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Olav Phillips | UFOs, Geoengineering, Depopulation, & Secret Space Programs

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Conspiracy researcher, Olav Phillips joins THC to discuss his visit to the legendary UFO hotspot- the ECETI Ranch, and the far-reaching topics of his new book, The Secret Space Age, which looks at the programs outlined in the old Alternative 3 documentary, and examines just how accurate and connected they are. Things like geoengineering, chemtrails, underground bases, space platforms, depopulation programs, bases on the moon & Mars, and a lot of other interesting pieces to this freaky puzzle.

In the Plus show we talk about the evidence that Nazi’s might have escaped to Antarctica and later, off planet. We look at the iconography of crashed UFOs, aspects of abductions, and more to make the case that maybe these things are at least in part, related to escaped Nazi’s and the modern advancements on their technologies. We also discuss their fascination with the occult and how it effected their experimental projects and technologies as well.

Check out more of Olav’s works and his new book at:

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Hear more from our guest in the ever-deeper 2nd hour!

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  1. Fascinating podcast, this kind of stuff fascinates me. However, I need to correct Olav here regarding the IRA and Nazi links. The IRA were Marxists – Hitler didn’t like Marxists and most of their weapons came from the British Army and Irish-American sympathizers. There was no ‘Irish Brigade’ in the SS, that is a myth.

  2. Awesome as usual! Especially the plus show. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, Greg presents a guest who opens my mind that much more. Thanks Greg. Best five bucks I ever spent!

    1. Very much appreciate that. I’m just glad people are enjoying the longer shows. It wasn’t easy to set up this website and everything and I’m happy that people generally agree that it’s a decent set up and worth the money. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks! I’m heard a few more negative comments about this one than I expected. I was really siked to get all those different subjects in one show and I think he makes a pretty good case for these black budget possibilities. GLad you liked it!

  3. Great show. These are the type of guests that I am most interested in. You are a very good interviewer and the plus show is well worth the fee. I like how you let the guest talk but ask great questions to further the discussion. You did an awesome job with the rough guest a few shows back. The only reason I kept listening to that one was because of you…LOL

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Classic! Damn those Space Nazis! However, I bet they’ve got the most stylish uniforms in the galaxy and 7 foot Valkyrie Shieldmaidens.
    I don’t know if it’s possible Greg, but howz about some kinda listener submitted question time hey? I know it would mean some kind tip off on subject matter/guest or regular live show – but it might be a good recruiting tool for membership. Chuck it into the 3rd hour. The 4th hour can be for a Karaoke jam with your interviewee (I bet Jan Irvin yodels with the best of them).
    Seriously, I would’ve liked to know what Olav thought the implications of Operation Paperclip were, for the passing of the torch to the US and starting us down the road that leads to, well, now. I mean just how influenced were they by the IllumiNazis and their fiendish experiments and escapades?
    You’re interview style is good bro. You’re happy to go on the ride but you keep them honest.

  5. This interview alone was worth the $5! I’m new to this level of conspiracy information and I am hooked. Thank you for lining up such knowledgeable guests!

  6. WOW, Greg. This show rocked. The reasoning was remarkable. As they say, a mind expanded to new proportions never goes back to it’s initial state (paraphrasing famous quote). We are far better for this podcast. Greg, the speech at the end was stunning. You must have drank the same Missouri water as Robert A. Heinlein (born in Butler, Mo, and grew up in KC). You think like him.

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