Chris Knowles | Song To The Siren, Invoked Entities, & Rebuilding Babylon

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Join host, Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Song of the Siren, invoked entities, & rebuilding Babylon with returning guest, Chris Knowles.

While many of us recognize the weird sychronocities and symbolism surrounding some of society’s most consequential events, from Super Bowl shows and celebrity deaths to false flags and media propaganda- it’s safe to say these occurrences are more than mere coincidence.
And whether we are living in a carefully constructed simulation or these patterns are more along the lines of the elite’s calling card, the resulting web of influence is hard to ignore.
Fortunately, today’s returning guest, Chris Knowles, is a master in unraveling intricately woven webs of symbolism and he joins The Higherside to help shed some light on his newest research.
2:42 During their last interview in January, Greg and Chris discussed incoming President Trump, and the potential position this put America in. Now with almost a year under his belt, Chris elaborates what he believes is playing out behind the scenes, from the remnants of a spy war and inter-agency power coups, to the DNC hack and the inevitable fallout over the Podesta emails and Pizzagate. Knowles also offers insight into the Roman theme of Trump’s presidency in juxtaposition to Obama’s Egyptian motif.
10:15 Greg and Chris discuss the recent NFL National Anthem debacle and it’s ties to a military recruitment campaign. Knowles breaks down the correlation between the obvious Pagan ritual displays in sports and entertainment and the introduction of military involvement in these very industries as well as the manufactured controversies surrounding halftimes shows of entertainers like, Beyonce.
19:30 After covering the rising influence of the siren, Greg and Chris begin to really dive deep into Tim Buckley, his son Jeff and the Cocteau Twins. Knowles details his journey into this saga, beginning with his research into the death of Chris Cornell. Chris details the close relationship of Cornell with Jeff Buckley, the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, the timing of his death in proximity to the Twin Peaks return and the list of never-ending synchronicities.
29:00 After covering the themes of the siren saga, Greg and Chris turn their attention to key figure, Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins, her tumultuous career, and chaotic early years in Scotland’s punk scene. Knowles discusses how her troubled past helped make her a prime candidate for experimental mind control, induced dissociation, torture and perhaps a vessel for channeling entities such as sirens.
39:50 Greg and Chris continue discussing Elizabeth Fraser, the multiple deaths connected to her, the bizarre symbolism surrounding each individual death and the siren motif throughout it all.
47:40 After detailing the intense love triangle of Jeff Buckley, Elizabeth Fraser, and Joan Wasser. Knowles breaks down the music of the Cocteau Twins and how it eerily relates to the circumstances surrounding not only Buckley’s death, but Chris Cornell’s, too.
58:50 Greg and Chris discuss the long horrific history of the elite abusing children. As Knowles explains, this abuse comes with a purpose and belief that children are the gateways to alternate realities and essential to opening stargates.
1:07:30 After the tragic and untimely death of Jeff Buckley, Elizabeth Fraser released only two more singles both of which again point to the influence of the siren archon. Greg and Chris discuss the effects of this tragedy on Fraser and what may be some unintended consequences of this archon’s influence.
Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:
– the weirdness in Braintree, Massachusetts and it’s surrounding area

– the Orion Krause murder case, and the symbolism surrounding it, as well as the likelihood that mind control played a role

– the Netflix shows “OA” and “Stranger Things”

– elements of the saga that relate to David Lynch and Twin Peaks

– Chris’ thoughts on the new Star Trek and what it’s selling

– the elite’s agenda and their secret religion

A few valuable resources from the interview:

– Chris Knowles on The Higherside Chats “The Trump Coup & The Technology Of Lucifer”:

– Chris Knowles on The Higherside Chats “The Devolution Agenda, Decoding NASA and The Heaven’s Gate Cult”:

– Chris Knowles’ “A Very Sirius Election: Stairway to Sirius”:
– The famous Mithras inspired Spirit of Communication Statue:
– Chris Knowles’ “Chris Cornell: The Muses Choose Broken Vessels”:
– Chris Knowles’ “This is the Water: Twin Peaks, Roswell, and the Siren’s Song”:

– Cocteau Twins’ “Road, River and Rail” :
– Cocteau Twins’ “Wolf in the Breast” :
– Cocteau Twins’ “Frou frou foxes In Midsummer Fire”:
– Ben Singleton’s Blog “Pseudo Occult Media”:

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      1. I clicked on the download link for Chris Knowles but it downloaded Shamangineer 3? Went back to podcast list, no Shamangineer 3 there, so I opened Chris Knowles again and it downloaded okay?

        1. This might sometimes happen due to an issue with WordPress indexing new posts and looking up the wrong entry in the databse. If this happens to you, then try logging out, clearing your browser cache, and logging back in again. It seems to fix the problem whenever it happens to me.

  1. Have you noticed the Praetorian Guard motif is being used in the next Star Wars movie. The PG serve Snoke.
    Is Snoke being rewritten as Trump, like the Star Trek Klingons are now wearing cloaked Maga hats??

  2. I watched the millennium dome clip.. I can see the connections to 9/11 when the tower falls, but more interesting was that the tower left behind looks alot like the new world trade center but only the pyramid pointing up side.. the new tower also has pyramids that face down.. and the song being played is downside up, upside down.. very strange also, is a song from the performance called the tower that ate people.. so much to unpack.. i wish we could find these clues ahead of time to prevent them

  3. Great Show dude. If I may, I’ve heard ” I have no evidence but…” and “maybe” enough now to believe it truly is this new millennium’s esoteric anthem.

  4. This was a crazy interview! All that siren shit and the countless links? I love it. I also agree with Chris that a lot of these artists are purposely using all this Illuminati symbolism. They have to know that it’s going to be dissected and get more views and bring more attention and it definitely works. I’m not saying that it’s all fake either.

    1. I firmly believe that artists -and I use the term loosely – use “illuminati ” symbolism to create and enlightened and intellectual image of themselves, with the power to be included into an elite club. It’s goofy fucking nonsense. That said, there are without a doubt people behind the scenes who understand the power of mythology. Some of whom may be actual occult practitioners. Nothing wrong with that so long as the intent is benevolent or at least neutral.

  5. Inadvertently normalizing pedophilia requires us to do more than try to expose it, it requires us to help people heal. Not everyone has to work directly with survivors, but I see so much energy going to exposure but not much going into helping. I think we need more shows about healing our own trauma and maybe getting some training to help others. Donating to sound organizations that help trafficked victims. Seeing it is important, but what happens to all these kids after they are grabbed from the clutches of some freaks? They go back to families that need support to help them if they are really lucky. They go into the CPS system for more abuse if they aren’t so lucky.

  6. Amazing show – I’ll have to listen to it several times to take it all in. Also notice that the hoax Boston Bombing was ostensibly carried out by Dzhokar Tsarnaev, whose first name is pronounced ‘JOKER’.

  7. Amazing stuff! There was one small lull in there, but that could have just been the fact that I saw that CNN posted the deficit is now at $666 billion… Any who, I resubscribed recently because I felt like I was getting away from my routes. Stopped questioning because I was becoming depressed. A few people that I would have never thought would dive down the rabbit hole started shooting me messages, and I found my way home. In regards to the end of this podcast…. It’s a daunting task when you are trying to save the world.. but you have said it before.. one becomes three. and three become nine. I will be rocking a THC shirt here shortly, and continuing to spread the words of THC gospel. Slowly but surely people come around… Trust me. My clients are asking more question (only took three years), and my answer always includes THC. Greg, you are wonderful!

  8. Being conspiratorial minded is kind of like being in a secret society I guess. Its seeing things you know everybody around you is missing, accidentally or through dissonance. At times it can feel like a lonely road, but then I hear kind words from my good friend Carlwood, whom I have never and probably will never meet, and I know there are more just like me. I also know that chemtrails, GMOs, EMF, vaccines, hoax events and fluoride at their root are to influence and dominate our minds, the only thing you can actually own outright in this life. So kudos to us for taking our minds back, as now we may have peace of mind and cheers to Carlwood for taking a strong stance against the relentless current of oppression.

  9. Really great, thanks so much Greg and Chris! So much info, probably will need to give another listen and take notes. I looked up Ft. Strong to try and find the swastika shaped building. It looks like there is a main hall, which is on an angle and seems to have the spoke thing going on, which I guess is the one I’m supposed to be looking at, but I’d love some clarification. Also, when I hear the Cocteau twins, I immediately think about the list of the grandmasters of the Prieure de Sion that I encountered in “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” which lists Jean Cocteau as a grandmaster from 1918-. A recent post by Tracy Twyman from 10/8 called “Fake N.E.W.S.” has a bunch of really interesting Cocteau paintings which have heavy symbolism as well. I don’t know how the Cocteau Twins got their name, but seems like a connection to think about for sure. Finally, beautiful final words by Chris at the end regarding why learning all this craziness is important… another way of saying knowledge is power, an important truism that always feels right. xo

    1. Jean Cocteau was also a film director. His most famous movie, ‘Orphee’ is an adaptation the Greek mythological character whose poetry and music could charm all things living and dead.
      Super weird dream-like movie (spoiler alert) – mirrors as portals to the underworld only accessible with rubber gloves…some sort of mirror/water analogy… Orpheus receives inspiration for his poetry from cryptic messages received from his car radio, which turns out to be the unreleased plagiarized works of his young rival who was recently murdered. Another connection to consider maybe?

  10. It has always struck me as strange that Jeff Buckley (so the story goes) went swimming at sunset – fully clothed, in a lead grey, industrial river/lagoon. You would assume suicide except there was a witness, you might suspect murder except there were no signs of foul play. Looking at pictures of the location it seems to me the last place you would be inspired to go for an evening swim. The idea that he was lured in a trance by the song of a Siren casts this tragic incident in the light of a Greek myth, like a modern day Orpheus…

  11. This is Chris Knowles. Because it’s 2017 and this interview is with Chris Knowles. I mean, it just has to be. This is 2017 and this is the reality we live in. I mean, I don’t know any other way to put it, but it just has to be. Symbolism, it just has to be. 2017 reality we live in. Just has to be.

  12. I’ve been deep in the conspiracy game for as long as I can remember. It’s been both Nature and Nurture for me. In Search Of, Coast To Coast AM, The X Files, I couldn’t get enough. I even grew up in Littleton, Colorado and now live in Aurora, Colorado. I used to tour DIA when it first opened 20+ years ago (pre-9/11) and not knowing a thing about Freemasonry thinking to myself, “gee, that’s strange…”

    Surprisingly, I fell in love with and married a man for whom the world is exactly as portrayed in magazines and on TV, he still believes the media spoon-fed version of 9/11. When things started coming to a head for us last year, with pizzagate and the election, I finally had to ask myself what was the most important thing: Proving the existence of Chupacabra? Finding that smoking gun evidence that Chemtrails are real and we’re all in for a terrible fate? Or how about I tirelessly search for the proof 9/11 was an inside job? Let’s say I find it. Then what? Storm the Capital with my information???

    I decided pretty fast that the most important thing is loving the person that I agreed to spend my life with. If I can’t love him and all of his crazy ideas (Russia got Trump elected), then what the f*ck am I doing with my life? The fact is, as humans we have the capacity for love. It seems clear to me that Love is what the Luciferians are missing and is what they are most jealous of. We are here to love each other, not bicker over shit we will truly never know the answer to.

    My mom introduced me to David Icke years ago, and after having my hair blown back by all of the information he presented, I remember asking her, “mom, what do we do about it?” And she said “Love. They don’t understand Love, it’s too strong for them. Love is the only thing worth fighting for. Love conquers all.” And she would have known, cause she was the Spiritual Adviser at Woodstock, people.

  13. I do not know if Chris might read this message but there is a very interesting interview a couple of years ago with a former girlfriend of Leonard Cohen back in the 60’s here in Montréal: Cohen being the writer of ‘Hallelujah’. In the interview she does make connection to the MK Ultra experiments done at McGill University by the Scottish Donald Ewen Cameron and Leonard Cohens presence there at the university. I haven’t listened to the interview again since 2015, but I am sure that she claims that Cohen had taken part in some of these experiments. She also talked about how Cohen was very pro-Israel, funded by Rothschild and how he approved of the violence against the Palestinians. No doubt that this may be another rabbit hole too many for Chris to venture down or maybe he has already researched this. Anyway here is the link to the interview:

    The interviewer is a very interesting guy who does reference the Higherside Chats sometimes but maybe not in a favourable light. But he does, as an English guy myself does take and discuss seriously the rotten core of the British State which I appreciate.
    Oh, and as this is my 1st post here since becoming a member. Awesome show, excellent interviewer and mind-blowing guests. Dont change 🙂

  14. The Cocteau Twins/ Buckley argument is one on the most ridiculous non issues I’ve heard in a long time.
    I’m old enough to have been a huge fan of the Cocteau Twins during their golden years. They were part of a label (4ad) that was chock full of odd characters and stories during the 80’s.
    The labels approach to cutting edge music, art and fashion set it apart from most other purveyors of underground records. Cocteau Twins were a very good original and unique artist of 4ad’s roster of unique artists.
    Troubled personalities go hand in hand with music and art. Relationships go wrong in society every day and people die in mysterious ways all the time.
    Major figures of popular culture admired the Cocteau Twins for the very reason of their uniqueness. The same reason I did. The personalities have nothing to do with the art. You are grasping at straws to make any kind of meaningful point on this topic.
    I used to play in bands and I said the same thing at times about the songs writing themselves. This is a common sentiment. That’s how real creativity works. Most creatives feel taken over by some unseen force at times.
    I hope there is no intent for commoditization of this hypothesis. You (Knowles) must have little in the tank if this is all you are presenting the world with now. Embarrassing really.
    You are sending the hapless down a dead end road.
    And Carlwood, parroting this nonsense on a live podcast when Portishead was mentioned was unnecessary. Had zero to do with the anecdote being conveyed. Has zero to do with anything.
    That it took almost 8 hours to concoct this stupid waste of time narrative reflects poorly on your judgement.
    Relying on guests like this to pump up ratings shows what a ghost town the “conspiracy ” world is offering anymore.
    All things must end eventually.

  15. In South Park Imaginationland trilogy, there’s same story: children are taken to sing to open portal to another realm, where the Council of 9 reside.

    Hmmmm. :)?

  16. Very good show, instant favorite. Get him back on sooner than later, it sounds like he had to move fast. But when he first mentioned pizza gate, I think he was saying that within the emails, pizza gate was released to make people think that that was the great crime. I think they had chosen to release the lesser of the evils. He made the comment about what else was in the emails. Maybe they let podesta get exposed to cover up some much deeper shit, and the hungry dogs have been fed. What’s worse, letting the pedo buddy go down to get people to stop looking and not focus on X, Y and Z. Maybe it had Antarctica shit. I remember some weird stuff about that in there.

  17. I am having so much fun checking out all the links from the secret sun after listening to this [Great interview] Long time listener, first time commenting…!I LOVE THE SHOW! Greg, Please Check out Red Pill Sunday School on Youtube for a possible interview with clint>richard-son. His book is mind-blowing and a Religion will never look the same to you again, guaranteed. Cheers!

    1. One or two shows ago he interviewed Ole Damengard ( I know it’s misspelled) About Vegas. He recorded this before Vegas but released it after to rush out the Vegas show.

  18. Mind blown, MIND FUCKING BLOWN from hearing all that siren connections… I`m in a middle of second listening now, after checking out Fraser`s and Jeff`s music.

    About them mermaids and sirens… I recently (before I heard this show) was near my TV, saw some Barbie BS cgi cartoon and there was a girl with a “MERMAID AT HEART” t-shirt. I knew right away that it`s there for some specific reason, I thought it was an anagram of sorts. Very interesting stuff, to put mermaids/sirens everywhere. And that “Mermaid at heart” probably means that the girl is a man eating monster under that innocent looking mask of a girl. I don`t know 😀 .

  19. Great episode. I’ve been waiting to hear more about the Heath Ledger connection for some time now.
    If you really want some juicy pop occult, check out Taylor Swift’s new video ‘Ready for it?’
    Crazy shit.
    The sheeple are eating it up of course.

  20. This is the best podcast you have ever done. You and Chris were able to touch it. That ethereal beauty no one can explain. I believe all of our individual life stories unfold in this enchanted way, if only we had the courage to tell it. Nicely done, Greg. Many blessings to you and yours.

  21. Best show in a long time listened 3 times in order to get all info. Introduced me to the Cocteau twins who I’ve had on repeat non stop since. Check out Fifty Fifty Clown, Heaven or Las Vegas.

  22. I think you should make a greater effort to move some of these people along through the interview. Constantly repeating things, weird unnecessary laughter, non-cogent points, etc. make for a frustrating listen. Best of luck but I would like to end my membership.

      1. Wow, leaving the Plus after a show like this?! Just wow 😀 ! Chris was so funny.. like when he told about those 2 guys sellin fried fish after working on a research vessel.. I laughed out loud 😀 .
        Yeah there are some bad shows, but common – it`s only five bucks a month!

  23. I forgot to mention something in my previous comment. I just watched “Stranger Things” and (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) there was an army guy who went through the gate into the Upside Down and died.. and his name was SHEPARD (or Shepherd)?! That Brenner guy said they lost 5 men in there, and the one they showed dying had that name? Coincidence? They did not have to show that, and from all the men names they name that character Shepard/Shepherd..

  24. This is one of my favourite episodes.

    You mentioned in your wrap up that you guys allowed your conversation to stray into wild speculation more often than you usually allow, but I didn’t see it that way exactly.

    His listing of facts and history and then stringing together relationships between those facts might seem like pointless free association to some, but it’s certainly not speculation. Chris speaks about his insights into things, but always states when there is no overt relationship between two facts or events.

    His wide net of facts is part of what is so damn fascinating to hear tho. It’s not unlike some of the art he’s referring to in it’s scope. I’ve long wondered about the true origins of the seemingly more original ( we could call it a secondary level of) music artists such as alt singers and post or industrial metal bands. As much as I spend this episode at the edge of my seat following Chris’ connections, the real bonus is that it’s going to tweak things loose in the recesses of my mind and musical memory .

    One other such band who is very influential as well as being directly influenced by Killing Joke is one of my favourite bands, Faith No More.

    They have several facts about their albums, symbols , members and lyrics that seem unrelated, however in context of this interview, line up in a very startling way.

    Great work Greg, you’re providing a wide range of quality interviews and I really appreciate your diligence.

    You are right when you say most ppl who listen to your stuff and like it just don’t say anything and click the next episode. Don’t lose faith brother .

  25. They say with Morphic Resonance once a pattern emerges it is more likely for it to occur again…
    I wonder how much more so this may be true in regards to the archetypal myths?

  26. Someone correct me if i’m wrong, but in the 90’s film adaptation of The Crow by James O’Barr, wasn’t Eric’s band called The Killing Joke? We also have the clown symbolism as well as a mysterious death.

  27. Jaz Coleman would make a great guest on your show.
    He is the singer of Killing Joke, a band which is a personal fav of mine.
    I do not believe that he cursed Kurt Cobain and Paul Raven as Chris hinted.
    He is a very intelligent man who is very awake to the topics of your show.
    Another top notch show, thanks Greg

  28. I’ve checked out so many of these chat shows via YouTube over the past year, looking for one to subscribe to and there really was no contest when I came across Higherside. For me, this is the best show of it’s kind, your questions are just as interesting as the answers. A clearly talented host!
    P.S. get yourself a copy of the Azoëtia ???

  29. Great content….love your after show wrap up too…always thoughtful, always expanding. Glad I finally forced my lazy ass to get the full deal.????

  30. At the end of this show Greg asked what the purpose of all this information is and Chris said it is to help us avoid traps. I agree and mythological creatures and stories are very instructive. The same myth that describes a danger usually has a story advising how to deal with it and the details are crucial.

    Sirens and mermaids are similar in that they lure people to death by water but they’re totally different entities.
    The siren is half woman, half-bird. It is an air spirit. Music is best transmitted by air, not water (no idea about sound in a vacuum) The siren lures by music. It may be ugly as hell and you wouldn’t know or care because the lure is in sound not visuals. It lives on cliffs and rocky outcrops close to rivers and oceans but can’t breathe under water and doesn’t swim much. It is often screened by mist or clouds so that the purity of the sound isnt distracted from by visual detail.

    The siren poses a risk to men and women and children, young and old. Odysseus defeats the siren by instructing his crew to put wax in their ears so they don’t hear the music. He ties himself to the mast of the ship so that he can listen and will be physically restrained from diving into the water or steering his ship onto the rocks. I believe there is a similar lost story in Nordic culture which led directly to the Nauthiz rune – necessary voluntary binding, sails down – to see out storm or temporary danger.

    The siren is a fair partial analogy for certain types of addiction (say, opioids) and how to deal with it (binding, not ear wax, obviously. Binding probably wouldn’t work for stimulant type addictions because the original desire behind stimulants is usually enhanced performance and focus (literally, speed) rather than soothing and escape; it is a whole different tone and element.

    In popular culture the idea of the siren is obviously corrupted to refer to any dangerous and deliberately sexually alluring mature human woman. Simple concept, over-generalised.

    The mermaid is half woman, half fish, generally youthful. It is a water spirit, not an air spirit. It can’t sing. It lives in the water and can breathe underwater. It lures by visual attraction and beauty (long hair, naked breasts or chests) and sometimes visual deception (non-human parts hidden by water, it pretends to be human).

    Before the trans$gender political agenda, the mermaid served as an image and metaphor to protect young pubescent girls who may be sexually appealing but are out of bounds. They may have breasts but they are not mature enough for safe reproduction, hence not for sex. A lot of mermaid images and sculptures don’t have breasts at all, further emohasising the child aspect. Women used this story to help young girls understand this, and to help men to understand this. Less empathetic men might need emphasis on the dangers to themselves ie that being tempted by too-young girls would get them into trouble. The decent ones get by with understanding not to harm the youngsters *even if* they appear to be knowingly seductive. Pedophiles always claim the children seduced them. (I’m talking about garden variety pedophilia, not the elite ritualistic occult kind, which doesn’t bother with excuses for itself)

    There are other interpretations, more abstract, such as swimming in the water of the unconscious, which applies if the mermaid or merman looks old, and there are some tales that have entire communities and cities of half human half fish people – less common than the mermaid or merboy, which normally appears alone. The essential image is of youthful beauty and the primary function of the old stories was to protect girl children (and boy children).

    Trans$gender politics has stolen the mermaid myth (naming organisations after mermaids, using the fish body to represent changed or hidden sexual parts) and this utterly robs us of what was a useful myth for young girls.

    Contrary to popular mythology, most trans$women do not remove their sexual organs, physically or chemically. They are sexually mature adult men who mostly still prefer sex with women. So it is totally wrong to put early and pre-pubescent girls and adult trans$women – ie sexually active adult men – in the same camp (in online terms, that means calling both to the same online places using the mermaid keyword). In adults the majority of trans$gender industry are male to female and the motive is often fetishitic, or practical, for male sex workers who are age out early and need do extreme fetish to attract clients.

    In children and adolescents the majority of trans$gen industry is female to male, and the motive is that the girls are being bullied or abused because they are not feminine enough or too feminine (the younger boys, not masculine enough and bullied) and the parents are being pressured.

    Obviously I’m not damning individuals here; throughout history people a few people have crossed dressed for fun, protection, espionage – I am damning whoever is funding the whole lobby and whatever is behind it.

    I agree with Chris that the trans$ lobby is designed for chimeras – to allow extensive biological experimentation and pave the way socially for the introduction of extreme human mutation and mutilation in the masses and to fund the literal cross-breeding of humans with other species to create monstrosities (no doubt already done, just not public yet).

    Great that Chris pulled the mermaid saga into the siren one and mentioned chimeras but I think that mermaids and chimeras need a whole separate area of research and dedicated show, separate to sirens and music.

    Of course mermaids and sirens do have common ground when males remove their testicles to sing on the high side of the choir but yeah – need to differentiate all the mythical creatures a lot, remember the full stories.

  31. Speaking of possession, Chris sounds possessed throughout this interview. His obsession with Liz Fraser seems be more than a wave to the very gods he tells us to remain invisible to. I respect his passion and he's an entertaining speaker, but I felt worn out by the end of the show. Greg, you held the space like a master as always.
    Chris' obsession with Liz Fraser's eyes in the Heaven or Las Vegas video had me bemused. He didn't entertain the possibility that she was wearing contact lenses. I was an indie kid in 80s Britain and saw the Cocteau twins live in small up close venues. Didn't notice star lit eyes. Having also seen Killing Joke, I can say that Jaz Coleman's eyes were extraordinarily intense though.
    Chris didn't mention Jeff Buckley's lyrics, in which he prophesied his drowning over and over again. Jeff was a beautiful man, a very intense Scorpio who seemed to be on a collision course with disaster. He had an angelic quality that caused people to fall in love with him.
    I've had enough experiences of possession over the years to be on the same page as Chris. I feel that until we awaken to our true nature, we're easy pickings for archetypal entities to play out their timeless dramas through. Same routines dressed up differently over and over until we choose not to engage any more.
    One more thing and I don't mean to come across as knocking Chris. His statement about the tarot Fool archetype didn't resonate with me. The Fool can be interpreted in many different ways, but its core meaning is pure, undifferentiated consciousness, before it manifests through a particular mask or archetype. 

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