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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talk astrology and the elite with powerhouse guest, Austin Coppock.

Most people who have gone deeper than their weekly horoscope have probably realized the eerie accuracy of a quality astrological reading. Even if you haven’t done much personal investigation, a look through history will show that from the Egyptians to Nazi Germany, powerful leaders and monarchs have often kept their chief astrologers nearby and held their advice in high regard. Chalk it up to superstition if you so choose, but one can’t ignore the actions and belief systems of the elite. It’s certainly no coincidence we’ve been told to pay no never-mind as they discretely pour their energy into this aspect of reality. Even if the mechanisms behind astrology are still unclear, it seems the gears of the great cosmos operate like a grandfather clock of probability. Luckily, today’s guest is here to help us shed some light on this topic and help us better understand the applications of astrology. As a popular writer, teacher, “reader of the stars”, and recommendation of The Higherside’s favorite wizard Gordon White, Austin Coppock has cemented his superior status among the astrological community with 20 years of knowledge.
2:00 With a Final Fantasy video game as his entry point into astrology, Austin explains how astrology “wore him down”. Coming from a foundation of a rationalist, materialist worldview Austin entered college, where a paradigm shift began to occur. Although the system of 12 human types, similar to those found in the zodiac, became a recurring theme throughout his studies, it wasn’t until Austin was introduced to the game Final Fantasy: Tactics. This tactical turn-based RPG modeled a sophisticated piece of astrology, known as aspect doctrine, in a technically accurate way in the combat system of the game. Recognizing the accuracy of this personality typing system through personal interactions in his own life, Coppock redirected his focus to astrology.
11:30 When we acknowledge the accuracy and validity of astrology, we begin to realize the implications that also come with this. Greg and Austin discuss the details of how the system works and why the movement of celestial bodies through established patterns have any effect on human experience. With the absence of a so-called guidebook, astrologers are adhering to a set of precedents that systematize astrology that date back to the beginning of human existence. Listen as Austin walks through the history and evolution of astrology including tales of it’s divine origins. Austin also details how the animist and platonic perspectives provide a great foundation for astrology.
22:55 If we are taking our cues from society’s upper echelon, than the practice of astrology and magic can not be ignored. For centuries the elite have been armed with these tricks and techniques that are otherwise absent from mono-culture and typically dismissed as ancient lore. Greg and Austin discuss the history of the elite’s use of astrology and magic and the model of the high priest and king used in early astrology. They also recount brutal ancient anecdotes of Tiberius and Augustus.
31:42 Looking back there is always a diviner in the history of empire. This has led to a troubled and complicated relationship to power with rulers both cherishing and abusing their astrologers. And even with monarchs consulting astrologers, it wasn’t generally accepted for the populous to do so, such as the case of Nazi Germany. Interestingly enough, Austin explains that popular public figure Ronald Reagan’s actions were influenced and life may have been spared because of routine consultations with an astrologer.
38:15 Greg and Austin discuss the astrological conditions of ground zero during the events of 9/11. Austin references the work of astrologer Robert Zoller, who predicted the events of 9/11 well over a year before it happened. Austin describes in detail the climate created over an almost 40 year period whose end result was 9/11.
49:00 With a better understanding of where we are in the current cycle, Austin and Greg discuss what’s to come. As Austin describes, our cycle is coming to a close in roughly 2020 and he contends the next president will hold office for only one term.
55:15 A popular area of interest involving planets and elite power is the prevailing thread of a brotherhood of Saturn otherwise known as a Saturn Death Cult. With references peppered throughout pop culture, and researchers claiming the Nagamati text allude to archons residing near Saturn, Greg and Austin take a closer look to see if there is more than meets the eye.
1:09:50 Switching gears a bit Greg and Austin talk about communicating with entities. Austin offers some insight into how those relationships were formed, the journey he took entering into the magical realm, and how the quest for wu chi facilitated his introduction to magic.
1:16:15 Although spirit contact may be one of the more interesting aspects of magic, it is certainly not the most vital. Greg and Austin discuss the encompassing and often ignored overlap between astrology and other esoteric traditions. Austin walks listeners through what he considers the best tools to compliment astrology and create the Hermetic trinity.
1:26:40 After offering great insight into how to contact spirits, Greg and Austin discuss the best astrological configurations that offer a prime opportunity for contacting entities.
1:30:00 Greg and Austin discuss the merits of using astrology for planning the birth of your child and whether it can be used for leverage in life planning.
1:39:00 Austin breaks down his bread and butter by detailing his work on decans.

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    1. I think he’s a great speaker. He got into Astrology from a skeptical position, in a way I can definitely appreciate. He has plenty of good astrological/historical anecdotes too. Hope you like it!

    2. haha! The serpent bearer! This 13th zodiac meme refuses to die! NASA does astronomy, not astrology. They have NO STANDING to change anything! ahaha!

      PS it was fantastic! Top notch GC!

  1. So excited for this new show! Even the so called ‘eh’ shows are full of knowledge my spirit needs. Mr. Greg, you just get better and better at all you do. Um so proud!? I love TLC and I love Mr. Gewg and u live mt brothers and sisters here. Joy joy and joy.

    1. Never meant to infer that this was one of those EH shows. Nah. I was thinking more on the lines if that Donald Something who wrote all the pop music. I even learned something from that one~ that our Mr. Greg is the best interviewer, even under duress. He was respectful and courteous and kind no matter what. Way to go! Snorry should take notes.

  2. I found that ( for whatever reason ) life seems to proceed forward from our expectations and beliefs. I’ve played around with this a bit and found it to be true. On that thread I’ll say if astrology works it has more to do with the belief that it will work than anything else. But then I guess on a macro level there really isn’t a difference and it’s hard to find a cause when everything proceeds forth from a single creative field. At that point cause and effect are really only two different perspectives on the same thing.

  3. Very good show, Greg. Thank you, yet again.


    Going to beat the Velikovsky drum again here. If one would want to fathom the Egyptians’ 360 day calendar, as well as a veritable shit-load of other ancient calendars that were doing very similar tricks at those same times, one should read “Worlds In Collision.” But this is only if one is willing to entertain the possibility that different astronomical arrangements in these historical ages necessitated different ways of reckoning time, the months, days, and weeks of the year.

    If such ideas would make you cry or pout, best stay away from them. The blackballing and burning of that book still holds much sway today, which explains why even knowledgeable, college educated, people as Austin Coppock have not incorporated or considered it. Almost no one in the academe reads it, because they are all told immediately that it was discredited and the question is settled. And yet, scholars like David Talbot and Laird Scranton, and scientists like Wal Thornhill are not about to diss it. No, it set them on their ways.


    What Austin was saying about planetary and stellar energies “coming down,” speaking of waves and the like, the fact that we are all bound up thinking of energies so much in the image of electromagnetism and light, it’s basically normal to speak this way. But my take on the planetary and stellar forces goes to the ethers and electric charge, which is not magnetic, but more gravitational, and does not propagate as a wave, but is instantaneously known in some way at any distance. The vector of forces traveling at light speed pull in a direction that is not where the source actually is. That vector is where it was. The electrogravitic force field acts at distance from where the power source is now, not eight minutes ago, like where see the Sun.

    Over the history of attempted reckoning the speed of light in a vacuum, no one has ever found it (c) to be truly constant. It varies in relation to the seasons, the relative positions of the sun and moon, and even “a sidereal force of unknown origin.” You can’t tell me there can be nothing to astrology. How did ‘c’ become a constant? Official science took an average and declared it to be the constant! They do so much for us, don’t they?

  4. Wow, Austin has to be one of the most articulate guests to have been on THC. Loved his synthesis of Hermetic and Taoist alchemy and
    his descriptions of Astrology and it’s relationship to power. The fact the Churchill felt obligated to use an Astrologer to keep up with Hitler
    was fascinating. Will definitely check out his book.

  5. Whoa, did he say at 1.09.45 that “If you know what Archon is in control, you know who to ask for favours”? Sounds a bit like he’s advocating the worship of demonic forces for personal gain. Creeped me out.

    1. In context he was referring to those groups who decide to throw in their lot with what they perceive to be the changing of the Aeons. He was not advocating any type of worship as far as my hearing goes. Thus when referring to Crowleys notion of the changing of ages from Pisces to Aquarius (which Saturn rules over) I believe he was trying to highlight the fact that the opposite of Aquarius (Leo) is in fact a precursor to the arrival of the new Aeon. Crowley was highlighting this in his Thoth Tarot Deck with the Trump card XI, Lust. This depicts Babalon riding the Lion (Solar Leo). In the decades up to the present, Babalon is certainly making a resurgence in the world, not least via the work of Parsons and L.Ron and recently by the folks at Scarlet Imprint (Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech).
      If ive misunderstood, apologies!

  6. My gut says the electric universe explains astrology better than our current one. Depending on the arrangement or proximity of the plasma balls, they could influence our electric brains. Makes more sense than a rock influencing my character

    1. To that, Naptha, I must say, “BINGO!” What travels at light speed is too damned slow. It all came through way before we could see it. Effects of the electric field (a.k.a., the electro-gravitational field IMO), if not instantaneous, must be close to it.

      That said, don’t sell the rocks short, even the smallest of them. Keep the scope very general, and you might see all kinds of surprises springing up out of the Great Mystery.

      Good to meet you.



  7. I love this one. I listened to it through a full three times. Fascinating stuff. I adore this guest as well as Greg’s interviewing style. Smoke on brothers and sister, smoke on.

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