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Walter Bosley | Trump, Tesla, Secret Spaceships, & NYMZA

Topics Covered: Esoteric, Secret Societies, Tesla Tech, Trump

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks with returning guest, Walter Bosley.

With deep state technology and secret science becoming harder to suppress, and our understanding of past and present black ops programs constantly expanding, it is easy to see why stories of breakaway civilizations and secret space programs have piqued public interest.

From the inception of NYMZA, America’s first military industrial complex, to the sensational saga of the Sonora Aero Club, today’s returning guest, Walter Bosley, has followed these threads deep down the rabbit hole and today he joins The Higherside almost a year later to update us on where his research has taken him recently.
2:30 As an accomplished researcher in tracking back the history of secret flying machines, deep-state technology and the influence of German Nationalists, Walter has been able to fill the gaps lingering behind in our current understanding of history, along with congruently constructing a coherent narrative that goes beyond the basic bullet points. Kicking things off, Bosley provides some context about the Prussian Nationalist organization NYMZA that was established sometime between the 1850s and 1900s for the purpose of researching advanced technologies in pursuit of a unified Germany. Bosley breaks down the transformation of this group from the Nazi Party of Germany, to the Sonora Aero Club.
10:42 After breaking down the creation and mission of NYMZA an explaining the conception of several sub-groups, Greg and Walter turn their attention to a group Bosley has labeled the “1903”as they discuss Michael Busby’s book “Solving The 1987 Airship Mystery”, Solomon Andrew’s attempt to involve Abraham Lincoln’s administration in the development of advance airships, and the subsequent formation of what may have been the first American black-ops project. Bosley also elaborates on the rumored legend of a Tesla designed airship used by a breakaway civilization to fly to Mars.
22:00 Greg and Walter examine how this beyond belief saga involves everyone’s favorite reality TV President, Donald Trump. Bosley describes a Dellschau drawing dating back to the 1890s referencing a craft from 30 years prior belonging to a man with the surname Trump. And, as if that isn’t odd enough, the coincidences go from interesting to eerie as Walter details the connections between Trump’s ancestors to the Sonora Aero Club, the1897 Airship Mysteries, and Tesla.
33:00 Greg and Walter discuss a lost interview of John G. Trump that has proved incredibly enlightening and consist of several high profile mentions, including working for Weston when it became Bell Labs and consulting for Vannevar Bush.
42:00 Continuing with the topic of Trump, Greg and Walter discuss several synchronicities such as the similarities between the Dellschau drawing and modern-day Trump marketing, as well as it appearing in the 4500 series of Dellschau’s work and Trump being our 45th president.
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– the underground chamber found below Carlsbad Caverns & the remnants of an advanced civilization

– other stories from the subterranean realms

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Check out his website “Empire of the Wheel”, where you can keep up-to-date on Walter’s recent work and check out his comprehensive blog:
And be sure to grab one of his many books, including “The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton”, or “ORIGIN: The Nineteenth Century Emergence of the 20th Century Breakaway Civilizations”, which are available at the Lost Continent Library:
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