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Tiffany FitzHenry | Pedowood, Intelligence Tactics, & Hollywood Whistleblowers

Show Notes

Tiffany FitzHenry is the author of the bestselling trilogy The Oldest Soul, speaker, and public personality. She is also a Hollywood whistleblower, prolific writer and independent producer. Her soon to be released documentary, LIVING THE DREAM, details her experience as a screenwriter who shot to prominence with multiple award-winning TV and feature projects, garnering the attention of the biggest producers and networks in Hollywood. The film reveals the raw and unfiltered truth behind the scandalous Hollywood headlines, reminds humanity of the critical importance of storytelling, and asks the question, ‘why does Hollywood even exist?’


Tiffany’s Website:


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Geez, this one was hard to get all the way thru. Someone, maybe her agent?(wtf) asked her for noods then bam! Verbal diarrhea🤮. Maybe she needs to just take the drugs she’s so scared of so she can focus a little. Just all over the place.


I didn’t get all the way through either.


I hung in there and then it got AMAZING. She’s the real deal. I recommend you give it a full listen. Have a great day 🙂


Good guest, looking forward to it, thank you


AMAZING content. I will be following her and buying her books. Thank you for the great resource Mr. Carlwood! Seriously, I can’t say enough about how important this interview is.


So agree!


Gees Greg what did we do to you. Sorry but I wanted to chew my leg off to get away or wait …I don’t need to do that…uh I wanted to chew my ears off…somebody has it out for you maybe, who gave you that guest referral???


Wow… You’re so wrong. Sorry.


I feel like this was the most important episode we’ve had for a while.
Great guest, great content and well spoken. Thanks for everything you do Greg ✌️


Good show to start the month! I agree with other comments that the guest was a little too conversational and not enough informational. My biggest take away from the show was that the best way to fight or confront the system is with honest comedy. I do have one issue with the show/guest, though. A few times, Cosby was mentioned and lumped in with the pedophiles. Like Christianity, I am still clinging on to my childhood pro-Cosby bias. I am not aware of any pedophilia allegations against Cosby. Also, I don’t defend rapists. But I don’t take 10, 20, 30 yr old allegations of rape seriously, either, when made by legal aged consenting adults . I’m sorry, but you need to document the crime immediately somewhere (anywhere) if you want to accuse someone of a crime after the statute of limitations expire. My point is : COSBY TRIED TO BUY NBC OUT FROM UNDER COMCAST BACK IN 2008-2009. NBC Universal deal was so important that Prince Charles himself came to Philadelphia to inspect the facilities and presumable have Brian Roberts bow and kiss the ring. I can’t get past these very relevant circumstances when judging the Cosby case. I see it as a hitjob on Cosby and a test run of the METOO movement. I’m not aware of any one in the conspiracy world making this connection. Major oversight imo. I hope that whistle blowers and enough information come to light to be able to build a Higherside show around this thread.
Always, thank you for your hard and important work, Greg.
PS: always remember: they may not have naked pics of you with little kids but the real test to not selling your soul comes when they can use your children against you for blackmail.


You’re right about Cosby. I believe he was innocent. His son was murdered in a hit in the late 90s after Bill and other investors tried to buy a media network, not sure if it was NBC. He wanted to have shows that were more family-oriented and educational, i believe. But there was major resistance against him by the elites. The website with all this info on what really happened to Cosby was deleted – it had a lot to do with the JMafia being behind different operations.


As a recent Plus subscriber i have been listening old shows. Some times i also take a look at the respective comments. It is impressive to see some comments and how acid and destructive they appear to be !!
For instance:
That was a good show and the guest, although a bit commercial, brought interesting and useful concepts.
But if one look the comments there… wtf ! Totally unrighteous !!!
Even though i did not listened this one yet it seems that some comments here came from the same source of biased unfairness… Could be that this community was infiltrated by minions of the “malignant realm” ?


The big problem here with the big awakening is that, even after jeffrey epstein if we look at the big picture. i know to many people that don’t even know the story. And the people that know the story know he was killed, but when i try to take it deeper people shutdown,

I do have faith in small step that was talked about here. she is new to the wind to the conspirecy world. She migth get anther 10k or more and after some years as u said here. People that have learn’d the way its working can’t unlearn it.

so keep on keep , one day

the twitter thing, i just came in last minute. but hey thats something when u are that big that someone gives a shit


Is this the lady Roseanne was talking about during her last Rogan interview? I enjoyed this guest. Not sure what all the complaints are about, but to each their own.
I never trusted Isaac Kappy. Didn’t seem to offer anything but accusations and so much for his dead man’s switch huh?
One more note; don’t most of our dads have military service? Especially us slightly older listeners.
Don’t forget the draft! I just don’t find that to be such a convincing point of someone being an agent. It would really depend on their rank/role. Obviously if they were any sort of top secret intelligence officers, that would be a valid critique.
As always, YOU DA MAN GREG!


After had listened:
This is the top 5 show ever (IMHO) and i am about 90% done listening all content here…
Anyone bashing this should be tagged suspicious !


If Hollywood is laid out like that and Michael Jackson made it to the top, chances are he was in on it. Theyre not gonna let a good guy go that far. They’re a cult for sure. I think most are actors playing a role- everyone from bill gates, to the president to Steve jobs to whatever actor. We’re they ever normal people? Why do they need our attention so bad? The idolatry is bizarre and seems unnatural to the human experience until they brought it into the fold. All about the image. When they get spit out- is that part of their role too?


Attention is magic. You pay attention, and you get what you paid for.


I thought this was a super interesting podcast! It’s kinda crazy to think how much we are reliant on the entertainment industry to distract us without even realizing it. I mean, I listen to your podcast and I feel pretty “aware” but honestly I am guilty of letting it consume me at times. It’s wild, too, because I read Hollywood Babylon and thought of those stories as having to be somewhat antiquated at this point, but here’s Tiffany talking about this crazy, deep and dark Hollywood secrets and it’s all current! I really liked how she talked about reclaiming our stories and that she’s hopeful about being able to manifest the waking of the masses. Like you, though, I am somewhat skeptical. Anyway, great show Carl! Don’t worry about being overly personable, I know I speak for all of your fans when I say we’d rather know less about you and know you and your family are safer. If only we could live in a world where that wasn’t a concern… although you might not have a show in a world like that, and what would we do then? 🤷🏻‍♀️


Great show, Greg. Thank you, as always. You may have been biting your tongue at points, but you let the guest have their time and speak their mind. I’d like to think that this is less out of ‘self-control’ and more out of respect for your guest. So, thanks. I’m not very religious myself, and my hackles go up when people get too pious, but my grandmother was an amazing woman who was devoutly Christian and gave of herself constantly; so when people start bashing religion too heavily, I get a bit angry, too. Glad you talked with her, and turned us all on to her detailed work.


This was a fantastic episode. I love THC, and there is nothing like Greg’s introductions. Nothing!


I wonder what similarities and parallels these “late night comedians” and “day time talk show hosts” have in common with the ol’ time, Shakespearean “court jestors and fools”? What do these current day actors actually DO? What (alchemical) changes in the Public’s perception do these catalytic personalities manifest and crystallize as they ‘ply their trade’?
The Fool and The Magician and The King and The Empress are well able either to consort with The Law o’ Nature and of Nature’s God’s blue-print for the Wheel-works of the universe…, or to dis-assemble, pervert, subvert, and distort that blue-print.
I wish to read from, and direct my being from the authentic blue-print. Counterfeits? I don’t pick them up.
Thanks Greg, for focusing your magi-nif-fying glass on the intricate details of the True blue-print of The universe’s Wheel-works.
Rick Bonner, Pennsyltucky


Wait a minute. Why is nobody talking about the guest’s obvious political bias? I had to take a break and check the comments around the time she started accusing Bill Gates.

I get that Hollywood is mostly the ‘Liberal elite’, but we know this kind of stuff occurs in many different contexts with players of all political leanings.

I just want to know before I give this interview any more of my time; Did she at any point talk about Qanon and/or suggest that Trump is the saviour of mankind? Because that sure sounded like where she was headed.


She never mentioned Trump or Qanon. She may be christian, but I doubt she’s a republican. I’d bank she’s apolitical and thinks both parties are compromised, but you’d have to ask her to be sure.

Out of curiosity, how much do you know about Mr. Gates?

There’s a great part at the end of it where Greg and Tiffany both talk about imperfect allies, and the fact that too many of us that see some part of the truth are too busy picking each other apart over minor differences. Very apropos imo.


Excellent guest and interesting information. Definitely checking out her you tube.


Great show!


I thought this was a real good episode


Seems like a woman scorned. I had to turn it off after she accused Bill Gate’s philanthropy as him trying to protect Africa for the elites. The man has saved probably millions of lives at this point and she think’s there is some secret motive behind that? Give me a break.


Interesting guest, I really appreciate her passion and ethics and ambition! I hope she can have the impact she intends, as unlikely as that seems. One big thing that might stand in her way though is the assumption that consciousness does not go backwards, as she says, you cannot ‘unsee’ or ‘unlearn’ something. This is obviously completely false, it happens all the time, to individuals and to entire cultures. On the individual level there’s autism, neurosis, insanity, poisoning, amnesia, drug abuse/overdose, Alzheimer’s, etc. And, there are plenty of documented cases historically of entire societies devolving, especially after collective trauma, like war, collapse of tribal structures due to famine or catastrophe, and so on. Folks most certainly regress, it’s not uncommon at all, I’ve seen it, and it’s not pretty!

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