Jeanice Barcelo | The Dark Agenda Behind The Hospital Birth Protocols

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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats as he talks about birth trauma, prenatal care, the dangers of ultrasounds and Pitocin with guest, Jeanice Barcelo.
Many of us are all too familiar with the cold, clinical process of childbirth, where pregnant mothers and their fetus’ are subjected to endless tests, injections, and ultrasounds, all in the name of modern medicine.
And while these method of madness may be hailed within the scientific community, it is obvious our prenatal care and birthing process have mutated into an industry orchestrated to prey of the fear of new parents.
This cycle has evolved throughout the last century, from a natural, love-filled process, to one that is designed to deliberately genetically alter both mother and child, through psychological torture beginning from the moment of incarnation and resulting in both cascade of interventions during birth and lifelong effects on fertility.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Jeanice Barcelo, joins The Higherside to shed some light on one of the darkest undercurrents of the conspirasea. As an author of books like, “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine”, Barcelo offers incredible insight into the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of each step in our prenatal care and the birthing process.
3:00 With no better place to start than the beginning, Greg and Jeanice kick things off by discussing the big picture. Although we are aware of the constant onslaught of dangerous poisons and detrimental toxins bombarding our system from virtually every angle, we may overlook, as Barcelo explains, that this assault starts before birth, during preconception and prenatal care. She and Greg unravel the history of how society has moved away from the natural birthing process to our current clinical state, in large part, due to the influence of the Rockefeller family during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
10:00 Jeanice discusses the hospital birthing protocols, beginning with prenatal care. She explains how from inception, the medical industry begins it’s assault through prenatal vaccinations, ultrasounds and gestational diabetes testing. Barcelo elaborates on the dangers of ultrasonic waves, how this radiation effects the fetus, how the alarming increase in the frequency of ultrasounds during a pregnancy is effecting fertility rates.
22:00 Ultrasounds, vaccines in pregnancy, induction and the use of Pitocin during labor, all negatively impact our health and cellular symbiosis. Barcelo elaborates on how the use of Pitocin, a synthetic form of Oxytocin, effects a mother’s natural Oxytocin production during childbirth and the devastating impact it has on the bonding between parents and children. Greg and Jeanice also discuss the impact of epidurals, cesarean sections, cord clamping, eye ointments, new born hats, swaddling and circumcision by examining the physical, mental and spiritual damage done.
32:00 Moving from the damage caused during prenatal care, Greg and Jeanice talk about the birthing process itself. As the number of induced labors skyrockets, Barcelo details not only the harmful physical effects, but also the sinister symbolic implications of induction. Jeanice explains the subtlety behind the unconscious attack on sovereignty through the induction of labor and walks through the various aspects of childbirth that have proven to be most devastating.
42:00 With Pitocin being the culprit behind so much destruction, Greg and Jeanice turn their attention towards this synthetic toxin responsible for undermining a mother’s ability to produce real Oxytocin, a critical chemical involved in bonding. Oxytocin is vital not only during bonding, but as Barcelo explains, plays an important role in breast-feeding, and postpartum depression.
53:00 Greg and Jeanice discuss the laundry list of side effects associated with the epidural and the illusion of a “natural birth”.
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– cutting the cord, causing weak births, and raising some scary occult implications for giving away your baby’s blood

– how much of the pain of childbirth is unavoidable vs how much is situational

– more on the creator and the spiritual implications

– the sexualization of children

– the dark ritual of circumcision, and the blood sucking by mouth tradition that still goes on today

– the vaccine and eye ointment components

– episiotomy

-the modern practice of making live from the eggs of dead women and the sperm of dead men

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Jeanice Barcelo “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound”:
Jeanice Barcelo “What Happens In The Womb And During Early Years Affects The Baby For A Lifetime”‘:
Jeanice Barcelo “Vitamin K Shot After Birth Linked To Early Childhood Leukemia”:
Jeanice Barcelo “Autism Rates In The U.S. Continue To Skykrocket- 1 in 68 Children Now Have Autism”:
Jeanice Barcelo “Induction With Cytotec/ Misoprostol Is Killing Women And Babies”:
Jeanice Barcelo “Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality”:
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54 Responses

  1. Dark indeed. I teach a form of trauma recovery. I have been able to work with some children who suffered medical trauma. It is a deep wound but the nervous system can learn to regulate outside of PTSD patterns. I had my child at home, best choice I ever made. I kept doctors far from her.

  2. Nothing better than getting off work to find a new episode of THC! Just wondering, but ‘THE’ Missus Carlwood doesn’t have herself a proverbial ‘Bun in the Oven’ does she?! Sorry…. I felt it a necessary question given the subject matter of tonight’s show. That is all. Stay up player.

  3. I know it’s an important topic but I just couldn’t listen. My son is now 11,and i am still traumatized by what I endured during that pregnancy, and sadly this show just brought it all back. Having said that, this is critical info for folks who have still yet to deal with this nightmare. The medical system is beyond insane. Thanks as always. You are awesome. ??⭐️???

  4. Having birthed 4 children all I can say there is so much important information here. I thought I knew a lot before my first child was born but the medical system is insidious and by at the time unknowingly choosing a “medwife” and a “natural birthing unit” the inevitable cascade of medical interventions and trauma followed.
    Our other 3 children all had beautiful births at home, some in water, and while the sensations of birth are intense, they were nothing compared to the agony of my first birth. The difference of a peaceful birth for our children was undeniable as was the healing my husband and I experienced. It literally changed our whole lives.
    Some of the information here may seem extreme when you first encounter it…it’s the mistake we made with our first. It is not extreme, pay attention and stay as far away from the medical model as your possibly can! My biggest regret is that we didn’t know these things with our first.
    Thank you for doing this show Greg, I hope it helps many parents and children to come.

  5. I was hoping she would go into the rhogam shot with you. I’ll have to see if she goes into it in her book. I am rh negative and hit the shots during both my pregnancies and right after each birth. So I’m really curious what she has to say about it.
    I have 2 daughters, but if I’d had a son, I would not have had him cut. I’m sure it would’ve been a battle with my husband, but I could never have allowed his little penis to be mutilated. The way I see it, a boy should stay uncut and if he decides to have it done when he’s an adult, then so be it. I can’t imagine any man would choose it.

      1. Im not saying you are wrong, but how could we know if this is true? We have to trust the same people who set this whole system up when it comes to recorded history. I would venture a guess that this isnt true. What a powerful tool to be able to normalize any behavior they want by just saying this is how older civilizations worked…

    1. These things are happening and everyone needs to be made aware of the reality. I will not be bullied into being silent regarding facts, even when they are uncomfortable for me due to having a traceable jewish lineage on my mothers side. It hurts me when i see people in the world carry hate for other people and act in anger towards others, it doesnt matter if it is due to race, religion, sex, prejudices or any reason at all truthfully. It is time to admit that some monsters are hiding behind many various labels weve been conditioned to treat as beyond any scrutiny because that would make US the monsters. this is pure fallacy and has been a very effective construct used to control social taboos, but nobody here is interested in anything other than TRUTH, LOVE and HEALING the many places where darkness has taken root within establishments, institutions, and organizations
      there is no denying that these things are happening, and on a much greater scale then cnn will report.

    2. Wow, the race card played pretty soon eh? Judaism is NOT a race. There are many different semitic peoples who are not followers of Judaism. Nicely triggered 😉
      The only thing I wish she had addressed was the FGM that followers of the Islamic cult indulge in but perhaps that is not part of her remit.

      1. I gotta say– you’re right, but I really wonder if Barcelo would agree with you. In addition to her treating jews as an evil, homogenous group in the show, I’m super put-off by this blog post where she implies this guy MUST be a jew because of his medical misconduct:

        Also, every single post I saw on her blog blames the jews, often with absolutely no evidence of any jewish involvement… I really feel like shes giving them more power/credit than they deserve. She seems to have much more interest in stoking fear around the entire jewish ethnic group than calling out the jewish elite or establishment, or any sort of elites or corporations or the state of Israel.

        Being jewish doesnt automatically give you power, and you definitely dont have to be jewish to cause birth trauma.

    3. I have nothing against anyone’s race or DNA. I do have a problem with all orthodox religion. Especially when they abuse children, and they all do.

      Guests have been calling out power centers they have a problem with since the beginning. Some think it’s Freemasons, some think it’s Jews. I let them all speak their mind freely and I think they’re all half right.

      My only anti Jewish sentiment was about a very real tradition of putting their mouths on baby dicks. Is that cricism you take issue with, rather than the practice? Because I didn’t make it up.

      THC is a controversial show. I dont agree with or endorse every opinion a guest has, sometimes I just listen.

      1. I don’t want to throw more logs on the fire, but the whole anti Jewish thing in my opinion is nonsense. Maybe to the people who claim it, but the Jewish people get their name from a group of people 2,500 years ago. Before Babylon sacked jerusalem, A Jew by definition is only from Judah, one of the 12 sons of Jacob. Judah conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites, whom were the original inhabitants of the city. Jerusalem was never built by the Hebrew. The name jew comes from the patriarch of the tribe of Judah, whom name was Judah. I’m saying all this to say, I’m a firm believer that the lineage, or history of the jew has been usurped from those people, and claimed by another group without the blood ties. They adopted the religion. I’m sure many people are aware of this hot potato. But it does not change the fact that the underbelly of Hollywood and all the “jews” are not in fact the true jews of the Abrahamic line, but those who adopted the religion. So those people whom are in truth, not jews, hide behind the name, and claim racism every time they get caught double dipping in the cookie jar. In 1947 when the UN signed the papers to partition off a portion of Palestine to become the Israel state, the excuse given for doing so was the holocaust. They stole land and gave it to a group of people. That was just another geopolitical maneuver. Here comes the foothold in the mid east, and the pipeline. There’s about 5 debates within what I said, and that’s fine, but this is what I take from it. My opinions on the holocaust are far from the mainstream norm. Oh it happened to a degree, but not what they said. This is one of those subjects, if I was a host of a podcast, I wouldn’t touch with a 10′ pole. Let it die in the comments, because it’s an incredibly polarizing subject. Polarizing or not, it’s the truth. It seems that the truth divides the most.

        But yeah, as far as the baby dicks, the rabbi says you suck the little thing because it’s an antiseptic? Or some nonsense. Everything in my mind has been polluted. We’re too late in timeline. Years of lies that we have to sort through. Love you all

  6. Not many topics touch me so deeply and emotionally as this, and I cant even imagine how i would deal with it if I had children of my own, not just the trauma done to myself and my little brother. Thank you so much Greg for your hard work and dedication to providing information and building a platform where awareness is being bred and born 😉

  7. Well past it for me but not my granddaughters! I used Natural Childbirth techniques to have my daughter so did not need meds – I wrote a 2 sided A4 sheet of instructions but they still managed to put a suction tube down her throat right after birth and cut the cord asap. However beause it was so long ago the medical profession did not yet have a party line. I still had post natal depression for 3years although had had a very quick birth without drugs myself. Thanks for all the difficult but important info you put out. Brilliant show notes from the missus as well.

  8. At some point I had to pause it because its so true and upsetting. I’ll finish later as this is so important and I wish I had done more research before I had my children, but this information was harder to come by 14 years ago-and after hearing what happens to baby boys, I’m just relieved that I had two girls and did not allow something like that to happen to my child. We had good insurance and all the steps were there escalating us into c-section. Generally I’m a speak my mind feisty, but in that state, in labor, I really needed my husband to stand up for me, and there is some kind of shock that he didn’t. I don’t know what I expected him to do, he was just as overwhelmed and unsure as I was, but yes, that is now always between us. I’m sort of relieved that someone said it so I know its a real thing and not just in my mind. It took me a while to bond with my second baby and I had horrible baby blues were I would wake up crying and wishing I was dead. Not like me at all. Not a show I really ever imagined from you Greg, but I appreciate it.

    1. I think they intentionally make the fathers feel helpless, like they have no say in what is going on. They are simply there to help the mother breathe. If I could go back in time, I would do things very differently.

      1. We can help our kids understand what is going on when they have their kids and I’m hopeful things will turn around and this group that understands the abuse will grow. It is a great things to understand, my husband still isn’t on that same page with me. Appreciate your comment.

  9. Excellent show Greg. I have listened to this lady on other shows in the past and respect her endeavours. Although approaching “old geezer” age I have 2 step-daughters who have not yet had children themselves and find myself extremely conflicted as to whether to mention Miss Barcelo’s research to them with regard to birthing (due to instilling fear). I am hoping that the procedures in England and NW Europe are less destructive; I will have to research this.
    One last thing, I wish she would have mentioned the increasing amount of FGM both in the US and Europe which is also a product of the Abrahamic heresies against life. I would actually not include Christianity in this ( the faith not the church) as the New Testament imo is a rebellion against the Old one. Anyhow, one of your best. Cheers!

  10. Greg talking about the baby dick had me in stitches! Not a funny situation though.
    AND we got to the evil Jews! Great interview. Boring at parts, but very interesting and eye opening overall.

  11. Dude this show comes at such an important time for me personally, as my wife and I are expecting our second child in a few weeks. Jeanice has given me soo much info in this episode that me and wife are reworking our entire birthing plan. My first son was born March 15, 2015. I saw him born, I heard him scream. within 20 minutes the nurse had spirited my son away to the NICU. My wife was in labor for 8 hours and I had just worked a double so I decided to grab a little nap while the docs “took care of” my son. 4 hours later a doctor walks in and tells me my son did not make it due to his lungs not being developed enough. I saw the color in my sons face, I heard the power in his lungs when he was born and here is a doctor telling me my sons lungs weren’t strong enough for him to survive. I went into a deep depression for about a year after that because I could not shake the feeling that something was done to my son. But because I was so uneducated and new to bringing life into this world I let “professionals” usurp my natural instincts as a father. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. Sorry for the long post but I had to share, not for me but for any expecting parents out there that may be in doubt. Please Please Please do the research. I blame myself still for being so ignorant and naive. Parents YOU are your child’s first line of defense. As always Greg love the f*#K out of this show and keep up the good work.

    1. This makes me so sad 🙁 Doctors and hospitals make us all feel so helpless. The informative just given to us is so important. I’m glad you got to hear it in time to make positive changes. Good luck to you, your wife, and your soon-to-come baby.

  12. Oofta! The was semi tough to get through. She has a lot of great information about what she studies. A lot of helpful things but damn, it’s weird that she’s not Christian because she sounds like a Christian hahah. I mean, her homosexual stance alone made me kind of disgusted. But like Greg often says, hear out other people’s views and pick out the good/helpful information- this episode fits that thought perfectly.

    1. Glad I wasnt the only one put-off by her sex takes– I also thought it was ridiculous when she railed against sex education and treated it like it was entirely unnecessary and perverted… has she heard of STDs? and unwanted pregnancies, oh my god…

      Wouldnt you expect a sex/pregnancy educator to want more people to be learning about sex and their bodies? for health’s sake…

      It seemed like, in her view, the only time its okay is when its in line with her view of whats sexually acceptable.

  13. This was a topic and a guest we desperately needed to hear. I did everything wrong with my children’s births and I can see now, some 20 years later, the residue of my choices on their lives. Knocked it out of the park again Greg. I will make sure my children know Jeanice’s material before they begin conceiving my grandchildren. Great episode!

  14. OMG!!!! Im a Huge fan. Been a Huge fan of EVERYthing you do and everything U or I represent. however This Episode was bare far the best show ever. EVER. This is Some deep demented information, and iT explained So So much. I Honestly feel like a gigantic weight has been lifted off my shoulders, Because I finally feel like Im NOT losing my Frakin mind. That Im NOT all alone with these thoughts and observations. When I hear about The Kardashians and their very very traumatic childbirths. Were everything was systematic to the second. Where the can manipulate the times a pregnancy is given, refering to Satanic Time in Which a baby is Born. Both the date and time. At Whatever costs -even 37 weeks premature. Even to systematically kill the baby and bringing iT back to life. Such as the story She explained, based on The day of Thansgiving. And the 3rd child, are using a agency as a surrogate playing an amount of 90,000. Including the rules involgde. WoW.!!!!! Then on top of iT: Start looking into the Hospitals involved: Cedars-Sinai Hospital: look at Famous actors Who have died and given birth at This corporate monster. Ive got So much more written and scribbled down. Including my own personal experiances with myself and my family, including the Religion in Which I was raised. Mormon. Trauma is very very real. I would love to elaborate further, however leaving iT in the comment section would be to grandious. Do u offer an e-mail or P.o.Box in Which to send additionele information and enlightenment. Anyway, Thankx for your time. Thankx for your show. This topic has sent a lightning bolt through my soul and I feel reborn again. I feel as If the Trauma Ive recieved over and over with health complications and surgeries, Has Actually open my eyes to the inderlyings of This empire built on Wrong and twisted factions. Anyway, Thankx So much for This show. IT is real. IT is happening. Much Love and Respect. Robb Drew RubberDucky

  15. Great show as usual Greg, thanks for covering this one! The truth is, having a child was what woke us up. Navigating this crazy world…. It’s so hard to know everything about everything before you go through the experiences of life. So many times after listening to a THC episode I have to reconcile the decisions I’ve made based on what I knew at the time with the constantly unfolding truth that I’m presented with. This one was no exception. My wife and I went through our childbirth process at a birthing center, but were among the 25% that ended up at the hospital due to “complications.” The birthing center we went to was a good and decent place overall, so even now I don’t hold them accountable for sending us to the hospital, but I really wish we would have walked through the door of the awakened beforehand. We would have been so much for prepared for the shit show we experienced there. We’ll definitely share this one!

  16. This woman’s voice was so incredibly difficult to hear. I love listening to these shows, but this woman’s voice was so harsh I had to shut it off. I felt like I was being yelled at the entire time. I know the info is important, and I made it through like 30 minutes of it, maybe I’ll come back to it. However this woman needs to know that she is pushing people away from her information by her angry tone.

    1. Interesting. I didn’t think that at all. I thought she sounded very passionate about the subject, but I didn’t detect anger or harshness. At times I could hear some anger towards what is being done to people, though. I do listen to clyde lewis a lot, so maybe I’m desensitized to angry tones 😉

    2. I’ve heard other interviews with her and feel the same way when I listen. While I respect a lot of the research she’s done, it’s hard to listen to someone who sounds like they are generally a very negative person with no sense of humour, regardless of the subject matter.

      My other problem with her is that from listening to other interviews where she’s gone more in depth she seems to be a very sex-negative person and if I remember correctly seems to think sex is only for conscious reproduction and nothing else. I’m making an assumption here but I’ve heard her talk a bit about her own personal relationships and it seems that she may be someone who’s not capable for whatever reason of enjoying sex.

      Has anyone read the Ringing Cedars series she suggested? I’m not sure why she holds that up as some great moral example as there are multiple questionable things done by the two main characters in the first book. To me it read as some new age Russian dude’s wet dream.

  17. Good topic and show, I have also come across the research regarding ultrasound – the main thing I saw was the cancer risk is vastly understated by the medical community so it is interesting to hear about other effects. I do think she may have been projecting a bit in some of her more opinionated stances near the end of the show regarding sexuality.

    Despite my mention of Jesus in some of my shows I am not Christian and agree that the Abrahamic faiths have their roots in demonic experiences and practices. I will discuss further why I keep bringing up Jesus and a bit more about what his case has to show in further episodes.

    1. Thanks Shamangineer, I have enjoyed your programs with Greg and would appreciate your take on this. I am quite confused about religion/spirituality (and almost everything else, it seems). Jesus or Buddha or Odin or…..? In any case, I and most everyone I know is irrevocably screwed due to something on the THC shows, but at least life is interesting. Peace.

  18. It would have helped her case if she tried introducing a little factual evidence to back up her claims. Otherwise, it sounds like new-age hysteria. Basically, according to her, all forms of modern medical procedures for birthing are bad. But, death during childbirth was a lot more common back in the day. The sheer act of birth (of any kind) is violent and you can easily take the description of any medical procedure and spin it to make them seem harsh and cruel. Notice how she tells everyone to forget about what they “know” about modern birth procedures but she still holds a grudge against her own husband? Seems more like she has her own demons to work through.

  19. Love the content of this episode, but I honestly don’t know what to believe any more. I have two sons, my oldest has autism. I agree with several of her points… circumcision is completely barbaric and unnecessary. Giving your children to an educator whom you know nothing about is also unthinkable to me… I can understand why some listeners find the episode a bit annoying though as she does sound quite angry most of the time.

  20. I appreciated the information here, and I agree with about 96% of what Jeanice was saying. However, the information made me feel violently ill. I listened, because I wanted to know, but I was on the edge of my seat because I didn’t know if I was going to have to run to the bathroom or not. I literally expected to throw up any second. I didn’t, but I spent the entire interview feeling like I was going to vomit from overload. I have never had a child, but I do know that if I did, I would absolutely NOT go to a hospital for the birth. I already knew that our precious Western medicine isn’t designed to help anyone; it’s designed to bleed us financially and then slaughter us.

  21. I was waiting for you to ask her opinion on abortion but I think I already know it. I never really considered child birth as such a traumatic ordeal in so many women’s lives but then you never really would know until you are in that position yourself and it’s not like you are going to tell your friends afterwards how horrific the whole experience was, you’re more than likely going to bottle that for life, soak up the congratulations and focus on the new little human you have to worry about. Her points about ultrasound burning and breaking the blood-brain-barrier is insane and something I will have to research for myself. Blows my mind that traumatic births can lead to so many spiritual problems down the line, but it makes sense. This one was unnerving for me but extremely enlightening. Nice one Greg!

  22. One of the most hard hitting episodes to ever hit the show. While disturbing, it made a ton of sense. I saw a lot of corrolaries in my own life with what she said. Phenomenal Greg. Well done to both the guest and you for putting together a great episode

  23. WTF…. I am a medical Professional 35+years. While some of her statements has some sound ideas…the places she takes them is totally fictional. Yes circumcision is completely barbaric and unnecessary. Ultrasound is probably over used. But the point about using needles and care of an new born is unbelievable – what ???? these kids are sick. left untreated, cold, and exposed…they would die. and die fast That is called medical Neglect!!!! There are a lot of children born with normal childbirth – in a hospital. are not treated with needles and advanced care – go home in 24-36hrs. and lead a normal life. She makes it sound like everyone of us are damaged goods for being born – period. I am successful, happy, and live a normal life. Was born by C-section, had a circumcision… So….again WTF. I agree- all the shots, vaccines, and chemicals a child is exposed to…Not to think about with hundreds of hours of TV and Video games a young minds is shown…. But life saving health care is a bit of a stretch…. Plus her attitude, almost hatred to everyone involved – this woman is conflicted is some way like everyone is stating. She made the flat earth people seem somewhat normal…. Greg – probably not the best show you have ever did….But you did expose a person that I feel is way off base, and might be a disinfo agent working for the other side, trying to scare people away from life saving care…. Just my thoughts…. Happy holiday’s

  24. Thanks Greg,

    This is really important information. Many of the facts covered in the interview are what inspired my husband and I to have a truly natural birth at a birth center with a midwife 23 years ago. Based on that experience, we thought we could handle an insurance covered hospital birth 3 years later when my son was born.

    We did manage to avoid drugs and the dreaded episiotomy, however, we were still threatened with a possible CPS referral when we turned down the hepatitis B shot. It was maddening, but we refused to be bullied. They did use the heart rate monitor and part of the prenatal procedures included ultrasounds and an unnecessary amniocentesis. I still wonder if this is why my son had the frequent ear infections and gut issues that my daughter completely avoided?

    Child birth in the US has only become more perverse in the decades since my children were born. I currently work in an early childhood program that provides therapies for babies and toddlers. We see some very sad cases and have witnessed first hand the incredible increase in Autism rates that could have been prevented if parents had this information before conception and birth.

    I love your show and I’m especially grateful when you have guests who are willing to present hard truths that will help many in your audience be able to make better choices that will improve their health and their children’s health. This is one of those. Thanks again.

    Love and light!

  25. Greg, I love your show and and almost every episode, but as a Jewish viewer I can tell you that this individual has no clue what she is talking about when she refers to a “Judaic” cult. My own son was circumcised during a briss- and no one put their mouth on him, no one ate the foreskin, and my son, now in College, grew up just healthy and fine. My wife is a doctor and heard enough of this show in the background to determine that this woman was off her rocker from a medical standpoint.

    In my humble opinion, this woman was extremely prejudiced against Jews (I won’t say “anti-semetic” because that term is an overused misnomer) to the point of irrational hate speech. She also displayed traits of severe mental illness. Her hatred for her ex-husband was quite revealing. Here is a man she believes was under duress at her child’s birth due to “luciferian forces” but knowing this she still can’t forgive him – yeah right. Clearly she has deeper issues with this man that that but has created a fantasy to justify whatever happened between them.

    And of course – circumcision has been around for millennia – yet widespread autism is fairly new phenomena. So, how can one be linked to the other?

    As I said above- I love your show most of the time- but when the anti-jew crap starts in – I wonder why I am paying you for this. If you had a speaker on here who went on about some nonsense theory about, say, how bad black people are or how homosexuals have an agenda to control our children, you’d cut the episode or greatly push back at the guest. I bet you would – but when Jews are made the scapegoat….oh that is always OK.

    My advice to you and the listeners who think “the Jews” are the source of all evil in the world – Do your homework. Go meet some mainstream Jews from various denominations and talk to them; get to know their thoughts their hopes and fears and beliefs. Don’t read all the biased crap on the internet. Get some direct from Hebrew translations of the Torah and Talmud (better yet – learn biblical Hebrew) and read them directly – not some idiots slanted translation from the King James version of the Bible, which has already been poorly translated to begin with and where they have an agenda to argue nonsense like “see – its says here you can molest babies” (no where does it say this!!!). Read some other books by Jewish authors about Jewish thought and teachings – you will see that Jewish philosophy is more about universal peace and love for all humankind and not some playbook for world domination.

  26. Polarizing and bothersome to many subscribers,clearly… but it’s absolutely IMPORTANT info (and her voice was not at all intolerable). Brilliant information. One thing we can all agree on is the clear decline in Western Civilization throughout the last handful of decades. Big Pharma leading the way contributing to so much of the health problems in our world. One’s willingness to learn should easily guide them through this interview without the need to condemn Jeanice for her voice. Pay attention to the countless details within the interview. Yes, there is huge contrast within this compared to what we think we know, but keep in mind we’ve all been misinformed on so many levels. Take a good look at how flawed the world around us has become. Clearly, we have a massively broken medical and educational system that has set the tone for our thoroughly dysfunctional culture. Western Civilization, in particular, is an absolute disaster and lacks any sort of harmonious cohesiveness. And as for the Creator, clearly there is a Darker element reigning over us in this realm. There is suffering every where, but we are far too concerned with ourselves to care about most of those who suffer. We have become incredibly excessive, concerned with mindless stuff like sport and entertainment over the well being of others. Take a good look at the things we reward in our society to get a good idea of how detached we are from the things that really matter. And how about the creepy circumcision disclaimer by the very corrupt CDC… siting health implications, but failing to site the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS NATURE to the entirely unnecessary process!? Smdh…People, WAKE UP! Clearly, after reading some of these comments many are still sound asleep. Greg, stay aggressive. Keep bringing the real stuff. This was easily one of your best shows.

  27. I just listened to this episode – so this comment is pretty after the fact.

    However, I couldn’t not write something after getting through it. I was recently talking to my husband about how I’d love to hear an episode about birth and hospital/medical birth procedures. And here it was!
    When I became pregnant with my daughter I devoured as much research I could find which resulted in us using midwives and having a completely natural and easy homebirth. We did feel pressured to have one ultrasound and the vitamin K shot, which I regret. And if we are fortunate to have a second child we will definitely stand our ground. But I know that despite that, we gave our daughter a really positive and loving start.
    I know so many women who fall into the cascade of interventions and it breaks my heart for those little brand new babies and for those woman who feel helpless and afraid.
    This is such an important topic. And yes, Jeanice did say some pretty hard to take things and my husband and I cringed at times… but I think overall, her message is worth listening to.
    Great show!

  28. There is a overlay upon most of our minds that binds us to ignorantly trust the medical system. There are more than enough reasons to fear a home birth which feeds the blind need to trust them. Here’s my question why in the world do people think you have to ALLOW them to do anything you do not consent to?
    My comment is. My plan is to have my next child at the hospital because of a low placenta. Thus I will not ALLOW them to cut the cord until it’s done pumping, stick her or our baby with any needles, no little hat, no swaddle, no ointment, no pitocin, no heart rate monitor. Those are thing they will not be ALLOWED to do. They are just making sure nothing goes awfully wrong. I’ll let everyone knows how it goes.

  29. I’ve been working for nearly 5 years on recovering from my own birth trauma and educating on natural health, dangers of vaccines, and the dangerous methods of allopathic birth models. I had a home brith two years ago and it’s so clear why women have been dissuaded to have home births without intervention; an awakened and powerful person is dangerous to the controlling powers. So many women are opening their eyes and breaking the chains of convention. Thank you for this wonderful show. It was nice to revisit as a premium listener. 

  30. I appreciate her comments but really!?? are you telling me birth in the ancient, medieval, frankly all through human history was always peaceful, trauma-free.  I don't think men in the ancient world were in there supporting the wife, catching the child and cutting the cord.  She is not looking at the fact that life is traumatic.  Being squeezed out of the womb is tramatic and rarely perfect!  What is Natural.  Some of my babies would not be here with some intervention.  Natural is not always mean alive.  Mother's and babies died a lot in the past.


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