Walter Bosley Disneyland 33 Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

THC 40: Walter Bosley | Disneyland’s Hidden Magic

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Researcher, Walter Bosley, discusses ley lines, the energy grid, the Nazi Bell, Alchemy, Occult Symbolism, and much more, while making the case that Walt Disney used hidden knowledge and energy to insure that Disneyland physically was “the happiest place on Earth.” A case made in his book, Latitude 33.


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  1. Good episode but that guy was kinda a tool…

    The guy was about as inconsistent as they come.
    He went on and on about anti globalism yet praised the man who brought us “It’s a Small World”.

    The best part of the show is when he asserted that “A person can’t change the world” and you hit back with “A visionary might say otherwise”
    You were just riffing on his own point minutes before about visionaries and it more or less destroyed him.

    Anyway, great show keep up the good work!

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