Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Lucifer’s Technology and the Donald Trump coup with returning guest, Chris Knowles.

We’ve all heard the Arthur C. Clark quote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, but maybe they’re linked by more than just appearance.

It seems that most people who study the smattering of crumbs the deep state has dropped over the past few decades will find a few curious connections between occult practices and technological advances, strange phenomenon and secret experiments, and let’s not forget the curious resurrection of ancient Babylonian names from companies on the bleeding edge of things we’ll probably never see.

It’s true that odd pieces that seem unrelated, often times come together when you dig deep enough to find the ties that bind. Although, what can be overwhelming and often glossed over, is the vast amount of knowledge a person need to put these odd pieces in the proper context. What good is a NASA investigator who knows nothing about ancient Egyptian mythology? How valuable is a Ufologist who’s never studied the occult? And can a person really decode Hollywood symbolism accurately without opening up a book on Kabalah?
The point is that true “conspiracy” research is a vast and inner-disciplinary undertaking that few people are willing to follow through to it’s deepest depths, but Chris Knowles is one of the respectable few who is. He’s back and the saddle with an epic 2.5+ hour podcast,Chris is an author of several great books including “Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes” and “The Secret History of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Mysterious Roots of Modern Music”. He’s been decoding the esoteric themes of pop culture and para-politics for years culminating in the catalog of work is on his blog, The Secret Sun.
4:15 Greg and Chris begin by examining how Knowles’ approach to his research has always been to take the path less traveled or studied, should we say? Diving down several rabbit holes the past few months on his blog from the likes of Bell Lab’s dirty laundry to the lesser known MK-OFTEN project, it’s easy to understand how his work is instrumental in helping people think different. Chris points out, this has been personally advantageous in this “all bets are off year”  where we’ve experienced so much high strangeness bubbling to the surface. With things feeling reminiscent of the past because of interchanging political scandals, a divided and polarized nation, the international war machine marching forward and the reemergence of the hacker culture onto the center stage of politics, it’s clear to see this is a time where the machinations of the secret world emerge. Greg and Chris dive even deeper into this by discussing the recent Podesta email leaks involving Pizzagate, the shocking election results and the shift of power players pulling the strings in the wake of president-elect Trump.
17:43 As Chris previously observed, the claim of Russian interference is not only unlikely but interestingly enough ties into one of the overarching themes of his ongoing installment Lucifer’s Technologies where he elaborates on the idea of computer technology as a Trojan horse. After his lengthy series leading to a spin-off where he more deeply covered the archetype of Lucifer, Chris expanded his research beyond the Grecco-Roman era and discovered not only the reasons this figure was hijacked and manipulated to reflect religious origins but at the core the is a very powerful idea that is essentially a secret tradition.
34:42 Greg and Chris recap the story of Lucifer from the rebellions against Sargon the Great to the tales that evolved into Prometheus. After following this twisted web of truths it may be safe to say that Lucifer can be equated to a figure who uses technology to subvert the established power center. Knowles contends the Titans of Greek mythology were in fact, also Sumerian kings, because the Sumerian kings were called Legal, another word for giant or titan.
42:44 After reviewing the long and violent history of politicians ranging from the Clintons to JFK, being checked by nefarious forces attempting to protect their black budget programs, Greg and Chris walk through the unlikely connections of UFOs, President Ford’s attempted assassination, the Manson family and MK-OFTEN. Continuing with their conversation on UFOs, Greg and Chris dissect the ancient links of Cadmus to Roswell and the alternatives explanations from a mythological perspective.
57:50 Although so many people may have believed Hillary Clinton was being taken to task by the ruling elite, recent events suggest otherwise. As Chris astutely points out, the dark and nefarious levels that supersede the Clinton dynasty are perhaps quietly playing their hand protecting their exotic technology and occult knowledge, while crumbling her house of cards.
1:12:54 With certain technologies failing to make the huge leaps forward, but instead only minor incremental changes one can only wonder, why?  As any halfway decent observer will note, our infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating, and one viable explanation may be that newer technologies are being kept underground. Greg and Chris take this one step further by examining how the new technology inventions problem might tie into the idea that we are quarantined on a prison planet, something covered in Knowles’ As prognostic posts.
1:41:09 Chris relays the connection between ancient Greek mythology, multinational corporations and the statue in front Rockefeller Center.
1:48:58 Chris discusses MK OFTEN, an off-shoot of the more well known MK ULTRA. Noting the connection between altered states of consciousness and the emergence of entities, Chris suggests that exploring that contact could have very well become one of the deep state’s primary goals.
1:58:20 Chris talks about the connection between Nike missile silos and the deep states human experimentation projects.
2:07:00 Greg and Chris speculate about the possibility that the deep state activities and an array of other strange events in 1966 might somehow relate to the Mothman phenomena that manifested later that year.
2:12:00 Chris relays, even to Greg’s surprise, that the original theatrical release of  Night of The Living Dead was initially marketed as a children film and exposes it as an exercise of mass trauma conditioning. Chris goes on to explain how the Exorcist could be another example of a similar style deep state operation.
2:23:03 Greg and Chris revisit their surprise over Trump’s win, the possible upcoming changes and the sudden desertion of the TPP.

Want more Chris Knowles? Check our his blog The Secret Sun or his books.

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