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*Eureka! I’ve finally done it, the final installment of the 3 part series and the last good reason to use YouTube. Remember, the video is unlisted and only Plus members should have access to it, so please avoid sharing it publicly.

Greg Carlwood joins a tour of ancient sites and intriguing monasteries in Armenia lead by local researchers and hosted by Graham Hancock.

In part 1, we walked through the first 5 sites: Karmir Blur, Zvartnots Temple, The Agarak Region, Garni Temple, & Geghard Monastery

Part 2 covers: The Dvid Pyramid, The Settlement of Spirits, Etchmiadzin Cathedral, The Ughtasar Petroglyphs, & Tatev Monastery

Here, in the 3rd and final installment we have: 00:00:17 -The City Of Knowledge 00:11:19 -Karahunj: The Armenian Stonehenge 00:15:53 -Noravanq Monestatry

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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15 responses to “The Higherside Tour | Armenia Part 3: The City of Knowledge, Karahunj, & The Third Eye”

  1. These tour videos have been really cool; thanks, Greg. The perspectives and opinions coming from these tour guides seems like something you wouldn’t get just anywhere.
    Armenia certainly seems to hold some missing pieces of our history. And the way it gets overlooked these days is borderline suspicious.
    I would live in a monastary like that! You’d have to have one rugged vegetable garden, that’s for sure.

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  2. Hello! New plus member here, joined last night.

    I find it amazing that the way I found your show was by looking up Graham Hancock interviews a couples years back, but just really started getting into your show in the year. I believe I may have had my most significant synchrocity last night, that actually led me into something positive – signing up to this Patreon type account. I must say, it was even weirder going thru your catalog last night and finding this series & then to step it up another level on the Synchro Ladder from last night, you uploaded the 3rd installment of this series The Day Before I signed up.

    I will type out my full synchro experience from last night later at some point… if people are interested in the story.

    Just wanted to check in this morning and say hi to everyone! Glad to be part of the group and much appreciated to you, Mr. Carlwood. You’ve been a great insipiration for me theses past months, listening to your show ????

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  3. I hate to be a buzz kill, but Miles Mathis makes a strong case for your boy being controlled opposition.
    The new Timmy LeAry , tune in and drop out, sit in gods lap with shrooms never questioning the construct.
    “Where’d all the good people go?” Indeed. It’s straight forward and 100% logical. Total ring of truth. Only 8 short pages to get you there. You tell me?

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  4. I know I am going to catch a lot of flak for last post, however, I would welcome a read of Mathis and see if it jives with your beliefs on Hancock. Those are his words in interviews and the owners of the publishing racket are who they are and do what they do and I think there is a ‘there there. ‘ To quote 777. Not throwing the baby out with the bath water with Graham, but the eye is jaundiced. It can not make a truth false. Belief is the enemy of knowing. Again quoting 777.

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  5. remember we folk who rely on downloads mr carlwood. this and the joint sessions and many sessions where you just want to talk to us are not downloadable for some reason. Maybe its IT beyond my payscale but I still have no internet at home and the downloads are priceless.

    BTW, I just watched an old episode of I Love Lucy. Im even seeing the programming of the society from that all time favorite created way back in the 50s. I do love Lucy though.

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