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Today’s guest is Cory Daniel, the man behind The Phoenix Enigma, where he de-occults the rituals of the elite and educates the masses on the ancient esoteric undercurrent of the American Southwest.

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-Arizona’s own Nazca Lines: The Blythe Intaglios -Secrets and rumors of the Grand Canyon -Charles Dutton -The US Reclamation Act -Seth Tanner & The Forbidden Cave -The Sedona Vortice -De-occulting John McCain’s Freemasonic Funeral Ritual -Trump Magic & Jesuits -The Black Eye Club

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      1. All good in the hood carlwood. You never let us down. Just got a little nervous you stepped into something. Just went back in time and revisited a few favorites until the next 5 come out in 14 days.

    1. This is one of the best episodes of the past year. I’m totally going to contact Cory and see if he has any tips for how to look for signs of this type of geology and architecture.

  1. Hey man what’s up! Just started tuning in last week, love the show. Dude im half Hopi. Id love to chat with you about this show. Got a few pieces of the puzzle that were left out. Like the Hopi connection with the Mormons and the sacred tablets. The si-pa-poos (anthill) and the strory of where we came from according to my Kwa-ah (grandfather) who’s a graduate of Harvard. Email me brother. ✌ and ❤

  2. Thought I should comment I am a prospector with a gold mine. When you have hot springs they will attract the mineralization of gold and other precious metals. Hope this helps

  3. Back in South Dakota I have a friend who is an archaeologist. I asked, and he told me that golf courses and state parks are generally placed on ancient sites, to control the access and activities.
    Beneath the golf course in Mitchell, SD is a huge site. There is a dig and interpretive center off site by the lake, but it’s only a fraction of the actual size.
    My main area of exploration however, is in northern Nebraska. Very ancient sites up there. Most are wrongly attributed to early natives. Who were also immigrants, as well.
    I have a great fossil and artifact collection from the Dakotas and Nebraska, as I spent a good chunk of my life in this region, with my feet on the ground.
    I’m from the Lewis and Clark trail area of the Missouri River and have been aware of the true nature of their mission for a long time.
    They were sent by Jefferson to search for ancient esoteric sites (All Freemasons involved) and to contact the Mandan regarding their heritage, which is very ancient.
    Also, on a Spanish map from the 1500’s, I found a site near Niobrara that is translated to “ancient fortification “. I’ve been there extensively, and believe the actual fortification is now below the bluffs due to natural erosion. I’ll be camping a few weeks there next summer to look for signs of this fort, and artifacts related.

  4. Amazing interview.. one of my favorites all time.. I took a helicopter ride down into the floor of the canyon a couple of months ago and photographed at least 75 cave openings that I wished I could have explored on foot, but they only give you about 20 minutes on the floor.. theirs so much left to explore and I’m praying for the next generation of expedition culture to take hold and get us out there to put these pieces together

  5. Holy fuck are you bringing back Jim Chesnar? Yeesss!
    This episode rocked.
    I have so many comments that I don’t even have the time right now.
    I want to give it a 2nd listen and I’ll report back.

  6. Oh, man. First, I live in Phoenix. Grew up north of it, have moved around the country a bit, and returned. I have just recently looked into the ley lines for Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Sedona. I am very interested in questions that this search led me to. I am just now starting the episode. I’m pumped. Sounds like this guy is worth looking into more. Thanks, Greg! Patron for over 4 years! ????????????????????????

  7. The money we pay for a years subscription is but a token of what this pod casts and others are worth. Fuck you in the ear for trying to shame THC for taking 14 days to provide you with content. Make your own Goddamn podcaste and listen to THAT ignorant impatient motherfucker.

  8. It’s funny when people say! ‘the Chinese knew it’s round’ blah blah! Knowing and proving is two different stories! And it certainly isn’t proven it’s a spherical ball spinning at 1000mph!! And these people are so condescending with it. Hey Greg try get someone on to prove the spherical heliocentric model and with proof that gravity can be proven with experiments! Or hey why not try to get a ball spin it at a 1000mph and try get water to stick to it!! Should be easy as it’s what we live on apparently.

  9. Very interesting guest. Wouldn’t it be nice, when this country is so divided, that you would allow or even probe why a guest held a somewhat favorable opinion of Trump. Time and again when someone mentions a positive aspect of Trump you jump right in with your hopeless narrative about how nothing changes and it doesn’t really matterwho the President is because you believe they are all just puppets. Of course they back away from whatever they might have said because you have the power of promoting them. As you just said, this interview should precipitate many more I would truly like to hear what a number of guests would have said if you could control your bias. Trump is differesnt. We certainly know what his detractors think but seldom do we here what those that either support or remain somewhat favorable think. You are a good interviewer in most areas but mentioning trump to you is like waving a fed flag in front of a bull. I leave this analogy though not totally impressed with it. I do think it gets the point across. Your position concerning the office of President casts a dismal outlook for any improvement. I think that there are good forces and “evil” forces . Therefore, it does matter who is President because individuals aren’t identical so reaction to puppet masters would vary. This was one of the best episodes. The top is getting crowded with best shows.

  10. 5 STARS 4 SURE!
    I definitely want this guest back on. Can’t wait to dig more into his research. Your the man Greg!
    Fuck Trump
    Trump/Rothschild Connection
    Zionist agenda

  11. That ‘black eye’ thing was interesting. The ritual might have been a pre-programming desensitization ritual. Although, it may be difficult to imagine for most who listen on this site, those figureheads who ended up with black eyes are heroes and advocates for large segments of the populace.. who often live vicariously through famous or influential personalities and templates. To give the hero/avatar a black eye inflicts the same spell on the persons who follow or identify with the hero/avatar.

    But still there is the bigger picture… it’s kind of like adding, “It’s ancient aliens”, or “…in bed”, or “That’s what she said” to the end of whatever. In my case I’m in agreement with Greg, “We must be living in a simulation.” …or more accurately, “But this is just Infinity pretending that all that could ever possibly happen is not always-already done.”

  12. Fascinating. I like his emphasis on his local environment, there is so much we can learn from our own locales. He’s got a great reach from the ancient cultures right through to the weirdness of the ludicrous elites (it helps if I laugh at those fuckers).
    I hope he comes back soon!
    Thanks Greg, you are such a great interviewer 🙂

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