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I figured I’d leave the audio alone and just make a few comments here.

I thought it went well and the host, “Rude Jude” was nice and accommodating. I’d love to do it again, and being able to take calls was a new twist for me.  Off air, he asked me a couple times about my “demographic” and all I could say is that “my audience is made of of people who like the show.” It was funny to see his slightly surprised reaction that I don’t have more data, but what more do I need to know? I think that’s something comes from years of working in corporate radio, going to meetings, etc. etc.

Corporations like to make things way more complicated than they need to be, and enjoy micromanaging every little aspect so they can sell ads and pander to a certain niche’. I get it, there’s nothing wrong with it, I guess. It was just a funny observation on what it’s like to be a podcaster from a spare bedroom in my own apartment vs a host on the 14th floor of the SiriusXM building in LA. We’re really doing the same thing.

Jude also made a few comments about having limited control on what he can do because of the format and station he’s on. I think all these guys are missing out on the true freedom of podcasting and they’re putting up with a lot of bullshit over what really is a simple issue: Managing your own airwaves. If you’re going to give that control to someone else, it comes with A LOT of baggage. In 1995, you had to make those compromises to get on the air. In 2015, it seems almost counter productive.

As far as the interview itself, Jude did say before going on that he was a bit of a skeptic. That’s okay, so are all my buddy’s from high school, I’m equipped for that.

The only two major points of resistance were:

-The manipulation of Hip Hop-  Admittedly, he knows more about Hip Hop than I do. I would say I know more about media manipulation and psychological operations though, which is the more important point.   When it comes to the artists and the labels, I tend to forget that stuff. Although, I was vindicated by a called later. To Jude’s credit, he read me the list of called and their comments and he could have gone to anyone, but he purposefully patched in a guy he knew disagreed with him and was more aligned with me. That’s a classy move.

-A caller saying “Conspiracy theorists lose credibility when we bring up baby fucking.” I wasn’t going to back away from that. Luckily I had the Franklin Scandal fresh in my mind, along with the names. I liked that part. I think that was good radio.

I don’t want to overanalyze the whole thing, as it’s really not that big of a deal.  I would add that Jude told me off air he wanted me to bring up Reptilians. I did, and I kind of got lost in the weeds there. As I’m talking and staring into the face of a man who’s looking at me like I’m crazy, knowing I only had limited time, I just dropped it. But speaking of “conspiratorial cliches,” of course when aliens got brought up, it had to go to anal probes. I consider some of that to be a bit hack, but we do what we have to do.

I don’t think it was perfect, but if we’re talking about a conspiracy host speaking to a non-conspiracy audience and representing the overarching community in a small way, I’m happy with it. I got a lot of emails that were actually very awesome from people who heard the show. Things like:

“Whoa man, you really got me thinking about what’s really going on out there.”

“I always thought Alex Jones was just crazy, but you made a lot of sense.”

“Never heard someone talk about this stuff like you did, definitely mad me want to go look some of these things up.”

Not one person emailed me to say it was bad or than I was out to lunch, which is a plus.

That’s what I consider to be the more important thing. As someone who grew up watching mainstream shows get the craziest people on to rep “conspiracy theorists,” I was pretty pleased to get to try, in my own way, to do a better job than those I’ve been so critical of. I’m sure I’ll get better at that in time, if more opportunities come up.

It’s a little annoying to hear the “conspiracy theorist” label used as a blanket term for anyone who has alternative ideas, as if we all go to a meeting and decide what we believe and don’t. It’s not a religion. It’s not a democrat vs republican thing where we have to tow the party line….but what can you do.

What do you guys think? Don’t be shy, I can take it.

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  1. You killed it Greg Carlwood!!!!!! Hopes as high as chemtrails your brief but loaded informational is a gateway for enlightenment to the sheeple. Thank you for you, your dedication and the higherside chats!!!! Your move, Rude Jude and the SiriusXM All Out Show listeners, your fucken move!!!!! Loving THC+!!!!

    1. “Hopes as high as chemtrails your brief but loaded informational is a gateway for enlightenment to the sheeple. Thank you for you, your dedication and the higherside chats!”-Well said, Pixiepirate!

  2. Hi Greig
    I just listened and it was fun, I just don’t like his style of hosting! The thing about higher side chats is that we get to hear the story and then decide on our own if we accept it. You help your guests get their info out and that is awesome!! I would have to say I am still a round earth person but I loved that show of yours because it was fun for my husband and I for a few days to say “what if” :). Anyways we love your show and this show just made us realize it even more! !!! Keep up the good work!!!

    P.S. what do you think about this whole military movement? Jade Helm, Raider focus etc. ?????

  3. I thought that it went very well. You handled the skeptic approach of the “interviewer” well and came across as you usually do- A well adjusted intelligent cool dude that has seen enough evidence to realize that there is room to doubt the narrative fed to us by “The Corporate State” that brings forth truths and ideas with a distinctive voice with a smooth verbal transition and harmonic tones that is believable and non threatening.

    You were on a radio station that hangs it’s hat on the culture of rap and it’s history so it’s no surprise that there was a resistance to the alternative history of their culture. As for the Lizard people thing… it’s just too strange for many people to admit that they would/could consider and it’s at the upper end of strangeness within the conspiracy spectrum so it’s a focal point for people to point at that wish to stay “asleep”. But you stayed true to yourself and put yourself out there by backing up some of the points that could verify the theory might has some truth to it. Personally, I’m proud of you! Great job!

    You handled the JFK assassination, weather control, big pharma and big agro/chemtrails things very well and put out a good amount of info in a short time. You came across very legit, informed and sane in your arguments.

    I think you did a great job and I’m certain that there will be many people who listened to the interview that will look into some of the things you stated, or at least be open to such theories a little more in the future. You are becoming a leader to the truth.

    Well done, White Rabbit… well done.

      1. Charles Dodgson [Pen: Lewis Carroll] – Alice in Wonderland – White rabbit – Duhhh.
        The underlying story wasn’t about drugs like most people assume but about mathematical impossibilities.
        I just wonder why he was inspired to use a rabbit’s hole and such instead of any number of other creatures and their hiding places. You can’t tell me it’s culturally insignificant.

        1. I looked into the white rabbit metaphor a while ago and there were several references to a “white rabbit” leading people to a new understanding, a secret or a hidden truth. I will try to find the interview with the occultist researcherthat told the whole story. It is also used in the Matrix movie. It has shown up in all kinds of media frim songs, commercials, video games, movies, texts, stories… “they” even placed it as a symbol in Christianityas a symbol for Easter. You go looking for the “Easter Egg” that the “White Rabbit” has hidden from you. In all of them the “White Rabbit” has the same purpose/m eaning.

          By all means, though, I encourage you to look into the meaning and usage of the white rabbit symbolism. Its totally fascinatingand I feel it has a very deeply seeded meaning, and has for a very long time. I was going to start a “White Rabbit” thread a while ago with my thoughts on it but its hard to find time these days.

          I wiuld be interested in what you find out in your search. I am completely intrigued with the history of the “White Rabbit” metaphors, references and and deep seeded meaning… which is why I used the metaphor to begin with.

  4. Downloading the show now, but after reading your post and the responses in the forum, I feel pretty solid on my reply. Your interview with Sir. Danielie Bolelli is still fresh in my mind, especially where you asked him for advice on how to have a positive attitude towards grinding through a workout. This is your strength training man, and the quality or your output keeps getting better and better. Ups and downs aside, you’re on a path of exploration and I’m looking forward to seeing where this all goes and how far you take it. I enjoyed the back and forth on your Alexxcast interview. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great show Greg!

    It is commendable how you stood your ground with the caller who critiqued the mentioning of child abuse by politicians. Child abuse is a taboo topic that undermines true freedom and the large scale denial of it is probably one of the most damaging factors in the world.
    I thought that the mentioning of the Super Mario game in relation to the already shakey reptilian theories was better to be avoided in that such a thing will be very easy for non conspiracy minded people to dismiss.
    Overall you came across in a strong and clear way!

    Another thing that came up was the 85 people with the most wealth in the world and how to even change anything towards a more positive and sustainable world if at all possible. In my view all external sollutions are ineffective if a large part of the population stay in their current mindset and view of the world. How can you expect any change if people do not become more aware of themselves and their condition.
    A world wide Venus project will not last if a lot of people want to join the club of 85 people with the most wealth as soon as possible. The topic of self awareness and working on your self is really unpopular among a lot of people the same goes for the alternative media community with a lot of focus on external solutions i.e. better banking systems, communal living, removing of current power brokers etc.. External changes are important of course however they are unsustainble if the mindset of a lot of people is corrupt even if they are unaware of it. Individuals need a working moral compas and true self knowlegde to sustain a more positive and healthy society.

  6. This guy is an A-Hole. He’s the product of the dumbing down of America… AND just an angry A-Hole. Greg, you took the “Higherside” Road and didn’t fall to his level of ignorance on ALL the subjects that were discussed. What an unlikable dude… how did he get his own show on Sirius? At the risk of repeating myself: What an Asshole. Kudos Greg!

    1. I agree. I didn’t like this guy’s show at all but I thought Greg did exceptionally well.

      Carlwood, sir: I can appreciate your willingness to appear on shows like this but I think this particular show was just too far beneath your level. And by that I mean your level of intelligence, understanding, and truth. Not to mention – I don’t mind profanity – when used appropriately. You, for example – use it when it’s necessary. I use it when necessary; we all do – but to use it as a slang term between every other word just really dumbs down the hosts and listeners alike. So … honestly? This show was absolutely terrible for listening purposes but I’d have to say you handled yourself quite well. It’s good for your brand to get yourself out there but you should, again being perfectly honest, be more aggressive next time.

      “Look man, I’ll give it to you like this – fuck this fuckin’ shit about fuckin’ trying to be respectful, naw bro, FUCK that ….fuckin’ be more aggressive next time. The fuck is the matter with you anyway?”

  7. Great job, you killed it. I don’t even know what to say about the host of that show though. His bad language and ignorance on basic issues was hurting my ears, but you got your points across very well. This is why I listen to your show, and have to pass on so many others out there.

  8. I love that you say your ‘demographic’ is just people who like the show. It’s incredibly respectful to your audience, and people in general. I’m a stay-at-home mum with three little boys living in Australia; and if you ever saw me in a supermarket checkout with my boys you’d never EVER suspect that I’d just been home listening to discussions on Matrix overlords feeding off humanity from a control station on the moon.

    People are complex and individual and suprising and sometimes not what you think.
    I hate words like ‘demographic’ and it sounds like you do too. It’s sales talk and it views people as consumers and customers.
    Your show has integrity and I hope you always steer clear of butt-fucking corporations that would turn your amazing listeners into a ‘demographic’ to pitch to.

    And thanks for being such a calm, cool, collected voice in the “conspiracy” world. It’s nice to hear the straightys have their veils pierced by someone that doesn’t sound like a rabid ranting bulldog.
    Nice one!

  9. That is odd that he off air told you he wanted you to speak about reptilians… I wonder if he wanted to make you sound loco to a less informed audience than you are use to dealing with.

  10. Good comeback on the caller who brought up about loosing credibility about baby fucking, the Franklin scandal is a great Example plus big pedophile scandal currently coming out in the UK, some high level elite involved, some sick shit that needs to be exposed

  11. Very enjoyable indeed. You really rocked in Greg… you had it on total lockdown. You just breezed through every question he asked effortlessly. Really impressive stuff

  12. Well done Greg. This is exactly how we should gently engage skeptics into meaningful conspiracy conversation. You were definitely on your game, and good thing too because that kind of host may have pounced if he sensed an opening to make you a fool, but he wisely held back.

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming show with the Franklin scandal “madame”! I agree that 9/11 was just one of many false flags and JFK was just one of many assassinations, but the Franklin case stands alone in exposing the power and depravity at the top of the pyramid.

  13. You have a great show . Your modesty really allows the guest to relax and open up. Your differing styles is particularly evident on this show on Sirius xm. Most hosts seem to be only interested in the sound of their own voices and adventures.

  14. Greg, you really have something going on with your show and how you treat your guests, I can see the methods you use but just barely, a real soft touch but not to the level of being a pushover, if that even applies. It’s a great formula/approach, whatever word fits the description, you’re doing something different that’s really working. From where I’m standing, it does seem to take a bit of being able to think and react on your feet and keep that composure, and you do a great job of it. Far as this interview, I saw more of the same with positions being reversed, on top of being in a new and very different environment, interacting with people that do things a lot differently. I think you did great and kept rolling with it. I understand the purpose here, I think, one can only see what’s what so far when looking at it from their own eyes, it does take feedback and the perceptions of others to get some real and deeper insight into the overall dynamic.

  15. I think you should have filled out an application and put in your resume for a host position at SiriusXM. The Higherside Chats 5 days a week with co-hosts, guests and call-in lines! Now THAT would be awesome! Lol

    I guess it would be toi much like a regular job again for you, huh Greg? 😉 Well we can dream about it though.

  16. Really great balance to the host and guests repeated claims of “I’m DEFINITELY not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – but…” I liked it and thought your references were spot on. I often go to the history of False
    Flags and the Franklin Coverup as intro/ CT101 material for friends I wish to enlighten

  17. I’ve been listening to the all out show since 2008 and have always been a fan of Jude, or “Rude” Jude. His show brought me here and I’m glad he put other listeners on too.

    Glad to be a part of THC+, great show Greg.

  18. As an avid listener of the All Out Show, the day after you were on air I came here and started listening, I’ve already gone through over half of your podcasts and I’m enjoying every single one of them. I listen to them while I’m at work, kind of put the All Out Show on the back burner cause I would rather listen to THC haha!

  19. Rude Jude…how perfectly named is this guy……I’m surprised anyone ever listens to him!!!! OMG, what hole did they drag him out of?!!!!!! I was so looking forward to hearing you (Greg) as the interviewee instead of the interviewer, but I just couldn’t handle Jude….hopefully I’ll find another show!!! You’re the BEST, Greg!! Keep up the excellent work!! Definitely no complaint from this quarter!!!

  20. I’m new this year to THC So I’m slowly working my way threw the old episodes. I’m so interested to hear the interview(s) that changed your mind about crystals! I hear you talk about having orgonite (I believe) on your desk and in this interview you say it’s nonsense. I’ve always been interested in crystals but this year I’ve really fell down the rabbit hole. Thank you for the wonderful, enlightening podcast!! 🥰

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