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Dr. Gregory L. Little | Denisonvan Origins: The Giants, The Mounds, & The Path of Souls

Show Notes

Dr. Greg Little is a psychologist turned explorer and documentary maker. Greg is also co-author of the books, Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis, Mound Builders, Ancient South America, and People of the Web. Greg also has over 30 other books in print in various areas of psychology.

Today, we talk primarily about his new book with co-author Andrew Collins, entitled Denisovan Origins: Hybrid Humans, Göbekli Tepe, and the Genesis of the Giants of Ancient America.


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-A deeper look at the Path of Souls Cosmology. -Why Mr. Little thinks control of the masses by the Elite was a big aspect of mound builder culture. -A breakdown of Greg’s book Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual Ufo Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Ritual Sites, & Other Enigmas. -Plasma based intellgences that impede on our reality.
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Looking forward to listening to this one. Really loved Ras Ben’s info on mound builders and the elites, excited to hopefully build on that info w this show.


Greg, this interview as most are in The HigherSideChats was awesome. Can’t wait to hear Dr. Little again and specially his take on Edgar Cayce. Thank you a million times my friend for all you do. Keep up the great work.


Brilliant Greg, bring Greg L little back as soon as you can.


Hey Greg! Can you put a date in the file names for downloads so that they sort in order of appearance? Love the new site. M.


Dr. Little needs to come back ASAP!!!


Oh my Gods, Greg & Greg! This is not the first time I’ve finished off one of the Carlwood’s outstanding interviews in tears of utter gratitude and elation, but DAMN! This talk tops the best of the best. I am so grateful to have access to this kind of information and to be a part of the THC community. Looking forward to the next installment with Dr. Little!


I live in Memphis, now I’m all jacked up to go to the local mounds!


Ohhh my that was exceptionally good… whoa… … gotta Dr Greg Little back that’s a no brainer
Thank you…


My ancestors were Vikings. My uncle and cousin were both 7 foot plus tall. I love learning about giants and mounds and TRUE Ancient Americans. I’m sure these giants went up to Isle Royale in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to mine the pure copper. Phoenicians we’re definitely mining that copper as well. Millions of pounds of pure copper have been mined for thousands of years. It’s where the Bronze Age got all that copper from. The tin for the bronze came from Britain- btw- Britain meant the tin lands. More true ancient history please! Looks like we’ve all loved this. Great job! I love how well prepared you always are, Mr. Greg~ and how you keep quiet and allow your guests to speak. You are as good as they come. I’m still working on bugging Robert Sepher to come on your show. If other Chatters could also bother him in comments to his excellent YouTube videos, it would go a long way toward convincing him to do THC. I just read his book – 1666 Redemption Through Sin. Holy shit. That stuff MATTERS very much today! Keep bugging him, Mr. Greg! I love you all. Happy and Safe Halloween, y’all! ????


Can I recommend Lynne Kelly author of “The Memory Code”. Her take on the purpose for ancient megalithic sites such as Stonehenge is amazing and unique.


yes part 2 right where you left off would be great!


May we have some more please and thanks? Loved it! Much thanks.


Excellent show—I love Dr. Little’s books and it was fabulous to finally hear him interviewed properly! Please bring him back ASAP!


Fascinating! And over too soon… the interview ended just as it was turning toward the strange and uncanny topics so many of us enjoy. By all means, let’s have Dr. Greg back to talk more about these matters!


Great interview! What a history lesson, damn.
Thank you


Really good one hope to see another show with more details and Atlantis stuff


What a fabulous discussion! Wow! Great information I was not aware of.. I will be reading his book about mounds and very interested in his entire body of work. Come back please! I’m super interested in the Edgar Casey material.. I’ll be waiting anxiously. .Thanks for bringing so much to light and expanding my view of the world even more.. you two wonderful Gregs : )

I’m deeply grateful for you Carlwood – you are an expert interviewer with intelligent probing questions – superb! I learn sooo much! And Dr. Greg my goodness you are amazing – highly intelligent, well-spoken, and deeply knowledgable! Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to getting caught up and will be ordering some new books! Look forward to your next discussion!!! Very SOON!


This one is an example from the time i was not “Plus” yet and feel deep frustration to listen only the first hour… BUT, this talk was so good that only 2 hs was not enough !
That part dealing with structures of closed circles of dirt made me recollect those circle structures at South Africa of the so called Adam’s Calendar (Michael Telinger)


I really enjoyed Dr Little. I hope he can return. He is such a knowledgeable gentleman.


Such a great episode, and you should definitely have him back.

The material tied in SO well with Gordon White’s “Star.Ships” that I’m surprised you didn’t mention it!


Great show, I loved plasma beings subjects, great information about the difference between the diferente indigenas culture across the Americas!!!


I tried to leave a review on Sticher, etc. No instruction on how, just like itunes.

This show was excellent.

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