David blume Alcohol Conspiracy Interivew On The Higherside Chats Podcast

David Blume | The Alcohol Conspiracy & The Road Map To Energy Independence

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Today’s guest, David Blume has been hard at work trying to undo decades worth of Big Oil’s propaganda on fuel and energy. He reveals the true motive behind alcohol Prohibition, which very much mirrors the motives of today’s marijuana laws. David also demystifies the information surrounding our energy needs, using alcohol as a fuel source, and how we can achieve energy Independence as a nation, community, or individual.

Find out more in David’s book, “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” or in the new Documentary David is featured in called, “Pump.”

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Hear more from our guest in the ever-deeper 2nd hour!

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    1. Ha, your UFO should be using mag-lev anti-grav shit! Thanks for listening. I really thought the Prohibition history was really eye opening and you can screw a lot of people by making the change! I plan on doing it, but I wish there were E30 or E50 gas stations around so you could make more of a transition without a lot of extra effort, instead of just E85. I feel smarter after this one though!

  1. Interesting to say the least. I work at a donut shop and we are always throwing away tons of donuts. Have been trying to think of some way to make use of them. Maybe I’ll look into the whole distilling thing… Heh, that would be really great. To make fuel from old donuts. Freakin amazing.
    Another excellent show. Thanks man. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Wow, thanks for that episode. There was enough information packed in there for a person to start a new business and actually change the world for the better. The potential for a huge change is there. Oil is one of the main control mechanisms oozing into everything, money, banking, etc… It’s really escape from the whole notion of false scarcity to live in the abundance of the sun.

  3. Oh man this show was awesome. You somehow manage to top yourself every time Carlwood. This episode is a great one to introduce more common folk to your show. I hope to turn thousands of people on to your show with this episode.

  4. Hey Greg….I found a way that you can get the THC+ shows to feed into itunes without having to manually do it. Here are the instructions if you want to add this to the Listening FAQ page for others.
    In iTunes go File->Subscribe to podcast; enter this url but replace “username” and “password” with your own –
    That’s it…now every time there is a new plus show it will show up in your itunes just like any other podcast

  5. Greg – this is probably the BEST Podcast ever………….. I have always listened to the Auto / Fuel Companies…….but wondered if this was really true. Now I know. Cigarette Co… Government…. War….. Who really tells the Truth…. Fuck… Greg – you bring the Truth and You bring it Hard. Keep rockin the Free world Now It our Fuckin move….our Fuckin move… I am moving.

    This one Show just saved me the $5 that the Plus costs…..


    Peace and be safe my Friend

  6. Hey Greg, great show. I bought David’s book. I also talked to a friend of mine who makes moonshine and he said the hard part would be the amount of fuel it’s going to take to boil the mash. It has to maintain a steady boil for a long time which means either lots of firewood or lots of propane (or donut fat). He said he could make me a portable still that would break down and fold into a box. I’m going to work on it.

  7. I watched Pump yesterday and it really opens your eyes to the need for the choice of alcohol and bio based fuels. I feel like once it gets out there more about how the only difference for your car to be flex fuel is software. I’ll use a phrase from the movie “let the hacking begin” awesome documentary and this is a awesome interview it’s the one I recommend people listen to first if they are new higherside chatters great practical information everyone should know

  8. Best Australia can do right now in July 2015 is E10 at the pump, low or standard octane for about $1.50AUD per litre. At least those in US have much higher alcohol percentage figures. We were also ten years behind the US when we changed to unleaded ‘petrol’ in 90s. We don’t call it ‘gas’ like you guys. So Aus will probably be ten years behind you before we get high levels of alcohol in our fuel. Great interview, lots of info in context with climate change, homesteading & self sufficient living and getting your hard earned bucks out of the corporate coffers.

  9. WOW. How inspiring! Wanna go back to the farm (W. Kansas), start a still, and buy up some of that surplus wheat, with prices now at rock bottom levels since no other country buys GMO, at the local level. Once that is done, the ball will start rolling to empower the farmer. I am sick of the farmer getting the low end of the social rung. If we have to succeed the state to do it, well then let’s get that done as well.

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