Recluse Interview about Strange Tales of Parapolitical on The Higherside Chats Conspiracy Podcast

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Our old pal Recluse of the VISUP blog, joins THC on the release of his new book, Strange Tales Of The Parapolitical. We talk about elite families, shadowy organizations, private contractors, psychological operations, and how all these winding connections and unknown aspects of history play into our situation today. Fun.



PLUS Content

  • The Dark details of The Colony.
  • SAIC.
  • Military contractors and domestic operations.
  • Dyncorp & the Trump administration.
  • Esoteric & Mythological names of these companies.
  • COVID control & election suspension.
  • Economic games in the COVID chaos.

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  1. Please GOD! No more "what have you". Every time, every interview.


    Greg keep on my man your doing great, this guy is a pretty good interview! Except for the 1k what have yous. Please let him know that it is beyond annoying. 

  2. Great show Greg, have you tried to get Daniel Estulin on, he outed Builderburger. Daniel has the knowledge to answer the questions that Recluse was not able to answer.

      1. I'm just listening to this. He made an interesting comment just before 10 minutes when you're both talking about Obama and any subsequent presidents and their accountability to a higher power structure. "Black, White, Orange…" I've been relistening to a lot old episodes from a bunch of different podcast lately and there's quite a lot of these little nuggets. Not suggestion foreknowledge, purely a wink to the greater stream we're floating down.

  3. Can we get a re-edit of this episode for plus members that is “what-have-you” free?  πŸ˜…

    This will definitely get a few new subscribers! πŸ˜‚

  4. I Love your Content and Your Work is of  The Top Grade A Level. Much Respect. Keep on Keeping OnπŸ”₯⚑πŸ”₯πŸ”₯⚑πŸ”₯πŸ”₯⚑πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯⚑πŸ”₯πŸ”₯⚑πŸ”₯🀟😎✌

  5. Shit. I always read the comments before I listen. I have no idea why but I do. Can't wait to dig in but two separate comments from people saying the guest says "what have you" repeatedly. Worse thing ever? Hardly. But bound to mess with my OCD. I hope he at least says it an even number of times.

  6. I loved this interview – I like it when someone goes into the bigger picture because  the better researched the deeper you go. As far as presentation goes he is a writer not a presenter. One thing i have been noticing in the "truth community" is that we want to hold onto the negative side to justify all the pain we have gone through I think – losing friends etc. But if we are all part of the divine then good must be interwoven through it all and thinking about it all anew recently some things are just SO obvious that some part of "they" must want us to work it out and so in awakening to government being evil we will start to grow up and away from the need for someone else to run our lives and refine our discerment to "never get fooled again". Thanks Greg x

  7. Pretty wild episode for me.  Hearing about the Mellon family ties in all these alphabet organizations. I'm from a small town in western Pennsylvania where all the Mellon family lives. My elementary school was actually called R. K Mellon elementary.  There is also a super exclusive club I used to work at here called rolling rock club. I would work Friday dinners in the summer and would frequently see prominent politicians  getting shmoozed. They told all the employees that if we talked about who we saw there we would get fired. 

    1. Pittsburgh has been a major Illuminati center since the beginning – an insider named Svali wrote that it was the original city they started from in the US and is one of the cities with occult power like Albany, NY.   Pittsburgh has always intrigued me and it seems the elite like to visit there from time to time. Carnegie Mellon U is a major DARPA research university involved in AI, biotech, etc. Jonas Salk, the vaccine guy, and Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses, are from Pittsburgh. In the movie Videodrome, the source of the secret nefarious transmission was Pittsburgh. When I spent time there, I always got a creepy vibe from the Downtown business area.

  8. 🎀Yo! I dont care who's listening. 

    I find it kinda sickening.πŸŽ™

    We send Billions to Israel πŸ’²But shit on 

    Flint Michigan.🎼 What. What…

    What you're witnessing:

    Military excercises demonstrated on citizens 🎧 Anti-war petitioning 🎹 

    Drone strike incoming 🎢Homeless vets decorate the streets, cant get no income in.


  9. Crrow then Recluse? Were not worthy! Were not worthy!

    Not to mention Richard Dolan, Del Bigtree and Steven Greer….

    Greg, you’re killing it dude!

  10. It’s not a mystery why these folks use Roman mythological naming schemes when one remembers DC used to be named Rome on the Potomac.  Not just for the architecture and art all over DC but why are there fasces in Congress, Columbia the national goddess?  Examples abound.  How about we take this research and investigate not in the framework of neofeudalism but of a rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire with US MIC as its hammer.

  11. I really appreciated your comments at the end. Very inciteful, I hope people heard what you said. I'm happy to be a supporter, the best money one could spend to get an alternative perspective. — Be well

  12. The wife gifted me a THC plus membership and I don’t know what I was waiting on all those years. The 2nd hour is the best hour. We just had to add it to our monthly budget. πŸ˜€. Great work Greg. Big fan. 

  13. Alan Douchewitz saying people would be dragged out of their homes by police and taken to be forcibly vaccinated 100% seemed to be designed to provoke a reaction. I was very triggered until I sat down and started to think about who he is and what he represents. It does seems like they want violence and civil unrest, perhaps so they can crack down harder. It reminds me of the police tactic of "kettling" protesters here in the UK. Very strange times we live in.  

  14. Japan closed their borders fairly early on for the people coming from China, Italy and Iran. Then a few weeks later, in April extended  that to 40+ countries,  so that's more than likely why they have few cases. But loved this episode. I was listening for "what have you" and only caught a few crying

  15. Just catching the second half of this today and it's even more on point.  Can anyone (or you Mr. Carlwood) remember what previous interview it was, or more importantly what book from pre-war was mentioned once that was about the German M.O of infiltrating foreign powers? Do you know the one I'm talking about? I'm very keen to read that book now.
    I also looked up trump family tree (just on google) and was amazed to find that on his paternal German side his great Grandmother's maiden name was Christ, and his Maternal Scottish side is McLeod! Talk about a Nazi with a god complex if you can actually say I'm descended from "christ" and "The Highlander"/Cristophe Lambert! (I kid). But that first would make the anti-christ hat even more snug! Is it possible he's been groomed for this supremacy shit always and we've just not seen it in perspective until now! 

  16. Damn… I’m listening to this for the first time… in December… the 22nd. (the date on this podcast is May 15th). After all of the game theory described here. Recluse is (and really both of you thinking together are) astonishingly intuitive… having seen much of your speculation come to fruition (looking back from this future date).

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