Dr. Joseph P. Farrell | Babylon’s Banksters, Financial Alchemy, & The Secret Science Connection

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The great Joseph Farrell joins THC to discuss both the tools of financial wizards, and the connection to an off-the-books physics  that can be man’s best friend or greatest enemy.

We then try to talk chronologically through history up to the modern era, to trace the power groups who have uncovered aspects of this secret information along the way and their various rises and downfalls.

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  1. Interesting take on the motivations of the power elite. I especially liked some of the details regarding WW2 and the Nazi proliferation in the post war era. However I don’t ascribe to the notion that perhaps we are being protected from an even greater threat by their sequestering of ancient knowledge. Perhaps due to my own bias from following politics closely earlier in my life and being subjected to argument after argument of why our political elite can’t do this or that; keeping their powder dry, incremental change et al. The old one step forward and 3 steps back argument no longer holds sway with me.

    Given the content of recent shows the real irony would be if we are stuck here under a dome; encapsulated with this ruling class of psychopaths whose sole motivation for all the chaos they create is to maintain power by perpetually dividing and disenfranchising the masses and the great secret they conceal is just that. That said; the alternative story of Atlantis is way cooler and more fun.

    1. Great points….but as for the notion that they keep this information secret because of it’s destructive power aspects, I am seeing a lot of people lash back at this as if it implies they’re doing it for our benefit, but I don’t think you have assume that.

      If this tech does have a wildly destructive, easier-than-a-nuke-to-engineer application, it’s still in the interest of their SELF preservation to not let it out. They have dozens of death tools to use against us- why unleash something that could, in some ways, be an equalizer?

      1. Correct. I understand the beneath the surface benevolence argument but personally don’t buy into it. Its certainly possible but reminds me too much of political apologists to be palatable to me.

  2. It’s the Anglo-Saxons, it’s the Nazi International, it’s the Chinese and Japanese Oligarchs and, of course, it’s the Vatican.

    But it’s not the Jews; it’s never the Jews!

    And don’t you forget it…

  3. Well said Shemyaza. The Jewish elite control at least 70 to 80 percent of banking, all forms of media and corporations. Not to mention infiltration, co-option and control of education, law, religion. medicine, secret societies (eg Masons, Jesuits etc) and what laughingly passes for democracy. That doesn’t leave many crumbs for other conspiratorial groupings. I’m really starting to tire of researchers who won’t acknowledge this basic fact. Ask, “who are you not allowed to criticize?” The classic Jewish takeover techniques utilising usury/debt and controlling capital as well as revolutionary movements have worked again and again – English Civil War, French Revolution, Russian Revolution. Read ‘The Nameless War’ by A H Ramsey

    1. Can we stop looking for the one scapegoat group that is responsible for…everything? Any ideology that is bent on pointing its finger at some “other” (and never at oneself) is rarely defensible. Historic and cause/effect are chaotic. It’s not a satisfying answer, but closer to the truth than “they did it.”

      1. ^ Agreed.
        I’ve definitely flirted with the all encompassing narrative that wants to target a specific group from Sumeria to today, and that narrative really only works if you’re going to blame the Khazarian dynasty, who, according to Jim Marrs (saw him speak on it today again, so it’s fresh in my mind) only claimed to be Jewish as to pick the one religion out of the three that allowed for Usury. Similar to a US President pretended to be Christian, because you have to to get elected in this country. A “whatever I need to do to get ahead” play. That makes total sense to me, and solves for me a disconnect I’ve had with the Bush clan being German Zionists, which I always thought sounded a little bit like an oxymoron.

        Anyway, I do like that saga, and I would never dismiss it outright, but because of the vast timeline of history and the sheer number of people/countries/power centers involved, it’s a narrative that leaves out more than it includes. The elite are possessed by greed and power, and I think any loyalty they have to other pieces of the power pyramid is really more akin to wolves and vultures just waiting to exploit a weakness and move on up. A smile and a handshake, while sharping the knife to put in their back.

        Honestly, the super aggressive and harsh comments regarding the Jewish sector don’t bother me much. I even agree with most of the points, just not the arrogant tone and this new notion that if a guest won’t flat out say” It’s the Jews” then nothing they say is of value. That’ a bit overkill I’d say. What is so fucking wrong with saying “banking dynasties” or “banking families” or “Rothschild network” It’s the same goddamn thing, but actually MORE specific. We all know not ever Jew is part of the elite, so why this obsession and foaming at the mouth to hear the specific label “Jew?”

        It’s that obsession that even makes me back away from the topic rather than incorporate it, because I don’t want to be associated with such venom, and I’d guess a lot of these guests and speakers feel the same way. If that “it’s the Jews” audience were to just leave a LITTLE room for other power groups, or be a little less aggro, I feel like it would actually be easier to talk about. Acting the way they sometimes do actually makes it a HOTTER topic and less discussable in my opinion.

        1. Here, here: What is so fucking wrong with saying “banking dynasties” or “banking families” or “Rothschild network” It’s the same goddamn thing, but actually MORE specific. We all know not ever Jew is part of the elite, so why this obsession and foaming at the mouth to hear the specific label “Jew?”

        2. It makes me nervous to see such “knee-jerk reactions” on such a subject. It seems like “they” have brainwashed both sides of the fence, meaning they have brainwashed people that have not awakened to this controlled world with the school system and all forms of technologyas well as those who have been enlightened to the “Elite” control mechanisms by infiltrating the alternative media like Alex Jones screaming “Its the Jews” every show so much so that people won’t even hear about any other “group” pulling the strings of this world.

          I don’t doubt there is a “Jewish” cabal with tons of miney and control but I leave room, and have an open mind enough, to allow for other ideas that another groups (s) have/have had their own history of greed and control throughout the ages.

          So someone thinks “The Jews” aren’t the only greedy and control hungry group to ever exist that had/has the ability to effect people planet wide… so fucking what! Why all the anger? Nobody said that “The Jews” are saints who have never done anything wrong or deny their reach with their money, power and influence so why do you look like a mind controlled victim that is overly defensive when their programming kicks in after hearing a trigger phrase?

          It just seems to me that people are being mind controlled on both sides of the subject to get them fighting about one particular issue so that they stay away from other issues.

          Some of you may want to ask yourself why you are so worried about “The Jews” thst you can’t even consider some other theory… a theory that parallels a simular theory you are so emphatic about with the same implications that doesn’t even deny the theory you cherish so much.

          You can talk and think however you want about who you want, it matters not to me, but I only ask you why you can’t even consider another theory just because it doesn’t point the finger to who you (or have told to) focus on??

  4. The bankers in Venice and the Netherlands? Yup, Nazis

    The conversos that started the Borgia and Medici Papal dynasties? Yup, Nazis

    The founder of the Jesuits (Ignatius of Loyola) and the Bavarian Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt)? Yup, Nazis

    The bankers in the Netherlands that financed Cromwell to overthrow the British Crown? Yup, Nazis

    The bankers in the Netherlands that financed William of Orange to invade England? Yup, Nazis

    The bankers that set up the Bank of England? Yup, Nazis

    The bankers that broke the London Stock Exchange during the Napoleonic Wars? Yup, Nazis

    Oops, sorry! I suppose they were all ‘International’ Nazis, or something…

  5. Don’t be silly, Jews are less than one percent of the UK population surely they can’t control anything!

    David Cameron, Prime Minister, Head of Her Majesty’s Government – JEWISH

    Edward Miliband, Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition – JEWISH

    David Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom – JEWISH

    Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, Head of the Church of England – JEWISH

    Danny Cohen, Director of BBC Television – JEWISH

    Jews literally run the United Kingdom but yet they are somehow a ‘persecuted’ ‘minority’ (whose forbears had to endure the Holocau$t™ where they were gassed with bug spray, consigned to ovens, turned into lampshades and rendered into soap) so even noticing this indisputable fact is ANTISEMITIC…

    1. So by Jewish, do we mean Israeli, pro-Israeli, Hebrew???
      Saying Jews run the UK is fine, but who are “The Jews” and what the fuck are they actually doing?

      Being circumcised and having a German-ish name is not going to cut it with me.
      These blokes may be all pricks, and in the “Club”( the prick club, that is 🙂 ) but working together, and for someone else, and towards a higher purpose than lining their pockets……….

    2. While you have the facts straight Shemyaza, the most effective way to discus these abuse of powers, is to “blind yourself to who they are” any comment in any forum will bring a shit storm of conflict. Meanwhile the subjects of “there” crimes will get lost in the noise. This is to a fashion, weather they planed everything or not does, nor should not matter! If the people at large would continue pointing out the “Corruption”. In short if the topic is “divisive” then stay away from it(in public)! Look its a war for hearts and minds, force will fail but reason and passion can win the day so long as you tread carefully in public forums. We have to step our game up!

  6. All the information provided in my posts above is to point out the lie that is ‘Nazi International’ world dominance.

    Everywhere you look there is a certain group in power or manipulating opinion and given their purportedly miniscule make-up of the World’s population this should be next to impossible, statistically speaking. But there they are, nonetheless. And, we are not allowed to mention the fact without being called anti-Semitic or met with snide remarks.

    So, I’ll ask you this; but who are “The Nazi International” and what the fuck are they actually doing?

    1. Joseph Farrell never says that it is the Nazi’s running the show – he is saying that they are a breakaway group, like other powerful breakaway groups on the planet all vying for power like mafia dons around a table – they come together and cooperate when their influences coalesce and them go back to war games when it suits them.

  7. Wow.. this seems like just the knee-jerk reaction Joseph was talking about. I thought this interview was intriguing with a lot of interesting perspectives I hadn’t considered before.

    One thing I would like to share that Joseph touched on a bit is the that Tesla is the one that tore down the tower on Long Island. If you listen to Arthur Matthew, Nikola Tesla’s “assistant” he tells a number of interesting things that history has gotten wrong from his perspective with first-hand knowledge. He says that Tesla realized the destructive power of the tower and tore it down himself (or payed to have it torn down).

    I would guess that the government was going to use it as a weapon or J.P. Morgan had eyes on the tower to sell to the government for a significant financial gain. Either way, Tesla made sure that it wouldn’t be used in such a way by destroying it.

    1. I didn’t say anything about who is right or wrong, I simply acknowledged that his statement concerning the “Jewish control” causing “knee-jerk” reactions. I didn’t speculate or argue right or wrong for anyone on either side of the fence.

      I don’t really care about the subject enough to make a comment for or against either side of the argument. I feel that there are si many different powers at play that to pick this group or that group to point a finger in blame at just one faction, even if they are the major one, is just silly.

    1. You can point a finger at anyone you want… I don’t care who you, or anyone else, points a finger at.

      There are many Jewish people that have lots of money, and with a lot of money comes a lot of control. Nobody wants to talk bad about the people that can use their influence to affect their lives. Simple. Just like any other race that has very wealthy persons that own a lot of different businesses.

      I’m not saying some Jewish people don’t have a lot of money and control, I’m just saying there are people of all races that have a lot of money and control. It’s the assholes that try to affect the whole population in a negative way that concerns me and that I want to talk about… and they are of all races.

  8. Shemyaza, I agree with all you say.
    I’d just add that he fails even the simplest shill test, take note how he is peddling every known Jewish lie, repackaging it, prolonging the shelf life of bullshit we should have sussed out centuries ago.

    And, to add insult to injury, he’s substituting ‘ Jewish ‘ with ‘nazi’ (which by the way is another Jewish construct/bullshit sandwich, unleashed on us post Nuremberg) wherever he reckons our ignorance presents an opportunity..

    Methinks he’s ‘not touching’ the Jewish question because it doesn’t pay as well as shitting on the Germans.

    He is the last person who should talk about WW2.

    1. As he says in the interview, he prefers to skip that portion because it’s so loaded, (as proved by these comments, it seems to be THE only thing some people care about.) but the man did co-author a book called Yahweh: The Two-Faced God and I think it’s unfair to not give him some credit for that.

  9. It is beyond annoying hearing Farrell constantly claim Roswell was Nazi tech related. Although after steaming hot Carl those delusional hacks left on the entire field of UFOlogy&Roswell with the RoswellMayweatherPacquiaides I guess Nazi’s is a step up…..Other than that he is a great researcher and very knowledgable about what he believes.

  10. @shemyaza I don’t buy a “Nazi International” conspiracy, so I won’t be trying to prove shit.
    You did, however, hint at a UK based Jewish conspiracy at the very least, so once again, who are “The Jews”, and what are they, as a group doing, in the UK at least?
    I am more than happy for you to point the finger at a group of people, Jews, Christians, Gypsy’s, Scientologists; but you will have to do better that, he’s rich, he’s circumcised and he has a German surname.
    I am rich, compared to 4/5 of the world, I am circumcised and have a German surname, and I am not an embedded “Jew” working for…….who are they working for again?

    And lets say, for shits and giggles, that there is a Jewish Elite Conspiracy doing what you said.( I can hear you rolling your eyes! 🙂 )
    The now only have to get Mainland and breakaway China, S.E. Asia, Brazil, and India to have world domination……….seems they are missing a few pieces of the pie!
    Western Industrial Capitalism may look shit hot from where we are sitting, but hold on to your hats; it’s about to get bumpy, and I don’t see much “Jewish” influence in the BRICKS countries.

    1. If you don’t “buy the Nazi international conspiracy ” you aren’t too enlightened because it’s not a conspiracy it’s beyond a provable fact that they are still functioning at this very second all over the globe.

      1. Yeah, but, I don’t know…………if you are a political party, and you lose your country, and parliament, an at the very least stalemate your big war, and high tail it with most of the cash, are you still a Nazi, or are you just a cashed up, hard line dictatorial right winger looking to flex some muscle again without having the whole world crash down on you?
        I don’t know if labels like “Jew” or “Nazi” are helpful. I know they are short hand, but still, they are so emotive that the truth in the issue gets clouded.
        Taking this interview, for instance. Joseph squarely points a finger at “Jewish” vertically integrated gangster cabals with banking at the top and says, “Yes, they exist and they are very bad, but they are one of many, and I find that people dwell on them and somehow forget the other dozen odd vertically integrated gangster cabals with banking at the top. So in interviews, I don’t bother, but emphatically YES.”
        How do you hear that and say, “He won’t touch the Jews!” ??!! And so with one word, the whole 2.5 hour interview is written off……. issue clouded.

        I know of a medium sized, Anglo-Saxon based, vertically integrated cabal with 4 large, wealthy and very profitable heavily protected mildly criminal banks at the top which operates outside international laws when it can to protect it’s own interests and get ahead; it’s called the Commonwealth of Australia!!

        This is why the Zionists wanted someone to give them land, any ones land; because vertically integrated criminal cabal/cartels with banks at the top that control land are called Sovereign Countries/Nations, and all that stuff is business as usual!

        Was the dictatorships in Spain, Portugal or Argentina Nazi. No. They operated the same way, held the same values and probably used heaps of German “Nazi” money, know how and muscle. But they weren’t Nazi’s.

        You’ve got to remember, saying Nazi is the same as saying Republican, or Australian Labor Party. It was a political party. The word is used in such a wider context now that, like the word Jew, it is a loaded revolver coated in sulphur.

  11. There are several factors that make the international Jewish elite fairly unique. Primarily their ability to act as a 5th column within any country. English Jews, American Jews, French Jews whatever, their loyalty appears to be to Jews. The Treaty of Versailles , for example, despite the many countries involved was essentially a bunch of Jewish advisers stitching up Germany and moving along the Zionist agenda. Even the non-rich, ordinary Jewish people can be mobilized to defend almost any Jewish position, eg the Jewish Boycott Germany campaign in the early 1930s that signaled the build up to World War 2. They also have no problem with appearing to convert to other religions, again, perfect 5th columnists. They also have the Talmud , and the Holohoax, which is thankfully starting to come apart , but is still used to finance Israel and silence opposition.
    Read ‘The Nameless War’ by A H Ramsey and you will understand that few revolutionary movements have not been controlled by a Jewish elite. It is this worldwide 5th column activity that sets the Jewish elite apart. This may come across as obsessing about a Jewish elite, but really their reach is so great that there are few current issues in which they do not play a significant role.

    1. ^This is the type of approach I can appreciate to a large degree.
      Nobody ever said you can’t criticize the Jewish elite with THC. So I hate these dramatic responses about how we have to walk on eggshells or something. We don’t. That’s not the point. I just think it needs to be discussed more in a manner that sites examples and resources. Rather then, “Oh okay, so it’s NEVER the Jews.” There’s a big difference between “never” and “every time, always.”

      I don’t find much fishy about being able to mobilize their base. America does the same thing when it needs a war. Every elite faction does. If the Pope was attacked by a Muslim, I wouldn’t even want to see how Catholics react. The Jewish elite might be more efficient at using that move though. I’ll give you that.

  12. Greg,
    You are killing it right now!!! The recent interviews you have done are as good or better then any i have listened to!!! Keep it up Greg!!!!

  13. Perhaps you misunderstand, Greg. The walking on eggshells is done in the World at large, not this site in particular. Yes, there’s a big difference between “never” and “every time, always.” But, why is it that “every time, always” the Jews are “never” to blame?

    Why is it that Jews as Jews cannot be called out in the media for mobilizing their base but Whites can? In fact, everyone else can! Talk about the US starting wars… Name one single war in this century or the last that was fought for US interests? US interests, Greg, not those of Israel.

    Keep up the good work.


  14. Visiting this episode because of the February 2019 joint session! First time I’ve heard the Nazi-Bilderberg angle. Really interesting! Got to love the scorpion men too.

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