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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats as he talks gambling, game fixing and sports conspiracy with guest, Brian Tuohy. Earning the title “King of Sports Conspiracy”, Brian joins us to help shatter some of the illusions of the sanctimonious sports industry with the information he’s presented in several books he’s written about corruption, set ups, illegal gambling, and wealth extraction.

2:42 To kick things off, Greg and Brian discuss how he got started in such an interesting niche. As Tuohy explains, outside of America, the topic of sports corruption through game fixing and gambling has been a long reported on topic. On the other hand, in the US, the notion of game fixing is considered an off-limits topic for sports media. This void in media coverage, Brian explains, can be accounted for when one researches the codependent relationship between sports media and professional sport’s leagues. Adding fuel to the fire, Greg and Brian discuss the nefarious filled roster of heavy hitters in the sport’s broadcasting realm including ABC, NBC, and FOX.

6:45 Continuing to discuss this theme that sports should be considered nothing more than entertainment, Greg and Brian discuss one of the most damning examples: the Spygate lawsuit. After the New England Patriots were caught cheating by videotaping their opponents, a class action lawsuit was filed by a New York Jet’s fan that was also a lawyer. After going to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, the ultimate ruling claimed that when someone purchases a ticket, they are essentially purchasing a license to enter an area and watch and event. This ruling made clear that teams and leagues are not required to abide by any rules when providing the game and fans can’t sue because they’re dissatisfied with what they saw, really solidifying the point that this is for entertainment purposes only.
15:30 Greg and Brian continue to discuss the structure of the NFL and the red flags of the current financial landscape. With the NFL operating as one giant conglomerate, distributing it’s profits among all teams, the motive to win is eliminated. Already operating under the premise of entertainment, leagues are free to create a narrative that engages the largest number of people by using emotionally charged and perfectly crafted sports stories. Evidence of this can be seen in the spectacular season of the Patriots following 9/11, the Superbowl win of the Saints post-Katrina, or even the perfectly primed retirement of Peyton Manning after last year’s Superbowl win.
25:15 After covering a few examples of recent cases including high profile athletes gambling on their respective games, Greg and Brian discuss the size and scope of the sports gambling market. With Nevada, the only state where people can legally place wagers on single sporting events, claiming only 2-3% of the market share and raking in $3-4 billion in bets, the size of the overall sports gambling market is astronomical.
32:00 Protecting these billion dollar businesses is a cutthroat and vigilant intelligence network consisting of former CIA, FBI and DEA agents and retired local law enforcement officers. Brian contends, these groups of highly qualified agents employ their military-like precision to protect and disguise the nefarious actions of professional sports leagues from both the public eye and probing police.
38:00 Revisiting earlier claims of Muhammad Ali being involved in game fixing, Greg and Brian detail the specifics. Sonny Liston took a dive in his matches against Ali, and ultimately forfeited his title to him, in exchange for a huge gambling payday. Another example involving Ali in a fixed game was his fights against Spinks. Rumor has it, he threw their first fight, in order to have to the opportunity to rematchSpinks for the title. Another title fight win would make Ali the only person to have won the Heavyweight Championship Title three times.
41:30 Lefty Rosenthal was a notorious game fixer a favorite friend of the mafia’s. Listen as Greg ad Brian elaborate of a few of the better known legends of Lefty. They also discuss the logistics of game rigging and exactly how few people are needed to affect the outcome of a game. With sports gambling stats showing a success rate of 55% being an across the board average with each percentage giving an exponentially higher return of success, even the slightest edge in game fixing can have critical consequences.
57:00 Venturing outside of Brian’s wheelhouse, he and Greg discuss the symbolism hidden in plain sight during the Olympic opening ceremonies . Brian notes that the pomp and circumstance of today’s opening ceremonies can be traced back to it’s origins in Nazi Germany.
1:01:00 Moving from boxing to UFC, Greg and Brian discuss parallels between the two sports. During the 1940’s with the help of mobsters like Frankie Carbo, boxing became a nationally televised sport. Unfortunately, because controlling interests had a monopoly on the sport, corruption was rampant. As Brian explains, this is eerily similar to the UFC’s stranglehold on the professional fighting industry.
1:11:00 Sports gambling is a long standing institution that has been recently turned on it’s head due to the internet. Greg and Brian examine the effects of the internet on such a massive industry. As Brian explains, there are commonly used off shore sites based in Central and South America run by mafia and cartels. He contends if we instead legalized sports gambling, regulations and taxes would dry up the current black market and seriouslu impact the mafia and cartels.
Want more Brian Tuohy? Check out his site The Fix Is In. He’s written several great titles including Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing, and the FBI and A Season in the Abyss: Sports Gambling vs. the NFL’s Integrity.

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  1. So nobody knows how much gambling money there is laid on sports. I sure don’t know.

    My first job out of the gate when I got out of the navy at 21in early 1968 (and after an extended fishing trip and an exploration of the PNW {where I was destined to land}) was in the central office at Pacific T&T (an AT&T {or Ma Bell} company) in El Monte, CA. My job was wiring on the frame, my job title was, ‘frameman’. Any time some repair or modification (such as a cable or equipment transfer) required the cutting a pair of wires for a particular line, we were to take our handset, (lovingly known as a “butt-in”) and listen on the line to make sure it wasn’t in use at the time. The butt-in had a capacitor switch position to make no pop or noise when you clipped on.

    I was involved in several huge cable transfers during the one year I was there, and so, there were hundreds of overtime hours and tens of thousands of times I would clip onto a pair to do this check, and many thousands of times those lines were in use. We were not allowed to violate anyone’s privacy if and when we overheard something (of course, that was then).

    What was the greatest surprise to me was this, a very sizable percentage of the conversations I heard were betting lines. It happened all the time, all the time! It was like, there just can’t be than many people laying bets. Ha ha, I guess. Just thought I would tell y’all a little about that year.

    1. In 1985 I started a 2 year program to learn how to be a digital technician, someone who could troubleshoot and repair printed circuit boards at the component level. The class was attended by a half dozen technicians that worked for AT&T. There were a couple of times when I got to talking to them and they were telling me about a room in a building in Oak Brook, IL., where some three letter federal agencies kept some of their equipment. The AT&T techs were not allowed in that room without supervision, but it was a well known secret that the equipment was being used for eavesdropping on citizens. Remember, this was sometime between 1985 to 1987, long before the Internet was known to the public and this stuff was relatively new. This has nothing to do with sports, but it is an interesting thread to this story.

  2. I would like to listen to the four or five shows but on my phone and computer and diffetent players the show all of a sudden REPEATS AND REPEATS . i have e=mailed ypu Greg if I here one more time you how you grew up in St louis come on eh answer my e-mail and you do not make it easy to contact you cannot cut and paste your e=mail address. I tried your tech email and it gets bounced back I just want to listen to your shows. This happens on no other podcast I listen too. LittleNicky

  3. My husband- football and NASCAR.


    But he has amazing powers of manifestation.
    He got me to stick around and marry him.
    Definitely not my style, and we’re almost twenty years in.


    Trying to figure out how to play this for him.

    Oth might just be mean.

    Ten feet higher, MF.
    That wall just got ten feet higher.

    None of it is real.

    Be blessed, Carlwood.
    Be blessed.

  4. I dumped teevee two years ago, come February. I used to watch football, baseball, tennis, Indy car, and even a little NASCAR. I was a fan. Once I got the stuff out of my house, the interest waned immediately. I am not called to gamble, as it seems an easy way to get rid of money I am not very inclined to work to get. I would rather work for free, doing something that will help someone or something in the present moment. Luckily I can do that now, as my minimalist lifestyle permits it. I don’t need a lot of money because I set it up that way, and dumping the satellite dish really cut my already low overhead by a good bunch. I am not called to be up on popular culture, and will show my geezer colors here because of it. My fascination is with science, and why it’s so stuck, as evidenced by so much of what remains mysterious.

  5. I am under no doubt that England’s World Cup and Euro championship squads are picked in relation to those who have large sponsorship deals with the big sportswear corporations. Time and time again they pick the ‘big names’ regardless of their current form, whilst those inform players playing at the smaller clubs but are not international household names get left out. The result, we’ve fail miserably in every tournament since Bobby Robson’s team made it to the semi final of the world cup in 1990.
    We now have the ridiculous situation that our 3rd manager in as many months (the last one got sacked for further corruption within the game unearthed by 2 undercover reporters) has today stated that he will keep Wayne Rooney as the team captain despite the fact that not only is he out of form for his club (Manchester United – owned by Malcolm Glazer who ironically also owns Tampa Bay Buccaneers, nothing like a bit of synchronicity ;)) and has arguably been out of form since Alex Ferguson left as manager in 2011but has never played a decent game for the national side since his debut in 2003.
    Is it coincidence that after celebrating each goal that Rooney scores, he shows the infamous pyramid hand signal to the heavens!!!

  6. `So yeah. I am here in NOLA and more than a few of us thought hometown boy Peyton did us a solid in throwing that interception in the Superbowl. Would explain why he stormed off after the game without handshake or whatever. He prly got word to take the dive during the game. Prly in exchange for the recent send off he got. Still must have grated to find out something you worked so hard at was a scam. That is the thing, most players and coaches probably are not in on it. That stupid Seattle pass that lost them a Superbowl to the Pats seems like it might have been called by the bookies rather than the coach. That said, I want to propose sort of a grand unification of Satanic entertainment here. We all know the deal with Hollywood and Satanism and actors and mind control. I suspect it must be the same with high end athletes and leagues and team owners. MK-Ultra alters are said to have superhuman abilities and that would certainly confer an edge on the playing field or pitch. It would be interesting to see how many marquis players fit the profile. I know more than a few quarterbacks with that crazy white all the way around the eyes look…

    1. dude. you are onto something. I’ve looked into this exact thing. especially after last year’s ending to the NBA Finals with LeBron vs the Warriors. then watching all the YouTube videos about Draymond green and Stephen curry, two all stars who really seem to be promoted a bunch had very in characteristic actions that ending up helping the Cavs come back from down 3 games to 1, and win it all. if you look this up on YouTube, you will see many videos about MK Ultra and the warriors players in the Finals. they were completely under mind control. It’s scary to watch really. It’s gets deeper though. the hand signs they always flash on the court are illuminati gestures, or devils 666 signs, all seeing eyes etc. just watch LeBron pregame ritual, it’s some high level creepy shit. UFC fighter Connor McGregor is completely under mind control. even Josh Donaldson of the blue jays does the same hand signs after homeruns, another selected player, promoted to be a star out of nowhere . we do all know how Hollywood works, and Satanism. this is huge entertainment business luring many young minds into it. Stephen Curry is a very elite piece. he was hanging out with Obama’s people and with bilderberg members when he was a very young man, at the very beginning of obama’s 1st term if not before. he was chosen at a young age to be a ‘player ‘ for them. a star, a piece they could use at any point down the road. he won the championship two years ago, then he let the Cavs win and LeBron win, it was obvious, in exchange for what is going to be given to Curry going forward. he will lose when they tell him, he will miss the last shot at the end of any game to make sure a desired score happens. his physical skills have seemed to be in worldly, and almost like he’s an alien. we used to joke about it when he first came into the league. he is also the son of a former NBA player and was already doing burger king commercials as a young child with his dad. His family seemed to be in on his recruitment all along. Draymond Green, came out of nowhere, got alot allot of money, and then went under mind control this past season.

  7. great episode! I’m not a sports nut though I played them growing up. Always kind of looked at them the same as other conspiracy stuff: if I keep hearing about this one team or this one player, then wth is happening in the background?

  8. The thing about professional sports that appealed to me, at least in the sports I was interested in, was being able to see these sports done at the highest level. I hooked up to the satellite in April of 2001when the Seattle Mariners were launching into their 116 game winning season. They were winning so many games out of the gate, I knew I wanted to see it. On that team was an already seasoned Japanese pro named Ichiro Suzuki. He was perhaps the among the best all-around baseball players of all time, and something of a wonder to watch play the game.

    In that season he was the only player in major league history to have won MVP, Rookie of the Year, Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award, and starting in the All-Star Game. He truly deserved all of it. He really deserved, with that team, a World Series ring, but something happened on September 11th of that year and the season was suspended, tossing some serious cold water on that record run. Of course, nearly everyone then wanted the Yankees to win. Oh well.

    In any of the sports I watched during the 13 years I stayed with that satellite dish (costing over $10,000 total for generally crappy service, becoming worse every year), it was seeing the top level play that was the motivator. For the most part, I don’t fault the players and athletes as much as any owner or gangster.

    Today, I still play a little disc golf (we’ve got a great course here on the land I live on) and I go to my neighbor’s house to tape the F1 races to watch later (fast forwarded through the commercials). I love to watch the pro disc golfers who come here to play our course. They are really something to see. There is something about humans doing things with true excellence.

  9. Baltimore Orioles now looking at a possible world series for first time since the 1980’s, a year after the city erupts in riots. Seems to fit right in with the narrative.

  10. I laughed pretty hard when he brings up the old NFL owners. You can’t look at guy like Al Davis (old Raiders owner) and say “that guy looks like he has good moral judgement”. Great SHow!

  11. I remember the Baltimore Orioles for inspiring the best joke of 1988, when they lost their first 21 games straight. The joke was:

    Q: What do the Baltimore Orioles and Michael Jackson have in common?

    A: They both wear just one glove for no apparent reason.

  12. Greg, I never thought suggesting this guest. But I’m really glad you did this interview as sports and conspiracies are a huge part of my life and have been since I was young. I’ve listened to every interview I could ever find with Brian because I had already been looking into many similar things that were happening in sports. when I came across Brian’s interviews it was great to hear someone with his position to dive into such a topic. It’s real, games are completely fixed, daily. It’s actually mind blowing to see how much cheating by refs, or fixing games there is and also suspicious plays in situations where the outcome of an event being wagered upon is on the line. It’s deep, and it’s great to have Brian drawing all the connections and doing all the research as well. I personally think certain players are selected and are working for outside sources to dictate outcomes of games..

  13. In a lot of ways it makes sense. The majority of resources used to quell dissent are entertainment based. So when you think about it scripting sports much like a movie or tv show makes for good drama and distraction. Plus its a safe and non-controversial past time adults can throw their intellect into without getting into trouble with the powers that be.

  14. I am a huge sports fan but I can get down with 90% of this. Here is a new perspective for the whole “you’re not on the team idea”…… The team is built on support, not just sports …. even THC. By supporting THC and telling people about it I am a part of the message being spread. I never go to the studio or record a podcast but I am part of this…. we are a collective. So even if sports are trivial you have to take pride if everything you support from buying organic cage free eggs to supporting local Hip-Hop shows it will always be a WE situation. Neither side can exist without the other. Also on the other hand if you are in the position of the sports team or the other side of the WE situation remember to include your supporters not exile them for their enthusiasm. Finally if you are one of those that changes from the WE to saying THEM when they lose or times are rough then don’t ever include yourself this is also a commitment if you want to be part of the WE.

    Much Love to all the Higherside Chatters and the homie G. Carlwood

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