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Ryan Zimmerman | Pizzagate 2.0: International Child Trafficking & The Elite

Topics Covered: Child Abuse, Scandals, Trafficking

Show Notes

Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks about the international scope of Pizzagate with researcher, Ryan Zimmerman.
Although the idea of the elite abusing children is nothing new, the concrete evidence provided by the Pizzagate investigation has unveiled an epic organization stretching across all corners of the Earth. And while the Pizzagate saga seems to have been covered in great lengths, today’s guest has spent an abundance of time researching the intricate details still left unexposed. From genetic research and kidnappings to a trifecta of evil in the form of corporations like Dyncorp, Stratfor, and Deagle, this Pizzagate 2.0 show take a deeper look into this centuries biggest scandal.

[2:42] Greg begins by having Ryan retrace his path from simply being an observer, to finding himself as one of the leading investigative researchers at the forefront of exposing horrific crimes. While studying to become a MUFON investigator, Zimmerman frequently lurked Reddit. But, it wasn’t until the overwhelming abundance of primary documentation involving Pizzagate hit, coupled with the concerted efforts to suppress this story, Ryan decided to act.

[11:30] While the circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Madeline McCann have been connected to John and Tony Podesta, the blinding confirmation that came with the release of the Podesta emails deserves a second look. The circumstantial evidence including the close proximity of Podesta on the day of McCann’s disappearance and the suspect profiles matching their description now pale in comparison to the newly circulating gene trafficking subplot involving Coloboma, otherwise known as “snake in the eye”.

[24:20] Moving on from the high strangeness surrounding Madeline McCann, Greg and Ryan tackle the newest development in the Pizzagate saga: the role of the private military. They discuss the role of Dyncorp in American foreign affairs and the nefarious and egregious human rights violations being committed by them, specifically in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

[31:40] With a lot of the companies discretely connected though a tangled web of subsidiaries, unraveling this mess can be a bit confusing. Greg and Ryan discuss a Dyncorp sister company, Dynport and it’s involvement with Anthrax as well as partner company, Baxter International’s, involvement in the contamination of vaccines and infecting patient with Hepatitis C.
[34:42] Another group in the treacherous triad is Stratfor, the “shadow C.I.A” who hold military contracts and act outside the law with absolutely no accountability. With a roster of “who’s who” of pedophiles ranking in the top slots at Stratfor, a deeper investigation into characters such as George Friedman and Bayless Parsley is in need.
[40:35] Capping off the unholy trinity, Greg and Ryan set their sights on Deagle. An influential intelligence company employed by the US government forecasting a gruesome and apocalyptic future for countries such as the US, Germany, UK, and Japan.
[45:40] Ryan elaborates on the corrupt nexus of Dyncorp, Stratfor, and Deagle, their prevalence within the government, how the expansion of the corrupt military industrial machine has impacted national security and the stranglehold these organizations have over politicians such as Hillary Clinton.
Subscribe to the plus show to hear the extended episode, including:
– Dyncorp’s role in artificial intelligence and satellite technologies
– encrypted data found in attachments in John Podesta’s emails, including a strange owl symbol and photos of Antartica
– the process for researchers to access encrypted data within the Podesta emails
– the link between the pedophile ring and Justice Scalia’s death
– the “Wet Works” email sent to Podesta and the movie script containing the map of Texas
– the pedigree and connections of James Oliphant
– the next threads of Ryan research
– MZM and Dyncorp’s link to human trafficking in the 2000s
– Congressman Dennis Hastert
– the improbability of taking private military organizations to task
– the Clinton Foundation and the scope of their involvement in child trafficking
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Operation Berenstain- one of the banned sub-Reddits:
“Pegasus Museum” owned by James Oliphant:

Clement Freud victim interviewed by Madeline McCann detectives:

Ray Wyre and the Elm Guest House child abuse scandal:
References to pedophilia in relation to the disappearance of Madeline McCann:
Coloboma and the McCanns:
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