Anthony Patch | Geoengineering, The 5G Conspiracy, & The A.I. Takeover

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Join The Higherside Chats as host Greg Carlwood talks Geoengineering,  5G technology,  & A.I. with returning guest, Anthony Patch.

As technology continues to advance at such an incredibly rapid rate, it’s seemingly more important than ever we take a pause to talk about the impact this has on everything from our health and emotional well-being, to our possible demotion in the power pyramid and the prophesied war we will wage against A.I.
With everyone from Elon Musk to Putin acknowledging the power and potential of artificial intelligence, perhaps now is the time to listen to the people poised at the tip of the technology sphere that have been not so subtly hinting off the catastrophic effects A.I. will have on the trajectory of mankind.
Fortunately for us, today’s returning guest, Anthony Patch, joins The Higherside to help shed some light on the dark implications of the weaponization of everything from our food supply to the data collection of criminal corporations.
3:45 As record setting Irma barrels down on Florida, Greg and Anthony begin by discussing weather manipulation, geoengineering, and the deep state technology that makes it all possible. Patch details evidence he believes proves these huge hurricanes aren’t natural, but rather a product of the military industrial complex used to perpetuate a constant state of terror. With catastrophic flooding from Harvey, and Irma’s never-before seen strength, the narrative that weather has been weaponized becomes clear as the chaos ensues and climate change activists are scream the sky is falling. They also discuss the meaning of both Harvey and Irma and what these may signal in a larger esoteric sense.
11:30 Greg and Anthony discuss the upcoming roll-out of 5G technology, his Entangled article entitled “Brain Hacking” and his thoughts on the elites nefarious plan to activate nanoparticulates using 5G. Patch explains their ultimate objective: total control over the human mind and body, ultimately rendering us all into a “sentient world simulation”, or SWS. Patch also elaborates on these nanoparticulates and how they will interact with and entwine in our DNA, creating a third strand, embedding information and genetically modifying us.
22:42 Another important piece to the quantum computer pie is D-Wave, which is used in interdimensional communication. Patch details how they are accessing thousands of parallel dimensions, and extracting resources, information, data and energy. He also outlines how this can lead to the situation his third book “Revising Reality” outlines and where we anomolies like the Mandela Effect.
35:00 To circle back around to the D-Wave technology, Greg and Anthony discuss it’s other primary purpose of controlling the macroportal of CERN. Patch assures us that the “Freeway Portal” has yet to be opened, and explains how a quantum mechanism must be used to ensure it’s control during opening.
43:30 Greg and Anthony talk about the implications of crossing the point of no return and opening CERN’s macroportal. With government black programs such as project Blue Beam well underway, Greg and Patch discuss the possibility of a demonic invasion, and the mental conditioning that we’ve been undergoing.
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– what to expect from AI when it no longer has a need for man
– the personality traits of current AI
– is there any positive aspects to magic, or is it all demonic?
– what Anthony sees between the lines of Amazon buying Whole Foods
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Anthony Patch on The Higherside Chats “CERN: The Portal to Saturn, Electric Universe Theory & Other Occult Science”:
Dane Wigington’s website “Geoengineering Watch”:
Dane Wigington’s video “Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives and Agendas”:
Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave “Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here”:
Vanity Fair’s “Elon Musk’s Billionaire Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse”:
Dr. Michio Kaku on CBS News “Hurricanes Caused By Weather Modification:
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51 Responses

  1. First of all, Christianity has taken a huge downturn. Church attendance is at an all-time low. This is good, IMHO. Fear mongering isn’t going to get us back into the pews.

    Let’s take a look at history. Mind control has been going on for some time. Rome had something like 5G following the Nicean Council. Control over the masses was sought thru the Christian Church throughout the Western world, beginning with Constantine, thru the Inqusitions and witch-burning, Salem trials, and later horrible Hobbes. So a man in this episode who warns us of mind control is himself controlled by a system that has been continuously perfected in the last 1,600 years.

    Christianity most certainly controlled the history that we have been told. We all know what we have been lied to even to the most important factors like time and date. I think the Christian church was started by demonic entities and has been maintained since by more demonic entities, as they sought to remove the esoteric from the rotten religion, when they sought to eliminate the personal gnowing so as to access an easier ability to control the masses.

    Not to mention that the guy is following the wrong god.

    Oh big boy, (major sigh) we are our own saviors ( ! ),… even if we choose Jesus. We save ourself just choosing to follow Jesus. Again, fight to keep your esotericism. It is the inner environment that is most important.

    Ways to solve the situation:
    Go where there is little cell coverage
    Chelate your body
    Faraday cages or orgon devices that you can walk into
    Decentralize – get the heck out of the rat race, making it harder for mind control antics to reach you, harder to control you.

    I am of the opinion that free will of humans will indeed prevail, despite all efforts otherwise.

    This guy is repeating age old mind control to combat another kind of mind control.

    1. BTW, I don’t carry a cell phone. I have a land line. They are plugged into the wall, corded phones all over the house. I don’t do Facebook. Have organite all over the house and at all corners of the property, and a cloud buster at the farm some distance away and here at home. Thinking of building a faraday cage, been plotting how I could do it cheaply at first in the prototype. My house does not have fiber optics, preferred to keep the co-ax. I do not get cable tv.

      Love the music at the end. And Greg, my post is not at all reflecting my sentiments on you. I think you really really rock.

      1. Did you see Jose’s loop de loop of the east coast of the US? I find a Constable device to be more immediately effective than a Reich style cb. Be safe, they are ramping up their game.

  2. Good show. There is no need to make an excuse for a christian standpoint. If people are not able to translate the information given into their subjective own point of view, this limitation is their personal issue. And no, I am not a christian.

    1. Fair, but in my opinion, it went there way more than I wanted it to. I just felt that given the title, and what people might expect from THC- I wanted to give some context. I also have gotta an influx of messages lately after some shows like Micheal Joseph/Jarenism asking if THC is becoming more Christian. If that’s a perception some people are having, then it’s followed up with this show, I wanted to clarify that it’s more coincidence than anything. I am not seeking out Christian guests, but I’m not avoiding them if they are compelling for other reasons. Pretty much same as always.

      1. As long as you’re not avoiding them is what’s important. A bias is a bias anyway you cut it. You seem strongly opposed to ideas that have a foundation in religion and this is coming from a person who has entertained all the ideas you present on this show so to exclude people who may have useful information because of their religious background would seem, to me at least, contrary to the purpose of this show. Or at least the purpose you have presented us with. The truth has no agenda.

    2. Good point. I admittedly have a chip on my shoulder about all the Abrahamic religions, knowing that, regardless of the son he took to the alter, Abraham got it all wrong. While I do try to work on it, to being more tolerant, knowledge accumulation keeps pulling me back to that restless, persistent chip. So sorry if my diatribe offended. It was not intentional.

      1. Right there with you on the anti Christian bias. I have no love for any of the three Abrahamic religions. I see them as some of the worst tragedies that have ever befallen humanity. I also lean very strongly in the Gnostic direction, in that I suspect the god of all three is really a blood thirsty monster, the Deniurge, as the Gnostics refer to him.

  3. This show was really interesting and I’m glad to hear this information but I’m left wondering what are we supposed to do about this? I just can’t pick up and move to a cell free area. I suppose I don’t have to have wifi in my house but what if my neighbors have 5G? How are you suppose to get away from it? I don’t know. It just leaves me feeling defenseless.
    On the other hand, Greg I love the show. It’s my favorite podcast out there.

  4. Dane is fear porn. Controlled opposition. He’s like Alex Jones or David Icke, on a smaller level. A fraud who speaks some truth. It’s manipulated, all of their information is manipulated, and used to manipulate.

    1. Agree re Dane. I saw a video where he totally misrepresented the effects of WSACs in WEAX mod to the point where it was obvious he was desperate to snuff out any curiosity there. I think we basically have different factions of the PTB playing chicken and releasing some big truths in order to gain control of the narrative. With Dane, after all is said and done it’s still CO2 and global warming. So whoever sponsors him is willing to throw some weather controllers under the bus, or just put out enough info to attract and manage truth seekers but not upset the system. Likewise Alex Jones, as he got a large part of the truthers on board for Trump, who is no doubt controlled by another faction of the Cabal. Icke is interesting to me anyway, as I see no other agenda unless you are saying the reptilian thing is inserted to paint all the truth he says as crazy. Much like Flat Earth does now. As far as Patch goes, my intuition says fear porn, probably unknowingly being fed crap by supposed insiders. If I hear anyone quoting Musk without qualifying that he is a part of the scam, I get suspicious. But then I’m Electric Universe/gnostic/hollow/expanding Earth these days. Agnostic re shapeshifting reptilians, but definitely think there are entities that thrive on fear and anger. And pedogate and all it entails is real.

      1. That comment was awesome. Very much agree with all of it. Icke is selling something, but he is the one I lean towards most as well.

        As far as entities that feed on us, yup. I’ve seen them. They appeared to me to look like what people describe as angels, however they actually manipulate our lives to create the kind of pet they want. That’s one form of them anyway. I stumbled upon gnosticism and realized they knew about these fake angels as well.

        It’s actually extremely difficult to have real life experience with other vibration/dimension/etheric beings and continue on with regular day to day life. It’s horridly unpleasant, knowledge. It makes small talk impossible, and is rather isolating.

        So, yeah. Don’t go to the light. It’s a trap. I think praying is what feeds them. The fake angels feel important when they are needed. So they create suffering, so you call out to them, so they show up and help you. It’s like setting your kids on fire to rescue them from the flames. Only they don’t see it that way. They see us like how people see pets. It’s ok for them to create a lifetime of horror and suffering, because we aren’t at the same level as them. We are like designer pets some of us.

        The one I saw wanted a pet mouse. So she manipulated a woman’s life to create a relationship where the woman’s boyfriend abused her son. Then I was used to communicate to the mouse woman that she had a beautiful woman watching over her and her son. I wasn’t supposed to see the part where the angels think we are pets. I was only supposed to see how much love they had for her. But I’ve always been able to see. So I saw the truth.

        So yeah. That shits real. But it’s all fake and twisted and no one has it just right.

  5. I’m a Christine and never get offended by shows that are contradictory to my faith ,I love any and all knowledge. It’s puzzling to me that someone searching for truth would avoid any religious view ,awesome show

  6. if what he’s saying about the sentient simulation computer activating that nanobot bot shit turns out to be real, they wont even need re-education camps….terrifying.

    1. True. But there’s a difference between nanoparticles, that we do have today, and nanomachines capable of doing what Mr. Patch is saying. He speaks of particles as being able to do things that require a machine. It’s just fear porn.

  7. I listened to this while mowing the lawns on a sunny afternoon here in australia.
    “I don’t want to scare the shit out of you, but i’m going to scare the shit out of you!”
    Time to really do some digging and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  8. I’m sorry but it seems to me that this fella is buying into all the b/s coming from so called “experts”, industry, silicone valley, CERN etc to try to justify his literalist interpretation of biblical texts. Being a christian he should be well aware that the Revelation of St John refers to the corruption of the church at the time that Revelation was “written”. It has nothing to do with future events in an unknown future time. Why the fuck would a guy who lived about 1700 years ago give a toss about warning people of certain events that he had seen in a drug/trance induced ASC?
    I dont buy any of this. Despite what Mr Patch says it is fear porn with no tangible proofs to back up any of the more outlandish claims other than what some so called “elites”/psychopaths release as what they are doing/going to do. CERN is a fraud; Musk is a fraudulent nutter/comedian. BTW, i’m not anti-christian, in fact I have some sympathy for the more esoteric aspects of it .
    One last thing. Greg mentioned the etymology of “Irma”; it is wrong. Crrow did the same thing which I think was rather disingenuous of him. The war goddess etymology stems from Old German “Irmin” not “Irma” although “Irma” does derive from the Old German. Irma means “whole”, “noble” and/or “universal” which puts a fully different slant on things. This is not aimed at Greg, but I get thoroughly pissed off when people use or manipulate the meaning of words to suit their viewpoint. Crrow does this a lot, although I do generally like his work. Words do have meaning but cease to be relevant if the incorrect etymology is used. Cheers!

    1. I definitely agree, man. I enjoy Crrow’s work but lately it seems like he’s playing the fear-monger game. My main complaint is the way he’ll just drop broad statements as fact while providing little evidence, but then again I don’t subscribe to his full podcast.

      1. Yep, I really liked Crrow’s space episodes but when he widens the net he is far too superficial. Lets face it, Jason and he do a 2 hour show every week so there is little time for proper research. I sometimes subscribe for the extra hour and it is a good job that Jason is there to calm things down a bit.
        One thing I forgot to say earlier was that Mr Patch is very disempowering in his comments about there’s nothing one can do and nowhere to run to… there is a ratus ratus odour to this kind of view.

  9. Just now listening, great subject, thanks. I hope you could sometime book Ken Rohla for an interview – he has practical solutions to all this electronic soup and chem trails – and it really works, I speak from personal experience. Thanks again. Mr. Carlwood

  10. Its very real, the “gangstalking” and “covert electronic harassment.” I believe however, that there is a huge disinfo campaign that surrounds the whole ‘T.I.” thing.

    Thr Matrix Deciphered by Robert Duncan discusses the state of Darpa, sigint, humint, nsa and cia technology as he knew it when it was written, and it parallels what Mr. Patch was describing.

    I enjoyed this episode. A bit preachy but hey whatevr floats yr boat man, he still dropped mad knowledge.

    Also loved the end song!

  11. Great show as always, Greg. You asked great questions as usual, but it seems like you quickly exhausted his explanations beyond the usual hell-portal CERN narrative. He had good points barring the preachy-ness. I didn’t feel like he added much to these topics, but I found his view on the Mandela Effect very interesting. I still think it has something to do with Google.
    I recommend you check out Affected Collective’s channel, if you haven’t already. She covers a lot of topics like CERN, retrocausality, quantum mechanics and even Philip K. Dick. It seems like she’s getting some really interesting evidence about these topics.

    1. I took a look at one of her videos. Was really resonating with some of the points she was raising, then she mentioned flat earth in a way that suggested to me she’s on board with the idea. That was all it took for me to write her off completely.

  12. Cool show, great conversation. I work at a phone company, just a low man on the totem pole but, we are putting in fiber actually now as I take a break. I have never understood at what point a satellite comes into play when using your cell phone. It all runs off towers. Your cell is never hooked to a satellite, and the satellite never communicates with the cell towers. It’s all ground based towers. Your Google maps runs off pinging the cell towers. If satellites are used for the Internet, which they don’t, then why is Google making airplanes that broadcast WiFi, and experimenting with balloons? You ever loose cell reception but can see the entire sky? That’s because you lost line of site to the cell tower. 5G was pretty new to me

  13. Great interview, Greg.
    He was an interesting dude
    Unfortunately, like all Christians, Mr. Patch has a blind spot a million miles wide
    Reconfirms that Christianity and wisdom are mutually exclusive.

  14. Dude… At this point I say fuck the bullshit, where would be the ideal place to move to? Have you done any research on locations? Has anybody? if so would really appreciate the info.

  15. Oh boy, the rapture, and a portal to hell, been hearing this ridiculous evangelical fear mongering my entire life. But this time it’s real cuz science and the interwebs. Rolling my eyes and making the wank, wank gesture.

    1. I agree, this “researcher” had so many things wrong too. I made a post on the forum that shows the problems and dials the fear porn overdose down to a realistic level.

  16. wow….love the man’s passion…..but all of his research and he doesn’t know the difference between SaTan and Lucifer? Always amazed at those blinded by the GLASSES they wear – of their belief in the rapture. Always an external SAVIOR, never the savior within each of us.

  17. We’re all in this together – we cannot live like our forebears lived – all good food and water, no wi fi – and sure, we are all going to die earlier than we should. What matters is how we die and what we do afterwards. We are so temporary here, but soon we go home.

  18. I’m sympathetic to Patches’ Christian perspective as I was raised Muslim and tend to look at things through that lens. That said I practice what many would consider Hermetic Sciences and in my practice I mostly work with Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Zadkiel, etc) and Planetary Powers (Venus, Mercury, Mars, etc). I begin and end my ceremonies with the intent of being a channel for Christ Consciousness but that can be very different from what most Christians consider “Christian”. In all honesty it’s been super effective and I have little trouble reconciling my belief in Christ and Allah with my Magickal practices.

    Just saying.

  19. To your point Greg, it was the Romans who compiled the bible from a subset of available texts. This unification of religion and state as well as the resolution of the Arian Controversy by the Council of Nicea and formation of a formal enforceable doctrine is what led to the pathological expression of Christianity you asked about. This is evident by the fact that Arius himself was exiled for his views. Additionally the primary target of the Spanish inquisition were the Gnostics who did not believe in the need for a priestly class as they were mystics which undermined the theocratic power structure.

  20. His description of how the Mandela Effect is being engineered to control history was pretty terrifying. I’ve become aware of this phenomenon but intuitively came to very different conclusions. I’ve hypothesized that each individuated sentient generates a universe that overlaps with others to create a consensual reality (it could be thought of pictographically like the flower of life). Thus, in my theory the Mandela Effect is a property, or feature, of reality – not indicative of computer tampering. I do reject the Musk/Bostrom Computer Simulated Reality, however I greatly appreciate the metaphor as it locks in quite well. I also write about how we get to select or co-create our realities. Although I find Patch’s information valuable, I think he’s selected a problematic reality frame (Christianity). Our attention is extremely powerful…enough to make imaginary things real…perhaps it works a little like quantum computing. Where we deposit our attention energy will manifest an effect in our individual lives. I can’t think of a more frightening belief system than end times Christian mythology. I’m much more interested in bringing forth a better world with my own attention energy. But I appreciate the episode, as it illustrates why the frame we choose (and co-create) is so important. I’m maybe halfway through podcast commenting my way through my short book called Truth Cypher that explores this topic.

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