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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks esoteric Hollywood and movie magic with returning guest Jay Dyer.
We know mediums of mass communication have regularly been used throughout the course of history by the elite as a means of culture creation, propaganda, and predictive programming, so it should come as no surprise that movies and films are simply the most recent weapon to be wielded in the arsenal. Today’s returning guest, Jay Dyer, joins us to offer up his recent analysis and help us wade our way through Hollywood weird.
2:00 Greg and Jay begin by discussing his new book including a provocative portion addressing “film as ritual”. Although our understanding of ritual has taken root in religious ceremonies, in ancient Greek times, plays and theatre performances from the greats such as Sophocles and Homer were intimately connected to “the Gods”. Dyer explains how this has evolved into what is known today as the Stanislavski method, an immersive method of acting practiced by numerous A-list actors.
6:15 Jay elaborates on whether there are any clear examples in today’s film industry that indicate actors attempting to channel and invoke entities through their performances by using acting as a ritual.
13:15 While film can act as a useful mechanism of invocation, it also serves as an effective vehicle for delivering occult and esoteric themes. Greg and Jay discuss the idea that the aim of Hollywood is to strip us of our imagination and handicap our ability to visualize, ultimately furthering the divide between consciousness and matter. They also examine Disney’s role in the destruction of the imagination.
17:42 Jay elaborates on the role and works of Steven Spielberg, and breaks down the three major themes he deals with: the Holocaust, familial relations, and aliens. He also details how his book focuses primarily on Spielberg’s work involving aliens and transhumanism and how tech integration can lead to dystopia. Dyer also discusses films such as “Minority Report”, “War of the Worlds”, and “E.T.” and their connection to the deep state, military industrial complex, and international corporations.
27:20 Greg and Jay continue discussing the similarities between “E.T.” and the Kubrick-Spielberg collaboration “A.I.”, and the connection between the origins of advanced technology and inter-dimensional beings.
38:20 While a majority of our understanding about our planet and solar system are typically derived from the predictive programming in movies and TV, Jay addresses whether there are other aspects of our reality being manipulated. Dyer also discusses N.A.S.A.’s extensive role in Hollywood, and elites such as James Cameron and Ridley Scott.
44:30 Greg and Jay tackle cult classic and Spielberg film, “The Goonies”. Dyer details the specifics of mason and drug trader John Jacob Astor, the use of the Jolly Roger flag by trans-nationalists, and how they relate to “The Goonies”.
Subscribe to the plus show to hear the extended episode, including:
– predictive programming in both “Back to the Future” and “Gremlins 2” regarding the Trump presidency
– the conspiratorial smorgasbord that is, “G.I. Joe” and how it touches on almost all the major themes of the alternative realm
– the military recruitment campaign found in films you’d least expect
– Dr. Strangelove as an allusion to the RAND corporation
– esoteric Hollywood films shot on location at Rothschild mansions
– why the Tavistock Institute would be studying Hitchcock films
– the role of 70’s and 80’s dystopia films like Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal
-the films of David Lynch
– Jays thoughts on more recent films like Split and Arrival
– Chuck Palahniuk’s work
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Martin Sheen tripping in “Apocalypse Now”:
“Switching Time” by Richard Baer:
M. Knight Shyamalan’s “Split”:
Gregory Bateson’s “Steps to an Ecology of Mind”:
Jay Weidner’s “Kubrick’s Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films”:
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  1. Great show & Jay is a fascinating guest. The only time he drops the ball is when he lets his own ideological point of view cloud his research. He seems to think that those on the left or in favour of progressive politics are more likely to be involved in the darker end of things, occult – wise & this is simply not borne out by the facts. The evidence shows that this stuff transcends political stances and runs across the board.

  2. Loved this show! Excellent!

    Some thoughts/notes:

    1) I know that Jim Hensen had been a Presbyterian, and I totally took “Labyrinth” to communicate more Christian themes – Gnosticism and Christianity being so closely associated, I think it fits both fairly well. Bowie certainly Gnosticizes things, of course hehe.

    2) In a Sesame Street special, “Don’t Eat the Pictures,” Big Bird joins a young pharaoh at his judgement before Osiris. In fact, Big Bird’s love for the boy tips the scales to his apotheosis! This one always haunted me as a kid – yup, existential crisis over judgement even watching PBS! I don’t know how closely associated Hensen was to Sesame Street at the time, but I find it curious. The fact that “love conquered a pagan judgement” maaaaaay be a Christian interpretation – but the fact that a secular kids show is even dramatizing such a thing is completely off the wall!

    3) The Palahniuk in question, I think, is “Survivor.” Haven’t read that one yet, but it involves a plane and a death cult.

    4) Haven’t watched Shyamalan since “The Happening.” Now… I loved his early work (yes, even “The Village”) and thought it subtle. “The Happening” and “Lady in the Water” were both heavy-handed sermons for ecology. Maybe he had liberty in his early work, and those worse movies reflect a knee-jerk reaction against the coercion to sell a message? That is, his bad movies were so bad specifically because he was being coerced to make them little sermons?

    5) Funny you bring up Star Trek as examplar for globalism, and I’ve literally seen an infographic declaring that conservatives see the future as Mad Max, while liberals see the future as Star Trek… uncanny! (Wish I could find the link.)

    Again, thanks for the great, thought-provoking show!

  3. Jay, im sure I am not al lo ne is saying thus; please look into kids shows and movies. The chldren, at least, have a CHANCE of nt being brain washed by these medias. We grown ups ae messed up, already. But if we adults can know these secret things we can teach our children in ways that would have been so hlful when we were little. My children are adults now, but is time for GRANDCHILDREN!! (JOY) Jay, your skills are much needed at this time for our children. Please consider it. Youre very very good at what you do. Youve an instint for this plus many years of practice. You can do so much GOOD for the future if you help us with the chidren of today. May the gods bless you. Thank you for your work!

  4. I have a tendency to write in the morning and predict the events of the day coming. See if you see this. This morning I was writing about my recent awareness that we are all spirits. We are all made of composite elements. That all things are energy (Sevan Bomar style)… and how all these other entities (elements) are frequencies.

    The creator is Source. Source may be indifferent. We make our own morality. After death you will go in to the next phase in different forms. One of the forms which persists will take the frequencies you integrate in to your self (other forms will be dead and eaten (E.T. en).

    I’m going out on a limb here, or not, but I can say that this is why I wrote about this this morning, though this is a song I want you to listen to and read the lyrics to (try to read along, not rush ahead). Tool – Faaip De Oiad –

    I hope people can start developing the non-dialectic of ‘flat and globe’ – love that Jay said he is amenable to geocentrism. I think the truth is far-more nuanced. I do not think we can leave ‘this planet’. I think we are amongst planes.

    There are dimensions… this is what I think may be happening… so this gets to being how I’ve been reading the Scottish Rite’s ‘Morals and Dogma’ (Destro’s Ancestors?) but to bring this back around – we are dealing with frequencies.

    I’ve never taken much from Jay except from someone who was definitely intelligent, hard working, has a good heart, but who was goofy and slightly spiteful and a showboat at times. But I am, after this interview, maybe seeing him less spiteful, still goofy, but he is very much more aware is what I’m saying then I had imagined. I love this interview, it will be one of the shining jewels in this show’s eventual history, and I applaud both of you, Greg, Jay, for your excellent insights. More power to both of you, and begin to know the law of frequencies as spirits.

    “Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.”

  5. Great episode but one of my favourite earlier podcasts was the Xaviant Haze episode. I got his book Aliens in Ancient Egypt after listening and its a solid easy read.
    He’s done a few other interesting looking ones recently as well.
    Possible return guest?
    Great work as always Greg!

  6. We’re all people & bleed when cut so it matters not what political party the guest belongs. I like many others pay for the entire show because we appreciate your style &all the topics that intrigue. Keep bringing the fringe & please bring some Cryptozooy, it’s been awhile.

  7. Thinking about War of The Worlds, 2005, Tom Cruise – the weaponry of 9/11 and Judy Wood’s dustification.
    The tripods have landed (looking exactly like the ones in comic League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and are shooting everyone on the ground. Tom is avoiding the shots, running through the streets, while people are being vaporized/dustified next to him. He runs home covered in gray dust looking just like people at ground zero on 9/11 covered in dust.
    Are we seeing the dustification weapon right there!?!?

  8. Not only did plays in Ancient greece (athens) deal mostly with religion, they had a specific god that was allocated to the theatre. Dionysus was the god of wine, madness, ecstasy and theatre. Dionysus’s festivals culminated in the competition between playwrights in the writing of scripts and the performance of these plays. The ancient greeks seemed to know very clearly that something powerful was going on in dramatic performances. The actors role in adopting the personality of another is made even more explicit in the fact that greek actors wore masks.

    Interestingly, actors were very often barred from voting/being involved in government in the ancient world. Very different from the way actors are very powerful spokespeople for various political stances today…

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