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Daniel Immerwahr | How To Hide An Empire, Forgotten History, & Colony Labs

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Daniel Immerwahr is a historian of the United States and the world, serving in the history department at Northwestern University. His first book, Thinking Small, offers a critical account of the United States’ pursuit of grassroots development at home and abroad in the middle of the twentieth century. His second, the bestselling How to Hide an Empire, is a narrative history of the United States with its overseas territory included in the story.

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-Colonies as “sacrifice zones.” -the contentious relationship between the founding fathers and the frontiersmen. -the lost history of Sequoia & the integration of Cherokee Nation. – Daniel’s thoughts on the intentionality of the spread of small pox in the new world. -The effects of Empire on Daniel’s own family tree. -The underlying depth of the Godzilla franchise.
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Oh, this seems good! Have to listen immediately


I’m so glad that the Philippines is finally being discussed in the context of US Imperialism. It was and is such an important nation to the US for all the common reasons: minerals and resources; labor exploitation; etc. However, what is never really discussed is why the US chose to invade and take over these tiny little island nations that littered the Pacific (Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, etc) and Atlantic (Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc.). Being a Filipino-American myself and growing up so confused as to what my culture was (English was the national language of the Philippines for over a century and fraternities/sororities reigned supreme in Filipino universities just as they do in the US), I always marveled at the strange relationship my country and its people had with the USA. Being a fan of THC and Greg, of course my mind naturally entertains the more provocative and conspiracy-minded type of theories. I’ve discovered and have found substantial evidence to support a US/Israel/Philippines connection of biblical significance. When I refer to the US, I’m talking about the Zionists elite that really run the US. The Philippines was the nation that broke the tie when the UN was voting on whether Israel should become a country. The US knew of the connection between the Philippines and the Lost Tribes of Israel which is why the Spanish, then the Jesuits, and the American Zionists invaded the country and summarily tried to wipe out its history. The Spanish, in setting sail for its domination and conquering of the New World summarily took over all of (current) Latin America and then…. took the Philippines and left the rest of Asia alone. Why? And then there was the Spanish-American war where the Battle of Manila Bay was supposedly won by the Americans. Little do people know that the Spanish “turned-over” the colony that it owned for 333 years (no joke) for a mere $25mm payment from the US. I don’t believe for a minute that these forgotten about US colonies were used merely for back-room operations. Daniel has barely scratched the surface here but kudos to him for going where not many have cared to venture.


Great and necessary episode, Greg. I like the recent smattering of episodes that focus on colonialism and decolonization from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective.

For anyone interested, here is a link to a complimentary episode by the people at Citations Needed podcast covering some of the same ground from a decolonization and indigenous perspective (including an interview with indigenous author and professor Nick Estes). It focuses on the role of science in the modern colonization agenda.


How do I change my profile picture? I feel creepy posing as a dirty old man. I’m a dirty old LADY!


Usually profiles can be edited via

But it seems that doesn’t work for everyone!

@Greg, usually word press powered sites like this one have a built-in widget for allowing profile edits. You may have to enable it via the WP admin panel.


this was one of the best episodes. i love the way these episodes come out right when i need to learn about the subject, its great. i love native history im 25 percent the rest is for sure some kind of settler dna. thats probably most of us so id love to hear more about the U.S. being made, ill be buying this mans book


Oh man that was a good one … wow … thank you 😎keep the great work up…. I dig all your shows 🙏


Fantastic episode! This is golden and extremely intriguing.

Btw, not sure if THC is getting shadow banned, but I have not received any recent YouTube or iTunes Podcast notifications. Even though I subscribe to both and listen on the platforms regularly.

I was shocked to find a new episode released when I navigated to the website!


I’m first nations, I am currently working with elders to learn this history.
Without a doubt 100% the spread of disease was calculated and intentional.
We have stories in our culture about your blankets and booze spreading disease.


The disease blankets has been debunked. Sorry to tell you this, but stories in your culture can be wrong just like any other story from any other place.


Hi Greg – this interview is really outstanding. Both the content and the sense of genuine enjoyment of the conversation from you two really makes this one stand out to me. I am a big fan of history, especially the lesser told or misunderstood history. I learned a lot in this show. I plan on following up on this guest’s books. By the way, i have been a subscriber for years and the switch over was not a big deal at all for me – I know it was for you, but i want to reiterate that it was a very unnoticed transition for me. Cheers.


Great, great episode. I’ll definitely have to add his book to my list! Thanks for featuring this.


Aren’t the Philippines (And who’s Philip, anyway ?) a bookend with Hawaii to controlling the Pacific ocean for the Navy ?


If you are interested in early American history, please check out James LaFond. He is an author and expert in TRUE American history. This history is not what we learned in school. I have no financial or any other motivation, other than to spread the word about his work. Oh, by the way, he is a native of Baltimore, so expert in self defense also. He has a podcast known as “The Crackpot Podcast”. It is very interesting, at least to me.


Great show! Also, Lauren Silva has such a unique and powerful voice! Love all her higher side songs!

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