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Ice Age Farmer / Christian Westbrook | Rockefeller Food, AgTech, & The Coming Food Supply Shortage

Show Notes

Christian Westbrook AKA Ice Age Farmer, joins THC to talk all things food. He tells us about the history of Rockefeller food, the latest level-change to AgTech, & the signs that let us know that there might be some major breaks in the food supply as a result of the COVID-19 response.


PLUS Content

  • Deeper insights into Ag-Tech. 
  • Wal-Mart’s robot bees. 
  • Aspects that effect crops specifically. 
  • Building our gardens to be anti-fragile. 
  • Misconceptions about home growing difficulties. 
  • Esoteric and Biodynamic aspects of agriculture. 
  • Contact tracing for produce.
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Yay. I really needed this to unwind from a frustrating week of misplaced authority. Diving in, sounds fun and informative already. Ah, solar minimum and coerced food shortages. Serenity now 🙃😁#seektruth #dogood #share


I already knew this problem was in the foreseeable future as I'm sure most of the folks who travel in these circles do. Having said that I'm really not looking forward to listening, but alas you can't keep your head buried in the sand. Ignorance really is bliss.


Please get Richard Thieme author of Mind Games on the show I think it would be epic. 


So glad Greg and Christian finally connected! And it could not be more timely. Have to say Christian is one of the most provocative and inspiring speakers online. His content and presence always gets me so pumped for creating an independent future for myself. Have been following him for years. Thanks again Greg, always on the pulse for what we need to hear!


Beautiful Shout Out to Joel Salatin! Great Show Gregg.  I love the plus content…..appreciate you guys….your fucking move.  


Soylent green is people!!!

Hey I can only hear the first hour, 

it is a glitch? 


Perfect guest for these times. I'm subscribed to Christian's channel and he is truly a warrior for humanity.  Aware of the concerns but focused on the solutions. We can all do ourselves a favor and really absorb his information and put his suggestions into action.  I am in a much better position now that I've been listening to him than I would have been without.  So thank you Greg and thank you Christian for caring enough to do what you do to help people who are out here listening.


Absolutely love this show!  As an entrepreneur and land owner…. I’m super inspired and motivated. Thanks Greg. 

Everyone needs to hear this. 


peanuts fix nitrogen from soil,and theyre protien…so,can I get a gray,lol;)*lov yur show!thanku,blessings!:)


Love ice age farmer. Was so happy to see this show. I’ve always been a plant person. Tore up whole backyard a few years back and turned into food gardens. With the latest turn of events, it’s gone from side hobby to serious biz. I refuse to stand in line for food rations in 6 mos. I’m learning canning, been freezing food and dehydrating. It cuts the fear and self empowers. 


Joel Saladin was on j.r.e./utube,and he would make an excellent guest to bolster this movement!he's an organic farmer ,speaker,and has been fighting 4years for us to get off our asses and become more involved.blessings,thanku 4info regarding very concerned about my being forced to do this vaccine they've concocted:(


Brilliant episode!! I have started a county program in my neck of the woods called “Seed To Feed”. I realized as all this Covid manipulation started,  that food shortage is just another branch in the horsemen of the apocalypse scenario. The program is to help and encourage anyone and everyone to start their own gardens and food production and preservation and to save and exchange seeds.

Humanity will need to find its tribal roots, its there deep in our DNA. We can no longer look to our oppressors for the answers to the problems that they create for us. We truly are “the ones”we have been waiting for. Every gardener knows the amazing resilience of nature and we are a part of that persistent system. We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.


AK Froggie

Great Comment, Brother!


This show should be free to everyone!

This information needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

2 good resources of people fighting this are

Also call or write your senators and representitives.

And ask them to co sponsor H.R. 204  for the US to leave the UN


Another great episode, thank you Greg! 

Just wanted to put it out to this THC+ community that my partner and I have a small mushroom farm. Gourmet only- shiitake, oyster, lions mane, chestnut-some medicinal ones too like turkey tail and reishi. (no need to ask about the other kinds, we can't & won't do that!!  Thanks for understanding that one!)

Some mushrooms are high in protein and are easy to grow. Growing your own protein, with a quick turn around time and the ability to do it in small spaces or even indoors could be a really beneficial thing, now and into the future. Some great books about growing your own mushrooms are: Tradd Cotter's Organic Mushroom Farming and Peter McCoy's Radical Mycology. Both stellar additions to a home library. 

We have a small lab and make our own spawn, from culture to fruit. If anyone wants any kits to grow your own, or spawn (the equivalent of seeds- kinda), please reach out to us! We are in Oregon, can ship all over and will definitely offer a discount for fellow THC folks like yourselves. Fungi for the Win!

You can check us out at or email us at

Have a great day everyone! Cheers


More like this! It was excellent. Relevant and entertaining.


These are by far the most skipped sort of shows that you do. I came for the weird and fringe sort of science type shows, not about food. 


Great show Greg!  These are exactly the shows in the years ahead that we will look back and realize were the catalyst that jump started our move to self reliance through food production.


Now this is a GREAT SHOW!!! I love these kind of guests. Thk u!


I just bought 8 lbs of beef to freeze at 2.99 a lb.  I usually buy organic, but I realize that this price is because they need to kill a bunch of cattle and it saddens me, and it isn't necessarily bad quality.  My ideal diet would be a combination of paleo and vegan (meat, cultured grains and raw veggie juice/steamed veggies), but to protect my food autonomy I'm buying whatever I can organic, and then also bulk amounts of what will keep me fed and the euro-median of healthy(omnivore, balanced, village tech/live cultures where possible). 

I'm in a place that is a shipping center for a significant amount of agriculture, so food prices and amounts aren't that bad, so I don't know how real the "food shortage thing" is at this very moment for people in other parts of the states.  In our area it is going to be a rent money shortage, with prices for organic and "whole foods" style foods really embodying the reputation of "whole paycheck".

However I want to provide the warning that sometimes when we have our finger on the pulse of the country, sometimes we feel things too soon.  Its possible that in the plenty of summer before hurricanes and winter cause their own problems in addition to the planndemic that food managers have figured it out for now and the real shortages probably will start in the winter. 

I just manifested 2.5 gallons of sauerkraut making capability, so I will be ramping that up so I can maintain enlivened vegetables through the fall and winter.

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