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Ed Haslam | Dr. Mary’s Monkey, The Polio Vaccine, and Lee Harvey Oswald

Show Notes

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Ed Haslam, a researcher and author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses Are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics. This incredible saga teems with murder, conspiracy and a host of connections between people that you might not think were related. Some of the topics we broach include the murder of Dr. Mary Sherman, how the polio vaccine is likely related to the current cancer epidemic, how the issues concerning the polio vaccine led to the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of John F. Kennedy, and how the Cuban missile crisis fits in.

Ed’s interest in the topic was piqued by his father’s profession. The senior Haslam taught orthopedic surgery at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans and was a colleague of Dr. Mary Sherman, whose murder in 1964 affected the Haslam family. Ed asked his father as a child if he could have a pet monkey, and his father said no, explaining that monkeys carried dangerous diseases, a fact that Ed later researched further in his efforts to piece together the circumstances surrounding Dr. Sherman’s suspicious death.

Here are some of the topics you’ll hear about in the podcast:

[8:35] The gruesome details of Dr. Sherman’s death were rife with inconsistencies, including the fact that her arm and ribcage were burnt to the point of disintegration, a fact that was never released to the media.

[15:12]  Sarah Stewart, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute, and Bernice Eddy, an epidemiologist with the National Institutes of Health, discovered that polyomavirus, a component of the first polio vaccines that was derived from the monkeys whose kidneys the vaccine was grown on, was responsible for causing cancer in humans.

[23:00]  Dr. Alton Oschner, a major stockholder at Cutter Laboratories, one of the labs producing the polio vaccine, inoculated his grandchildren with the vaccine in an effort to prove its safety. Within 48 hours, his grandson was dead and his granddaughter was infected with polio.

[32:32]  A lab was set up on federal property in New Orleans at a national public health hospital. The goal was that the dangerous monkey virus would be radiated to make it benign. The machine used was a linear particle accelerator, which is the machine Ed believes was used to burn Dr. Sherman’s arm and ribcage at the time of her death.

[41:49]  The CIA and the Mafia worked together to find a way to kill Fidel Castro following the Cuban missile crisis. They decided to try to weaponize the monkey virus project to design bio-warfare against Castro, leading the project in a new direction. In the meantime, a teenager from Florida, Judyth Vary Baker, was conducting high-quality cancer research at her home lab. She was brought onto the team and trained at the Roswell Park Cancer Research Institute so she could perform secret research.

[52:37]  Lee Harvey Oswald was hired to protect Judy during her stay in New Orleans. The two began cover jobs at the Riley Coffee Company. The two would later end up falling in love and having an affair.

[59:35]  In order to test the biological weapons being created, the medical research team took “volunteers” from death row at Angola Penitentiary and brought them to be experimented on at East Louisiana State Mental Hospital in Jackson, Louisiana. Judy’s protests get her sent back to Florida, where she is warned to keep quiet.

[1:13:33] Judy and Lee continue their relationship via the telephone. During one call, Lee tells Judy, “these guys are going to kill Kennedy, and they’re setting me up to take the blame!” Shortly thereafter, JFK was indeed assassinated, and Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed blamed for it.

[1:21:35]  After Dr. Sherman’s death, J. Edgar Hoover sent a memo to the special agent in charge of the New Orleans FBI, warning him not to investigate the murder of Dr. Sherman, because it was out of the NOLA FBI jurisdiction. In fact, it’s likely that the murder took place on the federal property where the research was being done, however this fact was not released.

[1:35:19] Ed asserts that the whole point of creating the polio vaccine was to make the world safe enough to handle the marketing of antibiotics. There is evidence that shows that the introduction of antibiotics is what caused the polio epidemic of the mid-20th century.

[1:38:20]  There is also evidence to show that the use of radiation to mutate the monkey virus might be the cause of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

[1:48:40] Ed tells of several reasons why Lee Harvey Oswald in particular was framed for assassinating John F Kennedy.

[1:58:57] Ed also tells of how Lee was connected to Rafael Cruz, who is the father of the current Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz.

[2:02:00]  In the Family Jewels memo put out by the CIA, all of the documentation of events taking place between 1958 and 1964 has been redacted. There is evidence that the hidden information relates to the polio vaccine trials and subsequent events.

[2:21:00] Ed asserts that the evidence unequivocally suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot JFK.


Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Ed Haslam

Ed Haslam’s blog

Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald, by Judyth Vary Baker

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Holy shit, shownotes with links! Somebody just got a new stripe on their podcast ninja blackbelt 🙂

Thanks Carlwood !


Words outa my mouth!!


Dope, cant wait to listen man, gonna roll one up, get a cup of tea going ad listen in bed. Have to be asleep for work soon, so gonna do the usual and blast it out over the PA while i set up and have breakfast at work tomorrow. Thanks for such dope shows Greg, consistent as fuuuuuuuuuck.


That was fantastic! I have to say, and this is true, that each wonderful THC podcast I listen to, has a tremendous impact on how I think and often, how I live my life. One really can’t truthfully say that about too many things. But Greg, you are Heaven sent. I look forward with absolute GLEE to each new subject you choose to bring to my starving mind! Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how much this new knowledge means to me. I’m forever in your debt. Much love. Much love!


Fuck Greg, you blew my mind! Great job man.


Thank you for the interview Greg, I’ve been following this story for years, really fascinating.
And thank you for the interview index, it’s a great improvement to your content.


There’s apparently a relationship between RH factor and cancer.


Great show. The Cruz info was an eye opener. Goodness Greg, take care of yourself out there. I’m signing up for the newsletter, you’ll be in the inbox with No Agenda and mr Ferriss. One more stripe for the belt.


All the while I was listening I kept thinking about this scene in Oliver Stone’s JFK…
It takes on a whole new meaning now, assuming there’s any accuracy to it. I’ve heard there isn’t, that Ferrie never cooperated w/ Garrison but who the hell knows.
Awesome show once again Greg and I love the shownotes!


I don’t know how many times I got up muttering Holy Sh$t! while reading this book, pacing around the house to absorb the information without drowning in its wider implications. A must-read! Thanks for having Mr. Haslam on, Greg…great guest!


When I read the notes I knew That I’d be pissed off for the entire show & boy was I. I was one of those kids taking the sugar cube & if my remembrance is correct we also took a second dose later that was a pink liquid. Whatever the reason for trying to outwit Nature they infected millions to infect our future generations. As a mother I’m horrified to know I’ve sent this to my girl her kids & my husband who never took the vaccine. Obviously not a damn thing has changed since the government/Army murdered every native they could find when they decided to take over everything in their view. And then had the balls to round up the remaining &put them on land where you can’t even grow your own food. This is our legacy….. to continue to allow these fucking thugs to have control over our every thought & viewpoint? I guess when 75% of the population is on sedatives because they can’t function thru their daily lives it’s an uphill battle to get some humans passionate about anything. Thank you for the show it really tied some things together for me since I lived through that time in history.


Fantastic show as always Greg – stuff like this really plays moral dilemmas in my mind…. I remember like others taking the sugar cube while at school – and now I’m a parent…my boys just turned 13 and wow I’m dreading the moment I next hear about a vaccination that his school is due to administer…. Do I do what I believe is morally right or do I take the chance and risk him being tainted like many others before…. Sometimes your podcasts are more than just “chats” and I mean that in the loosest term just pulling from the THC name and for that I am extremely greatful – keep up the great work my man !


As a kid I had the polio injections and later after I was in school a couple years (I entered grade school in ’59, with a 48-star flag until they got us the new ones with Alaska and Hawaii as new states) we had the oral, more than once. I thought until now the injections were all the Salk vaccine but learned here it was more likely the Sabin injection. I survived it so far, long enough to be retired and drawing Social Secrity checks over a year now – lucky me!

Great stuff, Greg. I have been following this particular author and JV Baker for a couple now years and having been following the Kennedy assassination since it happened (when I was coming up on 11 yrs. of age), reading Mark Lane’s “Rush to Judgement” my father bought when it came out and many others since; this particular set of books blew me away with the connections made of it all.

For most of you for not having been living at that time it may seem like old news but that period of time was really a hinge pin many profound changes in the world and our view of it swung on, good and ill. These were the kick-off events to the 60’s, for all it entails. I could not have picked a better time to live through, the music, the social changes, and experience those. The information in this interview gave me so much more perspective into what was really happening behind those dark curtains of our leaders and shakers.

Great stuff!! A shot of reality really appreciated. And it is good you got him at a time he could shed that little bit of exposure on the background story of one of our present presidential hopefuls – too closely connected for comfort. Whew!


Whilst you have covered this topic before, the amount of information, the timeline of events and cast of characters is astounding. If the truth be told, this has some really scary implications and conclusions, these events truly hint at the depths of the rabbit hole and its repercussions scare the pants off me. I thank you for one of the best episodes I have heard on THC+ yet. How this has been kept out of the mainstream conspiracy networks for so long leaves me speechless . I was born in the summer of 1964 and to think that this coverup has continued to avoid attention for my entire life span amazes me. Please keep us up to date on this subject Greg, I have a very strong feeling that its importance to the global Kabul is so widely underestimated, that to blow it wide open will have both major & dramatic repercussions. A definite 5* episode and it will be in my top ten for some time yet I suspect.


Excellent hearing Ed Haslam this time here for me. A detail I’d missed for decades, that, 7.65 Mauser, well mentioned as such since that 22 November day in 1963. Over 50 years dismissed by most merely as a rifle switch, suspicious enough alone, its unique size suggesting the origin of those involved in the plot.


Listening a second time…this one had a lot to digest ??


I’ll be reading the book there was just so much in this episode, awsome. Will definitely be taking a look around to see how much of this can and has been proved. ?


Sad to say that the entire cancer “industry” is now just one of the “too big to fail” conglomerates that has been subverted. Other than that, the CIA placed Oswald’s name on the ring of honor for agents killed in action:


Good find telumears!
A spokesman from the CIA refused to comment or elaborate on why the agency has added Oswald’s name to the memorial, only saying that after 50 years several documents had been declassified, which have “finally allowed the Agency to set the record straight.”

*The documents will be made available to the general public in another twenty years.*

To add to your excellent find, Jackie Kennedy’s book will be released when all of her grandchildren are dead. That’s the terms she wrote the book on. Allegedly


Duffleblog is a military Onion fwiw. So don’t bite on that. That said, I live 3 blocks from the where the old particle accelerator was, and can tell you the local aspects of that story are legit.


ok, thanks, blackshoe10, after the shock of thinking that was there, how could it remain secret? ….


All this, and Fidel Castro is still alive.


I loved this show. This is one of those rare conspiracys, where I can say ” case closed” on. This one joins the ranks with the titanic Olympic switch. This, however still leaves open why Kennedy was killed, and I can handle that.

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