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William Brown | Quantum Biology, Viruses, Panspermia, & Alien Engineered DNA

Topics Covered: Ancient Aliens, Health, Nature Of Reality

Show Notes

If you’re familiar with Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Science Foundation, you might also be familiar with William Brown. William is a biophysicist and research scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation where he performs theoretical development and experimental research to better understand the physics of complex, self-organizing systems, particularly the biological system.

Today he drops in on THC to explain what’s different about a quantum biology approach to health & wellness, the diverse role of viruses in the larger world, panspermia, & the clues he sees in our genetic code that speak to some potential alien tinkering.

Check out Torus Tech for their ongoing implementation of Nassim’s work into real world technology.

PLUS Content

  • 12 Strand DNA & Spiritual elements of DNA.
  • Engineering man to not sense the masters.
  • Raising animal intelligence levels.
  • Regenerating damaged tissue.
  • The meridian systems of land and body.
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