Today on The Higherside Chats, I’m speaking to electric universe paradigm expert, Wal Thornhill. Wal is the co-founder of the Thunderbolts Project, as well as co-author of both The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods. If you are like most of us, you have been taught definite ideas about the Big Bang Theory, how gravity affects the planets’ spiral rotation, some theories on why the dinosaurs might have gone extinct, how the Ice Ages have happened, and many other scientific theories – as if they were set in stone. They aren’t. So, in today’s episode, we’ll explore the possibility of the electric universe as an alternative paradigm, which is namely the belief that electricity, as opposed to gravity, is the primary operator in our universe.

Wal Thornhill got his degree in physics from Melbourne University. He says that much of his inspiration came from Immanuel Velikovsky’s book, Worlds in Collision. Wal was invited to attend one of Velikovsky’s conferences in Ontario in 1974, and he began to question the nature of gravity. His ideas have sparked the interest of scientists, engineers, and astronomers, and I expect that they will pique the interest of our listeners, as well.

Some of the topics and ideas that you will hear discussed on the podcast include:

4:10: The solar system has a more recent history than what mainstream scientists believe and teach. There is evidence that ancient mythology is based on what the planets were actually doing during ancient times.

14:45: While most have been taught that gravitational pulls from the sun control the spiral rotation of the planets, Wal believes that it is the plasma pinch effect, which is influenced by electrical impulses, that are in control.

20:48: Although the Big Bang Theory is widely accepted by mainstream science, it actually has more variables than information. Thus, it is a failing paradigm.

38:15: Gravity is actually repulsive at long range, not attractive. This goes along with what Newton and other scientific greats have said over the years.

41:30: There is evidence that suggests that Mars and Earth used to rotate around Saturn in a brown dwarf system, and that at some point in fairly recent history, after humans were already on the earth, the planets aligned into their current solar system pattern.

49:55: Evidence for gravitational forces not remaining consistent over time includes the fact that if today’s gravitational pull were the same during dinosaur times, the dinosaurs would not have been able to walk or even lift their enormous heads off of the ground.

1:03:10: The electrical exchanges that took place during the time that the earth entered the solar system were sufficient to keep some humans alive.

1:12:50: A plasma sheath that occurs in brown dwarf systems is a reason why we have not made contact with potentially advanced species living elsewhere in our universe.

1:15:55: How the electric universe paradigm can help explain paranormal occurrences like ESP.

1:22:25: There is some evidence to suggest that humans were physically different, perhaps much larger, than they are today during the time that the earth was part of the brown dwarf system.

1:30:48: Why science research can suffer when the government is in charge of funding, and how this lack of funding can discourage people from demonstrating their knowledge of nontraditional scientific models.

1:32:00: A discussion of whether the electric universe model can help explain the presence of UFOs.

1:49:44: Wal’s predictions on the future of the electrical universe movement.

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Wal: Mathematics can describe things, but it can’t explain things.

Wal: There’s no university on earth that teaches the big picture.

Wal: Gravity is short-range attractive and long-range repulsive.