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Walter Bosley | NYMZA, The Sonora Aero Club, & The Origins of the Breakaway Civilization

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Join the Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood hosts returning guest, Walter Bosley. Bosley has upped the ante with his research into a group of Hermetic Prussian Nationalist called NYMZA, artist Charles Dellschau, and a secret society of exotic craft makers in California called the Sonora Aero Club. It’s a deep and rich Pandora’s box of conspiracy goodness that connects some dots and fills in many gaps- taking the popular idea o a 20th century breakaway civilization and extending the timeline back to it’s 19th century beginnings ad beyond.

[2:42] Starting at the beginning, this saga suggests that certain people uncovered a lost civilization about secret technologies that might have come from an advanced civilization in the ancient past, or information brought here from another world. So, before diving into it’s rediscovering in the 19th century, Greg and Walter establish exactly what there was to rediscover. As Walter explains, in order to fully trace the history of such ancient technologies, one has to go back to the days of Atlantis,the story from the Mahabharata about ancient wars involving the use of such technologies.
[7:00] Walter elaborates on exactly how this new technology found its way to Earth. He theorizes, there was a war between two off- planet factions with the losing party eventually finding it’s way here, attempting to re-establish a civilization, and colonizing. While inhabiting the planet, they slowly impart their knowledge of these advanced technologies to alchemist and Hermetic societies, with the end goal being that we develop into such an advanced culture, we may one day fight on their behalf against their intergalactic foes.
[15:00] After tracing the saga from Alexandria, we find the six degrees of separation include the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, royal societies, Angelic societies to Prussian nationalists via the Teutonic Knights. With Prussian nationalists throwing the fuel on the fire, Greg and Walter discuss the secret German society NYMZA, their surrogate Charles Dellschau and the connection to the Sonora Aero Club.
[26:00] To put a finer point on the type of technology being used, Greg and Walter discuss the mechanics and science behind what makes these airships fly. As Walter explains, because the only references we have exist in the works of Dellschau and witness reports of the airship mysteries, when researchers take an honest look into the events that happened, the technology depicted by Dellschau is curiously similar to the other had witnessed in the 1890s.  According to Walter, these technologies included the rotation of objects and involved a composition of green liquid referred to by Peter Mennis as, Supe.
[32:30] From green goo and rotating bells in German technological advances, Greg and Walter move onto discussions of telluric currents of the Earth and how they tie into this airship technology. As Walter explains, when looking into the sightings of the 1890’s mystery and where the Sonora Aero Cub was active, you find they correlate to where these telluric currents have been established and known to exist. Walter contends these ships not only use these currents as a track, but this “world grid” is an integral part of how this technology actually works.
[38:00] Bringing the legends of the Sonora Aero Club full circle, Greg and Walter discuss the affiliation between their location in California and the infamous Gold Rush. Stories of the alchemy and a fascination with gold are commonplace, but Walter elaborates by detailing how this may go beyond a simple interest, and extend into a knowledge that may include how and where the planet produces gold.
[43:30] Greg and Walter discuss the possibility that an area of the Earth may be engineered to produce gold. Walter contends the Earth has the potential to act a massive manipulatable bio-machine. Sesh Heri’s, “Handprint of Atlas”, also details how off Earth civilizations may have landed here and began engineering eco-systems that best suit their lifestyle.
[51:42] Continuing to follow the paper trail of money, we realize that Germans began to plant a foothold in the US as early as the Civil War era, instead of post WWII, making black ops projects such as Project Paperclip seems like a more natural evolution. One interesting perspective involves Brown Brothers Harriman, and their affiliation to Prescott Bush. A group of German bankers known as Kuhn, Loeb & Co., who controlled 65% of the physical railroads throughout the US, funded E.H. Harriman’s purchase of the Union Pacific Railroad.
[1:05:00] Returning to the Bosley chart, Greg and Walter begin to speculate on the state of this hidden technology now. Walter identifies NYMZA as a breakaway civilations, and begins to elaborate on the saga of Dr. Solomon Andrews. Dr. Andrews, during the time of the Civil War, presented before Congress, his work and studies involving flying airships, or as he calls them, aerons. Although, publicly nothing came of this presentation, Walter contends government officials had the foresight to acknowledge the power of such technologies, and thus stated the first black ops programs to develop said technology. Connecting the dots, Walter explains the probability that the airship mysteries of the 1890’s may all be attributed to this first black ops program.
[1:12:30] Greg and Walter discuss another interesting legend from the 20th century era sagas involving technology that claims Tesla may have send a craft to Mars. Listen as Walter the probability given the new context they’ve examined.
[1:20:00] Travelling south, Greg and Walter discuss the ventures of this Prussian group in South America, the huge quantities of gold in those areas, and the coincidental airship sightings that have been so prevalent to these areas.
[1:32:30] Returning to the Mahabharata and legends of ancient wars, Greg and Walter discuss the evidence found throughout the globe that suggests a destructive war using technology beyond our scope understanding at the time. As Walter points out, his book The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton, is filled with epic sagas involving South American expeditions, breakaway civilizations, and the mysteries surrounding these topics.
Want more Walter Bosley? Check out site here. You can also find his published books here or his fiction work at Lost Continent Library.

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