changing land values and the freemasons being the “worker bees” of the whole apparatus of our society. Brilliant stuff.

  7. Great show. Cory has done a deep dive into Issac and his work is amazing.

    I would like to share with Cory, something he might find interesting. The proponents of the Electric Universe Plasma Cosmology, like Wal Thornhill, who was a THC guest, believe the Grand Canyon was formed from electrical scarring, not erosion.

    Here’s a link to one of their videos explaining how they believe it might have been done.

  8. Man, I became a fan of this guy after that amazing John McCain breakdown! That said, I always thought of kappy as an attention whore or disinformation agent/con artist. He wasn’t bringing anything new to the table and just had unconfirmed accusations. I rank him underneath Corey Feldman and that kids about useless!
    My other grievance is this guy’s misinformed support for Donald Chump. America first? Get real! He’s nothing but a Zionist puppet and it’s VERY clear to anyone who just scratches beneath the MSM’s portrayal of him. I won’t even try to list the examples or I’ll be writing for the next hour. Just watch Ryan Dawson or know more news YouTube channel.
    Still plenty of great information in this interview though. Thanks so much Greg, for all that you do for us. Merry Christmas and Happy Occult Rituals to the both of you!

  9. Excellent interview!

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, I thought it was worth passing on…

    I used to follow Fiona Barnett’s FB page before she went offline (she’s taking a break according to a researcher associate of hers going by the name of Total Disclosure).

    Just before she left Facebook, she said she’d been getting harassed by a well-known YouTuber, the one who released that clip from Tracey which he said was *effectively* a dead man’s switch.

    Fiona called him out for what she thought was his admiration for Michael Aquino. She said some other things too, none of them complimentary. She appeared to be very stressed. E.g. Her researcher friend had been out of contact for days and she was concerned as she had heard that the well-known YouTuber had been driving around near her home.
    She called this YouTuber a shill.

    I draw no conclusions from any of this as I only know the barest details about Tracey’s comments and her contact with this person. I believe he reached out to her first rather than vice versa. I know she (& perhaps Isaac Kappy?) had been talking to this person. There were clips on YouTube. Don’t know if they are still there.

    Like I said, I’m really not sure what to make of any of this, but I thought it might be worth mentioning here.

  10. Where can I find the two hour “interview with a skinwalker” that you mention? All I can find is two four minutes videos on the Phoenix enigma website. Curious whether he commented on the common belief that in order to become a skinwalker you must kill a member of your family.

  11. My grandfather his job was to buy the land for the california highway system… He was also a freemason. This is kind of mind blowing I wish I could ask him about this.

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