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Corey Eib & Todd McGreevy | Agenda 31, Article IV State Citizenship & The Federal Fraud

Show Notes

You might have heard it said that the founding fathers of the United States of America would roll over in their graves if they knew what was going on nowadays. Corey Eib and Todd McGreevy from Agenda 31 agree wholeheartedly. Today I talked to them about Article 4 citizenship, sometimes called several states citizenship or common law citizenship. Their stance is that the framers of the U.S. Constitution would have never wanted the federal government to have the power that it does, and they advocate the switch from national citizenship to common law citizenship.

Corey and Todd met in 2012 at the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Association National Convention. From there, they formed the show, Common Sense Revisited, which was later named Agenda 31. They also have a podcast on the No Agenda Stream. Corey grew up in the Jehovah’s Witness religion, an experience that paved the way for him to look into and appreciate common law citizenship.

Corey: “Civil rights are akin to a father’s right over a 4-year-old child.”

Some of the highlights of the show that you’ll hear include:

[2:48]: The difference between being a state citizen and being a sovereign citizen, a distinction that Corey and Todd feel is very important.

[14:00]: Why you should consider making yourself an Article 4 state ID, also known as a common law ID.

[18:54]: The assertion that Washington, DC was never meant to have its own citizens. In fact, there was meant to be a clear separation between state citizens and national citizens.

[31:50]: How to fly in today’s post-9/11 age without a federal ID, such as a driver’s license.

[48:20] What the country would look like if the original intent of the framers had been upheld.

[1:01:50]: Why the terminology of “given name and family name” is a better alternative to “first, middle and last name.”

[1:06:50]: How Corey’s involvement in the Jehovah’s Witness church prepared him for a life without an administrative system and without taking political pledges.

[1:11:45]: The origin of the Bellamy salute to the flag, and why our founding fathers would never have approved.

[1:15:20]: The Sunflower Seed Incident.

[1:30:30]: How one can become an Article 4 citizen.

[1:42:40]: The proof that Article 4 citizenship is still legal. One example of this is the two-cent postage stamp.

[1:52:00]: Why knowing who your local government authorities are is vital to becoming an informed Article 4 citizen.

[1:56:00]: Exactly how to make a common law ID. You can subscribe to Corey and Todd’s blog for a template to print your own!

Todd: “The Federal government was created as a failsafe so the states would remain free.”

Links and Resources:


Agenda 31 on the No Agenda Stream

We the People Foundation

The 14th Amendment

The Printz Case

The Phil Mocek Case

California Commercial Code 9307(h)

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Corey: “I find it advantageous to restrain government by maintaining state citizenship.”

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papa dave

Greg, great show. I need to listen again. Later


Interesting. Great show. Lot s of information to chew on. Keep up the good work.


FOR SALE: Used Trunk Monkey, mama’s got a new I.D. 🙂 I love this show Greg! Thank You


All kidding aside, I’ve listened 3 times through now and have followed various leads to come up with 2 titles for my amazon next list.

1) United States Reports: Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States, December Term, 1868, Volume 7 Hardcover – October 7, 2015
by United States. Supreme Court (Creator)
2) Creating Language Crimes: How Law Enforcement Uses (and Misuses) Language 1st Edition
by Roger W. Shuy

This really was an awesome and thought provoking chat.


btw, I thought this birth certificate and drivers license information sounded familiar.
Law and Language – Santos Bonacci – style…
Corey -n- Todd have done a lot of research on their own to back up their claims and the truth of the matter – also, Greg has come along way building a audio library for THC. This is a part of people becoming empowered, ‘taking back your power’, in other words, ‘growing a spine’.


Add to the amazon next list:
‘You Know Something Is Wrong When…An Affidavit of Probable Cause’
By Anna Von Reitz and John Belcher

The rabbit hole of deception goes much deeper than what these two knowledgeable gentlemen have yet to discover…


I enjoyed this show a lot. I think it’s great to have some shows that can give some possible solutions to the power elite. I do think this would take some due diligence and a personality that isn’t afraid of confrontations. Sadly, most americans are too docile in their passive aggressive mentality to put these boots on for size.


Dope, just got to work… Kettles on, got a smoke ready, P.A is fired up. Let’s do this!


good stuff but its literally all semantics its a joke that anyone would have to jump through these hopes to get the rights they are naturally born with. #fuckthewholesystem.


Its an interesting premise to take an older and less restrictive legal system and supplant it over the current but in all likelihood most people are not going to take a ticket and turn this into an event that consumes hundreds of hours as you fight the authority of the issuer. Most people I know fall far short of the time they need to take care of the basics of life to willingly turn every transaction into a debate.

In all seriousness if you have spent 10 plus years researching this but are still not ready to go to federal court it would seem a herculean effort to attempt this and something no normal person would be able to undertake. I would like to see this legal status applied to something substantial like a refusal to pay federal taxes (due to your standing as a state and NOT federal citizen) without it ending in the seizure of your assets and some jail time. Otherwise this is just legal semantics and gotcha games. The reality is that whether a state or federal citizen our legal system is set up to represent those with means while those without fall into the cracks and end up brutalized and broken in a myriad of ways. In the end working within our system wherever you may be seeking justice requires those in a position of power to do the right thing. Sadly that is rarely the case in our not fair world.


Magnificent Overlord : check out the Lost Children of Babylon – they are about the most intelligent and righteous musicians I can think of…

I suggest an interview as well as musical collaboration and or finding a way to utilise their music as a rich resource of information and fresh material to bring in and end the shows.

Respect + Love


Hey Greg.

I love these episodes.

The only problem i have is i am a Canadian. I dont even know whrre to begin to look for info on this subject pertaining to Canada.

Could you or any of the forum prowlers on here direct me to some info or people doing this in Canada?

I am under the impression it is completely different because provinces and states as they pertain to the federal government are completely different.

Thanks buddy good episode.


Hi friend– you’re in luck! It would seem our controllers have utilized the same methodology for their fraud all over the world! It applies in ANY country that participates in the Central Banking System- (just the notion of ‘state’ with ‘province’–same idea) — wanna know what the the so-called ‘Axis of Evil’ (Iran, Cuba, North Korea) all have in common? –refusal to participate in the Rothschild World Central Banking System…hmmmmm…. 🙂


Thanks for the reply.

This is all new to me.


All good. We’re all neophytes of the knowledge…

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT show there Carlwood. Next appropraitte guest in this vein would be Nathan Fraser.

Gets the judge to admit basically that their seat is a conflict of interest.


Another great show, Greg!

I love learning more about “alternative law” and for those who are practicing it, more power to them.

I do think it is important for libertarians and patriots to remember where all authority comes from: an author – the one who writes the script and tells the story. The all important narrative is key. This was touched on briefly in the episode when Greg asked, “isn’t it all really about perception?” It is largely about perception and who can tell the most believable and most inspiring story.

Think about it: anyone who wants authority begins with a narrative. Politicians go out every election season to tell stories and whoever tells the most inspiring and widely appealing story wins the authority of the office. Upon inauguration and year after year the president tells a story about events happening in the nation so that the people will assign a certain meaning to those events that is in line with the president’s goals. When a police officer makes an arrest, he begins with a story that tells you what is going on: “You’re under arrest for selling leaves and milk. You have the right to remain silent…”

Story produces meaning. An author controls meaning. Meaning motivates people to action. Power comes from the people.

Therefore anyone who engages with “the authorities” and attempts to overwrite the script must have a better and more popular story ready to go. This is also why anyone who questions the meaning of life must necessarily question authority – the meaning of life is derived from the story we believe about life.

Many libertarians and patriots have made the mistake of ignoring this origin of authority and believe that if only they properly interpret legal fictions then they automatically win and have authority – this is true only if they can convince a certain number of people to believe the legal fiction by making their story appealing. Take the Bundy’s for example. They engaged with the authorities in Nevada on their own turf and had a widely appealing story going so the Feds were forced to back down and Reid had a severe treadmill accident. When they went to Oregon, their story was not as popular or as appealing and they lost that battle.

Legalese is a particular genre of literature which forms the substructure upon which the pretty facade of civilization is affixed. And in some ways it is magic: say the magic words, misdirect attention here and there, and presto! If we libertarians and patriots are going to regain authority over our own lives we have to learn not only about this legal foundation which has the appearance of solidity (but is in fact malleable), but we also need to work on the art of storytelling which involves study of the dramatic arts, psychology, and pretty much every subject the CIA is into… I mean that’s why they’re into the same subjects we are: we and the CIA et al both want the same thing: authority over our own lives.


GOLD: “Story produces meaning. An author controls meaning. Meaning motivates people to action. Power comes from the people”.


We should all follow our passions these gentlemen are following their passion. My passion is traveling to the chakra points of Gaia, and doign healing work there. I am a spirit directing a homo sapien sapien around.


The corporate political territorial subdivisions are the biggest scam going next to the creation of the corporate “person” at birth. An Alaskan Common Law Superior Court Judge, Anna Von Reitz, explains how this was purposely accomplished to enslave the population. She explains, however, that to free ourselves from the rigged corporate court system we have to reestablish the common law courts which have been vacated. If we do that, the municipal corporate system HAS to shut down by law. She has also filed a multi-trillion lien against the Bar Association, the gate keepers of this shake down of the natural human beings. Here is her site with many educational topics:
One basic point in all this is that we have been converted TO maritime law, law of the sea – guilty , FROM law of the land, Common Law – i.e., innocent till proven guilty. Let’s get back on the land!


Thanks telumear– see my comment below… 🙂


Hey telumears, I just wanted to add a thanks to you for this link


As always great show. While I find this topic interesting I see it as a bunch of hairsplitting. Does declaring that you are a 4th amendment citizen allow you to not pay taxes, not get in trouble for speeding or any other thing like that? Seems the answer is no. I think these guys just like doing this stuff as a hobby. I am definitely one who hates government over my life. Unfortunately this goes back before the Romans there will ALWAYS be those in authority over you that’s just the way it is and making your own ID isn’t going to change that one bit. I hate encountering government authorities like cops and such any time even if it’s “a nice cop”. At one point one of the guests said “I’m not going around waving my ID…” um yes you are. Listening to what they have experienced in their lives has invited more government in to their lives not less all to prove a point that gets you nothing. I really see no practical benefit to any of this at all…for me at least. I am certainly not against people doing this if they so chose but I see it as a step by step guide to making your life a complete pain in the ass.


Making it a ‘confusing pain in the ass’ is THE main strategy that is employed to keep us ‘looking the other way’…


I’m not sure if it’s hair splitting. A guy i work with was telling me about his wife’s brother in idaho. Apparently he uses all this legal mumbo jumbo, and doesn’t even pay taxes. Hearsay I know, but sounds credible. Also Carl, I guy by the name of David Johnson from new Hampshire would be a good guest. He is very well versed in this sovereign stuff, plus he’s an optics expert who worked on a telescope for the Vatican called lucifer.


Thanks to ‘telemears’ above for mentioning Anna Von Rietz (AVR). She is indeed a wealth of knowledge–if she is in fact an individual and not a conglomerate of several writers. I have a couple personal friends as well who have engaged her directly via either Facebook or emails, and we remain uncertain as to her ‘identity’.
I only discovered, and then quickly subscribed to, Greg’s podcast a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been down the ‘sovereignty rabbit-hole’ several years now and must state for the record that it is MUCH deeper and MUCH more involved with the very core of our ‘being’ than most of us are yet aware–and it is true that the very term ‘sovereign citizen’ is in itself an oxymoron- literally. How? First one must real-eyes that the whole system IS Magic–
what? —
well, what is magic but a sleight-of-hand—-an illusion? An illusion that is the very thing keeping all of us twisting around the ‘consumer may-pole’ using words that in Webster’s definitions have one meaning, but that in Black’s Law Dictionary have a wholly different meaning. When we step into a courtroom (we play games on a ‘court’, right?) we are actually stepping onto what ‘the system’ considers a ‘ship’ (their ‘game board) …the so-called judge is ‘captain’ and all the laws of the land no longer apply—hence the application then of ‘admiralty law’ or the ‘Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)’ within the ‘courtroom’.
Going all the way back and starting with the notion that the ‘Babylonian Money Magick System’ (the basis for the origin of the UCC) appears to be one that was ‘bestowed’ upon a select few several thousand years ago (at least) when invoking an ‘otherworldly’ spirit in hopes of gaining ‘power’ in this earthly realm, we can BEGIN to see that a system of ‘registering’ and/or ‘pledging’ oneself to said ‘system’ is the simple foundation of how this all got started in the first place—and where did these ‘systems of registration’ begin? That’s right, within the Church– most specifically, the Catholic Church for this particular stent through History.
We are waking up every day to greater and greater Truths about not only the trickery and fraudulence of our monetary/judicial system(s) but to the very nature of reality itself—check out quantum physics and something called Cymatics—
I agree that to read Anna Von Reitz book entitled ‘You Know Something is Wrong When…An Affadavit of Truth’ which can be purchased at Amazon for around $20, is a great place to start–though merely a 3D explanation. A good friend of mine actually distilled it down into a PDF which I have if anyone is interested. The reason I don’t simply post post it here is due to the fact that AVR has actually asked that folks buy her book in order to support the truly Herculean efforts (whether they be hers or her ‘team’).
I can relate to the reader/commenter above who indicated the difficulty and time required to ‘back engineer’ all the semantic deceit. Indeed it’s true– and dare I suggest the fraudulence is in fact so COMPLETE that the only real ‘cover’ the ‘Lords of the System’ have is to make it SEEM so complicated that one will peek inside and be so overwhelmed that they’ll simply turn away without looking any deeper.
And while I’m daring to suggest… I as well can weave a most remarkable tapestry with the work of several of Greg’s guests here on THC, from Santos Bonacci to Kate of Gaia to Peter Lavenda to Johnny Cirucci to Tracy Twyman, and from Peter Lavenda and Jim Marrs to Harald Kautz-Vella and Brooks Agnew, Mark Booth and Graham Hancock to Alfred Webre, Simon Parkes, Robert Guffey and Jon Rappaport…. And I only discovered his podcast 3 weeks ago… When I saw the list of those interviewed, I KNEW he was on the right track– and considering that I have traveled down the above-mentioned rabbit hole far enough to have had my home stolen from me and as well spent 3 nights in the city jail for DARING to challenge the jurisdiction of a ‘requirement’ to have my vehicle ‘licensed’… I’ve traveled to Montana, California and even Morocco to meet with other like-hearted folks within ‘the Awakened’ community.
Indeed, awakening to Magic Spells (what do we do with words? We ‘spell’ them!) is the first and quite necessary step.
At the end of the day, it is ALL a MASSIVE trick to keep the average human being from realizing their full and complete value– by way of creating a ‘system of exchange’ (ahem: MONEY!) that cleverly disguises the True Value of any given Being in exchange for the ‘ease of trade’ using a ‘middle-man’ known as ‘currency’… Currency that BELONGS to its creators and for which we must pay a HUGE cost (interest) in order to participate in ‘trade’ amongst our fellow humans.
From the creation at Jekyll Island of The Federal Reserve, all the way back to the Papal Bull of 1302 known as The UNAM SANCTUM (it’s most recent incarnation– no doubt The Roman Empire was based on a similar, earlier model) which, I have come to believe, is the reason King Philip of France called the Templars to the carpet a mere 5 years later in 1307 (as described by Tracy Twyman—(in that interview, I kept waiting for Tracy to tie it to the UNAM SANCTUM– but she didn’t) –all were actually vying for ‘control’ of the ‘secret’ which is HOW to create a money system that keeps the users of said money from comprehending it’s True Value.
All this hoo-rah about getting off of fiat currency and back to a ‘gold standard’ going on now as the world economy collapses, is all part of the fraud. The ‘illusion’ is that Gold is what backs a ‘secure’ currency–that is the lie that has NEVER been the Truth. In actual FACT, it is US, The People, who back ALL currency everywhere– and always have. Gold has ALWAYS been a ruse to keep The People from Real-eyes ing the level and depth of their own ‘value’—certainly more ‘money’ than any of us here can ‘conceive’ of…
I laughed when Johnny Cirucci said that the reasons for all the immigration problems weren’t ‘economic’ but merely ‘class dilution’… Ever heard the term, Follow The Money? If we were to all collectively real-eyes that this is ALL that the system and it’s perpetrators/controllers are attempting to do, we could be out of this quagmire overnight– but alas, it is the very Awakening to Who and What WE really are that is what ‘they’ are running around creating wars in order to distract us from seeing while said wars keep them able to ‘divert’ our value from us to them because we all use THEIR system of exchange!
Quite brilliant, really…
I so welcome more conversations tying all of this together– I’m a ‘Big Picture’ kind of girl—
20 years as an RN, with 8+ of those years in Hopspice Nursing–has taught me much about human nature. I also lived in Nepal for a year as a Peace Corps Volunteer back in 97/98. I lived in South Korea for a year 07/08 teaching English. When just out of high school, I had the fortune of stumbling into the local ‘international scene’ at the local university and at a young age had suddenly friends from all over the planet–from Somalia to Italy, China to Brazil– and not just pen-pals–but living, breathing PEOPLE.
REAL-eyesing that the religions themselves were, in fact, CREATED BY THE SAME GROUPS I MENTIONED ABOVE in order to have the foundation of trickery (one is not valuable without declaring one’s allegiance to (a) God) and REGISTERING with ‘his’ local ‘church’ to prove it! Lol– quite an asinine notion when looked at with the Light of Truth…
…and all the way back around to the oxymoronic nature of a statement such as ‘sovereign citizen’: The word ‘sovereign’ itself is easy to comprehend: ‘free, governing ones own self’– but it’s with the LEGAL definition of ‘citizen’ that we see the trickery: ‘citizen’, by legal definition, is one who has AGREED BY CONTRACT to be an end indentured servant– a slave…the Powers That Be just giggle and roar when they hear us in our ‘free speech zones’ gnash our teeth and scream we are ‘American Citizens’– cuz we’ve just admitted to being ‘American Slaves’…
But don’t believe ME… PLEASE– do your own research. Indeed it is the only way for one to learn…
All apologies for this ‘comment’ turning into a bit of a rant– but I’ve so much to share and am hungry for an even larger community of ‘big-picture’ Awakened Ones to add to the most amazing Ones I’ve met thus far… Hello all potential new ‘friends’ out there…
I’ll close with this final point: a dear friend of mine once took umbrage with my use of the word ‘evolution’ pointing out that I was using it to describe the slow, plodding ‘development’ of a species over time– nothing could be further from the Truth– in actuality, the word ‘evolution’ means ‘the rapid changes in an organism that occur out of the necessity of survival’– a real ‘life and death’ kind of meaning.
Dare I suggest one last thing: We, as a Human Race, are on the precipice of TRUE ‘Evolution’– either we wake up and make the rapid and drastic changes needed to survive– or we simply won’t be here to ‘wake up’…
With much Love and Respect to Greg and all the THC Family,
Jennifer Williams (Jaydoubleyew)

The following is the ‘legal’ Paradigm Report put together by a team of banking/legal experts led by an amazing woman by the name of Heather Tucci-Jarraf. I was so moved by the info and the work, I traveled to Morocco to meet this woman back in February of 2014. Must be read in its entirety to ‘make sense’.
The Paradigm Report:

In addiction, here is the ‘public notice’ she create and distributed regarding the above Paradigm Report using the blogger American Kabuki as one of a few platforms for said ‘notice’… Please note, it was the reading of this Public Notice THE DAY IT WAS RELEASED that caused an IMMEDIATE awakening in me– I was moved to jump up and down after reading it shouting ‘I KNEW it! I just KNEW it!’
PS: one may find it more advantageous with regard to overall clarity to read the above ‘official announcement’ prior to reading the above ‘paradigm report’


Hey, JW… don’t forget Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion to your awesome list.
I have to tell ya, I have no idea what I just read, all the way through. Big words – with a lot of letters in them – over and over.
(in it’s current form)? anyway, does this mean just by us being ‘aware’ of this current form or condition we’re in tips the balance in anyway? talk to me like i’m two.
I think this may have started as a tapestry but, is now more like steel wool and just as flammable.
All in all the movement of immigrants and refugees ‘all over the planet’ is the tower of babel in the making. It would be very hard to organize , explain, or teach anything to a group of people like it is now, at least on a constitution level. I just saw a headline somewhere where there is 120 languages being spoken in one town. (if it is true).
Even people who haven’t been through the trauma of war, loosing family, homes, and country have had most of their lives in some kind of uncertainty and loss such as yourself, me included.
You’re right about the money magic, that’s a term coming up and being used often now. It seems to me everyone is still trying to grub back as much of it as they can. It seems the insurance companies might be the last game in town.
Weather wars! how many can survive and make a comeback with all the technology each country has and uses to destroy another country? I mean, snow in the far east and southern mexico! volcano’s, hail, rain storm- flooding, landslides, fire, tornado’s (all at once, all year long)? and this; Not even getting started on dirty and infected water settling in everywhere. Well, we got our hands full, don’t we?
Sorry, I didn’t mean to run off the rails and there are many great posts here, Thanks
I’ve read, it said, “who need aliens when we have Psychopaths”?


Thanks for the response, bluehootie–having a forum of like-minded/like-hearted folks who are AT LEAST interested in WTF is going on is precious to me… Would love to discuss further—-assisting with a bathroom remodel at the moment, however, but I’ll hit you up for further sharing soon… Peace


And btw: I LOVE Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell! I was actually naming only the names I’d seen that Greg had interviewed. Tsarion is one of the voices I heard first that captured my attention to all the fraud…


NIETZSCHE: If your ship has sailed into these waters, well then, hold fast, take a firm grip of the helm, we sail over morality, perhaps crushing the last of our own conscience…. (Beyond Good & Evil, §23, 1886).


Really great stuff and so good that some people are moved to take this path but very confusing and sounds like it could take over your life – is it worth spending a night in a cell not to pay a traffic ticket? I know lets just scrap the whole thing and start again and keep it simple!! Thanks, Greg


I successfully mailed a $.02 letter following these instructions provided by Corey Eib:
Now I’m going to print and send this off to everyone in my address book…

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