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Whitney Webb | Cabal Control Tactics, The Trust Project, & The Epstein Network

Show Notes

Brace yourself! Today Whitney Webb from MintPress News joins THC all the way from Chile to talk about her work on recent U.S. meddling in Venezuela, the false sense of security offered up by The Trust Project, and the very deep and methodical research she has done on the Jeffery Epstein saga and all the ties that bind. She can be found on Twitter under @_WhitneyWebb

Check out her 4 part series on Epstein here:

-Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

-Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

-Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

-From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship

PLUS Content

-The interconnectedness of intellgence agencies like the CIA, Mossad, and MI6. -Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s strange early interest in Jeffrey Epstein. -The depth of the Leslie Wexner/Epstein connection. -Actions from the Trump Administration that indicate he’s in the same old club.
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This new set up took a turn for the worst on me, it was kind of still playing the plus shows for me but now it wont and I’m still being charged for plus but I keep getting logged out and having to change my password to the same one I already had and it says my account has problems but the money seems to come put fine.


Having the same issue. There’s no play or download button either.


I’m sorry Greg, but I don’t like the new site at all. I can’t use plus services smoothly, if this continues, I have to cancel subscription 🙁


Same problem. I can login to plus in incognito only. I logged in once before in regular browser but can’t relogin after (cookie issue it seems).


Where’s the play button?! Arrrggghhhh!????


Anybody?????????????WHERE IS THE PLAY BUTTON?


Whether I use my iPad or iPhone there is no play button. I’m so frustrated.


I hate this new set up


No download or play button. . .

Lols no play button!!!!


Android has issues too. I can’t login unless in incognito


Wow! What a show. I wish everyone in America could hear this. It really paints a picture.


I WISH I could hear it too. ☹️ Still no play button.


Wow, what a show. Great questions and so much information. Whitney Webb, what a tenacious journalist. Please be careful out there and thank you for your courage!


i have the same, but u go to the show arhive u can play it there or download it


Just tried the new site! I love it! Looks amazing! I’m not experiencing any problems. I’m on a Mac.


Wow this show is stellar and vitally important. I forgot what real journalism was like until hearing her convey her investigative research. Thank you Greg. PS apple sucks ass (nothing new there) my play button and download button were both there! Lol


I agree she is amazing but my ears are sore – I wish I could have slowed it down by about half. I really ended up not picking much up which is a shame as very important info. Just sounded like everyone is in bed with everyone else – off to have a lie down!! Haha


If you hit the button in the middle of the player with the x1 you can change the speed.


Works great! Love the new website. I know that it must have been tons of work and I really appreciate all of your efforts!
Thanks for continuing to bring me stories and content that blow my mind.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, I especially loved this one!


Still no play button.


Awesome guest, but on an extremely disturbing and unrelated note… anyone seen this?
Was watching a Will Ferrell movie and went to show someone the pictures of him in the white suit at spirit cooking. Found this instead. Think he’s supposed to be Cernunos. Horrifying. “Funny because it’s true”-Tru TV.


Wow. That was really weird and very creepy. Passing it off as comedy is truly disturbing! (Talking about the link posted by angrychair.)


I followed Idefix’s advice and went to archives and listen and then downloaded it. Found my damn button. But it doesn’t have the 15 second forward/backward thingy or even anything at all. Did you know this, Mr. Greg? Is this what you wanted? I can’t pause it if I need to. Sucks. I miss the old system. At least it was easy and it had what I needed. I’ll get used to it. As long as I can listen, I’ll jump through as many fiery hoops as I have to. I love Higherside Chats and will never ever stop being a Plus member.


I found a solution for anyone using Chrome or safari on a mac – Just use the “Archive” link in the header menu – it has a “play in new window” & “download” button after you click it.

Cheers Carl – the kinks will work out 🙂


Still not playable or downloadable


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Hard to boycott gavita lighting its industry standard and the most efficient.


Freaking brilliant. Much, much gratitude l ????????????????


Fantastic show! So much information in a short time! I wonder if anyone has or could make a visual relationship “web” (pun intended) of all the players Whitney talked about. It would be helpful to really see all the connections!

Plus member and the iTunes won’t accept my member login there only here, plus this doesn’t have a giant play button, sorry but there is no play eve here.

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