Clif High | Web Bot Predictions: Antarctica, Bitcoin, & Woo

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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Web Bot predictions, Antarctica, Bitcoin, and the World of Woo with guest, Clif High.
With the powerful elite controlling almost every aspect of the entertainment & news media we consume, manipulating the mainstream, and carefully crafting the minds of our youth, it can take some serious off-roading in order to explore the more mysterious places on the proverbial conspiracy map.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Clif High, is an expert in navigating the unknown and he joins The Higherside to discuss his cutting edge technology known as the Web Bot Project. It’s a set of algorithms used to process variations in the language that can offer insight into the mood of the collective unconscious through “predictive linguistics.”
2:10 Beginning at the starting line, Clif elaborates on the webbot and it’s mechanisms. As High explains, humans posses a psychic intuition that either consciously or subconsciously is susceptible to signals throughout the universe and is manifested in our language which is then examined through his decoding software. He also goes on to display his webbot’s accuracy by naming various events he was able to  forecast, including 9/11, 2003’s power outage, the Costa Concordia disaster, and upcoming swings in the cryptocurrency markets.
8:42 For quite some time, we have all heard the Chicken Little cry’s from conspiracy scholars about the metaphorical sky falling, the failure of The Fed, and the collapse of the economy, so it is easy to see how a healthy dose of skepticism may be a necessary tool to wade through constant flood of conjecture. Clif explains the downward spiral we have been on for decades, with our 30 year progression toward zero percent interest rates, leading to the end of government sponsored social programs, the decline of the dollar, the crash of the housing market, and the nullification of assets such as student loans. He also addresses possible solutions for people seeking to protect their investment.
15:54 Clif describes a few features of cryptocurrencies that can be beneficial to consider when studying the markets. He also details the structure and uses for a few cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
24:25 Greg and Clif try to fill in the blanks surrounding the mysterious trips recently taken by high profile public figures to Antarctica. They also discuss the mining, minerals,  fuel resources, and motives of companies such as Boeing and SAIC.
37:45 Clif gives his non-traditional take on where we find ourselves in the universe, our galactic model, our Earth’s shape, and the mysteries of the Moon.
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– UFO activity, the Secret Space Program, and the extent of our military’s knowledge and involvement
– the recent increase in UFO sightings and cryptids and how to interprets this activity
– the “woo woo” things that have Clif most intrigued
– the collapse of the system, the skills needed to stay ahead of the game, and what to expect
– Clif’s views on psychic ability and time
– cryptocurrency’s role in the future economy
– the Mandela Effect
– Clif’s take on a Trump impeachment, Washington pedophilia networks, cannibalism and life-extending blood transfusions
– types and classes of alien races
– free energy technologies of the deep state reaching the masses
– the recent censorship of conspiracy on the internet
A few valuable resources from the interview:
US Department of Interior Geological Survey “Mineral Resources of Antarctica”:
Viktor Schauberger:
“The Keely Motor- How It Works”:
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26 Responses

  1. Guh. It may well be my own personal triggers, but I got a squarely bad taste in my mouth with the first mention of how his generation worked hard for every dime and all us young people are spoiled/demanding handouts… *eyeroll* And he didn’t stop mentioning it.

    He’s a smart guy, but he strikes me as the sort of person who is TOO confident in his own faculties. Such hubris blinds, and I think we got a good demonstration of those blindspots in this presentation.

    Good interview, though, Greg! (At least, I assume the remaining 40 minutes of it are as good as the first 1:20) He’s got some really interesting ideas and has done some interesting work.

  2. Yes, bring Clif back. Soon, please. He’s very interesting – brilliant mind. His work has always fascinated me, even if it isn’t an exact science. What is? So much more I could say, but I better stop before I start getting pissy. Great show. Lotta new info (to me, at least), connected some dots and then some more. I’m glad to have Clif High as my Russian-translating Paranoid. Thanks, Greg.

    1. Do a quick search of Jacquetta of Luxembourg. She was tried for witchcraft and exonerated.
      White Queen on Starz features her prominently.

      This is right from her wiki page:
      “The Luxembourgs claimed legendary descent from the water deity Melusine through their ancestor Siegfried of Luxembourg (AD 922-998).”

    2. I think he was alluding to the myth of the Quinotaur which had some connection to the Merovingian kings. This ‘sea monster’ (or amphibious cryptid) was perhaps the progenitor of that dynasty, and thus has an indirect link to the Frankish kingdoms and principalities.

  3. Great episode, thanks Greg 🙂

    About your comment in your cliff notes regarding how we can reconcile the spiral cosmic model with the megalithic monuments and their star alignment. I could see three possible explanations (can’t back them up, just ideas):

    1/ Precession as we know it might not be constant over time. We somehow assume that the speed of precession is constant but it is only based on few cycles. What if some cosmic configuration greatly affect this precession velocity, and that at the time of those 15000yr old monuments, the star alignment is more or less the same due to a slow down in the spiralling movement? Think of slot car race, when reaching the narrow end of the elliptic path, the car have to slow down. Maybe in the spiral cosmic model, there is this kind of deceleration… I don’t know just thinking out loud 🙂
    (see here for an illustration, maybe not the best but…

    2 / Another possible way to view it: Maybe the time between old megalithic monument and current today is not as far as we think. I believe that would be the easiest explanation if this cosmic model was true and the precession was well established. Something along with the new chronology approach, about which I’m not totally convinced but raises some very interesting questions and concerns IMHO.
    I think we often tend to reconcile things without first questioning if their are reconcilable. For example, in the process of reconciling X and Y, we usually have to imply that X and Y are being true to be able find a plausible explanation between X and Y… If X is false, then the whole point to reconcile X and Y has no meaning at all. Hope that makes some sense 🙂

    3/ Last explanation: None of it is true…

    Anyway, thanks again for a new great episode. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂
    Take care.

  4. Impossible to take seriously. He castigates someone for using secondhand information yet comes out with statements that rely on “science” eg coal in antarctica-really, has he been there to see it-has anyone? “It’s a fact the moon is hollow”-oh really, he’s been to the moon obviously. Relying on lies propagated by NASA and memes pedalled by certain conspiracists eg there is a secret space programme; right, prove it. IMO, no one has ever been to “space”. There’s not even a public “Space programme” let alone a secret one.
    He cites Indian tradition regarding the sun. Fair enough, but he uses NASA data regarding the Earth. Totally disingenuous or ignorant. Vedic tradition and cosmology posits a stationary Earth plane (Bhu Mandala) with every light revolving around the central axis of Mount Meru, the abode of the demi gods.
    I couldnt get past 55 minutes so apologies if I missed anything with real substance from him.

  5. Interesting at first but I kind of switched off when he started on very woo-woo quasi science that was just plain junk. On the Antarctica front I have a rather sad theory. The Cassini Solstice mission ( )
    is intended to turn Saturn nova according to Richard Hoagland in the Lucifer Project ( ). Having studied Nova mechanisms at University and having also been a Nuclear Scientist I evaluated this concept and came to the conclusion that Cassini is definitely intended to set off a temporary Nova star in Saturn. So Antartica would be the best place on Earth to ride out the resulting firestorm on Earth. Us ordinary plebs will be incinerated if all goes according to the Elites plan. However, I beleve their plan is flawed and that a gamma ray pulse from the intial deuterium burning shell explosion may kill all life in the Solar System long before our atmosphere is incinerated. ( If you disagree then please remember, I’m not the crazy one, you pay taxes to pay for this psychotic insanity.)

    1. Could be that Saturn has already novaed. The hydrogen flair was the cause of the Great Flood on Earth and Earth was dislodged from orbit around Saturn (Helios in that epoch — Sun is Helios in this epoch). Saturn’s rings are mainly water ice. Saturn has way more moons than Sun has planets.

  6. Some thoughts re Clif and what he mentioned. I have followed this stuff since I was a kid and have studied what Clif has been saying from the beginning. FWIW I’ve probably seen 90% of his videos and have purchased the last few ALTA’s (since around January).
    1. My mind is open to the predictive linguistics thing. There is enough demonstrated proof of humans having precognition that I am willing to entertain he may have stumbled onto some sort of latter day scrying mechanism with his program. My gut tells me that while the future is not set, some things are more likely from a particular now and his reports may be reporting those for their given nows (i.e. when they were run). That said, there is also a lot of throwing everything against the wall and calling “web bot hit” when something seems to stick. Seems like many of his big, true predictions could have been the result of a combination of trend observation and inside knowledge. The web bot may in fact be effectively doing trend analysis rather than predicting. One thing that sticks out in my mind is Clif mentioned in a recent interview that earth changes would lead to catastrophes which would cause professionals to quit their professions and start working demolition. And some person would rise to personify that and or be a great success, he even named that person Demo Dana, the name Dana intentional ambiguous re gender as he could not discern whether it was a man or woman. After Katrina there were many stories, many of which I knew of first hand, of lawyers and salesmen and other white collar types going into the demolition business. One such person who rose to build a multi million dollar organization called her company Demo Diva. Clif worked for Microsoft for years. Is he, like his former employer, just a real good fast follower? I couldn’t help but wonder.
    2. That said, much of what he has said resonates, and he can push a lot of right buttons for me like Shauberger, Keeley, Kosirev in this interview, the airship thing in an earlier one. What strikes me as odd though, is his hard on for Corey Goode. I have followed him from the beginning as well. Not really a true believer, but interesting to see what is being put out there. Seems like there are competing disclosure narratives developing and I suspect they represent a PTB schism. The fact that the Blink 182 guy and Podesta seemed to be ramping up to put something out before spirit cooking broke implies one faction. There is Stephen Greer and his all good aliens/project Blue Beam faction. Corey good and the Blue Space Chickens. And now Clif and his four types of aliens. Interesting how he says WIlcock and Goode screwed his predictions but doesn’t address the fact that they could also be web bot hits. He never specifies the trap he says he set and I have not been able to suss it having read the output of both sides as this was developing. He does admit up to 1/3 of what Goode is saying is true but then does not really explain where he might be getting the info, only that it is marketing, Also this puts Clif on the same side as Dark Journalist, a guy who is obviously working to discredit Goode, to the point of putting out easily disproven stuff. Again, I am not saying any side is all right, but wondering what we can learn from who is fighting and what they are saying is the truth.
    3. Clif gets sort of hand wavey (non specific, begging the question) re the orbital thing. I definitely think that things are not what we have been taught and everything from flat earth to hollow moon may be getting thrown out there keep us off track. Retrograde means the planet appear to move backward (usually night on night) in the sky due to the relative orbital velocities. What I need to work out is exactly what would be visible when. Back of the envelope seems to imply only seeing planets from dusk until dawn and only when their orbits are far enough away from the Sun. Clif’s cometary system seems like it would not affect this much unless the planets are really being drug far behind, and also have far different rotational axis. But we also need to make the monoliths work. Seems like a doable problem. Maybe I will take the freedom afforded by fathers day to work on it. Will definitely be starting from an electric universe assumption. And the moon is definitely weird.

  7. Been away from HSC for a while, but this one brought me back in and listening right now. Bought into cryptos earlier in the year because of Clif and doing pretty well there. This whole decentralized, open source money thing is quite interesting.

  8. This is one of the most eye opening podcasts thank you Clif. However I am not happy with the criticism of Corey Goode. Gaia and Corey Goode and David Wilcock are expanding our consciousness and will likely force a full disclosure and this will literally save the world. Criticizing the people saving us from enslavement need to be given the highest level of respect. When history looks back it will likely be Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV that finally provided the tipping point to make Humans wake up. Of course every one of us and shows like this are part of it too. But Corey doesn’t claim to be all knowing and he is coming from the Heart, and not from ego. Any person who is not coming from Ego needs our respect. They will admit to being wrong. The details actually aren’t important it’s the ideas, and these ideas will save us.

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