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Sol Luckman | Potentiate Your DNA, Vaccine Damage, & The Fragmentary Body

Show Notes

Sol Luckman experienced debilitating effects from the vaccines recommended for international travel, and when he eventually hit a true depression point, was handed an energetic healing modality during a contact experience that he called Regenetics. As well as being an accomplished artist, he’s also authored several books including 2 on the Regenetics process:

You can also find his work on his websites CrowRising & The Phoenix Center for Regenetics.


PLUS Content

-Aspects of Sol’s Potentiation process and what they might say about reality. -Novelty in a post 2012 world. -The odd things that have come out of people during their post-potentiation process purge. -Is Lyme disease just vaccine damage? -Purging parasites. -The other three steps in the Regenetics process. -Self-control vs Self-mastery.
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Yay! Excellent topic– HEALING. Most of y’all are young and healthy but our world is so poisoned that that your health may suck in the future. I’ve suffered horribly from chronic Lyme disease since 1990. I cannot put into language the overwhelming LOSS it is to no longer be able to have a vehicle that doesn’t do what you want it to. And since my total body pain doesn’t wear a cast or signage, I’m often judged in the most hurtful ways- You don’t LOOK sick OR You’re just lazy. Good to see a new to me brand of healing. It’s much needed. Thanked Mr. Greg. Merry Christmas HS Chatters!


Can’t listen or download:(
I’d had this happen in the past but have usually avoided it by going through the archives. Seems that’s not working either. I’m sure it’ll get worked out. Can’t wait to hear! Cheers Greg!


Excellent! I also had a sound therapy session with a practitioner trained by Eileen McKusick, and had similar results. Thanks so much Greg! Even though I’m in the alternative health field, I would not have known of this without the higherside chats. Keep up the good work.


Every single subject from healing ti magic, afterlife and spiritual… this podcast and all alike where they say they are discovering all these amazing things. Sound and light healing, chanting and breathing all of this is taught in my culture in and out of the longhouses. The difference is we all as a community as the Six Nations, we all believe it and accept where as its something you face backlash for in mainstream everything.
So now all of this non natives researchers are discovering what they tried to kill us for. What they tried to take from us and hide from you is now coming as modern new wave tech and science when in reality we have had this knowledge for thousands of years.
There are, I know the people who still have this knowledge and teach it. Most of it is on a reservation somehwere near you I guarantee it.
Amazing time, soon we will join together for bug change. Its happening, thank you for diving Greg, the community and everyone involved nyaweh

dreamtime jedi

The Sacred Trickster is doing his dance…some will be tricked, and some will learn his lessons.
Very important times.


Great episode, loved the content and how it connected with Eileen’s work! Keep it up Greg, and Happy holidays! May the new decade bring insights and a new direction in your work.


As usual I am the cautious odd woman out! This all sounded a tad too new cagey for me and I am suspicious of his connections and influence of Wilcox and channeling and the law of 1 and use of psychotropics. Both channeling and psychtropics can open portals for negative entities to possess who may seem ok at first but then cause issues see Wilcox for an example of how this ended up feeding his ego. However I know not to throw the baby out with the bath water and am more than accepting that sound can heal. I would say that your own spirit is powerful enough without asking for anything outside to come in. I would recommend research into Dreamtime Healing and ancient aboriginal healing modality to support what I’ve said. Thanks


Hey Greg! Im curious, have you thought of obtaining a few copies of the guest’s books to sell on your site? Like no more than a hand full. I wonder if it would be easier for people to find these books if you list them in your shop. Just a thought!


Love Sol and his work. Please have Laura Walker from Oracle Report on soon (Sol & her work together….which is how I first heard of Sol)!! Thank you!!


Great show


I found the brief mention of Black Moon astrology a confirming the few remaining doubts regarding this young chararacter that snaked his way into my life, who later revealed he was of the Rothechild bloodline happen carried the name Blackmon. If I knew how much trouble I could have avoided by steering clear of this guy I might have thrown him off the nearby cliff of a sacred place we should not have been. I think the spirits there would have approved.
I guess this could be a cautionary tale for anyone charged with guarding sacred places from those looking to poison earth energy fields. They will try and do some damage and they likely know exactly where and when to maximize its effect.

dreamtime jedi

A member of the Rothschild family has sat on the board of education for years in my district.
I grew up under such heavily controlled indoctrination in the public schools here that I barely escaped with my sanity.
Only with a little help from my friends…


Turning straight salamanders into gay frogs.. I love it!

dreamtime jedi

Jurassic Park.


– That “salamanders into frogs” research was not correctly explained here… There is much more context in that stuff.
– This guy and that woman of the tuning forks are here to sell stuff, services, etc… if some healing happens i bet that is more placebo that other thing.
– GC you should be better from the sinus after that guest (fixing the gut) that gave you several diet and supplements tips… no ?!
– If anyone produce a new kind of revolutionary therapy this should be openly teacheed to all – in the same spirit of Free Software. For instance Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping.

Anyhow, entertaining as allays…

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