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Daniel Immerwahr | How To Hide An Empire, Forgotten History, & Colony Labs

Topics Covered: Geopolitics, Hidden History, Medical Experimentation

Show Notes

Daniel Immerwahr is a historian of the United States and the world, serving in the history department at Northwestern University. His first book, Thinking Small, offers a critical account of the United States’ pursuit of grassroots development at home and abroad in the middle of the twentieth century. His second, the bestselling How to Hide an Empire, is a narrative history of the United States with its overseas territory included in the story.

PLUS Content

-Colonies as “sacrifice zones.” -the contentious relationship between the founding fathers and the frontiersmen. -the lost history of Sequoia & the integration of Cherokee Nation. – Daniel’s thoughts on the intentionality of the spread of small pox in the new world. -The effects of Empire on Daniel’s own family tree. -The underlying depth of the Godzilla franchise.
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