Jordan Sather | Q Anon, Celebrity Suicides, Space Force, & The Deep State War

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Alright Higherside Chatters, if you ask me, the capstone cabal of the shadowly power pyramid is not a group that leaves much to chance: They’ve invested heavily in the devolution of man and the degradation of our mental faculties through their carefully crafted education system, they’ve suppressed free energy and elecrogravitic crafts in exchange for systems built on poisonous yet profitable materials, and they stifle and control the lives of the people with the debt based money system they so hawkishly perch above. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find some heavily researched claims that nearly all US presidents fall from the same family tree, along with many household names in media & entertainment forming a terrifying tapestry of bad actors, if you will.

And while my cynical self is inclined to side with the age old phrase and pattern that Presidents are selected, not elected, and the game will carry on as it has- I can’t completely count out a growing perspective in the conspiracy community- that perhaps, related to the network or not- Donald Trump might represent a changing of the guard, the emergence of a new network of white hat power players, & maybe even an alignment with non-terrestrial beings that just might culminate in the eradication of long standing child trafficking networks, the roll out of technologies derived from secret occult physics, & the removal of our yolks of oppression we’ve worn for so long.

Again, I’m cynical, but a certain 4Chan poster known as Q Anon, has been stirring the pot with cryptic messages since the election, weaving a narrative that aims to clarify the game behind the game- and I think it’s High Time we explore it…and stand by our policy of No Conspiracy Left Behind.

To do this, we got one of the best breaker downers of the Q material that the internet has to offer. His name is Jordan Sather and he runs the popular website and YouTube channel Destroying The Illusion..or should we say Destroying The Illusion 2.0 as Jordan has ALSO had YouTube make it impossible to use his channel, and he’s since rebuilt a second one.

Jordan is known for his methodical and action packed, whiteboard breakdowns of not only the Q Anon material and this Deep state battle, but also truth health and wellness, as well as the history and latest rumblings of the Secret Space Program.

Self-described as “The guy wearing a red MAGA hat drinking an organic smoothie and talking about space programs and non terrestrial beings.” A Pandora’s box of personality and politics, and an enigma of a man. A 4D thinker if there ever was one- The Whiteboard King of YouTube- Jordan Sather.

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Kim Jong Un and the North Korean situation. Elon Musk and corporate sabotage. William Thompkins & Corey Goode. Jordan’s experiences with orbs and UFOs. Trump & ETs. The Nixon disclosure time capsule hidden in the White House. -The IG Report.

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  1. Yay! Can’t wait to get into this one!! I had the best time chatting wiyh this bartender out here in Salt Lake City about the Black Goo!!! I wish you guys could have seen this chicks face as our conversation continued to reach new & odder depths!! So classic!! Thanks Greg!!!

  2. Hmmmmm….. well, I’ll give it a try ….. not a huge fan of these Trump saviour/ Q Anon types. They all seem so desperate for someone else to come save the day, rather then recognize that the world is complex. They don’t seem to understand that if they want the world to get better, they need to actually do something themselves. Q Anon is nothing more then a conspiracy “dog whistle”.

    1. Next. keep swinging Wood. In baseball If one hits 3-10 they’re millionaires . Meanwhile Rome burns. Bring back Josh Reeves or someone that has done some work real research. This kid is trying but no go broseph. Step back up to the plate. You are smart and work hard. Keep at it.

  3. Hi Craig, i do not understand how anyone can arrive at thinking that Trump is not part of the system. For He’s been part of the system since birth. He’s been part of tv foreshadowing for years. Anyone trying to push anything else is in great darkness, and needs to open their eyes.

      1. Trump is a globalist. He is one of the elites. While there may be some skull and bones games behind the scenes between the kids with too many toys they are part of a club that shits on the rest of us for laughs. They are merely enablers of the illusion that we have any say regarding the governing of our minds. I’ve seen this movie far too many times to fall for the savior billionaire meme. The only thing left to do is be the change you want to see.

  4. As soon as someone starts in with how everyone of a different view must be a shill, a troll, or a psyop, I get edgy.
    I’m capable of having an opinion, even if it’s uninformed by many standards.

    I like and enjoy Jordan’s show, as he is a wonderful representative of the “youth tribe”. I do however wonder, how he has been “picked” for stardom by the Goode ET all team. Also of note in this nefarious circle is Jimmy Church, whom I thought was wonderful, until he played a certain Demons actual recorded name and voice (a known way this particular Demon, transfers itself between others) over and over and over again. Even when Rita cautioned him against, Jimmy persisted. Now as in so many other shows I see the glamour aspects of Angelic and Demonic Magick Espoused, and a lot of “film” people advancing ahead of the curve. Each with its own brand of “she”‘ll be right mate”.

    Particularly telling in this interview was Jordan’s “have to figure it out for yourselves”. Umm excuse me, where have we heard this before? Hidden in plain sight. Simply not good enough in this era of disclosure. At this stage I cannot discern a difference between the white or black team. Though we definitely underwent a change, it was noted through the banking power house handovers.

    I do believe Jordan thinks he is on the “correct team” and he may be. He is very definitely a heart sourced being, a little naive maybe. Yet sooner or later we must all let go of our cynicism, the cries for blood and set about reenchanting this world for our children. The suicide rates demand it.

    Thank you Greg, possibly not new news, but wonderful to see and hear this tribes views.

  5. Man, at first I was interested in “Q” because they did say some interesting things that seemed to predict future actions of the Pres. It was never clear enough to know for sure if it was legit or what though. Over time this Q has started simply reusing a variety of years old distraction programs, such and financial resets, mass arrests, etc etc. These are all things that I was reading about from people like Fulford, and Wilcock 5-6 years ago. They’d always insist that it’d be right around the corner, then move the goal posts by saying there was some setback or whatever. Those guys are still saying the same shit and there’s never been anything important they’ve claimed that has been verifiable in any way. Now this Q person is just doing the same thing.

    I’m really starting to think that Trump has been one of the most successful psyops yet to have been pulled off. He runs, saying all this drain the swamp stuff because people really were waking up in great numbers. He played to those people’s anger and fear and it worked, I think they even woke up some new people to some degree, but only to trap them in another box. Then this Q person comes around, establishes some (flimsy) credibility and begins using the “Savior” psyop to get people to simply wait for someone else to fix everything. Which worked particularly well considering Trumps large Christian following. The media’s obvious hatred of Trump also had me considering this was all legit, but nowadays I think it was just a genius plan to play to the feelings of the people waking up, while also maintaining and firing up the hard core democrats. Division, so much division.

    Politics is scripted, if a president truly tries to bring change they end up dead, quickly. Plus look at Trumps cabinet appointments, it’s quite obvious that he’s in the same group as any Obama, Clinton, or Bush.


  6. This dude Jordan Sather was butthurt because Daniel Liszt of dark Journalist called him out on his cult of Corey Goode and David Wilcock(who are both of dubious credibility). In my opinion Jordan Sather is a bit naive me. DJ was basically the first one to start talking about John Trumps connection to Vannevar Bush and how that connects with the MIT labs and Tesla’s Technology. Also his work with Douglass Caddy, E Howard Hunts watergate Attourney, was pretty damn good. I guess Q is interesting, but Corey Goode is likely a scumba stolen valor type (see Gordon White, Richard Dolan, And Clif High for their opinions). I trust those latter names over Delusional Wilcock and Corey Goode any day.

    Who knows tho, there’s so much bullshit in this field

    1. I am very much on your page when it comes to who to trust.

      I would never say this on the air because it’s petty, but we’re among friends here right? I listened to a 90 min presentation Dark Journalist gave that was fairly recent, where he says throughout at least half a dozen times, that he’s “breaking” this news of a link between John G. Trump and Vannevar Bush. I was slightly annoyed, because I’m pretty confident that I cited that link on THC well before DJ’s presentation. It’s one of the very few pieces of information I stumbled upon myself, and then had no guest to really talk about it with.

      I’m not saying I was first. I wouldn’t really do that, because a person cannot consume all the shows out there, so you really have no idea what they’ve brought to the table and when. I do get annoyed when someone else does that, because they are almost always wrong.

      If someone wanted to, they could go back and find his first mention of that connection and stack it up against mine. I know mine was in either the Walter Bosley show, or when I basically did a big “Trump Data Dump” at the end of the last Shamangineer show.

      That would put my reference in September of last year, or at least January 2018.

      It’s just the ego and the framing of things that annoys me with some of my peers. Just talk about things, no need to tease information or claim you’re the first to know about it.

        1. Dark Journalist ❤
          And yes Greg I believe you are right.
          I’m not sure if DJ listens to your show, sometimes information pops up simultaneously, yet the lack of accreditation in many people’s work makes things hard. Especially if you want to check the source.

          I am stuck on the us and them narrative. I think that Dark Journalist is going to reveal himself as a mystery school personage, as he is certainly starting up a good guy, bad guy narrative there also.

          I’m reminded of a tweet recently, whereby I was told “we are just a group of fellows, helping each other along”. Great, except if you are not in a “group” whereby I see many with great and greater skills floundering, struggling to establish, against brotherhoods they don’t even realise exist.

      1. To be fair though Greg, as far as I know (could be wrong) that DJ presentation about John G. Trump was the first long form video on youtube dedicated to that subject, right? Sure, it’s perhaps a bit of hype to say he was “breaking the news”, but it’s not disingenuous. To be honest maybe you should get DJ on the show instead of these Goodetards?

        1. I second that! DJ is doing an interesting series at the moment about the X steganography with lots of juicy refs to Steiner, Cayce, Besant and Blavatsky. It’d be great to see him on here – 2 of my faves in the same place.
          What a shame about the Bush/John G. Trump thing – it’d be good if you could call him out on that. He seems like a good bloke, hopefully that was down to an oversight or something rather than anything else.

      2. It was the Walter Bosely Episode, 2016.
        quote from show notes :
        “…high profile mentions, including working for Weston when it became Bell Labs and consulting for Vannevar Bush. 42:00 Continuing with the topic of Trump, Greg and Walter discuss several synchronicities…”

        So you’re correct and over a year before DJs Trump ‘ news’ earlier this year… not that its about who said what when- but i understand your frustration Greg,

        I’d also watched DJs Trump stuff on YT, and knew I’d heard of Vannevar Bush before- I was pretty sure it wasnt ‘ breaking news for me.

        I’d also think Daniel of Dark Journalist would make an interesting guest- maybe.

        1. If I remember correctly, Joseph Farrell first “broke this news” in his paid member vidchat midsummer 2016. This was to just a small group to which Walter Bosley does belong.

  7. I love this adorable biscuit! His positivity makes up for his faith in Trump. Could we really bring down the system from the inside, in an orderly fashion?? I wish….

  8. I was sceptical when I seen ‘space programs’ I must say! But I wanted to at least listen and I must say I’m very intrigued with this q anon and the deep state (possible) secret indictments! Defo food for thought! And I thought Jordan came across great especially with the good and evil consciousness stuff! Am I believer in that. So I am glad I over come my scepticism or should I say pre scepticism and enjoyed 90 percent of the show! Im still trying to come to terms with the flat earth info I have exposed myself to and it’s hard to shake off as I believe that we do not live on a spinning ball in outer space! But does that automatically mean space doesn’t exist? As no real pics of space anywhere! Videos etc! Just mind control tv programs from being a kid Star Trek etc! So I find it hard when I see space in the title but I am gonna still give them a listen instead of dismissing straight away because if I would of done that here then! The 90 per cent would of been lost! Thank you Greg for your great pod cast you are making a graft job of this 8 years in respect to ya brother and long may it continue. Peace bro x

  9. Great show!
    My bias yearns for a correction to this corrupt system yet I fear for the ‘solutions’ that will be imposed on us. Even doing the right thing and ‘fixing’ things presents new and maybe even greater problems. Our system has become dependent on this corruption and removing it will have great ramifications and many people will just want to be ignorant and keep the system going.
    Yet these problems and geopolitical issues at hand present a great opportunity: the ‘civilized’ world believes the North Korean’s will need to be awaken to the ‘realities’ of the world and I believe the world needs to go through an awakening.
    I’m sure you can see were I’m going with this. I can see paths to a great awakening. What I can’t see is the moral in society to achieve any of it. I can hope but all I can do is educate myself and anyone who will listen 😉

    1. Agreed, and I think you make a great first point. We tend to conform to the system, and any sudden switches will have unintended consequences in a system this large.

      That’s obviously not to say we shouldn’t try, but we have to acknowledge that. You know what they say: “Better” never means better for everyone.

  10. Hey Higherside Chatters,

    This comment is long. I would love feedback. My hope is that some open dialogue can happen here on this comments section. I consider myself a pretty open person, full of skepticism but willing to look at most theories. I am struggling with this whole Q thing. I would love it if people would address some of my points in a respectful manner. I promise to do the same back. And I want to start off by saying that I like Jordan Sather. He seems like a nice guy and a man with good intentions. I truly mean that. I am glad Greg had him on.

    First off, I see a little context is needed. This is a simplified explanation, but I think many will agree with much of this. I believe there are many reasons for the rise of conspiracy culture: rising economic insecurity of the poor and middle class, the downward trend of US empire and geopolitical influence, the various polarizations techniques led by political forces and other deeper darker forces (and perhaps from various collective unconsciousness factors), the obvious disconnect of Americanism, Progress, Manifest Destiny to the average American as they struggle to make a future for themselves. The promise of a greater future, individually and collectively, for the average American(s) just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. I think John Michael Greer and Gordon White do a much better job of fleshing some of this out, and I recommend people see their posts and books on this matter. (And I should add the legitimate awareness of possible century-long hidden agendas is another reason.)

    The elites see the “common person” getting restless. Populism is on the rise. Many on the left are embracing more Marxist and radical philosophies (US history shows us the three things they hate the most are: when the common people embrace Marxism, anarchism, and black-white alliances – this despite what many current individuals on the Right may say), and some on the left are buying into anti- free speech bully culture and the whole classless identity politics (as the growth of identity itself expands). On the rightward aisle we see a rise in populist economic rhetoric (based more on abstraction than policy), while some are embracing more nativist ideologies (and yes, some pretty racist ideology as well). Nativist ideology against Muslims and Latino immigrants is very similar to the rhetoric used against Catholics and Jews when it was their immigration turn. Like I mean nearly identical (Sharia Law and Muslim Brotherhood claims and Mexican rapists and Mexican invasion replaced earlier claims of the giant global Jewish conspiracy plot and the Popish plot of Catholic and Vatican world domination).
    It is also important to note that the left, post-9-11, shot themselves in the foot by taking a very hard stance against conspiracies and conspiracy culture. Their thought was to “keep things clean” but they threw the baby out with the bathwater (excepting Kennedy assassination and maybe a few others like Gary Webb’s revelations or the Inslaw case). Because of this, those that embraced or inched towards conspiracy culture, tended to inch more towards the right as the left kinda spat on them or ignored them, while the Right was much more open (John Birchers and smaller Ruby Ridge-esque groups already had a place within the fringe Right). And now that conspiracy culture has flitted and fluttered into the mainstream via the Trump administration, we see an even further drift of conspiracy culture to the Right politically. It doesn’t help when Alex Jones and others conflate corporate democrats and those obsessed with identity politics as representing ALL of the left (and yes, some on the left point at ALL the Right as being islamophobic, racist, conspiracy-minded crazies).

    Alright, alright. Get to the point about Q. Could it not be possible that the CNP or even CFR or some other below or above ground “think tank” came up with a plan to exploit the rise of conspiracy culture (or alt media culture)? Could Q just be a disinfo plant? Could it even be a neoconservative or other group’s ploy to take out corporate and pop culture centrist and leftist leaders for more personal reasons? Is this simply an old-fashioned power play in increasingly strange times?

    And let’s assume that perhaps there is a “Deep State” war going on with “white hats” fighting the “bad guys.” Why would or should we expect it to be anything but one group after power and greed versus another group after power and greed? Couldn’t this really just be a ploy to continue escalating the growing polarization of the left and right?

    And let’s assume, for one second, that Trump is part of a “better team” of the Deep State. His “above ground” policy is still really fucking awful, perhaps even worse than George W Bush (and Obama). Think about that. Neoconservatives who specialize in regime change, occupation, economic warfare, “nation building”, and shock-doctrine policies and scorched earth campaigns currently run his foreign policy team. That is a huge deal. His domestic policies are nearly as atrocious. He is all about gutting all regulations (which is insane, especially if you are a mountain or a river or a person or creature living next to one), catering to the rich, catering to the bankers, catering to the corporations, and continuing and perhaps enhancing the war on poor and middles class individuals. If Trump cares, as Q and Jordan claims, why doesn’t he show it? Even if he is saving America from Deep State pedophiles and monsters that currently run things, he is still declaring war on the people of the world and anything else that has a soul via his very external policies. I hope he is stopping the pedophilia rackets. Can he show some empathy towards bread and butter issues? Does Trump dish out anything but fear?

    To me it seems more like a ploy to bring the Necons and the “conspiracy culture” Right onto the same team in order to expand the Republican Party. Or perhaps it is a ploy to force the new Right into the Party as the Democrats are better at winning over legal immigrants and demographics that have higher birth rates. The Republican Party, for years, had very large fears that they were becoming increasingly irrelevant as their base was dying off.

    Jordan says, “Trump might not be a perfect person.” Yeah, he’s not. Jordan talks about the need for spiritual awakening and empathy and love and joy, but defends at every turn a man who may be one of the worst human beings on the planet. The man is a bully. He is smug. He is a polarizer. He is a name-caller. He has sexually assaulted women (maybe even worse than Bill Clinton). He supports policies that brutalize the poor and kill brown people overseas. Hey may not actually eat or rape babies or eat children (though I am unsure about raping children), but he does almost every other unimaginable thing you can think about. He has also made visits to “The Island” just like the Clintons. Trump is all for increasing mass surveillance. And Trump’s stance on Venezuela and Iran are atrocious. Straight up regime change Necon stances. Credit goes to Trump on North Korea, his one saving grace (after he taunted and bullied North Korea). Trump goes after ISIS? He still funds the White Helmets. Trump is in bed with Israel who still funds ISIS, bombs Syrian and Iranian forces in Syria, and is essentially genociding the Palestinians.

    Jordan knows little about feminism and throws the baby out with the bathwater by using Steinem. It was a cheap move. Those who demonize feminism, I feel, don’t understand its importance throughout history. I don’t want to go into too much, but will say Jordan should do a little more research and a little less cherry-picking. He is correct that it has been co-opted by corporations to become more centered on equality under consumerism and capitalist power. He is correct that the rise of feminism has shifted our culture in certain ways. He also needs to understand that if women were to leave the workforce, even a third of them, that like it or not, this economy would come crashing down. Smart move by the capitalists to make it that way, huh? No wonder so much of feminism has become corporate. And now many feminists see this and lash out against capitalism as well. There is more than one kind of feminist. To get a good understanding I recommend the book “Kill All Normies” by Angela Nagle to see how gender and sex gets used in today’s culture. It is brutally honest and does not spare the left or the right or the unaligned.

    His take on Q’s reasons for being cryptic remind me of the Hidden Hand interviews. Anyone else pick up on that? I disagreed with the whole legality reasons Jordan gave, but whatever. The spirituality stuff I take big issue with. If Q is being cryptic for the reasons given, that would have to mean Q is not a human. Humans are allowed to talk to one another and not break the free will and karmic code. Aliens are not. So maybe I am being dense and everyone already assumed that. Otherwise the comments would make no sense. Anyone else see that? Once again, sounds like Hidden Hand. And I liked what he had to say about saviors. But I wonder if Jordan doesn’t look at Trump a bit too much in that way. Nary a negative comment was made about the man. Where is that “gray area” talk we heard Jordan mention?

    Trump and Putin working together? If you listen to Trump’s words I could see how one might think that. But remember: Trump often says one thing only to do the exact opposite. Based on Trump’s actions and policies towards Russia, Trump’s policy is actually harsher than Obama’s policy. Like a lot harsher. Sanctions are worse. NATO drills and policies aimed at Russia are worse (did you know the largest NATO drill in history was just done on Russia’s border?). I can keep going and will be happy to source if anyone wishes. If Trump and Putin are holding hands. Obama and Putin were lovers.

    Jordan talks about how we need to slip past labels. Okay. Wait….isn’t Donald Trump the most label-heavy president in US history? Jordan says things aren’t black and white? Then why is it that EVERY time (no exceptions) Trump is brought it is done in a positive way or an apologist way. Nothing negative at all. Any time Obama is brought up, it is done in a completely negative way. Hmmmmm……….Where did that gray area go?

    Space Force? Could this simply be another Ronald Reagan Star Wars program to funnel money into black ops? Prove me wrong. And the point about Trump siding up with higher ups in the Navy and with various Generals. This is the proof he is one of the Deep State good guys? Remember: Trump also has been known to tweet Mussolini quotes and allegedly used to sleep with Mein Kampf at night. Plus good friend Alex Jones keeps pushing the narrative that the Left is working to assassinate Trump and start a Civil War. I think you can see another approach than can be taken, other than the one Jordan spelled out.

    Immigration. First off, can it be said that so many of the migrants that are looking for safe places to live have been put in that situation because of trade deals and foreign policy actions of the United States and its allies. These were supported by both major parties, deep and above ground. Do we not have a responsibility in this matter? Please someone make a case to how we do not. This is ALWAYS left out of the picture and the most important point. Jordan and everyone else ignores it. Jordan also says he is anti-border but then defends and supports the building of a taller wall. Huh? How does that make any sense? Oh, sex trafficking, the default answer to everything. Jordan turns this into another Deep State issue. Not everything Trump does is a Deep State issue. Bolton and Gorsich and Tillerson are proof of that. The biggest reason immigration has been continually pushed (illegal immigration that is) is because it is used to exploit labor, keeping costs low. And it is done to smash the influence of once powerful unions. Jordan is not educated on this issue. He also says they should go the legal route. Really? He needs to do some research on this as this is a nearly impossible task unless you have a bunch of money and jump through the right hoops. I know. I have friends that work in immigration.

    Thoughts people. Thank you.

    1. Above when speaking of the cryptic talk of Q, I messed up. Jordan turned it into a free will issue to karmic free will law. Humans are allowed to say what they wish. Elites talk in code to gain approval without having to spell things out. ETs must use the cryptic code to not break the laws mentioned. So which approach is Q taking? The elite approach or the alien approach? Is Jordan hinting that Q would be an alien from another dimension or planet, then, since he specifically stated Q talks this way to not break various universal laws?

    2. In the limited time I have I want to point out the fallacy of some of your cultural comments and your assessment of Donald Trump. You don’t seem to be aware of the Kalergi plan for the West formulated in the late 20’s and 40’s. It called for a European union type unification and the mass immigration which is the plan followed by governments with the exception of a few Eastern European nations as is happening today. Europe is being repopulated by people (around 85%ales between 18 and 35 from African and Near Eastern countries) who are not refuges. They state they are coming to build a world wide Caliphate. This has little to do with the policies of the Nato countries. Great Britain, Sweden and Germany are in a sense under siege. The lifestyle and cultural changes have a terrible impact on the female population considering the spiraling increase in sexual assaults even on girls as young as four. The same will happen here if the population of Muslims reaches a large enough minority..Corporate greed does allow the left to push for open borders. However, the underlying force is the diminishing of white Nations as a last step in the globalist agenda.
      Do you consider thousands of women wearing “pussy hats” and screaming obscenities to be a positive development? The promotion of every perversion , now including pedophilia is exactly what occurred and was a huge component of the decline and fall of
      Rome. You may take exception to the word perversion but I use it to refer to practices that undermine a culture. Todays feminism has drifted from job equity , etc., to mobs of angry women opposing anything that supports the growth and sustainability of their given culture.
      I want to add that I don’t think that BLack Ops are necessarily bad. It is an unknown. I don’t find it a reason to discredit any President. As for your remark about Mein Kamph being under Trump’s pillow . Do you sleep with him? Is this how you know? I purposely chose this past sentence to place it on the same low and irrelevant level as your comment.
      The republican neocons despise Trump almost as much as the democrats. The terms democrat and republican are obsolete and just are used to keep the population distracted. Globalists and Nationalists more accurately describe today’s milieu. I stated in the beginning I only had a short amount of time to reply. This is just a few facts that need to be voiced. It’s not meant to be the beginning of a debate and certainly not all the evidence I could present if time allowed.

      1. You may not wish a debate and that is fine. How about we offer our thoughts as positively as possible? That sound good? That may be tough to do given the subject at hand, but I will try.

        First thought. With Jordan Sather, and those that continually defend Trump, I never see any critique about his ACTUAL policies (despite the “gray” talk Jordan gives). Every move the administration makes, from bombing Assad’s forces, to NATO war games, to funding the genocide in Yeman and Israel, to threats of regime change in Venezuela and Iran and Syria, to escalation of drone bombing, to moving embassies, to tax cuts for the wealthy, to cutting important environmental regulations, to recent immigration practices, to his hard-on for ending net neutrality (which is worse than the YouTube bannings and social media changing its algorithims), to his bullying and polarizing demeanor, all becomes part of some “4D” chess move that us stupid Americans just can’t understand. We should have faith. Trump supporters NEVER criticize the bread and butter issues that the administration seems to be at war against. The best we get (Jordan pointed out) is, “He’s not Perfect.” No he is not. He may in fact be a psychopath.

        I do know of the Kalergi or Kalergi Balfour plan. Unlike you, I do not put a lot of stake in it. I see it more as John Bircher propaganda like the Protocols, but am open to rethinking my position on it. Do I think that immigration policy is often made behind closed doors? Yes. Could nefarious and well-intentioned forces be drafting up immigration plans? Sure. Is it possible that the Kalergi plan once held some credence? Yes. Do the plans of the elite always workout as they planned? Hardly. I see the claims of Sharia Law as laughable. I don’t know how else to put it. If it starts entering into the mainstream, then it is no longer laughable. It is then that I know fascism is at the doorstep. This whole anti-Islam campaign is a psyop itself. It would be nice if Greg could get Kevin Barrett on (I don’t think he has been on before) to show how this is occurring. I am not going to change your mind on the whole Sharia Law thing (and your immigration stats, I believe, are not accurate) but will point to John Higham’s excellent book Strangers in the Land (written I think a few decades ago). Much of the anti-Sharia rhetoric uses the same terminology thrown at Jews and Catholics when they were immigrating here in larger numbers. I do agree that certain communities, sometimes without many available jobs, often get pockets of refugees that then compete for jobs that remain. It isn’t fair to the immigrant and it isn’t fair to those who have lived in that community for a long period of time, and only causes resentment which escalates into bigotry and racism.

        Quick aside. I live in an area of the country that many anti-immigrant people consider a “no go zone.” Even some people of my state say they will never come to this area of town due to how unsafe it is. I can go 5 hours without seeing a single white person, as Somalis and Ethiopians own many businesses around where I live. Crime rates here are lower than most other inner city areas, and this area I live in has the highest concentration of people per square mile. I have love living here. I have never felt safer. My girlfriend was harassed by some white dudes on the street the other day, and and old Somali man with a cane, walked her to her job a mile away. That is the kind of community I live in. Not the kind Alex Jones sells.

        You were correct about Mein Kampf. I was mistaken. I misremembered. Trump owns a copy of Mein Kampf (so what – so do a lot of people), but it was a collection of Hitler’s speeches that Trump kept by his bedside, according to multiple sources. I don’t care about that. But I think you missed my point. Jordan offered up a bunch of hearsay and strange interpretations to make an argument that Trump was surrounded by generals due to Trump’s benevolent “Deep State” actions. Once again, let me repeat, Jordan’s claims were based completely on faith. I showed how one could made a counter claim, that I don’t necessarily believe, that looks at the same facts, as well as other facts, that could point to Donald Trump as a man who wishes to run the country as a dictator. (Also you make the claim that I don’t sleep at the president’s bedside — that is true — maybe that same approach should be used against Jordan’s claims and other promoters of this “Deep State Heroes” narrative).

        And feminism. There is a long history here that I really don’t want to get into. I believe I was too critical on feminism above and can easily show how it was necessary to counteract the historical dominance of men under ALL state governments formed post-civilization. I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. And later feminism (and its many waves) continued that role within the capitalist structure (equality under economy and law and participation), while some splintered away to focus on nature and and goddess and spiritual connection, and others became more militant and angry (much like Black Power — though feminism has always had some militancy — look at the English suffragettes and the Luddites and the history of defending the Commons). And modern liberal academia teaches a version (among others) that is all about transgression and privilege and intersectionalism. I think this form of feminism raises a lot of good points, and would hate to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but it goes too far and does not serve much else except division (especially in how its interpretations are spread to others). I know many despise the rise of femininity in men and masculinity in women. But maybe much of this is all out of our hands and not as “controlled” by Big Science and Secret Forces as many think. Or maybe not.

        I will end by saying that all of this Q stuff could very well be true. I don’t know. But I will remain skeptical. I think we also need to take in the consideration that the Republican Party sees its future as one of increasing irrelevancy, especially at a presidential level (when voter turnout is highest). I know people say presidents are selected and not elected. Maybe that’s true. But I think Q may simply be a ploy to get the Alt-Right and new right and conspiracy right and conspiracy culture on board the Trump train and potentially into a loose coalition of the Republican Party. I also see too many looking at Trump in the same way that people look to father figures for answers and guidance. When you couple that with fascist ideology (including a very particular and hateful kind of anti-immigration stance) on the rise all over Europe and the United States and it does not promote a winning combination. Jordan has a funny way of showing how this whole Trump phenomenon is some kind of spiritual war, that’s for sure.

  11. I voted for Trump, then immediately turned against him after he bombed Syria using the same old play: false flag + dying baby card. I was still glad he won because it was a victory for the people against the mainstream media and the establishment. It was a victory for the conspiratorial alternative narrative. And it was a victory against that old witch.

    But now I see Trump as not a total outsider, but rather a man picked by a different faction of the deep state – a faction which is still very much allied with or controlled by Israel. I think Clinton and the Democrats represent an old Trotskyite faction of the globalists which collapsed under the weight of its own corruption. Trump is corrupt but hopefully less corrupt and hopefully still wants to build something great even if for his own ego. So I think he’s a mixed bag. Really he is just a front man for the real brains behind this new faction that took over and I think they are a mixed bag too. So what we got is something different… not the best we could get, but where we were headed was so bad that ANYTHING different is better.

    The fact that Trump is the best we can do means we are not far from the idiocracy dystopia… his petulant childish tweets and 4th grade vocabulary make me ashamed of our country and society. He is not a great man by any means. He is also not the one-dimensional charicature painted by the left. He is a complex individual and his poor verbal intelligence is compensated for by other types of intelligence and instinct.

    I think shortly after Trump’s faction took over the executive branch, a series of planned psychological operations were executed to manage public opinion and Q is one of those psyops. Q is hope porn. Q keeps in the fold the Christians and the more conspiratorial minded Trump supporters (which formed a significant portion of his base). So yes, I think Q has a real connection to Trump and is a real insider, but is likely a team carrying out this psyop. Q (and folks like Alex Jones) are keeping people in the left-right dialectic.

    Will Trump or the people behind him do any good? I think they already have… it is not the full disclosure of truth that I had hoped for and they are still using dishonest shameful Machiavellian tactics, but they have at least done some things that helped the economy and resuscitated manufacturing in the US. And after an initial increase in tensions around the world, things seem to have cooled off so maybe we’ll postpone WWIII a few more years so we can keep working on our golf game.

    The new mob would prefer to operate in a nice economically healthy country. It’s good for business. The old mob was just completely out of touch with reality and kind of wanted to watch the world burn.


    “Allowing long-standing neo-conservative policies and posturing for war to masquerade as an uprising against the “deep state” and “a draining of the swamp,” QAnon has turned reality on its head by manipulating a desire among many Americans for an end to Washington corruption. It is arguably a modern psyop like no other.

    “Trust the plan” is the sequel to “Hope and change.””

  13. The other possibility is that Trump is our projection and unconscious manifestation. For some he is the inner traits in us we hide and ignore and wish were not there, and for others he is the inner traits in us we embrace and idolize. He is America just as much as our culture and the systems we create (education, health, science, religion, military, economic, gov’t, etc.). Maybe this is the giant clue for our culture to awaken, learn our lessons, face our shadows, and grow up. And maybe Q is the soft whisper on our left shoulder telling us to lay down and have faith.

  14. no offense to anyone, but I’m not buying the “q” business for 1 second. anyone i hear reference that material as if it’s somehow significant is instantly discredited in my mind. I know many will disagree, but i dont give a flying fuck. i rank it right beside corey goode & the “sphere being alliance”. gtfo.

  15. I honestly loved this episode. Mentally strong and in balance guest. Also very eloquent speaker. Thanks Greg. Since you’re recruiting youtube speakers I would suggest you look into this woman who ran the channel ‘Bombard’s body language’. I saw she was shut down recently. She was a pro at analysing politicians or anyone’s body language. She had really popular videos on Hillary Clinton, Obama, Kim jong Un etc. Would love to hear more from her. Another channel I love is ‘reallygraceful’ she’s doing some epic work on DNA testing and the theories behind 23 and me’s motivations.

  16. Yo Greg. As always, on point with the content. Personally, this ones not for me. I find the American political situation a bit of a moot topic at the moment, as from the outside it really looks like ‘much ado about nothing’. Q Anon stuff was an interesting at first but what more was there really to it than apparently someone close to the president posts cryptic messages online? Will be interesting to see if it develops.

  17. Let’s all take a knee and listen to some teenybopper dork regurgitate all the fluff of the Alternative Media?! I’ve been away from the Greg’s show for awhile, maybe the audience has changed? How come people aren’t down voting this episode like crazy? Not to mention this guy hangs out with Corey Goode and Robert David Steele, and drops David Wilcock name in the beginning of the episode, all of those are total Red Flags that this kid is a manufactured asset.
    Jordan Sather is being propped up to bring teenyboppers into Alternative Media. I hope Greg isn’t having this kid on just to increase viewership? I don’t really think Greg would do that, but somebody could mistakenly interpret Jordan ‘s appearance on the show that way.

    1. I don’t think he is manufactured. And I don’t necessarily think the others you mentioned are either. I think we put too much stake in the power of deep state disinfo. (And I fully admit I could be wrong.) I think Jordan believes all he is saying. I think his sources have gone through experiences that are probably tremendous, but remember, all channeled and astral plane experiences go through cultural and personal filters. We help create the reality we wish to see in our own head. And outsiders help steer and plant disinfo as you stated. The point I am making is that some individuals who seem to be disinfo agents may simply be at the mercy of what they want to believe.

        1. I don’t follow. I was not a kid when 9-11 happened and have spent most of my life experiencing the world pre internet. And I never stated those mentioned were not manufactured (though fail to see what this has to do with 911 and the internet). I simply said we seem to start out with that assumption as a default. I am sure Greg gets accused of the same thing all the time; because conspiracy culture does it as a default. They give up to easily on trying to understand deeper meanings of why people believe the things they do.

          1. If you don’t get the 911 reference… that is ok. I have a feeling you are a young individual trying your best to understand whats going on in the world, just beware there are many bullshit artists out there, some young and some old. You can tell somebody’s authenticity by their personal and professional affiliations.

            1. Is this an ego thing? Belittling me because you think I am naive? I am in my 40s dude. I know a lot. Why are you claiming I do not. Did something trigger you? Just spell out your thoughts.

              I think you misunderstand me. I dont doubt that people are compromised or planted. I just think too often we default on that. And yes professional associations can be a clue. But McKenna and Kesey and Leary and Radin and others have had professional associations that don’t fully detract from a positive intent. I guess I am more in the John Michael Greer and Gordon White and Jungian camp in believing that the myths of culture, along with a channel to the collective unconscious is sometimes all that is needed to get one talking a truth that is less than true.

              BTW, I hope you don’t get defensive and belittle everyone who offers a different perspective. The approach you took just makes most people angry and want to think of ways to belittle right back. Something to think about.

  18. Jordan Sather is a terrible researcher who just spews David Wilcock and Corey Goode garbage, I love the open platform for discussion but believing the orange god king is the savior of mankind and not answering to the same hidden hand as the reresrerest of them is blah. I’m with Greg, Q is a Larp

  19. I was so excited to read Jordan’s name in the title! I have subscribed to his channel for about 6 months and really like his presentation. I can’t stand Trump and think Q is mossad, but I always like to hear the other side. Great show Greg as always!

  20. My earlier attempt to post this in its entirety seems not to have gone through, so you’ll have to follow the links, unfortunately. Greg, please don’t discuss Q again without bringing up this critique.

    Greg, you get points for honoring the principle of giving voice to all sides, but it was your concluding statements that saved this episode.

    For anyone who remains faithful to Q, I need to leave the link to Suzi3d’s thread critiquing him, and support by both Disobedient Media writers below. If anyone can’t begin a discussion of Q by acknowledging this critique & its evidence, they shouldn’t bother to discuss QAnon at all. He’s a blatant fraud, and if you buy it, you are a blatant dupe.

    If this doesn’t persuade you, you should seek employment with the NSA. They’ll have lots of very rewarding work for you. You might even get funding for your very own white-board and youtube channel. But you’ll have to cultivate your own jar-head speaking voice, and learn to hit talking-points without making it completely obvious that’s what you’re doing.

    M. Gyroscope Caduceus

  21. Don’t need to justify yourself Carl, you invited a guest on that seemed very knowledgeable in his field. In this bat shit crazy time we should have all our bases covered and not bickering over whom is “more right and wrong” that the other person.

    Your guess was intelligent, level headed and well mannered and he knew he was talking a very unpopular topic and knew the shit storm that was heading his way, he laid out his beliefs as clearly as he could. I respect that and will listen.

    Keep up the good work and please keep inviting guests on from all different areas, its what your all about and what we all require and love you for. We need to be dismantling our beliefs not enforcing them with our egos which I see everywhere these days.

    You’ve a friend in London!

  22. Thank you for doing this episode. I’ve been following the Q-anon phenomenon since last December and keeping up with it. They have validated themselves on many different occasions. I can’t say for sure that their endgame is going to be good, but I can see the work they are doing and it’s the right thing. Many people full of hate for Trump and Republicans in general are not able to see past their own emotions, but the results will speak for themselves.

  23. In case anyone cares, here is the latest quick post from the Wilcock wing of the Donald Trump alliance (posted a couple days ago via Wilcock’s news and updates email):

    Q Anon: “July: The Month the World Discovered the Truth”

    At least four independent insider sources have revealed that the Alliance is now locating and legally seizing trillions and trillions of dollars in assets stolen by the Deep State.

    The money is set to be released back into the legitimate economy as “prosperity funds” that could almost immediately create radical improvements in our overall quality of life.

    Certain purported “sources” have been prognosticating this online for years, but this is the first time that our own insider circle has made such statements.

    Enormous leaps forward are now being promised by Q Anon for this very month — July 2018. This is a very exciting moment.

    The title graphic for this article is an illustration of what 15 trillion in 100-dollar bills would look like. One insider’s estimate of how much stolen money may be recovered is literally twice this amount.

    Thankfully, no one will have to design a building big enough to hold all that cash. The stolen credits will simply be transferred back into the economy.

    The sealed indictment count is now up to 40,000. This is stunning proof that the “Mass Arrests” we have predicted since 2009 are finally about to happen.

    If you are just reading this now, you will also see it in its fully-updated, page-locked version with stunning images of Cabal symbolism in the new streaming-video release, Ready Player One.

  24. Sorry, Greg, but anyone with more than a quarter inch of forehead will realize that Q-anon is a total psyop by elements of TPTB. Any time there’s a narrative that tells certain groups exactly what they want to hear, (blue space chickens, anyone?) you have to be extremely suspicious that what you’re looking at is propaganda.
    I strongly suspect this clown and Q-annoy are both frauds.

  25. Trump as a “changing of the guard,” when the “Deep State” power people have embarked on the grandest money run in modern U.S. history, when Trump foments racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and gloriously extols the virtue of jingoism.

    Admit it. Trump is your wet dream. All of you who believe his bs and Mr. “Q” clearance (Dept. of Energy, low-level clearance), who has yelped secret pedo indictments on all the Deep State actors and their pals for how long now without a whiff of results only show how easily manipulated you are. You people who believe this bs pray to your gods that Trump will lead the “charges” – military – to subjugate the unruly hoards baying in the night at the Mexican border. You construct mental shrines to Herr Trump so that you might help will him to subdue the insanely angry snowflakes on the Left (you all don’t get the irony of “doing battle” with —- snowflakes, do you?), that 3-Card Donny will save you from the face-tatted, skirt-wearing rappers and their wanna-be Afrikaner-American fans who menace your neighborhoods on their skateboards, who might steal all you fair girls and women with blunts and bars in the dark of night!


    You’re scared to death of your futures because you KNOW the responsibility for change lies with YOU; this is Western Culture, built by you and yours, for you and yours, maintained by you and yours. Wake tf up. If you REALLY want to do something, REALLY want change, you have to attack —- UP, not what you perceive as “down,” You have to go at Donny and his “DJT”-encrusted knee-pad Congress and admin Boys. They know that, right now, you’re safe attacking down —– because you don’t even realize they got you “down” too — so you’re doing nothing but psychically killing yourselves.

    But, hey. Molon Labe! All hail Leonidas, king of Sparta (well. co-king)! Right — RIGHT?!

    The same Leonidas, who ruled iron-fisted (I’m sure he engaged in some “iron fisting,” too!) over a populace where he made sure individuals had little to no rights, where, if you were a healthy male, you were ripe to be subjected to being enslaved at a moment’s notice. Now THAT is the freedom the Deep State has you pursuing.

    Silly rabbits, tricks (Trix, too) are for kids.

  26. A whole lot of smoke, but no real fire here. I finally listened to this one and what I heard from Jordan was a lot of “it sure seems like…” “I believe….” and similar speculation. I don’t find Jordan or Q anon very convincing thus far. Also, anyone who thinks there are “good guys” or “white hats” in this whole deep state conspiracy is fooling themselves.

    Before even beginning the rest of this post let me add this: my political stance aligns pretty close to The Carlwood’s, at least from what I’ve heard him say on the show. I voted for Obama in 2008, not in 2012. I voted 3rd party instead of the horrible choice between Hillary or Trump in 2016. Registered independent.

    Now, here’s a short history lesson for the people who were kids, or not yet born, during the Clinton years. The Repubs spent the entirety of the 1994 – 2000 investigating the Clinton’s in one way or another. The media followed these investigations just as they have the Russia, Stormy Daniels and pussy grabbing comments of Trump. Of course Fox news obsessed over it 24/7 at the time and “it seemed like” their sole purpose was doing anything and everything they could to make Clinton politically impotent. Talk radio of the time carried the ball too, 24/7/365 as it was the ONLY thing they talked about. The whole of the latter 90s was about one investigation or another into the Clinton’s looking for anything the Repubs could use to take them out. It seemed like the Clinton’s lived with a microscope armed investigator in their colon for most of those six years. None of these lengthy, expensive investigations found anything of substance they could use in a court room or present to the people. Once again, a whole lot of smoke, but no fire. Or, for conspiratorially minded, they found nothing they could release without getting killed like Vince Foster or the countless other suicides attributed to the Clinton’s. Seriously? NOBODY could present a smoking gun with ALL of this supposed evidence lying around everywhere? Sure, they had semen on a dress and impeached the guy, but he finished his term. And, the press followed all of it with daily stories about this revelation or that revelation, yadda, yadda? Just like they do with Trump. All essentially ending with a lot of taxpayer money wasted for nothing.

    My question: if the deep state is so omnipresent and powerful, and they control the media against Trump and the Clinton’s are part of it and there’s always some spin they are throwing at Trump, didn’t the same apply in the late 1990’s? Or did it all change in the intervening years and they let the Clinton’s into the club after grilling them for six years? Their initiation if you will? Were those investigations and all that went on during those years part of the deep state’s factional war, or just part of the political theater?

    On another note, it sure seems that Trump is packing the Supreme Court with overly religious zealots ready to establish an advocate court for Jeezus, corporations and more upward movement of wealth. And you’re telling me these are the Good Guys? Or are they just the slave wranglers who use the whip a little less than the other guys? Sorry if I find little to cheer about in that regard.

    Forecast: after Trump is out of office we’ll still have a whole lot to speculate about on THC because we’ll still be as clueless about what’s really going on as we are now. No disclosure. No actual information of value released to us peons. No actual evidence of the great war between the deep state good guys and bad guys, or the secret space program, or Antarctica, or UFOs, or aliens. Yet again, we will see a whole lot of smoke about how close we got, but no fire to illuminate anything. Same old, same old with people in red hats furiously polishing their turd and making excuses about how the deep state was just too overwhelming to take out. He got this close…no really….super, duper close, blah, blah… and no evidence beyond the same scattered, cryptic items people try to piece together today. I will be the first to apologize and say I was wrong if this prediction is wrong.

  27. So… This guy didn’t really have his facts straight. I just briefly Google searched a lot of his claims (e.g. the litany of suicides that were “via a red scarf”) and that list doesn’t check out. Someone who is so willing to jump to conclusions like that just… Can’t be trusted with the kinds of new thought offloads required to he taken seriously by me in this sector.

  28. Wow.. any reference to Benjamin Fullford is a sad state….. Fullford was claiming that the monitary system was going to collapse ten of more years ago on Kerry Cassidy’s web campaign. Oh, wow…. Hillary is a pedophile – where’s the proof? Trump doesn’t touch children – okay, maybe, but why did he say he wanted to screw Ivanka? I can’t find any evidence that Kate Spade hanged herself with a red scarf. And, while her widow did appear in public, a few days after her death, in a Disney mouse mask, he did NOT wear a red scarf……. At some point, the little lies need to be accounted for….. Jordan is a lot like Trump. Believe the bravo, ignore the lies…. and follow me into the darkness.

    GREG: You are better than this. If you are seeking the truth, don’t give a voice to unedecuated bigots like this. (Just sayin’)

  29. Late to the party but I thought it was a good show.. I appreciate how you ask your questions and what topics you try to shed light onto. This whole situation is in the dark and hard to see clearly as to what is really going on with anyone or any group.

  30. lol I just can’t with the “of course there was no collusion”  then like 10 min later explaining how those exact same two world leaders are working together behind the scenes. I dig a lot of what he’s saying but the direct contradictions..only when it comes to certain things I just can not understand 

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