Wayne Bush | The Archontic Human Farm, Culture Control & The Sun/Moon Harvesting System

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Under-the-radar researcher, Wayne Bush, is the man behind Tricked By The Light, a website that suggests our reality only exists as elements in a vast Archon control scheme- recycling our souls and energy in a Sun/Moon harvesting system. We also talk about the language, culture, symbols, and more that seem to anecdotally  suggest Wayne may be on to something.

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  1. Wow! So much information and amazing ideas. I will definatly have to listen to this interview again. I love that you found somebody I have never heard from before. I’m going to check our Wayne’s website right now. Every week just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Very interesting interview! Great info and thought provoking ideas. Wayne did a great job getting so much info out and he didn’t mind getting weird… which is great. I like how he gained unique insights from his profession as well. He comes across smart and openminded. Home run, Greg. Great find and great interview.

  3. On the concept of being tricked upon death ok this kind of implies a soul. Lets roll with that now lets say all the ideas of the true creator or creators of life itself are false, mainstream Jesus allah etc . but lets say there is a source to all life and lets say this source is omnipotent , omniscient etc why then would the source allow beings to trick u even upon death . just a thought i just had

    1. …? Im not sure,of course. But I dont think we die , just move on minus one meatsuit. Where? why?
      I have a feeling the tricky bastards are always around and its up to each of us to take their power.

    1. That’s why the agenda is to teach the world English; hence we have this brand new, yet somewhat painful wave of computer generated American accents, spreading across the globe.

      “Have the sheeple learn English, all sounding the same.”

      University: Uni = one. Vers = verse. Sity = city.
      “One verse city” = ROME…
      Apparently, this is where all roads lead….

  4. Great podcast – Longer podcasts, more probing questions please! This was an epic podcast, inspires me to enlighten… enlighten(?) my friends family and the greater public. Thanks a lot.

  5. Great job guys,

    Kraken smacked it right on the head, if everyone releases their own unique important “link” of researched info, into the public realm, the puzzle will be pieced together rapidly.

    I urge you all to research “Victoria Boutenko,” one VERY, important educational being on this planet!
    We’ve ALL been tricked to eat dead food, be it meat or veg, if it’s cooked even slightly, IT’S DEAD!
    The dead and the living can’t co exist.

    One is certainly not religious, but interestingly enough, Genesis 322 states, Then the Lord God said, ” Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.”
    One can only take this message as, (START EATING RAW ORGANIC) and that will start changing your DNA back to your GOD source energy.

    In Lak’ech.

  6. My favorite question was the one about the Grateful Dead. No other band has had their lyrics more picked apart and analyzed. See the annotated lyrics encolcopedia . They sing much more about the sun than the moon, for example Anthem of the Sun, Sunshine Daydream, etc. I think Bob Weir goes to Bohemian Grove Because it’s a nice place to have sex with other men. I’m much more curious about Pink Floyd being mind control, Dave McGowan (currently dying of cancer) never went near that subject, despite repeated online requests. Someone should look into Pink Floyd.

  7. Greg you are the BEST! Fantastic interview! Did not want this one to end! I always wonder … If they feed off our emotions why the big push on drugs that stop one from feeling?

    1. I’d guess because psychedelics open us up to other realms, wavelengths, etc.
      Also, they can induce OBE’s, which they probably don’t want either.
      Better safe than sorry.

  8. Greg, please it keep up with these sorts of guests. Many of the big names in the alt-research community seem to have a prepackaged schtick to talk about & sell, yet there are many under-heard nobodies in serious try-hard mode, trying to figure out jusst what the hell really is going on here.

    More of this please & Thank you.

  9. Great interview. I had heard of a soul catcher on the moon before but not much elaboration. At least some arguments were made from turning away from the light. I always had a problem with the learning of life lessons and ascending after many lifetimes. Buddhist’s say you retain a subtle memory, not the specifics but instinctual/muscle memory experience. Partially attributed to why some people seem naturally gifted in one area or another. However it seems like such a handicap relying on subconscious guidance only as it can often be more reactive than logical.

    When you consider how locked in most people are to their lives; the world over; it doesn’t seem to be the ideal environment to better yourself, find your true calling etc. and more like an against all odds scenario. Prison or playground or perhaps both depending on your perspective. I think we need to do the best that we can with this life and perhaps consider ourselves lucky that we have at least been made aware of the possibility of choice in the after. Another fascinating topic where I have exited more confused than when I entered but also with plenty to think about.

  10. Tell Wayne he could tighten up the formate and take his thoughts on the road as performance art! I found myself mesmerized by the rhythm and flow of his ‘poem’

  11. I listen to this podcast in the mornings on my bus commute to work and this episode was long enough to cause streaming connectivity problems, interrupting my listening session. As such, I resumed the show at home today and during my listen syncronicties between it’s content and my random browsing (mostly facebook unfortuantely) have happened about 6 times so far and I still have 40 minutes left…

    Unrelated to my post, possibly related to the topic of the show.
    Go find the lyrics too, maybe vague but instinct strikes me.

  12. I loved this show! Great guest and I agree that it’s nice to come across someone totally new and fresh and a little unpolished.
    So happy to hear this subject being discussed! I recall Simon Parkes (a previous guest of the show) also talking about avoiding the light in a youtube interview he did for Project Avalon. He only spoke about it very briefly and I’ve always wished he would have elaborated as it totally struck a cord with me – something about it told me he was onto something. Simon says in the interview, just like Wayne, that the light is a trap to keep you in reincarnation so “they” can feed off you. He says at the point of death you should turn your back to the light and ask for total truth and to be sent home. He says the light will try a few times to try and lure you but that you should keep stating very firmly that you only want the truth and that you want to go to your real home.
    It’s a scary thing to take on though. What if Wayne and Simon are wrong and we avoid the light and we end up somewhere totally shitty, and the big heavenly guys are like “well, we tried to offer you something better”! I guess in the end you’d hope not to be punished for a mistake like that…

    David Icke has also made a few comments recently that he’s starting to question the “light program” too. He might end up coming out with something on this. His Saturn-Moon Matrix stuff is awesome and ties into this subject well.

    I really love that your willing to take on guests that haven’t really been heard of yet Greg. I feel like this guest and his subject has opened a whole new exciting portal of discussion and it wouldn’t have happened had you dismissed him because he’s not a big name in the conspiracy world. Good work. Keep digging down that rabbit hole!

  13. Heard Jhon Lear talk about the moon soul thing.Not sure how true.Very fascinating.
    Specially when almost all Moon facts are either lies or very weird facts.

  14. This is my favorite interview. what an amazing powder keg of wisdom. I could listen to him talk for days. he is like glue to all conspiracy/esoteric knowledge! major kudos on this one Greg! Wayne Bush… you are the MAN!!!

  15. Perhaps the lunar wave is a way of recalibrating the moon to make sure the one side is always facing us. And i like the concept of the stars being a projection on a dome, I’ve always felt the splinter in my mind that this world isn’t real

  16. Listening to this I was reminded strongly of what Gordon White said on this show a couple of weeks ago about the need to focus more on data and less on interpretation. Wayne Bush has built a wonderfully elaborate interpretation and, unsurprisingly, can find an awful lot of data to fit it.

    A few specific things that struck me as being particularly noteworthy:

    If you are going to use language anomalies as a basis for your thesis then I think that you have to do a lot more work than just picking out examples from modern american english. Do these “clues” work in other germanic languages? What about the latin “romance” languages (french, spanish, italian etc)? What about Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc? What about Mayan? You get the idea. I think there could well be something interesting in a lot of the things he points out but, again, he is fitting the data to the interpretation and not the other way around.

    How far back does the idea of “go towards the light” stretch? Is it universal in all cultures? When did it start? Have the Archons only been harvesting us since the 1950s?

    Also, I think we need to do more research than reading wikipedia to understand the roots of the various mainstream religions. For example, there are practical reasons why the founder of a religion would be presented as a member of a royal family (as well as practical reasons why they may be a member of a royal family – who else has nothing better to do but sit under a tree until they achieve enlightenment?).

    Bush’s idea is an interesting one but it is currently being swamped by irrelevancies and poor reasoning.

    1. Greetings,

      Firstly, the term “American English” is clearly an oxymoron, if you wish to speak American, please feel free to step inside my Teepee!

      Secondly, grammarians would argue that the peripatetic nature of the Roman sold-iers, insured the spread of “Vulgar Latin” to well over 500 spoken dialects.
      At the bold risk of “PROUDLY and RELENTLESSLY “repeating themselves over and over again, the Vatican LOVES to tell us, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME; this is (HIS-STORY) after all!

      Thirdly, you ask, “is it universal in all cult-ures?”
      UNIVERSAL- UNI = one. VERS = verse. SAL = sale… ONE VERSE SALE!
      One wonders what “they” where selling? Language or Religion, or what about both?

      Which leads one to the forth and probably “most important point.”

      It really doesn’t matter what Religion ” you think you are,” if you’re using the birth certificate name under the guise of being anything other than Catholic, you’d be sadly mistaken; you’d be operating under usufruct, meaning, “you are Catholic” chattel!

      The Vatican OWNS the copyright to all Birth- Berth certificated “legal persons, names- no-me’s.”

      YEP, one reckons that ole Waneo’s smacked er strait outta the ball park with this one.

      Hope this info helps.

      In Lak’ech.

      1. “Hope this info helps”

        Sorry, but it didn’t. I am going to assume that you were being sincere, but I just couldn’t follow it.

        If the Vatican owns the copyright on my name, then will they come and sue me for using it without permission? If not, what is the point of having the copyright? What do they get for it?

        1. Very genuine indeed.

          In 1302, Pope Boniface released the infamous Papal bull, “Unam Sanctam” claiming owner-ship of everyone and everything in the world, including our souls; this deceitful and highly dishonourable claim, deliberately made him King of the world through ignorance; “this was the first express Cestui Que Vie trust in HIS-STORY!”

          SO, with that said, EVERYTHING registered belongs to the Vatican, including the registered birth certificate name, being copyright material, which is floated for EXTREAMLY large sums of money on the U.S. stock exchange, as they are pilfering your share of the country’s wealth in exchange for “Catholic beniface.”

          And JAIL, is all part of the service that “they provide” didn’t you know! ! !

          “Babylon is fallen” by Kate of Gaia” is an awesome, informative and accurate read.
          Also, lose the name dot com will teach you how to vanish the parasites forever….

          VERY IMPORTANT: Every time one of their policy enforcing, Masonic agents, pulls you over, the first thing they ask for is, “the legal name”, which is an act of Personage, “a jail time crime” as they are committing fraudulent joinder, joining YOU, the flesh and blood living man, to THEIR cooperation.
          These goons will happily tell you that “ignorance of their law is no excuse; so don’t be ignorant.”
          And when one of their priest judges do it, it’s called Barratry, which is a heinous crime committed daily, and punishable by up to 25 years in prison….

          Since the 1800’s “person means cooperation.” (OR, actors clay mask.)

          All cool in the school?

          It’s at this time I’d like to say that this is DEFINITELY NOT, formal legal advice.
          Do your own homework.


          1. Hey guys and gals, if you have any trouble believing a transgender being.

            The best idea would by to look up, “The nut is cracked.” By Judge, Anna Von Reitz”

            Check this Hero out!

    2. It is sad and a little disturbing that the guy with a little criticism to go with more praise and exercising some critical faculty gets voted down and then harped on by somebody spinning a bunch of words around like we are supposed to just understand what it all means and come to the same conclusion. The word play is a lot of bollocks, interesting to again, play with, but ultimately a lot of meaningless associations.

      1. If you think “their play on words” is a load of ole bollocks, one would agree with you; you only have to look at the term” false Personation”, in blacks law Dictionary to PROVE this is a criminal cabal! PLEASE LOOK IT UP!

        Or look up, this famous Rockefella quote, the banker whom financed the beginning of the education system, stealing the childhood of millions world wide!

        “our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions of intellectual and character education fade from their minds, and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk.
        We shall not try to make these people, or any of their children, into philosophers, or men of science. We have not to raise up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen — of whom we have an ample supply.
        The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.”

        Why do you think they obstreperously indenture into us that, “ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME?”
        If they don’t own our “souls,” why do they want to print “the souls of babies feet” on birth certificates nowadays?

        Denial ain’t a river in Egypt brother…

        And “Stockholm syndrome” does not suit any of us!

        Much love to all…

      2. Yep WM, thinking exactly the same thing.

        Word games, or rather obsessive word salads don’t prove anything.

        There simply is no there, there.

        And, it’s obvious that the guest has very little deep historical knowledge beyond looping around the internet.

        Lost me right at the head with his suppositions about the English alphabet stemming from Runes. A bit of serious etymological research would show that much of his connections don’t hold.

        But it’s a fun parlor game.

        @RC, none of what you’re spinning has any on the ground reality. Pulled over by a “masonic agent”? You mean some 60 year old dude who just left a banquet and a card game at the hall? Is he driving a tiny car and wearing a fez?

  17. Although I found Wayne Bush’s word-play much better suited for a ‘open mic and poetry night’ rather than any rational analysis, I did enjoy the episode, great find Greg. Many of his observations outside the Jordan Maxwell-esque word games were quite profound. Loved the analysis of 70s rock lyrics.

  18. I listened to this one twice. It had never occured to me not to “go to the light”
    Shit, that was the one thing I thought I knew for sure! Now I’m questioning even that.
    Thanks Greg for being such an amazing interviewer and bringing on guests like this that make me question everything I thought I knew:)

  19. This guy is similar to Chiron Last who has great videos if anyone wants to check them out on youtube. But I hadn’t even considered the sun might not be a positive energy. Great idea to pontificate. I also like this idea that lying is the reason that all other evil can take place. If we were all telepathic or unable to lie, then how could the other atrocities take place? I have warned my daughters a while ago not to go to the light, but one woman who was interviewed said that when she had her near death she was very disoriented, like waking up from a deep sleep and it took her awhile to come to her senses and she was almost there before she came to her senses and said no. There have been some ancient esoteric teachings that talk about generating and storing energy to help avoid the afterlife trap, which also includes this idea of neutrality that Mr. Bush was alluding to. Some say with neutrality these entities can’t even see us. But others have discussed that even while in the light tunnel they were able to change their minds and say they don’t want to go. Steve Richards talks about some of the Universal laws-he calls them LORE, that they have to have our consent, and that is why they always tell us what they are doing in songs, movies, etc. Silence is consent, so if we have been exposed to those movies and songs then we have been ‘told’ and if we watch a movie and don’t say intentionally , “No,” then it is implied consent. Also when I go on youtube I’m surprised how many people are doing astral travel. It seems like it should be doable, though I haven’t been able to achieve it yet, but I think it could be extremely beneficial.

  20. I had to stop listening at 45 minutes in with the breaking down of “be safe” and “Be less you”. Way too silly.

    Here’s some I made up on the spot:

    When you say “Hello”, you mean: “Hell low” . Hell is low – your damning some one to hell.
    When you say “How are you”, you mean: “Howl at you”. You’re telling people you want to howl at them like a wolf.
    When you say “Stop it please”, you mean: “Stow pit police”. You’re telling people you want to stow away the police of the pit (another word for hell).
    When you say “I’ll have a banana”, you mean: “ill Havana ban Annas”, your telling people you want to get rid of all people named Anna in Havana (when it is sick or ill).
    When you say “One ice cream please”, you mean: ” On the night I scream police”, your telling people you feel safe in your home and scream for the police.

    Sorry, but this guest needed to mature his content a little bit… Most newly baptised atheists go through a similar process of making up their own mythology when they realise there is no god. This guest theory was just Plato’s cave with computers (as I said above!).

  21. I’m sorry if I missed anyone else making this point, but my understanding is that these language spells are designed for English, even though it works for some words in other languages that English evolved from like German and French.

    I think I’ve heard, but can’t remember where or by whom, that English is being heavily promoted throughout the world and was created exactly for this purpose- to be able to program or utlize everyone for their nefarious purposes in a uniform language- English.

    That’s why so many words have these properties and meanings. I don’t know that other languages are so full of homonyms, pallindromes, anagrams, etc. It’s by design, not coicidence.

    Not my idea, just my understanding. Anyone else know? I have a related youtube link I’ll lut into my next post as if I look for it now, might lose what I’ve written thus far.

    1. I do not believe that one can produce the language spells in Swedish, but here learning English is a huge cultural movement. The reasoning is that it is the language of business, and of course if one travels, knowing English is very beneficial. But Spanish is also being highly suggested, I’m curious if anyone can say whether word spelling is possible in the latin languages.

  22. Here is the youtube video I was referring to, just search: 1649ish

    The creator/account name is Nico Haupt

    I don’t know who this character is, but he proposes the first 16 centuries were fabricated and that humans have only been around about 365 years.

    Just found it fascinating food for thought.

    1. Interesting stuff,

      After viewing a short 5 min YouTube presentation, one noticed an extremely brief clip of a medieval Mason, carring his “dividers and rule,” this was at the 2 minute forty one second mark.
      One had to rewind several times to clearly recognise the ” subliminal message.”
      It also makes one realise with real eye’s, just how long they’ve been rubbing our noses in it…
      (IS REAL)? ? ?

      This is a whole new can of worms.

      If you think about the carvings inside Egyptian Tombs, some have depicted a pretty large cranium, usually covered with head dress; interestingly enough, just like they do in the Vatican and “symbolically in court houses? ? ?”

  23. That was a fun listen. Dude seemed very nervous and it sounded like he was reading off his pre-prepared notes. Many hours on line and fewer human interactions tend to produce an awkward delivery to the narrative.
    Perhaps we all come off as performance artists until we settle into our social selves.
    I love these raw interviews. Awesome!

  24. A second thought about the sun. I tend to think if in doubt do the opposite of what the ‘authorities’ suggest. They want us to slather our skin in massive chemicals to protect us from the sun that produces beneficial vitamin D, they tell us not to look at the sun, and they spray so many chemtrails that many places cannot even see a blue sky anymore much less see the full spectrum sun. But sun gazing, an East India practice holds that when done properly, the sun can convey both physical healing and some extra abilities to humans which I’m sure ‘they’ do not want us to acquire. The sun stimulates the pineal gland and so many modern practices are about inhibiting the pineal gland. Fluoride, wifi, wearing sun glasses etc. I’m open to anything at this point because the lies are so pervasive, but I think that the human relationship with the sun is probably a very positive thing.

    1. This is odd, but, my 16 yr old son walked in the door today and said, “mom, sunprotection is causing more cancer then the sun” and my jaw dropped.
      We are being told lies and the kids know it intuitively.

      1. I grew up in Florida in the 60s before there ever was a thought of an SPF. We baked into a big red blister under crystal blue skies. Ima white girl & have never thought slathering myself with chemicals & then baking. I’ve never had skin issues.

  25. This interview changed my way of seeing things. One thing I thought I knew was, Go to the light.
    Now, not so much. This is what I look for in life….challange me. Make me question everything I think I know. Kudos. Job well done THC.

  26. In keeping with the continuing story of this theme I was thinking it might be fun to have a show on life after death, reincarnation, people reborn with past life knowledge and summerland. Also a discussion of Merkova’s and the development of yours which is supposed to shield you from this memory loss if developed enough.

  27. Greg,

    I will say I am a christian, strong believer in christ, with a history of experiencing my own miraculous and positive benefits in my beliefs…I have been hearing all these podcasts and am a big fan. Alot of the guests come with this recurring theme of something occult and otherworldy that maybe pulling the strings, and seems to jive with things ive experienced in dreams, experiences meditating about god, and just recurring patterns thru history…..but i will say this, out of all the shows that have debuted here Wayne Bush’s is a top “bug in the mind” inducer of whether the afterlife is really all that great…The concept of souls recycled back in to the earth is a thought i can not stand, i myself wish not to return to this planet but to be an elevated spirit clean of all ill-will able to appreciate the wonders of our universe or heaven if possible(if it exists to many). its just mindboggling to accept the possibility our emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual energy is feeding some overlordic type being or group of beings. I will keep this in mind so that the step i take to death i can be more awake and aware during that moment of being in the darkness or following the light or lights……this shit has me rethinking everything, not enough to give up my faith but to rethink the concepts that people have to tried to drill in.

    absolutely mindboggling seriously

  28. This guy is all over the place. When he gets going with his silly wordplay, I find it very difficult to focus on any coherent message. I still listened to it, because I appreciate the effort to find new interviews, Greg. Keep up the good work.

  29. Well done Greg for getting a ‘new kid off the block’ on to your show. I see that most negative comments are around the word play….seriously? This ‘Tricked By The Light’ topic is more important than all the others put together. Discrediting through the ambiguous subject of word play is cheap!
    As much as i love listening to all the shows, when I saw this one on Mark Devlin’s Good Vibrations podcast I was over the moon (pun intended ;)) When I was then synchronistically shown the THC website and saw Wayne getting only his 2nd interview
    This topic has been a biggy for me for a few years and so I thank Wayne for putting in the groundwork and joining a few more dots.
    Time to work on those OBE’s me thinks. William Buhlman gives a good description of the universes we live in 😉
    Keep discerningly searching out those new kids on the block, they might not get everything right, but you can tell they are honest! The fact that Wayne is reading a lot of the info from his notes and perhaps sounding nervous to some is actually very refreshing.

  30. I just remembered… Echo and the Bunnymen…. The Killing Moon, lyrics:

    Under blue moon I saw you
    So soon you’ll take me
    Up in your arms
    Too late to beg you or cancel it
    Though I know it must be the killing time
    Unwillingly mine

    Up against your will
    Through the thick and thin
    He will wait until
    You give yourself to him

    In starlit nights I saw you
    So cruelly you kissed me
    Your lips a magic world
    Your sky all hung with jewels
    The killing moon
    Will come too soon

    1st verse he’s talking to the moon. 2nd verse he’s talking about the moon. 3rd verse he’s talking to the moon again.

  31. This one was very entertaining and loaded with ideas.

    A lot of these ideas, as far as I understand it, parallel the ideas of the gnostics.

    I am fairly sure that Columbia is another iteration of the Greek goddess Demeter (really THE goddess). There are about a million associations with this goddess character or the (as far as I understand it) male version Osiris. She often corresponds to the constellation Virgo. In this pic, for example, Columbia’s depicted with a lion (the constellation Leo). These constellations are in proximity. I think, often, columbia is depicted with a torch; possibly the torch is a representation of the star Spica, which in many depictions of Demeter is shown as a sheaf of wheat. Demeter’s also associated with the moon.

    1. That discussion of the light/darkness that you guys were having was really great.

      One interpretation of that goddess figure is that she’s the primordial chaos, the water from which we emerge. Perhaps that would correspond to “darkness”.

  32. The worst part about this word play, is that it’s all about movies. How can anyone believe this shit? Movies, movies, movies, movies, movies. The idea that movies are programming us is defensible, but this is ridiculous. This was the first episode I didn’t finish.

    1. I think the Archon idea is fascinating. At the same time, all the guests are focused on word play and TV… Please find a guest who can discuss the Archons wihtout talking about TV! Maybe a real scholar who knows the ancient texts?

  33. The best one so far, yet I am new here. I remember when I was a kid realizing that humans were farmed, and this planet belongs to an extraterrestrial raze which was about to crop us out. I grew up thinking I was wrong. But then, here we are dreaming this… Thanks for sharing.

  34. One of my favorite podcasts of all time!! If we live in an inverted world- and Lucifer is the God of light(morning star , etc), it makes sense the dark would be the real safe place. And every Hollywood horror film has us believing the dark is the scariest place.
    I’ve seen a few vids where former “light workers” are hanging it up because they realized they’re working for the enemy of souls. I had to listen to this one again- so full of fascinating things to ponder!

  35. As I continue on thru the back catalog, came across this weird one. Fun and interestingly insightful. A lot of word-salad and double-doozle, spinnimg toe hold, figure-4 leglock semantics, yet fun. I don’t know if you’ll read this so if you do…Be well.

  36. Very Interesting and though provoking interview. Sort of backs a trend I am seeing in books that have been increasingly out of reach monetarily. The book Susan Reed wrote about Reptilians called, “The body snatchers” and Tracy Twyman’ s book “Clock Shavings” both mention or speak of a net or a soul trap where these entities syphon off our life energy. In Shavings there is few paragraphs towards the end of the book about this and Body Snatchers goes into great detail about this. These books have skyrocketed in price on amazon, some topics discussed in this interview made me think of this connection between these 2 books. Maybe this is a coincidence…..I kind of dismissed Body snatchers at first but have found myself returning to that book to look up and re-read sections of it. There is quite a bit information about the “John of God” character that sprung up in the news a few months ago…I found it odd when I re-collected hearing his name from that particular book…

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