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On today’s episode of The Higherside Chats, old friend Crrow777 joins Greg Carlwood to talk censorship, solar lies, & everything wrong with the Big Construct.

We live in a time where people are questions all aspects of reality, from the narratives we see on the nightly news to the sun, moon, stars and the Earthly environment itself. How can we not when we know the school system we’re forced into was crafted with deception rather than a true attempt to cultivate the best and brightest.

We know think tanks and backdoor cabals have steered our culture to their liking for years, we’ve heard thousands of accounts of strange objects in the skies but have been stonewalled when it comes to answers, and we don’t even know how to feed or take care of ourselves on the most basic of levels.

It seems all we can do is observe the holes in the official story while the world around us drinks the proverbial Kool-aid of our consensus reality cult, because it’s clear nearly every aspect of time and space has been twisted for control.

But lucky for us we have a light in the darkness with his cameras aimed at the sky, a man working to peel the onion of lies down to it’s very core. He’s been here plenty of times before making the shortlist of gusts who’s appearances exceed what I can count on one hand, the Pappa Bear of the Lunar Wave. My friend and yours. Breaking in the new year, Crrow welcome back to the Higherside.

00:1:40 Crrow details the censorship issues he’s been having, expecially on YouTube. Crrow then expands on the unfortunate direction online censorship tends to be trending, in an era of what he refers to as ‘a modern day book burning.”

00:14:31 The conversation turns to the skywatching Crrow has done in the past year, how his thoughts about our construct have evolved since his last time on THC, and what last year’s major solar eclipse seemed to reveal.

00:42:02 Greg brings up Crrows comment from last year that it’s “too early to form a better map of our construct,” and asks if any progress has been made in that area since their last conversation.

Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:

-Is the stage being set for a mock alien invasion?

-If all the things Crrow has filmed in the sky could be chaulked up to human technology, what about the tens of thousands of entity experiencers? Is there some non-human element to our environment?

-Spielberg, demons, and aliens

-the vast manipulation of time

-alchemy, nature, and magic

-What does Crrow this society looks like in 10-20 years?

-Admiralty law & the straw man corporation and how to track it

-Bitcoin: the human bait

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74 Responses

  1. Welcome back Crrow! Love listening to his take no bullshit opinions. Agree or disagree with him he makes you think, and that is the point right? Great start to the artificial construct that is New Year!

  2. Killer show, Greg and CRROW777!!
    Here is my favorite documentary on water.

    I drink at least a gallon of raw(I use a particulate filter, but that is all) well water from my home, and I can taste the difference and almost sterile difference in bottled water compared to my well water. I fight any and all health issues with water, and have slowly been healing myself progressively for the last couple years. It really is a cure for almost everything. Hopefully it will heal my spine but I’ll keep at it regardless.

  3. That new intro is MONEYBALL, Gregger!! The old one was literally my only problem with the show(other then needing more hollow earth shows.) It was just jarring when I play 3-4 shows in a row when I go to sleep. Every time a new one would start I’d wake up. Although, I’ve woken up to “The kids don’t stand a chance” ending a few shows, so maybe its just music in general……..alas, been a member for 2 months and I think I’ve almost listened to every plus show, minus a few where the guests voice was too hard to understand. I’ve been mainlining 3-4 shows a day. And CRROW is the man, his tone of voice is so “Believe it or not, fucktards, this how it is.” Not that I agree with everything he says but love his moxie nonetheless. I literally tell everyone I know about this podcast. This older woman(50-60ish) was walking past my car in front bof the store and heard a snippet of a Tracy Tyman show and was all “Well, that’s great, what’s that?!?!” So, I had to lace her up. THC, momma bear, get you some. Love this shit. Just wanna say thanks, and you’re an inspiration. Peace, brotha.

  4. What are alines Greg? Ha! I guess it’s a typo. It’s the line where it’s talking about the plus show and says
    -Spielberg, demons, and alines
    Haven’t listened to the show yet but I’m sure that it’s gonna be a good one. LOVE the show thanks Greg

  5. I like the new intro. Crrow is one of my favorite guests! I subscribe to both of your channels and think you two are the best in the biz, when it comes to promoting critical thinking. ????

  6. FUCKING AWESOME EPISODE! What a way to welcome the year of 11… 😀 So glad to be back on Plus! OMG, it feels like I’ve come home… and the people are actually intelligent and open minded, here! My fam.

  7. There’s just nothing better than the construct known as Crrow, if there is in fact such a person. By “Person” what I really mean is Human Being, not the strawman construct. There’s a there, there, for sure.

  8. Cool show, another good one. I perked my ears about the alien demon switch. That’s more in line where I’m at. Whether we call the bad spirits demons or whatever, it’s all the same. Bad spirits. It was interesting reading about Mohammad. He was sleeping when something came in and strait up date rape choked him. He was terrified and thought it was a demon, until it spoke to him and claimed to be an angel.

    On a side note, I found this interesting. If you like the hollow earth, read chapter 3, creation and recreation. It speaks of the people who went into the earth. I found it fascinating and just add it all to the pile.

  9. Love the episode huge fan of Crrow, but as one that was raised Muslim and has been immersed in Crypto for quite sometime I would point out the value of Bitcoin and potentially other blockchains is it’s immutability. It’s virtually impossible to spend the resources to roll back the blockchain for to reverse a transaction from even a week ago, while simulatneously spitting out new blcoks that are simultaneously agreed upon by all the nodes on the decentralized system and Satoshi is likely either Hal Finney (RIP) or Greg Szabo, and even if not the code is open source and hs been reviewed by literally thousands of developers, including those who have been trying to hack it since 2009.

    And yea, maybe it is a manifestation of Christ consciousness.

    In terms of it’s relationship to Islam (and I agree about interest being a sin is one of the reason why Islam is demonized) it’s not harram. Once again the value is backed by the inability to censor or roll back a transaction, and/or commit fraud (outside of a hack or ebay hardware wallet scam). You cannot defraud the Bitcoin blockchain. There’s more than a handful of Andreas Antonopolous videos that cover this in depth. You should have him on your show Greg. Guarantee it’ll pull numbers.

  10. Crrow777 is crazy…and I like it! Did I hear him intimate that the celestial spheres are possibly carried by legged creatures. That’s tremendous. Esoterica is getting really weird these days. And you good sir bring us weirdness. In all of it’s broken glory. Hallelujah. And a final question. How many people bring photos to crrow777 for falsification verification and are those pic’s published anywhere? Wooo.

  11. I love croww! And i miss the hatybov stuff. He has great knowledge but sometimes he grasps at strings. Especially the last name thing. You know not ALL celebrities are “IN” on it. If anything the directors are. but idk the last name part was a bit ridiculous. And I wish he was more positive and quite making puns like Astro-NOTS and the rat house(Disney) I think it’s childish as fuck. But nonetheless I love to hear him and his theories. He’s a great piece in the over arching puzzle. Finally, I’m 0- and I feel like I’m scarily accurate when I do tarot for people. So maybe the esp link is a thing. However I’m poor so unfortunately im not in the 1% that many people think all these rh negatives are reptilians or something hahah.

    The imperfect allies is great also! I always listen completely but I wanted to throw my opinion in. It’s all about building that puzzle. Everyone has at least something to add

    1. It is apricot oil called SORIG online. Also if you were born in or near december a CELL SALT labeled #12 and SILICA/SILICEA will strengthen hair to help in not break off.

  12. I bet ole’crrow777 is gonna be ALL over this SpaceX Zuma launch that is ‘lost’ & ‘failed to reach orbit.’

    Get’Em Crrow77!!!

    I still love you, even though I’m 99.9% positive you ARE Hatybov, or the author of said findings.

  13. Greg, your final points in this interview were so on for me! I’m a fan of Crrow, but on the point we’ve got to move away from establishment platforms I completely agree with you. Fuck Youtube. I’m ready, beam me up. 🙂
    So pleased for each of my subscriptions and I hope y’all know how powerful it is, even if the ‘bots’ are faking views or whatever, those who get touched who are real folk, it grows. Keep it up, please!!

  14. Greg! This was a great episode. I love listening to you and Crrow question everything. You are the best podcaster that I know of, and I will be a plus member for life. BTW I love the new intro. I loved the old one too, always got stuck in my head, and thank you for introducing me to the Plate Scrapers! They are an awesome band for a bluegrass loving redneck from Idaho, like me. Keep it up brother.

  15. I cant wait for Song of the Siren sequel! I really dug that episode. I’m gonna have to go back and listen to it again for preparation. Nice tweak on the intro too Greg. Keep it up and don’t ever let me down!
    Also, somehow I just came across your interview with Rude Jude and that was the shit! It would be awesome if y’all could do something together again.

  16. Great podcast. Especially the demons as aliens idea. Used to be a big fan of crrow, but his podcast has gone a bit sterile of late. Loved the way he ducked out of the ‘noades’ question. ‘Warning, this vehicle is reversing………..’

  17. Loved this episode and though I don’t agree with Crrow on every point I have mad respect for the man and his ability to think. I recently fell down the Mandela Effect rabbit hole in a big way. I have a sneaky suspicion that the Mandela Effect is the construct beginning to unravel itself perhaps assisted by AI itself. I would love to hear a ME episode. Just a thought. Anyway thanks for the higher thought and weirdness Greg. Great start to the year.

    1. Nobody buys into ME until they encounter it for themselves. I’ve seen people flip from “oh you just remembered it…” to “wtf is going on here?” when they encounter a personal ME that they swore by.

  18. ‘the moon plays no role in solar eclipses.’ ‘I have the proof.’
    ‘I could not detect the moon approaching the sun.’
    ‘I can now prove this.’
    ‘The sun is an infinite light source.’
    ‘A point source light shadow will be the size of object.’
    ‘The moon is 70 miles wide.’
    ‘Try to detect the new moon.’
    ‘There have been REPORTS of the moon being transparent.’
    ‘I don’t need to go any further.’
    ‘I will back anyone who claims the moon emits its own light.’
    ‘The moon is not a spherical rock.’
    Greg quotes Sofia Smallstorm on the moon’s light.
    ‘The moon is a facade.’
    ‘I shot the lunar wave.’
    Blah blah blah… What utter bullshit and no one calls him out on it.
    Yes, NASA fakes most of its footage and IMO Crrow’s job is to muddy the waters of these observations (including my videos). That Greg backs up Crrow and others (especially the flat earth psy op) tells me he is part of this operation. Anyone wanting proof of Crrow’s dishonesty only need look up his censoring Dazzathecameraman’s expose of Crrow’s ‘lunar wave’ hoax. (I challenge Crrow to defend his having Dazza’s videos taken down.)
    What really bothers me is all the rave reviews, with no one noticing the quoted balderdash. Anyone wanting to know about the moon need only look at it — just after moonrise it is the same size as it is at zenith. This means it is very far away and hence very large. Since people thousands of miles away from each other see the same moon simultaneously (size and markings) means it is spherical and very far away. This is child-level logic.
    Go to beach and watch the ships (for the curve) rather than looking at Youtube FE bullshit. (See the photos in my vid: THEN GO TO THE BEACH YOURSELF)
    Greg pooh-pooed Wal Thornhill of Electric Universe and promotes Crrow up the wazoo. This is all I need to know about Greg and his agenda.

    1. @allamcw I concur. Although I agree with Crrow777 about the effects of technology, his statments about such things as lighting are erroneous at best. The Sun is called an Infinite Light Source for practical reasons. It is actually a finite distance away (150 million km) , but that distance is so large in comparison to the shadows that its rays appear to be parallel. By the way I am not a debunker, the NON-parallel shadows of objects cast on the Moon in many of the Apollo photos indicate a nearby point source. And there’s lots of unexplained anomalies about the Moon.

      Also I have measured the Moon. I have pointed pulsed lasers at reflectors placed on the Moon by several Apollo missions (not saying how they actually got there) and collected and timed the reflected pulses. For Crrow777 to be correct: either the Moon is not 383,300 km away or the speed of light is not 30 million m/sec. As I have also measured the speed of light here on Earth I suspect that Crrow777 should perhaps eat some crow 😉

    2. @allamcw

      >That Greg backs up Crrow and others (especially the flat earth psy op) tells me he is part of this operation.

      I feel Greg is simply easily fascinated by some theories, but I do not think that he is automatically backing up Crrow’s point of view.

      >Anyone wanting proof of Crrow’s dishonesty only need look up his censoring Dazzathecameraman’s expose of Crrow’s ‘lunar wave’ hoax.

      Is there a backup of video? I’d like to watch it as I have my doubts about the wave, too.

      1. Do a search for ‘dazzathecameraman + crrow’ and see how it went, with the debunking of the lunar wave (it’s most likely atmospheric layering) and, more importantly, Crrow’s hypocritical copyright claim with youtube that got Dazza’s video’s temporarily taken down. (If you’re a big Crrow fan take some time with the vids that come up in your search.) The delicious irony here is that this interview itself has ‘censorship’ in the title, with Crrow complaining about youtube (etc etc) when he does it himself. And Greg is silent on this? Surely he knows of his buddy Crrow’s maneuvers. What more can anyone say?

        By the way, if anyone wants to read some wild stuff about the moon try ‘Who Built the Moon?’ I have some problems with their data but over all it’s a thought-provoking book showing that the moon was likely ‘put there’ by some ‘higher power’. The moon certainly is ‘real’ in the sense that it’s a celestial object. Yes, we have been lied to about it but not in the sense that Crrow alleges.

        1. Hello Allan, I checked the info you gave me and ended up with the video below, which demonstrates how the Lunar Wave is caused by airplanes. This seems a solid explanation, as it explains the “out of frame” movement of the wave.

          I feel it is not important if someone is a fan of a content creator. For me, it is about interesting ideas/observations and the possible explanations of named ideas.

          In my eyes, Crrow and Greg are enthusiasts and I enjoy listening to them!

          That people sometimes get stuck with a specific explanation is part of being human and the conspiracy community especially. One problem is the latent mental imbalance in the community: criticism is often interpreted as an attack. Additionally, the way criticism is framed triggers emotional responses … and may fuel further paranoia.

          1. ErikX, good for you for looking into the subject — I fear most listeners have already made up their minds (re Crrow/Greg) and the fact that Crrow is deceitful and Greg must know this will be repressed and life and fandom will continue unhindered. The problem with your cavalier attitude toward the situation is that this sort of mis/disinformation becomes set in mental stone and carries through research in all areas. As I say, that I (and now you) am the only commenter that looked into Crrow (rather than just accepting his BS) is a sign of the alt media times, so to say. Greg is a clever interviewer and has his demographic perfectly wired — I enjoy listening to him, but in the back of my mind I know he’s not actually on my side. This is the case with the vast majority of alt media outlets. It must be kept in mind that the PTB created the alt media. They are all (or virtually all) limited hangouts. It’s easy to forget this.

            Btw: My goal is to know as much about how the world really works as I can — I drove 2 days to see the eclipse — and to listen to this guy saying he can prove the moon has nothing to do with a solar eclipse and no one says ‘WTF’ is truly distressing. One giveaway with Greg is his de facto flat earth promotion: he lives at the beach so is able to directly see the curvature every f-ing day (etc etc etc). No excuse, sorry (see the link photos in my other comment).

            1. “Greg is a clever interviewer and has his demographic perfectly wired — I enjoy listening to him, but in the back of my mind I know he’s not actually on my side.” -Oh, come on man. Not on your side? Just because we might disagree on something does not mean I’m against you. Just because I get a kick out of some fringe exploration, doesn’t mean I’m against you. The broad issue is that we’re lied to about so much, it allows for some crazy doors to be opened and explored. I don’t always come away agreeing with a guests position, I just try to help them make the best case and bring up the points I think are most interesting, even if I don’t get to the same conclusion.

              Which brings me to: “One giveaway with Greg is his de facto flat earth promotion: he lives at the beach so is able to directly see the curvature every f-ing day (etc etc etc). No excuse, sorry (see the link photos in my other comment).”

              I wouldn’t say I promote Flat Earth at all. I would say I run a conspiracy show that explores fringe ideas, including the wildest and most fringe. Firstly, I had on THE biggest guy in the community, Eric Dubay. Secondly, I had on Marty Leeds because he’s a friend, and I found it interesting that he converted. Thirdly, I did have Jarenism on because I also think he’s one of the most convincing.

              That said, I’ve tried to be done with it, but some guests converted and I didn’t know it until it was mentioned on air: Matt Landman, Mark Devlin, Sofia Smallstorm, etc. I was shocked Flat Earth ever became a thing, and I’ve said in a couple of shows, including one of the Live Shows, that I always thought I could go as far “out there” as anyone….and then the Flat Earth came along.

              Also, to say I see the curve every day at the beach is so not true. You cannot see the curve. You can’t even see it from a plane. I’ve looked about a dozen times. Just since all this happened, I’ve watched many movies with the wife where they have these huge wide shots of the ocean, and everytime I joke, “See, no curve” because there honestly isn’t.

              Another thing, I didn’t pooh-pooh Wal Thornhill. I’ve said in several wrap ups that the Electric Universe model seems like the most correct model to me. I don’t care if you disagree, but don’t be disingenuous about what I’ve said or where I stand.

              So, I’m not a bad guy. I’m on everyone’s side. The Earth is not Flat, and you cannot see curve from the ground. That’s how I see it.

              1. Greg: When I say go to the beach to see the curve, I am referring to looking at a distant ship or whatever (with binocs) from beach level then rising in elevation a bit (like standing on your car or up a hill) and looking at it again. I referred to my video; here it is again: Halfway thru I have two photos that show what I’m talking about. It’s hard to believe that you’ve never done this. (Btw, in that vid you’ll see and hear David Weiss slipping up and SAYING he has ‘flat earth controllers’ — if you go to my blog post on the matter you can read my emails with him that show he wasn’t joking. You’ll also find out that Sofia Smallstorm is almost certainly part of the psy op.)

                That flat earth is a psy op should be obvious to any thinking person and I’ll explain why — not for you but for your audience — I refuse to believe that you are too dense to understand this. I’ve made videos on NASA’s lies, like this one:, which has gotten like 90k views. There are plenty of other proofs, by me and others. This is upsetting to the PTB, IMO. What’s the best way to blackwash evidence like this? Attach it to nonsense like FE. Many FE videos actually use footage directly from that video then mix it in with their FE crapola, thereby discrediting the proofs that NASA is a fraud.

                Since it’s so easy to determine that the earth is a sphere (by simple observation), I have had to come to the conclusion that any obviously intelligent person (who has the smarts to produce a coherent video or even podcast) who promotes FE must be a govt operative. Marty Leeds is a good example (plus Dubay and the rest). The same goes for any alt media figure who promotes flat earth, which you do by having them on your show and not quizzing them on the most obvious faults in their ‘thinking’. Crrow claims he is not a FEer but goes on to muddy the waters with his BS. Muddying the waters is just as efficient as FE itself. Keep them arguing about this shit, etc. It’s classic misdirection. But re Crrow, I have written about him (and you) in my blog. I’ll paste in a bit:

                ‘I just finished Greg Carlwood’s ( recent interview with the Web persona known as Crrow777 and thought to launch my Flat Earth blog with this interview as inspiration. I’ve noticed that over about the last year or two an exponential increase in web ‘personalities’ that proclaim that everything is faked/an illusion. I don’t mean in some existential/philosophical sense (although there is plenty of that crapola going around too) – the nature of reality, etc. – but rather faked like a magician doing tricks – in other words, a mega, or meta, version of stagecraft. Crrow777 is one of these types. (Miles Mathis, whom I will cover in depth soon, is certainly one of these.) Crrow777 is also one of many ‘science truthers’ who have materialized (so to speak), seemingly out of nowhere. Not actual… science, in the real, in the good, critical thinking, empirical sense. (And I don’t mean ‘good’ as in the Gatekeepers/main stream/deGrasse Tyson kind of science either!) Crrow777 talks a lot of science but it’s a muffled kind of talk, his head being so far up his ass.

                Crrow777 has an interesting M.O. though. He’s a photographer/videographer and amateur astronomer who points his cameras at the sky then tells us what we’re seeing on his Youtube channel. (He does more than that but this is his stratagem, his hook. His imposture.) In 2012, Crrow777 saw and filmed the first lunar wave, and he was off to the Web races. [See my other comment about how he censored Dazzathecameraman]

                As the interview went on, I picked up on Crrow777’s NLP skills, how he mixes truths with bullshit or flat nonsense (which is impossible to counter), with the agenda of getting you to think that the world as we know it is a trick perpetrated by the PTB; ‘we live in a construct’ is his way of putting it. This in itself is a partially truth-laden statement, but Crrow777’s gig is to take it to the point wherein nothing can really be known. He is also an important ‘truther demographic’ – represented by his position on FE, which is best described as a sort of ‘profound doubt’; he just doesn’t know.

                This in itself is a tell. I mean, given his many years of research and thousands of hours of telescope time (he claims), if Crrow777 can’t figure out the shape of whatever it is he’s standing on, what hope is there for us intellectual peons? And indeed, as we’ll see, the actual agenda behind the FE meme itself has nothing to do with the shape of earth. [It’s misdirection]

                Addendum: There of course is nothing wrong with ‘doubt’ and ‘not knowing’ something; quite the contrary. However, when a meme with profound philosophical and practical implications seems to come out of nowhere, it’s best to be on guard. And as you’ll see if you hang in, Crrow777 (plus his lunar wave) is no accident.’
                END QUOTE

                It goes on… I have a fictionalized scene of how it might have gone at ‘A flat earth round table’ (the PTB hatching their op). It’s at It’s long and meant for a laugh…

                Later I quote a comment I made at Marty Leeds’s ‘Litmus Test’ video:

                A.C. Weisbecker2 months ago
                Yes NASA lies about mostly everything. That this means FE is correct violates more logical fallacies than I can count. Now:

                On thehighersidechat you admitted that the Tesla quote is untrue. So why not put a flag on the video admitting it? Or in the Notes? You continue this… lie… is what it is. I’m an old time celestial navigator. Many times I’ve ‘Dipped the light’, which proves a curved sea surface. See:
                This is in my 2000 book In Search of Captain Zero, so it’s not ad hockery.

                There are several ’round the world ocean yacht races, which – if the earth is flat — means that the hundreds who did this amazing feat, are all in on the conspiracy, since they sailed south of the three great capes, a distance of about 12,000 miles, NOT 60,000 MILES, as you would have it. See:

                The route is shown in the beginning. If FE it would be years to do that route. The record is now 78 days. Impossible with FE. Here’s what Miles Mathis says of people like you, and altho I do not trust him, his limited hangout is exactly true in this case (Leeds uses a very different quote from MM in his video):

                ‘There are many Antis working right now, literally hundreds of them on Youtube alone. That is what the whole Flat Earth thing is about. Have you noticed you can’t research anything on Youtube without being assaulted with the Flatpromotion? Well, they are doing exactly the same thing Mullins did. One, tell you the truth about NASA, which is that it has faked a large amount of its publicity in the past. Two, they list all the lies of NASA. Three, they start talking about the Flat Earth, saying that is the main thing NASA is hiding from you. So they have just blackwashed themselves in plain sight.The Flat Earth promotion is just like the Hitler promotion: they know no one with any sense will buy it. But they are hoping you will link Flat Earth promotion to criticism of NASA. They want you to think that anyone who criticizes NASA or the mainstream story in any way is a Flat Earth nut. They are hoping you wash both babies out with the same bathwater, and that is what many people are doing.’ [Miles Mathis is a classic limited hangout. See my blog posts about him, ‘An Open Letter to Miles Mathis’]

                But just deal with the yacht race and tell me that these incredible sailors are all lying to fool us. Christ….

                END QUOTE

                Greg, you say you don’t promote flat earth. This is the ultimate in disingenuousness; for someone of your intelligence, it’s an outright lie. You call yourself a ‘truther’ and fail to provide the obvious ‘other side’ to this matter. (The fact that I’m taking the time to write this — and people are reading it — shows the success of the FE psy op.)

                You also say:

                ‘Another thing, I didn’t pooh-pooh Wal Thornhill. I’ve said in several wrap ups that the Electric Universe model seems like the most correct model to me. I don’t care if you disagree, but don’t be disingenuous about what I’ve said or where I stand.’

                Listen to your wrap up of the Thornhill interview. You demand ‘proof’ of Thornhill’s cosmology. You promote crap like FE and when you finally have a real scientist on, you want proof? Pu-lease.

                Okay, enough. I expect if you answer this you’ll cherry pick. Be my guest.

                1. When you frame my potential response with “I expect if you answer this you’ll cherry pick. Be my guest.” it does make me just want to say fuck it, and not spend the time, but a couple of things:

                  I understand your frustration with the Flat Earth, and I try to never talk shit on any guest, because it’s just bad form for a host. Consider that in what I’m saying. I’m not going to argue Flat Earth positions, because I’m not a believer in that.

                  I think part of the issue is that you maybe aren’t getting exactly what THC is. I doubt you’ll ever have heard me calling myself a “truther.” I know there are many psy ops and disinformation agents out there, so I avoid words like “truther” pretty consciousnessly. What I operate, is a show that explores the fringes of conspiracy culture. That means talking about anything that becomes a part of that culture. I’ve also said in several shows that, “Disinfo agents have surely been on the show, but there is value in picking their brains for 2 hours.” which I still stand by. I don’t baby people, I don’t tell them what to think. I more say, “Here’s someone with a weird idea, let’s look at it.” It’s a deep dive into the minds of fringe researcher, not a constant string of gospel truths.

                  Again, like I said, I always felt very comfortable going to the weirdest of places, until Flat Earth and I’ve tried to frame it as, “Okay, we interviewed two of the top guys for that, let’s close the books on it.”

                  I think you should be able to look at guest choices since Jarenism, and see that. Crrow is a sort of special case, because when it was all about moon oddities, chemtrail spewing orbs, and particularly the Hadibov material and the idea of a saucer surveillance grid- I was really into it, and we also became friends. His position has moved a bit since then, and I still like him, but I do think our alignment is off from where it was 2 years ago. It happens.

                  As for wrap ups, they are pretty off the cuff. I don’t know where my head was the day of Wal Thronhill, but I do believe it was before the Flat Earth stuff came around. Again, I know I’ve said in wrap ups that there are a lot of lies around NASA and space, but I think it’s closer to Electric Universe than Flat Earth. That should count for something.

                  I had actually been thinking of trying to find more guests who can strike the space between “NASA has deceived us a lot, but the Earth is still round.” It’s actually not that easy, given my choices out there. I would say you even sound like a decent candidate, but you also seem to have made your mind up about me, and I don’t like accusations. I did a decade in retail though, so I’m pretty used to people talking shit to my face and then still having to navigate a conversation anyway. Have you done any interviews previously? Would you be interested?

                  1. Greg, to answer your question: I’ve done a few interviews plus a documentary film. I’ve written three books which average almost 5 stars in like 400 reader reviews (plug ‘Allan Weisbecker’ into Amazon). I’ve written for Hollywood (the old Miami Vice show, plus feature films). This interview might be of interest:

                    My documentary, which I did completely solo, teaching myself film editing, etc., is worth a look:

                    I call the above a ‘filmed memoir,’ as it says a lot about my life and view of the world, etc. It got rave reviews from folks like Jon Rappoport, who wrote this in his blog:

                    ‘They would have to invent a whole different kind of award for this undertaking. Allan Weisbecker pulls off something in his movie I couldn’t even imagine before I saw it. With his beloved dog, Honey, and his surfboard, he goes on the road across America, moves south of the border, his laptop loaded with evidence that the US government has been lying to the people for the past 50 years about every pivotal event in our history, and he confronts lawyers and ex-pats and dropouts and people on the side of the road with this evidence and he records their reactions extensively, and we finally see what the resistance is all about.

                    I’m not talking about the revolution. I’m talking about how people resist the truth, in their own words, through their own confessions, live, in front of the camera. This is truth on a whole other level, because Weisbecker won’t stop being outraged and he’s on a mission to find out what happened to America.

                    Meanwhile, we’re watching the natural beauty of sand, waves, sky, trees flash by, the gorgeous world, and the contrast is staggering.

                    Take the time to watch the journey, dig in: a modern knight doing his work, living the life he’s chosen.

                    Once upon a time, he worked and prospered in Hollywood. Now he gives us THIS.’

                    (Jon is one of the few alt media figures I’m still relatively friendly with. Plus Fetzer, although he likes to yell at me.)

                    Water Time has been in film festivals in NY and Berlin. It may be worth your time.

                    Over the last 3 or so years I’ve lived on the road in an RV, traveling the country making short films and sporadically blogging ( I’m getting old, will be 70 in a week or so, and have backed off on public stuff (I’ve done a bunch of other interviews, actually). My blog posts reveal my main interest, which is uncovering the lies we’re told, from the basic tenets of ‘mainstream science’ to the various media deceits to the ‘nature of reality.’

                    I’ve had conflicts with almost all the alt media figures I’ve been in touch with, mainly because — in my view — they have all failed when it comes to actually following the evidence WHEREVER it leads. Or even looking into the evidence. Over time and with pretty deep research it has occurred to me that there are only two possible reasons for this: They are subject to the same sort of ‘doublethink’ that Orwell describes or they are government operatives out to misdirect us or outright deceive us. In most cases there is evidence for the latter. (You can see what I mean if you take the time to go over my blog posts.) Some, like Miles Mathis, are utterly obvious psy ops, in ‘his’ case (he is a committee) a very ambitious one, giving some profound truths (his Manson essay and a few others) mixed with utter hogwash (JFK). James Corbett is an interesting case, given how much good information he gives. But given this… …. there is little doubt that he’s limited hangout. (If you want to save time you can watch my edited version of Corbett’s speech, wherein he repeats 23 times (in 20 minutes) the biggest lie of 9/11; this is classic NLP:

                    Others, such as yourself, are not so clear. I enjoy your show very much, notwithstanding your coddling of bullshitters, and am not sure where you fit in the mix. I do know absolutely, that the vast majority of your colleagues in the alt media are active agents of deceit. One proof of this is that no one brings it up, except in passing, when it’s actually the most important single issue we should all be dealing with.

                    I’m taking the time to write this because I might be willing to do a show. I would want to bring up this subject of alt media corruption — I have no desire to be accusatory or nasty in tone. If you look at my doings with folks like Joseph Farrell, Jay Dyer, Jay Weidner, Jan Irvin, Joe Atwill, James Corbett, Richard Grove and others you will find that I was not the instigator of accusation, let alone nastiness. Not in ANY of these cases. In the case of Farrell, for example, I merely tried to correct him on a mistake he’s made several times (he writes that beings on a large planet with high gravity will be giants, when the opposite is the case, gravitationally — for example, the dinosaurs must have lived in way less gravity than now). I could not have been mellower or more… ass kissing even. He ends up calling me ‘the lowest form of human’ or some such… (btw, I’m not accusing him of being a govt op. In his case I flat don’t know.)

                    I’m the first to admit that I’m not 100% sure about much of anything, including who is dirty. In your case, maybe you haven’t thought to take some binoculars to the beach and settle the matter of curvature. Or just look at the goddamn moon/sun and see that they are the same size when rising as at zenith. Or ten other observations. I’m a long time sailor — it’s so obvious to me. I realize that if you challenge your guests in obvious illogic, you’ll have trouble with the next candidate, etc., but it seems to me that we’re on the brink of cataclysm — getting guests should not be of overriding concern. But aside from this, you’re a very intelligent guy who does his homework, and I learn something from most shows. I don’t really know where your heart is.

                    If you can find the time, take a look at my stuff and we can discuss a possible interview. I can be contacted directly at acwdownsouth at yahoo.

                    1. Greg, I have this feeling I’m not going to hear from you (here or at my email). Since you did inquire if I’d want to do a show, it seems rude not to answer my good-faith and frank cv. I should point out that this has happened before. Jay Dyer comes to mind, as just one example (see my blog). I came to realize he didn’t want to talk about certain subjects (like an in-depth discussion of alt media corruption by the PTB); this was after he invited me to be interviewed. Is this what you’re nervous about? (If you’re merely taking time to go over my material, shoot me a quick message to say so. I’m in no hurry.)

                    2. I’m not going to involve myself in this discussion other than to say I have the utmost respect for allan & i love his film Water Time. it’s a beautiful work, & everyone should watch it.

                    3. Thanks, Trinitdaddy, nice of you to say that. The film is on Youtube at

                      Greg, I’m perfectly willing to avoid mentioning specific names in an interview, if that’s what’s bothering you. Anyway, I’m more interested in the Big Lies mainstream science has told us, and why (mainly neo-Darwinism and the Big Bang/expanding space paradigm, which has set physics back a full century). Plus, I don’t know 100% that anyone is dirty; I merely have some tells, plus reasons to believe that the PTB were planning ahead, way ahead, re the alt media in general, and therefore set a bunch of them up, right from the get-go. This should not be controversial news to any thinking person.

                    4. Like Allan I am a long time sailor with a military grade bullshit detector. Having studied this Fortean stuff since I was a kid and having formal and hands on scientific training and experience, I have come to similar conclusions re a lot of alt media. Where we perhaps differ is that I think folks can be “handled” into being shills while believing in their hearts they are doing good work. It is all about ego, something the PTB definitely know how to manipulate. A well meaning researcher who is wrong in the right way for the PTB will get just enough subtle support to keep going and get heard by more and more folks. One aspect of this is the truth sandwich or limited hangout. Personalities that have figured out one aspect of things tend to focus on that even to the exception of other related aspects. What I know, maybe from hunting subs in a previous career, is even when you are getting signals that are deceptive (e.g. commercial fishing radar) they are telling you something. SO I am always interested in what BS is being peddled along with the limited hang out/truth part. Clif High and his hard on for Corey Goode and David Wilcock is a good example. Both sides put out some truth. But what agenda is the BS serving? Are these two factions of the Cabal fighting? Or is it just a show fight? I find it helps to keep in mind what one knows first hand. For me that is a lot of military and science stuff (globe earth for sure, even though I did try to figure *any* way my observations could support another possibility and short of the whole simulation thing (which frankly if true I do not see mattering as it will have rules and we existi in it).

        2. This show is good because it isn’t censored. All ideas are thrown around. The bogus ideas, the community does a good job hashing that out. But to go overboard and try to discredit all work, because some work is entertained is nonsense. If Greg only Interviewed the people he agreed with, then this would be another BS show, and we would all be drinking Gregs flavor of cool aid. If the show goes that way, I would bet he would start loosing subs. Surrounding yourself with only people who share your point of view, is a defensive mechanism, your not comfortable with your position, or you can’t defend it. If I wanted an Information bottle neck, there’s hundreds of pod casts like that, but not like this. If you can’t say it best, quote it. Aristotle: It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

      2. I’ll throw another one out there. I subscribed to his podcast for a long time. When he did the podcast on how we are chattle and to check your ssn on financial sites to show that there is an assigned value to us, I tried to do it myself.
        When I did what he said, I couldn’t reproduce it. I asked him several times on his website and youtube channel EXACTLY how he did it? What site? All he had to to was say “Go to and put your ssn in…” but instead, he replied and called me a shill or lazy. I spent hours watching videos and reading forum posts on how to do it and never reproduced it.

        I don’t know if he’s a shill/disinfo agent/whatever, or if it’s just his ego that can’t be wrong, but that experience with him really tarnished my view of him.

        1. Good point about Crrow’s arrogance/ego. My “conversations” with him have been equally troublesome. I stopped listening to his foolishness. He is, at the very least, a bloviating liar.

  19. Finally joined plus! Crow777, Jay Parker and the gentleman that talks about the Archons are my favorites. Thanks Greg! Also I loved that I could sign up with crypto. Litecoin and ripple? Smart move!

  20. I like crow, but I don’t agree with everything he says. I don’t think you have had 3 full guests that a totally agreed with, but good stuff. He brought a lot to the table, but he has his own lens too. If you get big enough and noticed, it’s just a matter of time before it’s claimed your a psyop. I cast my token neither way, but I enjoy the FE debate. We found out NASA has a big pool they work out of, and it’s all photo shop. If what they say is true, they should just show us the evidence. That lack of evidence is incredibly suspect. Nothing adds up. I say it nearly every post, but I still love the Walt thornhill and Eric Dollard theories. I think, as far as astrology is concerned, it would make more sense the location of a ball of plasma on the horizon at your birth, as opposed to a floating rock. Your brain has a bunch of electrical snaps occuring, why wouldn’t an electrical universe make more sense?

  21. I’ll listen to crow talk about the same shit over and over cuz I love it. He’s right. Good show man. Anytime Croww and greg get together I will fucking listen. Love hearing two great minds have a conversation. Good shit. Much love guys. Fuck the ptb. #wedonotconsent. #moderndaybookburning.

  22. I’ve tried the thing where you look up your name/ssn to show that you are a corporation and it doesn’t seem to work. I followed the steps on the vids you see on youtube and the closest I found was if you went to Fidelity’s site and put your ssn in the bond # field, then your date of birth. It gave me a value, so I tried a few random numbers for the ssn and it was the same value no matter what. Once I changed the date of birth, then the values change. Also, it never showed my name. Anyone else have any success? Would love to see if someone typed in their ssn and it returned their name and a value.

  23. @2:18 is crroww777 really surprised that most last names in Western culture are heavily male dominated? or that in the 30s and 40s women weren’t leads in many movies? surely someone so astute has heard of patriarchal culture? especially in reference to alchemy vs science

  24. Sorry second post here. Can’t stop listening the ‘noades reversal’. Good work for leaving this in greg – and great questioning to force the reversal. Protecting your great prodcast’s from guests talking about stuff they know nothing about, which is pretty harmful to credibility.

  25. Gotta love Crrow. Like a heroin dealer, he mixes pure unadulterated truth with pure unadulterated bull sh*t, 50/50. This FE stuff is no doubt a psyop\ dis-info campaign as numerous folks have pointed out on the web.
    No doubt this is to throw off the the growing number of peeps that are pointing out the photographic manipulation and fabrication coming out of NASA. I do agree with Crrow that more and more artificial intelligence is coming into play. My thinking is this is through the use of games theory to predict mass behavior, which is then tested in the field with operations like Jade Helm.
    Where THC falls into this I’m still trying to figure out, but hope that as I keep sifting the information here with my better judgement, that the nuggets of truth will emerge. What I appreciate about Crrow is that he got me to challenge a lot of preconceived things that were handed down to me as truth and research them myself. If Crrow’s work is just honey to attract those with curious minds to reveal them selves, then shame on him. I think that way too much time, money and effort is being spent with our tax dollars on all this dis-info. After 9/11 many people know it’s a con job and have written it all off – along time ago. They would say, “Of course I know that the emperor is standing there buck naked but as long as you pay me to see the clothes, I’ll go along to get along”. Folks that got hurt got paid. The real trouble is going to start when folks are no longer getting paid, not because a handful of folks on THC plus know that there is a pyramid in Antarctica….

  26. I think the best way to move past this comments section would be a new episode… ????????????

    It’s mid month and I see no podcast in sight..

    Tin Foil Hat keeps me a little satisfied and I’m a Patreon supporter but their episodes are so short…

    C’mon Greg let’s jump in the deep end.

  27. Longtime listener to the free hour and membership was coming but after the first hour of the construct call out cat himself Crrow started the year I could not go another show without the full interview !!! I’m going back to catch the 2nd hour of every show and i’m psyched for the next level!! Greg you are the man and opening eyes and minds everywhere man keep it cuz change is coming and it’s our move …. our fuckin move!! TGB

  28. Aw man, I’m late to the dance here. But hopefully you see this, Crrow, because I’ve meant to ask before. Your moniker was originally “Crrow Triple-Horn” which you abbreviated to Crrow777, right? Well there’s an astonishing sync with that name and your work to the Captain Beefheart song “Ice Cream for Crow” of all things. The opening lines of lyrics go:

    “It’s so hot
    Looks like you have three beaks, crow
    The moon’s so full
    Whiiite hat on a pumpkin
    You Know there’s somethin’
    The moon was a stone’s throw”

    So, we’ve got both the illusion (reflected off a pumpkin) and distance (stone’s throw) aspects you argue. I’m curious if you’ve ever been into Beefheart and, if so, was this an inspiration? Maybe an unconscious one? Or am I a victim of my own apophenia here?

  29. Blackshoe10: I agree that in many cases an alt media figure could be unwitting in his de facto support for the PTB agenda. In fact, this is key to the dilemma. Best we can do is look at the over all picture, use whatever critical thinking ability we have, and to some extent assume the worst. But as you say, even the most obvious limited hangout will – almost by definition – include important info in whatever he/she is doing. One ‘tell’ is what agenda someone seems to be pushing, and what important matters are left out (lies by omission). My eyes were first opened (re the pervasiveness of limited hangouts) when I realized that James Corbett is almost certainly one — given the excellent info he does come up with. (Google my ‘Open Letter to James Corbett’). Just recently I tried to join his ‘Open Source Community’ — which meant I could leave comments on his site. He refunded my money, keeping me at bay and preventing me from linking to my open letter, which includes our email exchange wherein he clearly lies. Another tell with Corbett is the huge amount of information he produces, while claiming to be a one man show. As a writer (three books, many screen/TV scripts, etc.) and filmmaker, I know what it takes to make documentary films and write essays (if you really look at his output you’ll see what I mean, aside from three feature documentaries and many shorter ones). This is the giveaway with Miles Mathis also, whom I expose on my blog with a long Open Letter to him. With Greg, as I say in another comment here, I don’t really know where his heart is, but given the obvious LH operators he touts… I feel safer assuming he’s one of them. Last week (see above) I offered to be on his show (after he asked) and gave some links to my stuff and my email address. The silence has been deafening. This has happened with a slew of other alt media ‘names.’ They inquire if I’d like to do an interview, then I show them my links exposing limited hangouts, and suddenly they don’t even answer emails/messages. Anyone wanting the whole list can see my blog. It’s distressing but completely predictable: the PTB have basically thrown the mainstream media under the bus, knowing they have the alt media under control. (BTW, Greg claiming you can’t see the curve of the planet at the beach is a really bad sign — as a ‘salt’ I’m sure you agree. Just look at a ship then go higher and you’ll see more of it, etc, etc.)

    1. Totally with you re Corbett and Mathis. The latter demonstrates another tactic I am seeing increasingly, namely wasting time with interesting nuggets surrounded by BS and blather. Almost like using chaff to confuse fire control radar. Able Danger seems to fit in that category and I am beginning to wonder if Chris Knowles belongs there. To Greg’s credit, he has brought on Shamangeneer, whose conclusions and outlook, at least re cosmology and what strings are worth pulling mirror my own. Also Wal Thornhill and David Talbot, who, if limited hangout or controlled oppo, are at least mostly true and based on observable stuff. My impression of the the Thunderbolts stuff is they keep the woo low in order to maintain more respectability. Use of discernment on the alt media is a lot like distilling (another thing I have hands on experience with). The wash can be pretty bland or even nasty, but what comes out of the still, especially when cut by a distiller with taste (discernment) can be pretty amazing.
      Speaking of tells, I am with you re lots of content and production values. It’s like those guys can’t help themselves. Whenever I see a fancy intro w graphics and music my BS detector switches up to high. I do not count THC in that number as I’ve listened long enough to hear it evolve into what it is and it seems pretty organic. My intuition is that Greg is legit though he has certainly had shilly guests. It is pretty apparent there are factions of them, each with different angles. I expect the controllers, whoever or whatever they turn out to be are not all that monolithic, especially as one group has no compunction about throwing another to the wolves to save itself as more people wake up.
      Anyway I am fine with LH on THC as what they are pushing or not saying says a lot. As much as everyone goes on re Clif High being the smartest man in the world I’ve heard him change stories multiple time and tout theories that are demonstrably wrong or contradictory with other stuff he has said. Hangouts like his up the ante as he seems to give out info that has made lots of people (including me) money. Whether the predictive linguistics thing is real (I think it could be a version of high tech scrying ala John Dee or tapping into the same premonition stuff that PEAR documented re showing physiological reactions in people before they were shown shocking pictures- that report itself was no doubt a LH) or if he is getting insider info, someone is expending capital to get him devout followers. So far, near as I can tell he seems to be an agent of partial disclosure. And for whatever reason he is aligned against the Gaia TV element, themselves seeming to be running a different partial disclosure. Maybe the plan is to have a staged fight between factions rise into the mainstream to be ridiculed. He is also a proponent of the whole universe phases in and out 30 trillion times a second thing, something I’d never heard of except from a somewhat recent THC guest who was rather a dud and pretty obviously a LH shill. I think the plan may be to obsfucate the etheric nature of the universe as mass understanding of that would definitely undermine PTB ability to control through scarcity.
      Anyway, I hope Greg reaches out and puts you on the show. I’m off to peruse your site now. Cheers.

  30. It was really good to hear Crrow777’s voice in your show, it’s been too long. Crrow goes places others fear to tread and the depth of his research never fails to astound me, his podcast is second only to THC. I loved Greg’s interview and it felt like a trip down memory lane in the first half, the second half of the show demonstrated the reason that I subscribe to THC. It would have been nice to hear more about black goo and the depths to which movies and TVs films depict it in some form or another. If anyone is into animé, see if you can count the number of films which displays black goo; I stopped counting at 200!
    Anyway, thank you Mr Carlwood for bringing Crrow777 back, I sincerely hope it’s not too long before we hear him back on again.

  31. Blackshoe10, no Greg has not reached out to me in any way, not responded to my messages (in spite of his query about me appearing on his show) and I have no doubt that I will not hear from him. In fact I’m only posting this comment as a slight annoyance — I strongly suspect that the 2 comments above this one are from friendly shills, to prevent our comments from being so obvious to browsers. To finish this up I’ll only humbly disagree with your intuition re Greg’s legitimacy. If for no other reason: the earth is not flat and Greg knows this, yet he has not had anyone on to say this, nor has he stated it as his personal view. FE is a fairly important psy op, as you know. (The number and professionalism of the THC theme music is also a tell, if a minor one — how much do talented songwriters/musicians plus studio time cost these days?)

    1. Dude, it’s the end of the month and I’m trying to get my job done. I asked if you’d be interested. After that, you have made two more comments about doubting my legitimacy. I’m not really cool with that. I’m not going to dedicate airtime on my own show to defend myself against you. Every guest that is not specifically a flat Earther, thinks the Earth is round. I don’t feel like that has to be stated. I don’t think “the Earth is round” warrants an entire episode. I don’t think you sanctimoniously picking apart the alternative community really deserves airtime either.

      You get kicked out of communities like James Corbett’s because you somehow figured him out, I just think you’re an instigator. I won’t kick you out for it, but I don’t owe you a show.

  32. Duuuude, you are nothing if not predictable. In fact, I did predict how it would go with you, back on January 15 (three days after you voiced serious interest in having me as a guest, asking for my cv, which I sent in a comment) , when I wrote:

    ‘Last week (see above) I offered to be on [Greg’s show] show (after he asked) and gave some links to my stuff and my email address. The silence has been deafening. This has happened with a slew of other alt media ‘names.’ They inquire if I’d like to do an interview, then I show them my links exposing limited hangouts, and suddenly they don’t even answer emails/messages. Anyone wanting the whole list can see my blog.’

    Since you do keep a close eye on the comments here (I got one ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’), and since this was like two weeks ago, what’s the reason for not ‘shooting me a quick email’ saying you need more time? Takes like TEN SECONDS; and if I was a prospective guest…. but I wasn’t a prospective guest, not after you saw my links.

    I also wrote, on Jan 21:

    ‘Greg, I have this feeling I’m not going to hear from you (here or at my email). Since you did inquire if I’d want to do a show, it seems rude not to answer my good-faith and frank cv. I should point out that this has happened before. Jay Dyer comes to mind, as just one example (see my blog). I came to realize he didn’t want to talk about certain subjects (like an in-depth discussion of alt media corruption by the PTB); this was after he invited me to be interviewed. Is this what you’re nervous about? (If you’re merely taking time to go over my material, shoot me a quick message to say so. I’m in no hurry.)’

    That was more than two weeks ago and now you’re saying If I was just patient and waited a little longer you would have gotten back to me? That’s what this is supposed to mean: ‘Dude, it’s the end of the month and I’m trying to get my job done.’ Right? (What else could it mean?) Anyone reading our exchange would know you’re misdirecting/deceiving with your latest message, exactly like I have gotten in the past.

    In fact, here’s what you wrote on Jan 13:

    ‘I had actually been thinking of trying to find more guests who can strike the space between “NASA has deceived us a lot, but the Earth is still round.” It’s actually not that easy, given my choices out there. I would say you even sound like a decent candidate, but you also seem to have made your mind up about me, and I don’t like accusations. I did a decade in retail though, so I’m pretty used to people talking shit to my face and then still having to navigate a conversation anyway. Have you done any interviews previously? Would you be interested?’

    What happened? Did you see this one?: (You say Jeran is the most persuasive of the flat earthers. Go halfway into the above and see what he really is. But you already did that… )

    It was your nearly three weeks of silence that finally tipped me about you; before that I was merely suspicious and would not have been combative in an interview. Duuuude, if I were in your shoes and was on the level I’d welcome a genuine back-and-forth about psy ops, etc.

    (Btw, it would have been better to leave well enough alone and not tried with your above damage control, given it’s exactly what I predicted.)

    1. Right. I give you airtime or I’m a shill. See, you put the alternative community in an impossible position. Because I have a high standard for high quality music even, I’m a shill. A show can be good, but not too. Popular, but not too popular. Failure seems to be your only measure of trustworthiness.

  33. Your gross oversimplification of my observations is a straw man, if a tiresome one; but you know this. Since the waters of this thread have been well muddied, I’ll finish my end by repeating that a good indication of an alt media figure’s agenda is to look at the agendas of those he most promotes. In your case, Crrow777 comes to mind. Quite a few months ago someone else (not me) pointed out that Crrow777 censored Dazzathecaeraman with a Youtube copyright infringement complaint because Dazza had exposed the ‘lunar wave’ for the crapola it is. For several reasons this raises hypocrisy to about as high a level as it can reach, and at the least proves that Crrow is not to be trusted (and all that this implies re his ‘job’). You knew this, yet never brought it up or ceased your promotion of Crrow. IMO this is the most important single takeaway from our little ‘disagreement.’

    If you respond to this with more misdirection, I would urge the reader to simply search ‘Dazzathecameraman + Crrow777’, and, if necessary look back at the comments of Crrow’s appearances (to prove you knew of the censorship). You’re a smart fellow: The idea that you don’t know that Crrow777’s job is to muddy the waters (misdirection) is beyond credible. IMO.

    The good news is that few THC fans are still following this so the damage has been minor. More good news: I don’t intend to make future comments. I’m getting old and tired and have pretty much given up on ‘public critical thinking.’ It just doesn’t seem to work, plus it’s depressing. (I knew very well that I wasn’t going to be invited on your show.)

    I enjoy your show and learn from it. Hey, I could be wrong about everything.

  34. no one will see this as it’s May . I spent several months beginning with the oldest shows , I think you’re a great interviewer. The two best were/are Art Bell and Henrik Palmgren (in my opinion.) Please take that as a compliment because it is meant to be. Maybe you and Art Bell tied for second. The point I wish to make is I understand what you want your show to be. I too find myself wishing you would challenge is a nice way some of the outlandish statements made by Croww in particular. I don’t know where you stand. It would seem, given your intellect that you wouldn’t deny all science . Nasa didn’t announce the earth was round. tHINK OF THE BEAUTIFUL SPHERES IN THE European PALACES. I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO THINK THIS CONSPERACY WAS CONTINUED FOR A FEW THOUSAND YEARS. I’m NOT BRINGING UP SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENTS AS OTHERS HAVE DONE SO. I WANT TO EMPASIS THAT TO MAINTAIN A LIE FOR SO LONG FOR UNKNOWN PuRPOSES JUST SOUNDS , WELL CRAZY. pEOPLE JUST DON’T AGREE IN THAT WAY. I THINK IT UPSETS OTHERS A BIT THAT YOU DO COME ACROSS AS SUPPIORTIVE (ON THE SURFACE AT LEAST) OF FE. I’m not shouting..I didn’t realize that the cap lock was on . I type so slowly I either have to leave it as is or skip commenting. Again, please forgive the caps-I’m not sure if it is a huge “sin “or not. I do love your preparedness and wish you did several show a week. You are really one of a few top interviewers. Maybe tipping your hand, showing what you think, isn’t part of your style. A clue would be nice yet everyone almost everyone loved the interview. If you ever wanted a dissenting view on FE ask Dr. Farrell. I think you know this because I think you are a member. However, I believe he refuses to discuss it because he finds it too absurd!

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