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Anthony Patch | Geoengineering, The 5G Conspiracy, & The A.I. Takeover

Topics Covered: 5G, Conspiracy, Geoengineering, Technocracy

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Join The Higherside Chats as host Greg Carlwood talks Geoengineering,  5G technology,  & A.I. with returning guest, Anthony Patch.

As technology continues to advance at such an incredibly rapid rate, it’s seemingly more important than ever we take a pause to talk about the impact this has on everything from our health and emotional well-being, to our possible demotion in the power pyramid and the prophesied war we will wage against A.I.
With everyone from Elon Musk to Putin acknowledging the power and potential of artificial intelligence, perhaps now is the time to listen to the people poised at the tip of the technology sphere that have been not so subtly hinting off the catastrophic effects A.I. will have on the trajectory of mankind.
Fortunately for us, today’s returning guest, Anthony Patch, joins The Higherside to help shed some light on the dark implications of the weaponization of everything from our food supply to the data collection of criminal corporations.
3:45 As record setting Irma barrels down on Florida, Greg and Anthony begin by discussing weather manipulation, geoengineering, and the deep state technology that makes it all possible. Patch details evidence he believes proves these huge hurricanes aren’t natural, but rather a product of the military industrial complex used to perpetuate a constant state of terror. With catastrophic flooding from Harvey, and Irma’s never-before seen strength, the narrative that weather has been weaponized becomes clear as the chaos ensues and climate change activists are scream the sky is falling. They also discuss the meaning of both Harvey and Irma and what these may signal in a larger esoteric sense.
11:30 Greg and Anthony discuss the upcoming roll-out of 5G technology, his Entangled article entitled “Brain Hacking” and his thoughts on the elites nefarious plan to activate nanoparticulates using 5G. Patch explains their ultimate objective: total control over the human mind and body, ultimately rendering us all into a “sentient world simulation”, or SWS. Patch also elaborates on these nanoparticulates and how they will interact with and entwine in our DNA, creating a third strand, embedding information and genetically modifying us.
22:42 Another important piece to the quantum computer pie is D-Wave, which is used in interdimensional communication. Patch details how they are accessing thousands of parallel dimensions, and extracting resources, information, data and energy. He also outlines how this can lead to the situation his third book “Revising Reality” outlines and where we anomolies like the Mandela Effect.
35:00 To circle back around to the D-Wave technology, Greg and Anthony discuss it’s other primary purpose of controlling the macroportal of CERN. Patch assures us that the “Freeway Portal” has yet to be opened, and explains how a quantum mechanism must be used to ensure it’s control during opening.
43:30 Greg and Anthony talk about the implications of crossing the point of no return and opening CERN’s macroportal. With government black programs such as project Blue Beam well underway, Greg and Patch discuss the possibility of a demonic invasion, and the mental conditioning that we’ve been undergoing.
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Dane Wigington’s website “Geoengineering Watch”:
Dane Wigington’s video “Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives and Agendas”:
Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave “Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here”:
Vanity Fair’s “Elon Musk’s Billionaire Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse”:
Dr. Michio Kaku on CBS News “Hurricanes Caused By Weather Modification:
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