Alan Stivelman Contact Witness of Another World Aliens Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Alan Stivelman | Witness Of Another World, Contact, & The Inner Earth

Show Notes


Witness of Another World is an intimate documentary that intends to unveil the mystery of a spectacular close encounter case witnessed by a lonely gaucho.

Filmmaker Alan Stivelman, moved by the story of Juan Pérez, decides to investigate more about the event that forced him to take refuge in the countryside for fear of contact with the phenomenon.

Dr. Jacques Vallée, a well-known scientist and researcher, participates in this documentary having met Juan more than thirty years ago. This is the only case in the history of ufology in which a witness has been studied several times during a period of 40 years, with his life and the impact of the experience documented fully.

Watch the film: or find it for free, now on Amazon Prime.

PLUS Content

-Hidden Treasure in Peru. -The Tayos Caves in Ecuador. -Juans recurring and prophetic dreams. -Deeper insights from Jacque Vallee about the contact experience -Real UFO artifacts in a Argentinian UFO museum. -The 6 months of indigenous rituals Alan participated in during the making of his first film, Humano.

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  2. I worked out when I was very young that sleeping in different positions gives you different types of dreams.
    Glad to hear another voice on that topic, as I have rarely if ever heard reference to it.
    Some esoteric schools teach postures and positions which influence the internal experience, but very little in the mainstream.

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  4. Finding all the Alien nonsense a bit wearing so very glad to be listening to this guy who appears to have no agenda and seems to be good hearted. Knowing something about shamanic healing it makes more sense to me that it is from a spiritual level. I mean if these other planets are so far away why would they be coming to do the trivial things they do and then crash etc. It makes much more sense on a spiritual level with beings who have been around here with us for a long time especially since older cultures go with the spiritual interpretation. Portals from realms next to us and beings being perceived according to our concepts and especially the idea that some are good and others not feels more real to me. However it would not surprise me if “they” were fucking us about under cover of the alien agenda either. thanks for this and the Vedic film sounds like it will be really good also.

  5. Hi all! I’ve been a plus member for…. I don’t even know how long. At least 3 years. I rarely come on here to comment on episodes, but I loved this one! I even watched the film after listening to this episode. It was so clear to me that Juan was such a broken man in the beginning of the film. You can almost see the light in his face and it’s almost like he’s been reborn towards the end. It was really nice that Alan always asked Juan before they tried anything in the film and always took his word for it. Like Juan telling him not to look outside that night lol! But also Alan asks the important question of where do we come from? His Exploration of the inner earth sounds fascinating. What an adventure that would be to go on! I often asks a lot of questions like this, and would love to hunt for the answers in the real world. All I can do is search online for now. I also liked to hear your genuine excitement Greg when you started asking questions about his exploration of the inner world. I would love to see a film with both of y’all exploring the tunnels and all the secrets hidden beneath. Beautiful episode! Thank you Greg for doing what you do!

  6. This has got to be one of my favourite THC podcasts ever and that’s saying something. I love his emphasis on the human experience, on the impact on Juan…and then the way he helps Juan heal from it. Beautiful. Judging by this, Alan has definitely achieved human status.
    You did a great job as always Greg, you and Alan had a real rapport going. Please have him back as soon as possible, his new projects sound fascinating, especially the alchemy one!

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