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Sol Luckman | Potentiate Your DNA, Vaccine Damage, & The Fragmentary Body

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Healing, Nature Of Reality, Solutions, Vaccines

Show Notes

Sol Luckman experienced debilitating effects from the vaccines recommended for international travel, and when he eventually hit a true depression point, was handed an energetic healing modality during a contact experience that he called Regenetics. As well as being an accomplished artist, he’s also authored several books including 2 on the Regenetics process:

You can also find his work on his websites CrowRising & The Phoenix Center for Regenetics.


PLUS Content

-Aspects of Sol’s Potentiation process and what they might say about reality. -Novelty in a post 2012 world. -The odd things that have come out of people during their post-potentiation process purge. -Is Lyme disease just vaccine damage? -Purging parasites. -The other three steps in the Regenetics process. -Self-control vs Self-mastery.
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