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Brad Steiger | Multidimensional Beings, Subterranean Realms, & Age Old Mysteries

Topics Covered: Beings, Esoteric, Hollow / Inner Earth, Sacred Knowledge

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Join The Higherside Chats as host, Greg Carlwood, talks Multidimensional Beings, Subterranean Realms, & Age Old Mysteries with guest, Brad Steiger.

By this time many of us are familiar with the overflowing cornucopia of conspiracy paranormal ranging from UFOs and alien abduction, to multi-dimensional beings and celestial spirits. Yes, this abundant and seemingly never-ending stream of mysterious feels like the faucet that simply won’t stop pouring.
Fortunately, today’s guest, the legendary Brad Steiger, joins The Higherside to help sift through over 30 years of experience, field research, and writing. An author or co-author of over 170 books, and writer of over 2000 articles on the unexplained, Steiger has earned his reputation as an authority on the abnormal.
2:42 Greg and Brad kick off their journey into the paranormal, by examining experiences of Steiger’s youth that placed him on his current path. Detailing his childhood home, it’s peculiar placement, and various otherworldly events, Brad provides some interesting insight into these abnormal encounters.
14:00 Brad shares a never before heard story of one of his most astonishing experiences. A teacher in Ohio at the time, Steiger recalls a UFO sighting near a riverbed that coincidentally followed the publication of his first UFO book. He also details the extravagant display and advanced technology he and friends witnessed that evening.
20:30 During the 1947 Roswell crash, Steiger was just a young adolescent at the ripe age of eleven. Brad and Greg discuss the trajectory of public opinion and acceptance since these events, the lack of disclosure and his determination to bring paranormal activity to the forefront. He also details his transcendental near- death experience that followed the Roswell crash in 1947.
31:30 Steiger is an unmatched force in the paranormal research landscape, and has spent countless hours investigating the most mysterious of phenomena. One incident that highlights his understanding of the other-world and his hands on approach to research is his involvement in The Shaver Mystery. Brad and Greg discuss Richard Sharpe Shaver’s assertion of discovering a sub-subterranean human-like race known as the Dero, which he claims are a slave race inhabiting the ancient underground cities of their Lemurian overlords.
41:30 Another interesting incident, which happened during Steiger’s life, and adds to the already long list of strange and mysterious encounters, was the saga of Admiral Byrd and his expeditions to Antarctica during the mid-1940s with Operation Highjump. Greg and Brad discuss Antarctica, it’s importance, and it’s potential to provide an answer to many of Earth’s unexplained mysteries.

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– Brad’s thoughts on the Nazi’s, Tibet, and the Inner Earth stories

– how the Hollow Earth and channeling affected WW2

– the son of the American Nazi Ex-pat and his alien contacts

– Brad’s reflection on the common themes among the reports he’s gotten over the decades

– why the polarization and divisiveness of our age is more worrisome to Brad than previous decades

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