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Austin Coppock | Astrology & The Elite

Topics Covered: Astrology, Elite Secret Beliefs, Magical Toolbox

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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talk astrology and the elite with powerhouse guest, Austin Coppock.

Most people who have gone deeper than their weekly horoscope have probably realized the eerie accuracy of a quality astrological reading. Even if you haven’t done much personal investigation, a look through history will show that from the Egyptians to Nazi Germany, powerful leaders and monarchs have often kept their chief astrologers nearby and held their advice in high regard. Chalk it up to superstition if you so choose, but one can’t ignore the actions and belief systems of the elite. It’s certainly no coincidence we’ve been told to pay no never-mind as they discretely pour their energy into this aspect of reality. Even if the mechanisms behind astrology are still unclear, it seems the gears of the great cosmos operate like a grandfather clock of probability. Luckily, today’s guest is here to help us shed some light on this topic and help us better understand the applications of astrology. As a popular writer, teacher, “reader of the stars”, and recommendation of The Higherside’s favorite wizard Gordon White, Austin Coppock has cemented his superior status among the astrological community with 20 years of knowledge.
[2:00] With a Final Fantasy video game as his entry point into astrology, Austin explains how astrology “wore him down”. Coming from a foundation of a rationalist, materialist worldview Austin entered college, where a paradigm shift began to occur. Although the system of 12 human types, similar to those found in the zodiac, became a recurring theme throughout his studies, it wasn’t until Austin was introduced to the game Final Fantasy: Tactics. This tactical turn-based RPG modeled a sophisticated piece of astrology, known as aspect doctrine, in a technically accurate way in the combat system of the game. Recognizing the accuracy of this personality typing system through personal interactions in his own life, Coppock redirected his focus to astrology.
[11:30] When we acknowledge the accuracy and validity of astrology, we begin to realize the implications that also come with this. Greg and Austin discuss the details of how the system works and why the movement of celestial bodies through established patterns have any effect on human experience. With the absence of a so-called guidebook, astrologers are adhering to a set of precedents that systematize astrology that date back to the beginning of human existence. Listen as Austin walks through the history and evolution of astrology including tales of it’s divine origins. Austin also details how the animist and platonic perspectives provide a great foundation for astrology.
[22:55] If we are taking our cues from society’s upper echelon, than the practice of astrology and magic can not be ignored. For centuries the elite have been armed with these tricks and techniques that are otherwise absent from mono-culture and typically dismissed as ancient lore. Greg and Austin discuss the history of the elite’s use of astrology and magic and the model of the high priest and king used in early astrology. They also recount brutal ancient anecdotes of Tiberius and Augustus.
[31:42] Looking back there is always a diviner in the history of empire. This has led to a troubled and complicated relationship to power with rulers both cherishing and abusing their astrologers. And even with monarchs consulting astrologers, it wasn’t generally accepted for the populous to do so, such as the case of Nazi Germany. Interestingly enough, Austin explains that popular public figure Ronald Reagan’s actions were influenced and life may have been spared because of routine consultations with an astrologer.
[38:15] Greg and Austin discuss the astrological conditions of ground zero during the events of 9/11. Austin references the work of astrologer Robert Zoller, who predicted the events of 9/11 well over a year before it happened. Austin describes in detail the climate created over an almost 40 year period whose end result was 9/11.
[49:00] With a better understanding of where we are in the current cycle, Austin and Greg discuss what’s to come. As Austin describes, our cycle is coming to a close in roughly 2020 and he contends the next president will hold office for only one term.
[55:15] A popular area of interest involving planets and elite power is the prevailing thread of a brotherhood of Saturn otherwise known as a Saturn Death Cult. With references peppered throughout pop culture, and researchers claiming the Nagamati text allude to archons residing near Saturn, Greg and Austin take a closer look to see if there is more than meets the eye.
[1:09:50] Switching gears a bit Greg and Austin talk about communicating with entities. Austin offers some insight into how those relationships were formed, the journey he took entering into the magical realm, and how the quest for wu chi facilitated his introduction to magic.
[1:16:15] Although spirit contact may be one of the more interesting aspects of magic, it is certainly not the most vital. Greg and Austin discuss the encompassing and often ignored overlap between astrology and other esoteric traditions. Austin walks listeners through what he considers the best tools to compliment astrology and create the Hermetic trinity.
[1:26:40] After offering great insight into how to contact spirits, Greg and Austin discuss the best astrological configurations that offer a prime opportunity for contacting entities.
[1:30:00] Greg and Austin discuss the merits of using astrology for planning the birth of your child and whether it can be used for leverage in life planning.
[1:39:00] Austin breaks down his bread and butter by detailing his work on decans.

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