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Corey Eib & Todd McGreevy | Agenda 31, Article IV State Citizenship & The Federal Fraud

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Show Notes

You might have heard it said that the founding fathers of the United States of America would roll over in their graves if they knew what was going on nowadays. Corey Eib and Todd McGreevy from Agenda 31 agree wholeheartedly. Today I talked to them about Article 4 citizenship, sometimes called several states citizenship or common law citizenship. Their stance is that the framers of the U.S. Constitution would have never wanted the federal government to have the power that it does, and they advocate the switch from national citizenship to common law citizenship.

Corey and Todd met in 2012 at the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Association National Convention. From there, they formed the show, Common Sense Revisited, which was later named Agenda 31. They also have a podcast on the No Agenda Stream. Corey grew up in the Jehovah’s Witness religion, an experience that paved the way for him to look into and appreciate common law citizenship.

Corey: “Civil rights are akin to a father’s right over a 4-year-old child.”

Some of the highlights of the show that you’ll hear include:

2:48: The difference between being a state citizen and being a sovereign citizen, a distinction that Corey and Todd feel is very important.

14:00: Why you should consider making yourself an Article 4 state ID, also known as a common law ID.

18:54: The assertion that Washington, DC was never meant to have its own citizens. In fact, there was meant to be a clear separation between state citizens and national citizens.

31:50: How to fly in today’s post-9/11 age without a federal ID, such as a driver’s license.

48:20 What the country would look like if the original intent of the framers had been upheld.

1:01:50: Why the terminology of “given name and family name” is a better alternative to “first, middle and last name.”

1:06:50: How Corey’s involvement in the Jehovah’s Witness church prepared him for a life without an administrative system and without taking political pledges.

1:11:45: The origin of the Bellamy salute to the flag, and why our founding fathers would never have approved.

1:15:20: The Sunflower Seed Incident.

1:30:30: How one can become an Article 4 citizen.

1:42:40: The proof that Article 4 citizenship is still legal. One example of this is the two-cent postage stamp.

1:52:00: Why knowing who your local government authorities are is vital to becoming an informed Article 4 citizen.

1:56:00: Exactly how to make a common law ID. You can subscribe to Corey and Todd’s blog for a template to print your own!

Todd: “The Federal government was created as a failsafe so the states would remain free.”

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Corey: “I find it advantageous to restrain government by maintaining state citizenship.”

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