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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he hosts returning guest, Austin Coppock, to discuss the 2017 astrological assessment and what the stars and planets say about Trump’s presidency.
As many of us already know, the tools of astrology offered critical insight held in high regard by our ancestors. But, when we look around, it is obvious to see this knowledge has been suppressed through campaigns constructed by the elite aiming to squash this otherworldly weapon and rob us of it’s power. Fortunately, it is because of the dedicated research and painstaking practice of returning guest, Austin Coppock, this artful craft has been preserved and proliferated today.

1:40 Greg begins by recapping the previous show with Austin, in which they discussed the Hermetic arts, communicating with entities, how the gears of astrology work and the astrological conditions during major events. But, with topics still left untouched, he and Coppock “begin with the past” and start by examining how astrology relates to financial cycles. Coppock explains the ways astrology has been applied in finance and details the finer nuances a novice astrologer would need to consider while doing divinations. He also elaborates on the U.S. chart, it’s Venus- Jupiter conjunction, and the significance of it.

9:18 After covering at length what could possibly be in store for the US economy, Coppock explains the ways one can utilize their individual chart. As Austin points out, while the US configuration of the Venus- Jupiter conjunction typically signify abundance, individual charts may have other things more closely associated to money, such as the Sun. He also offers his advice on the study of astrology, and one’s ability to coherently analyze several layers of “wheels within wheels”.
12:42 Tackling another topic left off last episodes roster, Greg and Austin discuss Ophiuchus, a large constellation named from the Geek word for “serpent-bearer”. Coppock offers some clarity into this disinformation campaign by explaining that the knowledge of it’s existence pre-dates the claims of NASA and the root of this issue has more to do with misinformation surrounding the Zodiac and it’s uses in astrology. Austin also explains that while the Zodiac is commonly associated with constellations, which can cause errors in calculations in time. But by dividing up the sky in a way known as, Tropical Zodiacs, slippage and calendar corrections become unnecessary.
21:42 With the war against “fake news” raging like we’ve never seen before, Austin details how a series of Saturn- Neptune squares led to a shift in reality and the emergence of a more “melty” paradigm. Coppock gives greater insight into the influence of Saturn on reality and the effect of  “far-out” planet, Neptune. As Austin describes, the squaring of planets puts their priorities at odds and is considered one of the least harmonious relationships these planets can have. It is this contentiousness that has manifested in the constant debate of things such as the news and facts.
26:39 Austin elaborates on the Saturn- Pluto conjunction that is notoriously associated with the “thickening of borders”.
29:16 Now that Trump has been inaugurated, Greg and Austin explore what his natal chart holds. As Austin explains, a lot can be gathered about a person’s characteristics and mannerisms by looking at their chart, while determining specifics such as outcomes of campaigns can be more challenging. Trump’s birth chart does offer intriguing insights including Mars and Leo on the rising and the position of the Sun.
36:20 Continuing on with their examination of the role of Uranus, Austin outlines how Uranus is strongest when in Aquarius, which happens for 7 years in an 84 year time period. After careful examination, we can see the period of Uranus in Aquarius has happened twice in the 20th century, each time during significant periods of change or disruption.
42:11 Greg and Austin begin to look at the road map of 2017. Broadly speaking, Coppock outlines what kind of year we should expect and the major themes we will find throughout.
48:17 Austin elaborates on the upcoming eclipses and what the Venus retrograde will have in store for the future.
Subscribe to the plus show to hear the extended episode, including:
– the Great American Eclipse coming in August; why it’s important, what’s unique about it, and how it interacts interestingly with Trump’s natal chart -indicating the possibility of a career change.

– aspects of Greg’s birthchart and how 2017 might look for him

– 2017 as the Year of the Fire Cock, and how the Chinese Zodiac comes into play

– rooster lore

– 2018 as the game changing year and what that might mean

– the closing of both a 20 and 200 year cycle and the implications it may have on the elite and various power structures throughout the planet

– the transition from and Earth dominate era to an Air dominate era may mean

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Ray Merriman- Financial Astrologer and Market Trend Analysis:
The Great Gordon White:
Patrick Watson:
Want more Austin Coppock? Check out his website where you can find all things astrology, including classes taught by him, his extensive collection of writing, or even book him for a personal reading.
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    1. Ha, I noticed that as well, and by noticed I mean found it incredibly annoying. I’ve been in SoCal all but the first three years of my life and I do not speak like that. It sounds like he’s ententionally putting it on.

  1. Roosters are warning alarms for evil spirits, eh? I wonder if one of the layers of meaning to killing a rooster in so many dark rituals is to say, “We won’t be needing an alarm – bring it.”

  2. Hey there, I’m in Hanoi, Vietnam. From Toronto. Very happy to find a new episode. If it wasn’t for this spotty wifi, i would have already expired the new forum site!

  3. REALLY hoping another show or 2 comes out this month!! Everything so far this year has been really good but it feels like there haven’t beenany shows!! Maybe because a few have been lumped together but I hope all is well and can’t wait for the next show!!!

    1. I totally agree. I need to keep a better schedule, but I always get 5 shows out a month. I actually have 3 left to go with 3 days left in the month, so they’re coming! I do apologize, its one of the biggest problems I need to fix. I’ll admit it. Definitely will be done with a really good one tomorrow though!

  4. Who the hell 1 stars Austin??

    His little ray of BlackSunshine lights my day every time. It’s called realism people. Work with it, or not, but denial gets you a slap in the face from the ol’ Principalities. 😉

  5. Greg this was great ep. I should have turned off the podcast when the guest left.

    I can’t keep paying to listen to someone to make mini rants about trumps silver lining and telling everyone afraid their fears are misplaced…

    You had to condemned police shootings in the past and I was like man, this guy sees it for what it is. Gregs an ally, this is someone I can support and know my money is helping Greg make a difference.
    Let us not be ridiculous here…
    Trump appointed a known racist to positions they were denied in the past. They are knocking on doors asking for papers as we speak…. I hope you are right… Oh and they are shutting out journalist now?? Trump is so ungrateful they carried his ass into the white house…! Now that they don’t want to play his way he got rid of them.

    We will see how this goes when trump decides how to make city streets safe for blacks again. It sounds like he wants to send the national guard in?? He’s so fucking misguided. This isn’t looking good Greg, you know your history….

    And fuck Hillary this ain’t about her.

    You even call yourself out this time you know that it comes off CIS WM… You definitely don’t have anything to worry about with this administration… Except maybe the feds might come busting up your favorite dispensary.

    I held on as long as I could and I know you probably don’t care. And I’m not your target demo as a black woman, your demo wants more pizza gate and wants to hear more about how trump is gonna save us… When he’s just driving us to an even more corporation driven wal-merica, we will all be putting Gatorade on our crops soon anyway.

    1. I think you misunderstand my opinion on Trump. I don’t like him at all. I just think a changing of the guard is interesting, but that’s pretty much run its course at this point.

      I just think we’re in a period of heavy manipulation and polarization and I’m only trying to take a calm, centerist position.

      That seems to upsets everyone because you’re either on team A or team B. I’m trying to reject that. That’s all.

      There is a huge push right now to make Americans think the sky is falling, so I only counter and say, “Hold on now, maybe it’s not.”

      Well never trusted mainstream media or federal administrations before, but now a lot of people seem to be aligning with one of those things. It’s a strange time, but no, I don’t like Trump.

      1. I agree re:polarization. Everyone wants everyone else to pick a side, which isn’t possible for me because I don’t agree with either one. It could be that the same old globalists are still in control and WANT this polarization. I think our best course of action as a country is to resist this polarization as much as possible. I won’t hold my breath for that, however.

    2. Hey Chicken Little SJW, careful you don’t follow George Soros into some dark Globalist cave of despair…

      All praise the KEKonomic Lion King with the fairy floss hair!

  6. I guess one of the big questions is, do you think Trump is powerful enough to have beaten the establishment at their own game, on his own. If not, who’s on his side? Or, is he just the flip-side of the same coin, letting everyone think they made a change? I guess time will tell …

    I am not American, but I have recently lived in the USA and can understand why Trump was voted in: things needed to change. Maybe Trump is a sole operator. Maybe he can make America great again. I hope so, as I thought it was a great place with great people.

    In the meantime, as Greg says, don’t let them drive you into one camp or another. We all need to work together informing as many people as we can about what is going on behind the curtain. We all need to work on ourselves to become the best person we can. We all need to work together, even though we may not agree on every point.

    Stay safe. And God speed!

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