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Ryan Zimmerman | Pizzagate 2.0: International Child Trafficking & The Elite

Show Notes

Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks about the international scope of Pizzagate with researcher, Ryan Zimmerman.
Although the idea of the elite abusing children is nothing new, the concrete evidence provided by the Pizzagate investigation has unveiled an epic organization stretching across all corners of the Earth. And while the Pizzagate saga seems to have been covered in great lengths, today’s guest has spent an abundance of time researching the intricate details still left unexposed. From genetic research and kidnappings to a trifecta of evil in the form of corporations like Dyncorp, Stratfor, and Deagle, this Pizzagate 2.0 show take a deeper look into this centuries biggest scandal.

[2:42] Greg begins by having Ryan retrace his path from simply being an observer, to finding himself as one of the leading investigative researchers at the forefront of exposing horrific crimes. While studying to become a MUFON investigator, Zimmerman frequently lurked Reddit. But, it wasn’t until the overwhelming abundance of primary documentation involving Pizzagate hit, coupled with the concerted efforts to suppress this story, Ryan decided to act.

[11:30] While the circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Madeline McCann have been connected to John and Tony Podesta, the blinding confirmation that came with the release of the Podesta emails deserves a second look. The circumstantial evidence including the close proximity of Podesta on the day of McCann’s disappearance and the suspect profiles matching their description now pale in comparison to the newly circulating gene trafficking subplot involving Coloboma, otherwise known as “snake in the eye”.

[24:20] Moving on from the high strangeness surrounding Madeline McCann, Greg and Ryan tackle the newest development in the Pizzagate saga: the role of the private military. They discuss the role of Dyncorp in American foreign affairs and the nefarious and egregious human rights violations being committed by them, specifically in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

[31:40] With a lot of the companies discretely connected though a tangled web of subsidiaries, unraveling this mess can be a bit confusing. Greg and Ryan discuss a Dyncorp sister company, Dynport and it’s involvement with Anthrax as well as partner company, Baxter International’s, involvement in the contamination of vaccines and infecting patient with Hepatitis C.
[34:42] Another group in the treacherous triad is Stratfor, the “shadow C.I.A” who hold military contracts and act outside the law with absolutely no accountability. With a roster of “who’s who” of pedophiles ranking in the top slots at Stratfor, a deeper investigation into characters such as George Friedman and Bayless Parsley is in need.
[40:35] Capping off the unholy trinity, Greg and Ryan set their sights on Deagle. An influential intelligence company employed by the US government forecasting a gruesome and apocalyptic future for countries such as the US, Germany, UK, and Japan.
[45:40] Ryan elaborates on the corrupt nexus of Dyncorp, Stratfor, and Deagle, their prevalence within the government, how the expansion of the corrupt military industrial machine has impacted national security and the stranglehold these organizations have over politicians such as Hillary Clinton.
Subscribe to the plus show to hear the extended episode, including:
– Dyncorp’s role in artificial intelligence and satellite technologies
– encrypted data found in attachments in John Podesta’s emails, including a strange owl symbol and photos of Antartica
– the process for researchers to access encrypted data within the Podesta emails
– the link between the pedophile ring and Justice Scalia’s death
– the “Wet Works” email sent to Podesta and the movie script containing the map of Texas
– the pedigree and connections of James Oliphant
– the next threads of Ryan research
– MZM and Dyncorp’s link to human trafficking in the 2000s
– Congressman Dennis Hastert
– the improbability of taking private military organizations to task
– the Clinton Foundation and the scope of their involvement in child trafficking
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Operation Berenstain- one of the banned sub-Reddits:
“Pegasus Museum” owned by James Oliphant:

Clement Freud victim interviewed by Madeline McCann detectives:

Ray Wyre and the Elm Guest House child abuse scandal:
References to pedophilia in relation to the disappearance of Madeline McCann:
Coloboma and the McCanns:
Want more Ryan Zimmerman? Check him out on platforms like Riot Chat, Gab and Voat. You can also email him at: and of course check out the Pizzagate Wiki.
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First baseman for the Washington Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman!


I don’t think that was the baseball Ryan Z. Haha

Ryan Zimmerman

An engineering teacher used to tell me the same thing a la Michael Bolton in Office Space


Hell yes, looks like this episode goes DEEP!
I hope so much that Trump is legit and actually shuts these pizzagate pedos down.


Trump was swept in to power – through corrupted ballot computers, and without his knowledge – to express carnage. He is here to destroy the ideas of truth, honor and respect. Anyone who thinks he is President to make positive, kind, or just change is more delusional than Kellyanne Conway. In 1977, at the height of her Superstardom, Barbra Streisand sang a song called, “Don’t believe what you read.” She went on to say, “Don’t believe what you read, about the life that I lead, don’t believe it.” She was probably telling the truth. And I’m just guessing…. but if the media is willing to lie about Barbra Streisand’s sex life, they’ll lie about anything….. even Hillary’s taste in pizza.


May I just point out that Hillary actually won the vote through corrupted ballot computers. So no I don’t believe everything I read. 🙂


Yesterday I’m shopping at JCPenny in Albuquerque and there on display is a girls pink tee shirt with a slice of pizza on the front!!! WTF??? Code for my folks are making me available?


What? That’s kinda creepy. I guess once we have a different filter to look at this stuff with it just pops up everywhere


Thank you for not dropping this important subject.

Ryan Zimmerman

Thank you for the support!


You should get Tracy Twyman on the show to explain why/what these children are being used for.


On CAF’s Solari a documentary titled The Finders is shared

Worthy of note are both the Aaron Russo infowars link.

Tell me you see the occult ‘eye of providence’ hand gesture Jones makes in site header… Jk…

The Finders are mentioned in the book series Sinister Forces. That author might have had something to say on this subject. How did he end that blog post? Fuck the grown ups? Jk…


The Finders are also discussed in chapter 1 of Nick Bryant’s “The Franklin Scandal”


You’re getting lazy, Greg. There’s a reason all these 4chan pizzagate “researchers” are available for your show. You’ve got to figure out when you’re being used.



I think you’re assuming that PizzaGate was an intentional dragnet as opposed to an actual man-behind-the-curtain moment, from which one of the many salvage/recovery efforts is to impugn the curious as crackpots as if it had been introduced as a dragnet. But PizzaGate is like Crop Circles. With Crop Circles it’s either a vast high tech military conspiracy without ANY whistleblowers…(which any anti-conspiracy person insists upon) or it’s fucking aliens. There’s no in between.

With PizzaGate, it’s either a powerful political cult with a very very twisted sense of humor and a penchant for a very idiosyncratic, obscure, yet banal cyphers (it’s like saying “trees” as code for ganja, except “trees” isn’t a disguise to anyone), …oooooor it’s some combination of the sex-slavery/human sacrifice/human trafficking/mind-control/genetic Lex Luthor shit. It’s not nothing. That’s for certain.

The thing about the mind-control/child-sex-abuse stuff is that WE KNOW the catholic church institutionalized this method of control hundreds of years ago! And WE KNOW that it’s alive and well today. Forget all the western journalism about it and law suits over the last decade, an Australian report discerned that 7% of living Australian Catholic Priests had raped children. 7%. And you don’t think some mafia, clandestine service or corporation isn’t creative enough to monetize that method for themselves? Greg’s model of blackmail prerequisites for attaining power and influence is theoretically very solid. Hell, the Trump golden shower dossier, even if fake, relies upon it, entirely.

It is always possible that Greg is getting set up for character assassination, and it’s kind of you to have concern. That’s a thing he has to cope with, whereas you and I don’t. Fortunately Greg’s show is at a great place in a pivotal time in history. Shit is cusping in a major way – I don’t know if you’ve noticed the political atmosphere – and it is the perfect time to establish a sane dialog about difficult topics. Lord knows Mr. Jones is not facilitating it, even if Mr. Rogan is indulging him.

It is entirely possible that PizzaGate is an op to rout out all the independent bloggers, conspiracy communities, civic minded and unmonitored discussions in this country, in preparation for the big media crackdown where upon the internet will become a purely commercial and highly controlled enterprise. But if that’s happening, then PizzaGate is only the beginning or a single symptom in a long campaign of them.

Greg is such a dude, that even if some psy-op did manage to discredit him in some mass market forum, it would only bring him more exposure and help his audience grow. Not to mention, one of the guy’s pet obsessions is hollow earth/flat earth stuff. To most audiences, certainly the entire mainstream, the mere mention of that stuff puts a host in the ‘unredeamable loony-bin’ category. The dude’s got nothin’ to lose until law enforcement knocks on the door or the men in black paint a Hitler mustache on his cat.

With all due respect Waxwingslain, I think Greg is doing a fine job of navigating these unpredictable waters and I’m glad he’s doing it. And hell at this point it’s become a simple matter of combatting censorship for combatting censorship’s sake. But I appreciate your concern and your skepticism. If you know more and can illuminate your suggestions, I welcome it.



What? How is anybody being used? I’d like to hear your thoughts and reasoning but do you really think this is some psyop? That blows the naive meter off the charts.

Ryan Zimmerman

I try my best to help, but at this point I can understand the skepticism. Been there myself, but someone had to speak up before things got completely derailed.


Re: Adrenochrome…
Holmes, go back to your copy of Gilliam’s Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. You’ll immediately recall the image of Depp as Hunter pulling on the little dropper. His is the first mention of it I ever heard. Perhaps the book has more to say about it.


Yes thanks for staying on this! Man…all I can say is that these are scary but exciting times!


Has anyone checked out George Webb? He is also doing great public source investigation with Dyncorp. Weird play on words…ok here is a strangeness….I heard about Madaline and I had a thought…. irisology shows past tramma …. so I went online to look at her eyes …and now I hear about this eye weirdness….I am sooooo happy to be able to afford plus again!!!

Ryan Zimmerman

George Webb is a hard working guy, and I feel we have independently supported each other’s ideas plenty of times.

Occult Fan

Thank you for your work, Ryan. Our children are precious and always deserve to be treated as such. I commend you for your bravery. Idaho is a better place for having you around, and by extension so too is our world. Blessings and Fortune upon you and your family.


Soooo most of us probably thought Donald Marshall was nuts but now a legitimate link between cloning, the elite, and pedophelia?!?! This gets deeper with every turn.

Ryan Zimmerman

I don’t want to believe this one, but you have to wonder where the victims are going and what the prevalence of the genetic anomalies means.


I love Donalds story and rolled it around in my head, but there’s a great rant on the forums about the Donald episode that got me seeing the flaws in the story. Even though there’s holes, I still sit the fence on it


Some of the things he said were absolutely outlandish. He hadn’t an answer for everything and I said either a great liar or telling the truth. That being said, I’m starting to think he hes little of both. Do I think he wrote “without me” by Eminem? No. Do I think he may have been part of a child sex trafficking operation? He very well may and have been. And could’ve fucked home uo to the point he’s a to today.


I have not been able to watch The Finders on the Solari page at the link posted above. Every time I get just a few minutes into the movie, I get, “playback aborted due to a network error.”


I can’t get it to work either. Looks interesting. It’s never found distribution. There was a screening in NJ, back in April ’16 in the town where it was filmed (presumably.)

BTW, Greg, following your encouragement to check out the new Forums, which I’m excited about, I’ve discovered that I can’t log in using my Username and Password that I use for THC+. Can you fix that, please? Or do you have a good reason to require different ID’s?



I think if you use the “forgot password” thing, I think you will get to have whatever password you want. I don’t know if it will let you have that dot in your user name though. I don’t know about that, one way or another.

I look forward to seeing you there, Auntie M. It’s right there, over the rainbow.

I got The Finders…(the reply wouldn’t work on the above)
I got the whole thing. Very interesting. I think it helps people like me, who have a hard time believing how this can happen, to understand how it does. Make sure the last 10 minutes are viewed after the credits.


Fuckin A Mr Carlwood. This episode was great and I loved all the rabbit holes Zimmerman and you have gone into (Dyncorps, genetics). As tired as I feel towards the topic, I can’t seem to stop myself from following the news. Call it fear-porn addiction or whatever. But it’s good to hear more and more grassroots. You’re right Greg, I seem to fall into the habit of thinking “Someone will take down the ring”. But it’s really up to each of us to stand up. I do believe even a prayer goes a long way towards manifesting good in the world.
Any case, hats off to you two and thanks for the wonderful forum. So much better that I’ll be spending more time on it. Peace.

Ryan Zimmerman

I really appreciate the support! It’s tough trying to support an unpopular opinion you legitimately feel has importance to society, but I love this show and the community of thinkers it fosters.


Ryan, there’s too much that lines up. At some point we have to admit 1+1+1+1=4.
The fbi and the coded talk that pedos use should automatically blast this out for an investigation. There’s only a few shows I can say ” Case closed on”. Pizza gate, Dr. Mary’s monkeys, and John Hamer and the titanic Olympic flip


There are a LOT of attachments:

Could you set a link to the attachment pictures in question?
I was not able to find them on

Ryan Zimmerman

I never posted them officially to the Wiki as I couldn’t independently corroborate it, however, we try to keep such speculations on Talk pages like this, which should have the links you are looking for under Steg Data:

Occult Fan

Ah 33 ratings when I share what a freemason just indirectly shared with me.


EXCELLENT show!! THANK YOU!! Please have more like it! These scum bags need to be constantly exposed…..because they are “constantly” DOING IT!! Remember that!


I checked the Dr. Pong website .
Could not find any wiered texts, its a typical Berlin avang-garde-ish website.

The image on the home page is linked to
which in turn is registered by

Ryan Zimmerman

For all the listeners out there I wanted to give some updates on topics that were discussed on the show:

Cerberus and CBS

Cerberus Capital Management does *not* own CBS. They have acquired several local CBS stations, but do not themselves own the corporate entity, CBS:

Steganographic data embedded in Podesta attachments

I did do some personal investigating of the allegedly steganographic images bit since I felt my answers to you were unsatisfyingly vague. So far I have tried a program called StegExpose which is one of the few open-source steg-detection programs that works with PNGs. In controlled tests compared w/ known embedded images and an assortment of clean images, the known embedded images would always be positive. The clean images, Podesta’s attachment in the “puttanesca” email and the images of Antarctica, however, all came up negative.

That doesn’t mean I have conclusively disproven the existence of steganography, but it does make me even more skeptical of the alleged, yet-to-be-reproduced “decryption”.

Podesta’s connection to Scalia’s death

It turns out that John Podesta received several emails on the day of Scalia’s death regarding potential replacement justices, one being received by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations just a few hours after he was found dead. John Podesta in particular seemed to have a highly vested interest in the death of Justice Scalia.

Thank you all so much, and I love this show and the community of free-thinkers it fosters!


Please find below some image links. As said by Ryan, it is not clear whether these images are encoded via Steg.

But the owl is interesting 🙂
(re-colored after decoding)

Web Player Tutorial