Wolfgang Halbig | Sandy Hook Issues, Capstone Events, & The Coming Lawsuit

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, as he talked Sandy Hook, Capstone Events, and The Coming Lawsuit, with Wolfgang Halbig.

Folks, we have seen many strange and sad events since 9/11 that seem to fit the template of a false flag, but even more strange is the suggestion of a “full blown simulation” in some of the active shooter situations we’ve been shown by the media.

Of these events, there is none more divisive and irregular than the events at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th, 2012. And when you start looking into the details, you find so many holes and irregularities, that you’re forced to wrestle with conclusion that this event was more stagecraft than shooting.

Of course I’m no expert, but luckily folks, today we do have one in our midst, by the name of Wolfgang Halbig, and I can think of no one more qualified to give there analysis of a school shooting than him.

Mr. Halbig is the former Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. He has worked in public education as a teacher, Dean, Assistant Principal, Principal, and even Director. He’s also held the title as Director For School Safety & Security of the Seminole Country Public School System, a school district of approximately 65,000 students. Mr. Halbig also has law enforcement experience as a former Florida State Trooper in Miami, FL, and as a United States Customs Inspector.

That is no small resume, and when his job has been to prepare schools and public places for exactly these types of situations, I think we owe it to him to listen.

Unfortunately, in the years since, Wolfgang has had his life turned upside down, and his family threatened just for asking basic questions, seeking out records, and looking for explanations to why traditional protocols he’s professionally familiar with were not followed.

Now we have him here at a very crucial time, hot off the heels of our good friend Marty Leed’s documentary about the situation entitled Dear Wolfgang- and just as he’s preparing for the culmination of his ongoing legal battle- as he’s currently being sued by Lenard Posner, the supposed parent of Noah Posner. One of the alleged victims at Sandy Hook.

02:50 Wolfgang starts by expanding on his credentials and why his expertise shouldn’t be dismissed.

12:48 Wolfgang explains how unreasonable it is to believe that Adam Lanza acted alone, given what he knows about the supposed weapons involved.

29:40 Wolfgang describes a “capstone event” and explains why that might be what we’re looking at in the Sandy Hook saga.

40:29 Wolfgang talks about his relationship with the Alex Jones Show, and his disappointment with their 180 on the Sand y Hook issue.

Wolfgang’s trial starts Nov 7th.

Support or contact him via any of the following methods:

Check or Money Order made out to:

Sandy Hook Justice

25526 hawks run lane

Sorrento, FL 32776

Phone: 352-729-2559


Also be sure to check out Marty Leeds’ documentary, Dear Woflgang, Revisiting Sandy Hook:

*Marty has informed THC that his video is constantly being taken down due. In the event this link no longer applies, just search for the title. People have been encouraged to keep it alive via their own channels. You should be able to find it somewhere.

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52 Responses

  1. I just started to listen, and just wanted to speak to Wolfgang’s question about why mainstream media wouldn’t interview him, or allow him to speak. As someone who has spoken out, and paid the price, I learned the hard way that the mainstream media are nothing more then spokesmen for the government.

    Early on, I was shocked at how disproportionate the coverage was. Newspaper articles were entirely one-sided, radio sound bites featured only government reps, etc. However, during my trial, the extent of the hypocrisy reached new levels.

    The media literally left the courtroom every time I got up to speak (I was self represented), then, after I was done speaking, they would re-enter the courtroom. This pattern repeated throughout the trail. After the trial was completed, I finally cornered one reporter and asked why they kept leaving. He said they were allowed to “report on what they heard in the court room”, and he left it at that. It was clear that he and the others had been told what they should hear, and what they should not.

    I’m going back now to listen to the rest. Amazing work both of you. I applaud your courage.

    1. Forgot to mention that I also was looking forward to the trial, as I believed it would provide the platform for the truth to come out. I was gravely mistaken. The trial, like the media, was entirely staged.

  2. Sounds like an honest & nice guy, but someone with this kind of credible person is not going to get to squeal very long. I’m sure he’ll have an accident or die from heart attack/in his sleep like all the others do.

  3. These shootings are usually studied in detail by exactly the kind of expert this gentleman is to insure that anything that can be learned by official in law enforcement and emergency medicine is learned so that the childrens deaths are not for nothing and to help tragedies like this to be prevented. When a leading authority and a accredited law enforcement officer get this type of abuse over a request for information that can aid his study and not a single victims families gets upset something is terribly wrong.

  4. Listening now. This topic is so interesting to me as I live 20 minutes from the school. This week they were honoring one of the teachers that died… kids were wearing her favorite color to school. What happened to the people that “died”? I thought they staged a true murder ritual which is even more sick. I have a friend who’s girls were there that day, and survived. My daughter was in dance school with newtown kids….. I have been accused of questioning this due to the sensitivity of this being the murder of children… also how close to home this is.

  5. I don’t care about the length of the episode. You should make the whole thing free imo. I want to thank you so much for this interview. Greg, you are the shit for this one! I will be following on the 7th for sure.

    1. I considered that, but when I do make that consideration a few things always stand in the way:

      -It’s not really fair to other guests, who would probably love their whole show publicly available too.
      -I now have a “business” where I have obligations to people who need to get what they paid for. So to put the whole thing out free, means I’m now down a show per those obligations.
      -So many THC episodes contain info that should be “out there” so it becomes a slippery slope. Ultimately, folks can get more than enough info from the free portion, and the price of admission is cheap if they want more.

      1. A lot of work goes into media and a whole lot of work to get to the point to do the work! People need to eat and support their arts and crafts. This podcast isn’t entirely closed off and leaves people to open up to the option of paying for extra content…freedom of choice.

        In my humble option, making it free also adds an angle of fear porn to the whole ordeal. Its been talked before about desensitizing people to events.

        My main concern over this is that if “they” have set this up and “they” are suing Wolfgang, I’m concerned that he will be a fall guy/ patsy for the truth movement. They would have gotten the jury/ judge everyone. Especially they will be making a point with him.

        God I hope not.

        Humanity has witnessed to more two more gun related attacks in the past week, what ever agenda they have its being ramped up and driven home fast.

        That said, thanks Greg and to Wolfgang; I stand up and applaud you for your dedication and your nobility to what you believe to be truth and fairness. I wish you all the best today/tomorrow.

      2. The exact same thought went through my head when I listened to this that this is the one episode I’d put out for free. Your response is fair & understandable, Greg. Sandy Hook holds a special place in my heart because it is the one that truly woke me up and I can’t help but feel if others heard someone as credible as Wolfbang coupled with your unmatched interviewing skills, that it could wake a lot more people up.

        I can’t speak for others, but I personally don’t mind if other’s get a freebie now and then. I don’t pay the $5 to get extra time (although it’s definitely nice), I pay to support people doing things that bring me joy so you will keep doing it.

        Here’s a possible idea: Maybe post a quarterly/semi-annual poll for plus members to vote on which episode they think should be made available for all to hear. I think it’d be a great way to funnel in more paying members, too.

        Either way, this episode was on point.

  6. I’ve watched a great deal of Halbig’s court recordings on the youtube. They are very revealing, and should be the first objects a skeptical person reviews if they are in doubt about the many conspiracies suggested by amatuer Sandy Hook investigators. Or if you want to incline a kool-aid drinker toward curiosity, the kind who’s averse to treading about the taboo subject of mass-murdering children, then this is your first step.

    The simple question is ‘why would these public officials push back so much on the most basic questions that, by law, should be on the public record?’ Once the official’s subterfuge and resistance to legal disclosure is acknowledged, then all other questions can follow in a systematic, orderly way, without delving into graduate level “Adam Lanza is a fabricated person” conspiracy theorizing.

    Good get, Greg!

    Can’t wait to listen!


    1. Wolf did tell me the 7th, but then in another instance he mentioned Nov 14th. I’m not sure if this is something that is going on over the course of a week, has been pushed back, or he just misspoke. I’m going to give him until next week and get in touch again. Tough when the guy has little to no online presence.

  7. Sandy Hook is a Rorschach test for the conspiracy community.

    There are so many differences as to what was the most egregious give away. Some say laughing Robbie Parker made them suspicious. Others say watching videos of bat shit crazy thespian Gene Rosen or the incomprehensibly bizarre Coroner Dr. Wayne Carver made them call “bullshit”.

    However, my personal favorite is David Wheeler (professional actor as is his wife Francine) playing the double role of Law Enforcement Officer and Grieving Father. No way do I believe the LEO is actually FBI Special Agent William Aldenberg. Complete cover story! This Elite Super Sniper enters the crime scene as only LEO with not one but two rifles and unmarked ballistic armor. Too bad it is evident to anyone with a room temperature IQ; this clown had never handled a loaded weapon.

    In latter videos, he is seen with just one rifle. Soon after we see pure comedy gold. Elite Super Sniper is carrying his AR-15 upside down by the magazine, while dragging the strap on the ground! The muzzle is covering innocent civilians as this clod marches along. Legitimate LEO’s recognized these blatant violations of basic firearm safety and take away his remaining rifle. Elite Super Sniper is demoted to Sloppy Sniper, but not to be discouraged, he soldiers on sans weapons.

    I wish Wolfgang Halbig luck in his lawsuit. He seems like a sincere and decent man. However, his focus is much too narrow to adequately expose Sandy Hoax. Barry Soetoro would have been a more lively and entertaining guest.

    Here is Barry explaining how Sandy Hook killed TV:

    1. I agree. Vegas, also an ink blot test. I’d call it an IQ test for the general public, but many smart people are fooled and many dumb people aren’t so really it is a personality and IQ test rolled together.

      David Wheeler… what a goof ball… obviously never handled a weapon before. I liked how he had his pistol magazines in his chest rig turned different directions. And as you mentioned he’s carrying the rifle like an idiot with muzzle sweeping all over the place.

  8. Thanks for this show, Greg. I just signed up last week. This was the first full episode I’ve heard. It was worth the full subscription price. I’ve been wondering what became of Wolfgang. I’m very happy to hear he is still at it. I had donated a small amount of money to him through his go fund me page early on, and I wanted to send him more, but couldn’t find his page. Now I know how to get it to him. Thanks for that too.
    If it helps everyone, Wolfgang said that a deposition was scheduled, not a trial. Also, I think he said it was ordered by the judge and would take place at the courthouse, which is a bit unusual. A deposition usually takes place in the lawyer’s office. In any event, Wolfgang’s lawyer will question the witness, under oath. A stenographer takes down every word and the deposition is recorded with audio (only). Video depositions are less common and usually only used when the witness might not be available for trial. The Court reporter will usually take a few weeks to prepare a transcript. The witness then takes 30 days to read and sign, unless that right is waived. My point is that we might not have a transcript for a month or more.
    Does anyone know where the case is pending or have a link to the docket?

  9. Nevermind. I found the docket. The case is in Lake County Florida.

    Lenny Posner had tried to avoid depositions claiming health issues. The judge ordered that the deposition take place in the lawyer’s office on November 15, 2017 for just two hours, 1:30 PM– but also the judge ordered that it not be video recorded. Halbig moved that the Court strike that part of the Order that did not permit video, as being against court rules. It appears that the hearing on that issue, along with a bunch of other motions of the Plaintiff, were set to be heard was yesterday. 11/7
    From a quick review of the docket , I’d say its a very contentious case. Halbig has been Pro Se (without a lawyer) for much of the case, but he did have a lawyer for yesterday’s hearing. No Order has entered yet on the motions.
    I can do a deeper analysis, if anyone is interested.

    1. The ever dissecting Phaedrus! I love it!
      I am satisfied, thank you.

      You seem to have some incite in these matters, thanks for the information!

      When news happens I am definitely looking for your name for the goods.

  10. Thanks Joshuad22. Yes, I know a little something about this stuff. ; )

    Ok, so here’s some more of what is going on with this litigation. First of all, I was surprised to find that the case against Halbig is not for negligent or intentional infliction of emotion distress. Rather, this case was brought by Pozner seeking a temporary restraining order (during the pendency of the motion), preliminary injunction (during the pending case) and permanent injunction against Halbig, to prevent him from publishing a specific email, sent by Pozner’s lawyer to Florida Attorney General Bondi’s office dated June 9, 2014.

    It doesn’t appear that there was ever a ruling on the temporary or preliminary restraining order. It may be because the issue is moot, as Halbig doesn’t have a website at the moment. The plaintiff could have simply dropped it, and nothing would appear on the docket.

    The only issue in the case, then, is whether the plaintiff is entitled to a permanent injunction.

    That’s it. That’s the case. No claim for money damages against Halbig. They just want to prevent him from publishing a single email.

    The interesting part is this: because there is no claim for money damages, there is no right to a jury trial (although Halbig has requested one). The plaintiff’s claim is in “equity” and therefore no jury right exists. Although, the court could conceivably grant a jury trial, it certainly does not have to.

    There are a number of pending motions, including Halbig’s demand that the deposition be videotaped. (the plaintiff had sought an order that the deposition be conducted by phone!) The judge denied that request, and ordered the plaintiff to be present for a 2 hour deposition in the court reporter’s office.

    It looks like the motions hearing went forward yesterday, but the results are not available yet.

    It should be interesting.

    I’m going to speculate a little here, and venture a guess that, depending on the outcome from yesterday, the Plaintiff drops the case prior to the deposition. I wonder whether the case was ever really about the email and more about tying this guy up and exhausting him financially. There is no doubt that Halbig has been litigating this case veraciously.

    On another note, Halbig filed two administrative appeals in Connecticut on his FOIA requests. His lawyers have withdrawn from the cases. One case has been dismissed for failure to prosecute, the other is likely to suffer the same fate, unless Halbig files an appearance pro-se, which he has not done, since his lawyer’s withdrawal several months ago. Greg, if you talk to him, tell him to at least file his Pro Se appearance I do suspect he does not have the money to continue (the number one reason for a lawyer to withdraw) Also, it would be interesting to know if he knows anyone of else is pursuing FOIA appeals relating to Sandy Hook. Although I admire his efforts, he could greatly benefit from someone’s help with more experience in that specific area. IMHO his time would be more usefully spent elsewhere.

    I wonder whether this Pozner case was purposely designed to take Halbig’s eye of the prize…the FOIA cases. They may be waiting for that second FOIA case to be administratively dismissed, then they’ll drop this case. No deposition. No truth. Back to square one.

    If I’m right, then they are pretty close.

  11. A summary of the proceedings from the hearing on Tuesday of this week is now available on the docket. (link above). I’ll sum it up for you anyway:
    1. The judge refused to sanction Halbig for recording a previous hearing. (you’re supposed to get prior court approval).
    2. The Judge refused to postpone Pozner’s depositon. Juge will allow the deposition to be videotaped! (Huge win!)
    3. The judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order against Halbig [a huge win for Halbig, It is the exact same issue, and only issue for trial. A win here means Pozner has an uphill battle…I hope it doesn’t cause Pozner to drop the case!]
    4. Judge made some rulings on discovery, mostly giving the parties more time to respond.
    5. Judge struck the jury demand [see my early comments, i.e. no jury right exists in case only seeking equitable relief]
    6. Pozner has until November 14th (day before the deposition) to produce documents requested by Halbig.

    Again, I’m guessing that Pozner drops this lawsuit. His deposition will not happen.

    I hope I’m wrong. We will know on or before November 15.

    1. Thanks a ton for these breakdowns. I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to keep up on the details of this case. This certainly beats having to go to check the docket every day and try to translate the legalese.

    1. just checking up on this, if it makes u feel any better i remember wolf saying he would counter sue if they backed out…. Regardless this was a very good thc. Appreciate your commentary updates sir

      1. Kypierce
        I’m not sure what the basis would be for a suit against Pozner (although, I will speculate a bit below). If Halbig actually had a claim against Pozner, he could have (and should have) asserted any counterclaim in his Answer. The counterclaim would have prevented this case from being dismissed.
        For example, he could have asserted a claim of “abuse of process”. The abuse of process counterclaim asserts that the suit against him is frivolous, and has been asserted only to achieve some improper purpose — i.e. cost him money, retaliate against him, silence him, etc. In some states, (I don’t know about FL) he can do that by filing a motion in the current action. He still might be able to do so. I’m not sure though.
        Otherwise, he may need to start all over, file suit, go through discovery, etc. It may take another 2-3 years to get to a deposition.
        But, IMHO… He should focus on to FOIA requests and appeals.
        There are a lot of great and competent people in the truther community that have experience with FOIA, especially the UFO researchers. Greg should put out the call to people to help Halbig with his FOIA effortz. It’s just my humble opinion. Otherwise…
        Your move, keepers of the dark secrets of Sandy Hook, your fucking move.

  12. Hoaxes and false flags, so much fun, weeeee! Nice to have a Sandy Hook episode and really cool to hear Wolfgang’s story and the ongoings of his trial. I was going to comment on the general nature of the show, but having read “Phaedrus'” commenting about the trial/docket/etc (thanks BTW!), I feel compelled to express my sympathy for this man and what he’s going through. I hope he keeps fighting and eventually gets the truth he seeks for himself and for us. I can only imagine the stomach churning that Wolfgang is experiencing following Posner dropping the suit. I really feel ya man. Good luck to you and I look forward to keeping up to tabs on what’s going on.

  13. Interesting. I have to say, since this is not my primary area of interest, I’m a little baffled by this kind of thing. I hear the arguments that this was staged, and the arguments seem credible in some ways, but if this is coliseum-style interactive “terror theater,” what is the point? Surely not taking away people’s guns — that doesn’t make sense. Just trying to keep the public entertained? Some kind of ritual? Divide and conquer tactics, as Halbig says? Is someone benefiting monetarily? This is definitely one of those things where the conspiracy theory, to me, makes as little sense to me as the event it is trying to explain. 2019 here and still baffled.

  14. Has anyone gotten an update on Halbig recently? I was doing a dig for him today and his search results are FLOODED with reports of his arrest for unlawful possession of identification. No mention of his career as a school safety instructor whatsoever. Just pages and pages of the same story.

    I know this thread has been dead for almost a year but my interest in this has been rekindled

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